“Nothing worse than a smelly drunk HINDUIndian trying to entice Australian women“. Indians Hinduterrorism funded by US Hunduvata. 3000 Muslims were systematically targeted and massacred

Many Australians say that it takes two to tango. The Aussies believe that the carping in the Indian media is exaggerated and counterproductive. Australians react to 80,000 (what they call) “smelly” Indians on campuses with “Dot Busting”The Australians complain that the Indians never take baths, and smell of sweat and spices, and destroy the aroma of the indoors. Unlike other Asians, many Indians are very fond of loitering in front of their apartment complexes with loud music blaring the latest out of Bollywood. Another unique feature which puts them at odds with the Australians is the fact that most of the Indian students away from family restrictions are very fond of drinking. Australians think this invites trouble for them. Dot Buster was a term invented in New Jersey in the 80s. It has now become the derisive term to use for Indians in Australia. In England all Indians became “Pakis”, and in the USA they were call “Elephant jocks” as well as “Smelly Niggers”. As one Dot Buster said “Nothing worse than a smelly drunk Indian trying to entice Australian women“. The Indians do not have much of a choice. Apart from a few institutions, most Indian universities are over crowded and do not offer either the instructional facilities or the curriculum needed in the modern world. Many religious institutions have opened Science and Technology Institutes in India, but the main thrust of their education remains Ram Raj..

Indian students are ubiquitous on Australian campuses, but they have not assimilated into the Australian way of life. On many occasions they have violated their visa status and have started to permeate the landscape around the campuses in search of menial jobs. 80,000 students on a few dozen campuses makes them highly visible. In a slowing economy, there is a growing tide of Anti-Indian feeling among the Aussies.  Many Australians feel that the Indian complaints are exaggerated and hide the real truth which usually stem from domestic disputes, lewd behaviour, drunkenness or theft of property.Massive backlash against India: Why do Australians hate Indians?

Advani, Thackery & Prohit: When will India handover the terrorists to Pakistan? If India does not stop the terror activities against Pakistan, Pakistan may have to unleash the ISI on India. Justifying the Banality of a brutal Occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan: The Thinktanks attempt to complete the circle of complicity between a sycophantic press, and a non-inquisitive servile public. The nation is forced to accept the only argument that it is being repeatedly inundated with

So far 546,000 have registered as internally displaced people (IDPs) according to figures provided by Rabia Ali, spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and Maqbool Shah Roghani, administrator for IDPs at the Commission for Afghan Refugees. The commissioner’s office says there are thousands more unregistered people who have taken refuge with relatives and friends or who are in rented accommodation. Talking Peace in Prague, Dropping Bombs in Pakistan, Hard Rain Keeps Falling By CHRIS FLOYD

The pseudo liberals are quiet about the suffering of more than half a million people who are suffering. They are always concerned about the Mukhtara Mai and Chand Bibi. They seem unconcerned about the 250,000 women who have suffering becuase of the US drone bombing.

The “Firm” participated in the Mossedegh snafu in which they  an elected and popular prime minister and installed Reza Shah as emperor.  The CIA is the same organization that didn’t have a clue about the popularity of Imam Khomeni and ’till the last moment continued to support the Shah of Iran. “The Company” is the same spy agency that tried to buy arms from Iran to fund the Contras in Nicragua. The CIA was unable to predict the USSR’s invasion of Afghanstan and it took them two years to join the Pakistanis in their war against the Communist invaders.

A few years the CIA had claimed that it “solid”evidence” that Iraq had WMDs and was connected to Al-Qaeda. Even the flimsy articles presented turned out to be totally false.

Now the CIA has “proof” that Al-Qaeda is in Pakistan and also that the ISI is helping the Taliban in Afghanistan. This CIA line defies logic. The recent attack on Lahore carried out by Indian sponsored Afghans proves the vacuity the CIA argument.

However the US Adminstration will continue to bomb Pakistani villages with drones.

The CIA has almost always been wrong on predicting major events. It has been a total failure in monitoring real and perceived enemies. Filling Gitmo, renditions and torture are not success stories that should be rewarded.

