“I dispute Rosmah is good for Malaysia or even the world for that matter – on what basis?” PKR MP for Kuantan Fuziah Salleh told Malaysia Chronicle.

“In Malaysia, Rosmah is not seen as a unifying force. She is not regarded as someone who is important or who is carrying out her duty well. Most Malaysians actually think she is interfering too much with politics. They think she wields too strong a hand and they fear her lash backs.”

Fuziah was responding to comments made by the head of the Global Summit of Women, who had praised Rosmah as a good role model to women especially to First Ladies around the world.

The spending side of Rosmah Mansor

In Turkey on a three-day visit, Rosmah is due to make a speech at an event organized by the summit there.

“I have read her speeches regarding women and I thought that she is somebody we should have at the summit and I sent her the invitation,” Irene Natividad had told the Malaysian media sent to accompany the Rosmah entourage.

But perhaps Irene has not read the other news reports about Prime Minister Najib Razak’s wife or the parliamentary speeches where her propensity for racking up huge travel bills was the subject of intense debates.

Many irate taxpayers have called her overseas trips “massive shopping sprees”.  Her last trip to the Middle East sparked a furore, with the opposition demanding a full and detailed accounting of her expenses.

In the past two years, corporate figures hoping to secure lucrative government contracts have been accused of illegally transmitting millions of ringgit to her via money changers for the alleged purpose of snapping up properties in London and elsewhere.

In her latest trip to Istanbul, Rosmah has taken along Noorainee Abdul Rahman, wife of Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, and Women, Family and Community Development Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.

Also in her immediate entourage are 15 members of the Association of Wives of Ministers and Deputy Ministers (Bakti) in the delegation. Others in the delegation include women entrepreneurs and senior officers from the International Trade and Industry Ministry and SME Corporation.

Practise what you preach

On Thursday, Rosmah is due to deliver a keynote address entitled “The Progress of Malaysian Women in Business and Economy” at the Global Summit of Women 2011 in Istanbul.

As a sign of her unpopularity, her adoption of the ‘First Lady’ title has stirred up public ridicule and unhappiness back home.  Many Malaysians have insisted the title belonged to the Queen and not to the wife of the prime minister.

Her critics say that if she wants to ‘earn’ the title, she must mingle and reach out to the ordinary folk more often and not only during key by-elections. They also urged her to stay out of politics.

“She must be people-centric. It is important for her to relate to people around her so that the people too can relate to her. She must have a pleasant personality in terms of the way she talks and thinks and also the way she dresses.  She must also be caring and put the well-being of people first,” said Fuziah.

“Then most importantly she must practise what she preaches. She should focus more on being the PM’s wife. Right now I don’t see perceive her as a PM’s wife.  She has to choose between politics and being the PM’s wife and being a politician. If she wants to keep interfering, it is best she joins politics directly.”

Najib needs to control Rosmah
Prime Minister Najib Razak needs to control his wife Rosmah Mansor, said PKR women’s chief Zuraida Kamaruddin, accusing the ‘First Lady’ of being a bad role model who increased the uncomplimentary perception of women being manipulative yet fluffy-minded and decorative pieces intent on shopping pleasure.
“It is not just a matter of setting a bad example as a Muslim woman who has to make a lot public appearances but overall. We encourage women to be ambitious, to go for it. But Rosmah is over the limit,” Zuraida toldMalaysia Chronicle in a recent interview.
Zuraida, who is the Member of Parliament for Ampang, was unhappy because Rosmah has spent little of her time advancing women’s causes or at least nudging women’s issues along the right direction.
According to Zuraida, Malaysian women ranked 101 out of 130 countries in the global gender index, and Rosmah, who holds a Master’s degree, should help in the battle for a more level playing field.
“But she’s not doing any of this. Umno is fond of saying 43 per cent of the workforce are women, but at what level? Do they search below the surface? Why isn’t Rosmah using her influence to engage with Women’s minister, Shahrizat Jalil? Of course not to the extent she takes over the ministry but she can help promote more worthwhile programs and researches,” said Zuraida.
“Women’s rights should not just be about opening ceremonies, cutting ribbons, flower decoration shows and visiting children’s home. It must also include taking the trouble to study and understand the social issues and the problems involved, and above all, put in place programs that offer long-term solutions and not blow quickie kisses or keep giving ang-pows.”
How many millions have been spent
Indeed the 60-year old Rosmah, who’s two years older than Najib, has attracted controversy even before her husband took over the premiership. From her dressing to her hairstyle, her Ferragamo shoes to her Lanvin hanbags, she has been criticized as the aggressor in their relationship and the more cunning partner.
There is also a dark side. She has been accused of being one of the masterminds behind the 2006 Altantuya Shaariibuu murder and although she has denied any involvement, the rumour mills continue to churn.  Even now, many Malaysians are unhappy to bestow on her the right to use the title of ‘First Lady’, preferring to give that honor to the Queeen.
But it is her latest series of overseas trips to represent Najib at overseas functions on official expense that recently riled up Malaysians.
“We have a Deputy Prime Minister. His name is Muhyiddin not Rosmah. How can she usurp his job, has she been trained, can she represent us properly? Then there is the matter of taxpayers’ money. Rosmah’s trips don’t come cheap, she always takes along an entourage,” said Zuraida.
“We are demanding to know the full costs of these trips. The federal government must present details of how many millions of ringgit she has spent. We are not accusing her of going on shopping trips at official expense but personal pleasure, but until the accounts are provided in Parliament, we cannot give her the benefit of doubt either.”
The power behind the throne
Rosmah’s most recent visits were to Saudi Arabia and Oman, where she had taken along the wives of several other Cabinet ministers. She has defended her trips as necessary.
“To me, if they want to complain, I’ve got no issues. Let it be. I’m only doing this as a leader’s wife. It’s my duty and responsibility to help any way I can, especially with regards to women empowerment and children’s issues,” she told national news agency Bernama. She also denied she was the power behind the throne and was trying to steal the thunder from Muhyiddin. Yet late last year when Najib was down with chicken pox, she had been quick to insist on representing him at official functions and clearly eager to deliver her speeches.

“I’m not involved in politics, I’m not involved with the policies of the government – that’s being taken care of by the Cabinet, the prime minister, deputy prime minister,” Rosmah assured.
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