The CIA has once again come up with policy statements for the new President. In fact the new policy is partly based upon the recommendations of the intelligence agencies.

This is time for Pakistan to adopt a firm, dignified and “enough is enough” approach. We need not extend any pre-emptive cooperation unless the Indians are prepared to accept a joint investigation with us in which we have access to all the information, materials and people (including the dead terrorists for our own examination).

Selective Amnesia of Americans: Pakistan is the most mistreated friend in the world. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the organization that gave us the fiasco of Bay of Pigs becuase it didn’t have a clue that the Cuban had Russian missiles hidden in their closets. By the time they found out it was too late. The CIA is the same organization that couldn’t predict the simple fact that the USSR was ready to implode, a fact known to almost everyone on the streets of Moscow or Kabul.

Pakistan is already fighting two kinds of terrorism: extremist militancy by non-state actors (a word President Zardari seems to have just discovered!) and state terrorism from the neighbourhood and beyond. Perhaps the one statement our leaders should learn and repeat over and over again to the Indians is Sonia Gandhi’s declaration: “friendship should not be taken for weakness”. Clearly the Indians are confusing one with the other in the case of Pakistan. The writer was, until few months back, the Director of the Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad

This is the list handed by Pakistan to India:

(1) Ajay Verma, a Karnatika resident and directly involved in bomb blast at Sialkot in which 7 people were killed (2) Manoj Shastri alias Javed Khan, resident of Mumbai, wanted for killing of 14 Namazees at a Karachi Mosque (3) Raju Mukherjee, resident of Calcutta, wanted for bomb blast in Lahore in which 9 people were killed (4) Mr. Bal Thackeray, resident of Bombay, Chief of Shiv Sena, wanted for organizing at least three major massacres in Pakistan in which some 33 people were killed and a highly active in organizing ethnic and sectarian clashes in different parts of Pakistan (5) Vivek Khattri alias Kaala Pathaan, resident of Maharashtra, wanted for at least four bomb blasts in which over seventeen people were killed (6) Ashok Vidyarthi alias Aslam resident of Ajmair Sharif, wanted for sniper shooting at an Imam baargah in Karachi, killing some 14 Shias (7) Rajan Nikhalje alias Chhota Rajan, wanted for a number of terrorist attacks in different cities of Pakistan including a bomb blast in Sabzi Mandi Islamabad and a bomb blast in Quetta. Chhota Rajan is now launching terrorist operations in Pakistan from Indian Missions in Kandahar and Jalalabad (Afghanistan) and is head of RAW’s organized Crimes Wing or Special Operations Division (SOD), he is also wanted for killing of Chinese Engineers in Baluchistan and organizing the murder of some Chinese workers near Peshawar (8) Asotosh Srivastava alias Maulvi Nazir alias Mulla, resident of Alahabad, wanted for firing on an imambargah in which 9 people were killed (9) Ashok Dube alias Shah Jee, resident of Gandhi Nagar (New Delhi), wanted for killing some 11 Namazees in a Lahore Mosque (10) Sanjive Joshi, resident of Bombay, wanted for comprehensive assistance in terror attack on a Christian Mission School near Murree (11) Ramparkash alias Ranu alias Ali, resident of Hyderabad Daccan, wanted for terror attack on a Christian Hospital in Taxila (he is also identified as a graduate of Hindutva Brotherhood’s terror training camp, located near Sarojini Nagar) (12) Ramesh Verma, resident of Pune, wanted for terror attack in Sheikhupura, killing 7 innocent citizens (13) Bihari Mishra, wanted for organizing a number of terror attacks in Pakistan through his terrorists of Hindutva Brotherhood’s terrorist school (14) Manoj Kulkarni, resident of Colkata, wanted for terror attack in Attok , killing 17 (15) Venkatash Raghwan, resident of Mahablaishwar, wanted for terror attacks in Rawalpindi, killing some 9 people (16) Ajit Sahay, a former RAW Deputy Director, now attached with Chotta Rajan, wanted for organizing attack in Hyderabad (Sindh) (17) Ashok Vohra alias Nepali, wanted for printing fake Pakistani currency and spreading it worldwide, particularly in Nepal, UAE and UK and also organizing a terror attack in Gujranwala in which 8 people were killed (18) Vijay Kapali alias Guru, resident of Maharashtra, wanted for terror attack on an AJK village, killing 13 of a family. He is also working for RAW’s cross border operations wing (19) Vivek Santoshi, resident of Calcutta, wanted for organizing terror attack on some US citizens and killing them in Karachi (20) Mohandas Sharma, resident of Patna, wanted for planning and executing terror attacks on foreign nationals in Pakistan at least on three occasions (21) Ramgopal Soorati, resident of Soorat, wanted for terror attack in Jhelum, killing 9 through a bus blast on the highway (22) Rakesh alias Kalia, resident of Bombay, wanted for terror attack in Kasur (23) Parkash Santoshi, resident of Lucknow, wanted for terror attack on a religious gathering in Lahore (24) Aman Verma alias Pappoo alias Gulloo, resident of Aagra, wanted for terror attack in Peshawar in which 11 people were killed (25 Mohinder Parkash alias Yasin Khan alias Riaz Chitta, resident of Lucknow, wanted for organizing terror attacks in different parts of Sindh (26) Ashish Jaithlee alias Shaikh alias Osama, resident of Bombay downtown, wanted for providing explosives to the terrorists who killed French engineers in Karachi and also to those who carried out Marriot bombing, these explosives were provided through Pak-Afghan border (27) Manohar Laal alias Peer Jee alias Ubu Khalid, resident of Gohaati, wanted for providing explosive devices for attack on Foreign Mission building in Karachi (28) Ramnarayan alias Mufti, resident of New Delhi, wanted for providing huge consignments of automatic weapons to activists of banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and banned Lashkar-e-Tayyaba (29) Arun Shetty, resident of Bombay and wanted for bulk infiltration of explosives, arms and ammunition into Pakistan (30) Nikhanj Laal, resident of Hurryana, wanted for terror attack in border city of Narowaal, killing seven people (31) Sunil Verma alias Httyara, resident of Maharashtra, wanted for organizing terror attack on Daily the Nation’s office n Karachi (32) Ashish Chowan, resident of New Delhi, wanted for supply of arms and assisting latest terror attacks in Quetta. Ashish is presently reported to be present in Indian Consulate of Kandahaar (Afghanistan) (33) Babloo Srivastva of Chhota Rajan gang for providing highly sophisticated weapons to a sectarian outfit in Pakistan and assisting in missile attacks on UN offices in Islamabad in year 2000 (34) Suresh, alias Aamir alias Akbar Khan wanted for providing weapons and explosives to militants in Wana and North Waziristan through Afghanistan (35) Abu Bakkar, wanted for a number of terror attack in different parts of the country and now living in India with a new identification under the blessings of Indian spy agency RAW

Lady Macbeth said it best “Look like the innocent flower–be the serpant underneath it“. Pakistanis know it as “baghal main choori, moonh peh Ram Ram” (rough translattion–killing and putting a smile on the face to hide murder). India is trying to prove to the world that it is the victim of terror and should have the right to respond–as if the bombing in Bori Bazzar in Karachi two decades ago happened without RAW involvement; as if the RAW is not suporting the BLA; as if the Marriott blew itself up on its own; as if the TTP gets weopens from mana. (See partial list of all RAW terror on Pakistan on this post and on this site)

Hinduvta: India Pan Hindu flag of Bharat

Hindu safron flag with Modi and Jindal: The Gujarat pogram did not happen in isolation it was funded by US Hunduvata as identified by Bijjou Gujarat explodes in anti-Modi frenzy. Things are not good in Gujarat and its capital of commerce Ahmedabad and Banglore. A few years ago Narendra Modi orchestrated a vile pogrom of bigotry against the Muslims. More than 3000 Muslims were systematically targeted and massacredModi: The instigator of the pogram against Muslims and DlaitThe charred bodies of Muslim after the Hindus attacked, murdered and burned them in Gujarat in 2002. The fate of Mulsims in India




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