Mahathir’s Genocide Recipe for Muslim and Non Muslim for Blood in Malaysia

images of a Genocide: Muslim burnt

Ahiruddin Attan, owner of Rocky’s Bru blog, appointed asEditor -in-Chief of Malay Mail in June 2009, and former President of the National Press Club until 2007, as well asformer President of the National Bloggers Alliance, put up a spin on Zakhir Mohamed’s allegations in his Rocky’s Bru blog:
“…there’s now talk about his opponent from PAS and a missing RM600,000 in election funds.The post Calon Pas N11 gelapkan RM60,000?belongs to pro-Umno blogger Zakhir Mohamad but the accusations against Mohd Salleh Man were made by his seniors in PAS, or so we’re made to believe…”
In the Mainstream Media (NST Group)
after the Forced Resignation of former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Badawi 


NOTE: Malaysian Insider reported (20 May 2009): “…Regime change in Malaysia often means regime change in Umno-owned media companies. Datuk Ahmad Talib, who was squeezed out of NSTP in 2005, returned to the group as Media Prima’s Executive Director. “
Ahiruddin Attan (Rocky’s Bru) after a brief spell as a blogger during Abdullah Badawi’s tenureship returned to NST group as Editor-in-Chief of Malay Mail in June 2009.
Nuraina Samad rejoined NST in July 2009 after leaving NST in 2006.
(Not in the group picture above with Dr Mahathir,) is Zainul Ariffin Isa, who returned to head the three newspapers under the NSTP, namely New Straits Times/Business Times, Berita Harian and Harian Metro.
He replaced NSTP group editor-in-chief Hishammudin Aun. Zainul was removed as Business Times editor during Abdullah Badawi’s tenureship.
Zainul Ariffin wrote a racially provocative piece in Berita Harian regarding the death of Teoh Beng Hock (read here)
Zakhir Mohamed aka BigDog Blog
in the Corridors of UMNO Power

Former premier Mahathir Mohamad, himself often described as a megalomaniac, insisted it was the Chinese in the country who were the greedy ones, implying that they were also ingrates for not appreciating what the BN had done for them although they were ones who benefitted the most and not the Malays.

“BN has given a lot to the Chinese. Look at Kuala Lumpur. If not for Khazanah, what do Malays have? We are not asking a lot, we just want our small share,” he told reporters on Sunday.

Opposition leaders have often raked up government data that shows RM54 billion of shares having been distributed to the Malays since the New Economic Policy was launched in 1971. But todate, only RM2 billion remains in Malay hands – a fact that suggest massive corruption by the Umno elite against the working class Malays.

During the years 2000 to 2009, RM888 billion was also transferred out of the country in the form of illicit outflows, according to renowned watchdog body Global Financial Integrity.

However, till now and despite continuous grilling in Parliament, the BN government has failed to give any proper answer. Mahathir’s son, deputy Trade minister Mukhriz, even went so far as to condemn the GFI for having ulterior motives and wrongful computation. He declared there was no need to investigate the GFI report despite calls from prominent citizens and civil rights groups.

Still in attack mode after all these years

The 85-year old Mahathir ruled the country with a fist of iron for 22 years, retiring only in 2003 but still wields significant influence in Umno, where he is the acknowledged leader of the conservative right-wing Malay nationalists, who claim to treasure racial and political supremacy.

Due to Mahathir’s divide-and-rule policies, Malaysia’s multi-ethnic groups have failed to gel together a national unity despite 54 years of independence from British colonial rule.

Just yesterday, two blogs that are widely believed to be funded by him together with Umno newspaper, Utusan, accused the DAP of wanting to set up a Christian state that replaces Islam as the official religion.

The sheer bizarreness of the accusations initially shocked the nation, although by now most Malaysians, including the Muslims, are exasperated rather than panicked.

Many did not know whether to laugh at the farcical nature of the plot or to cry at the sad state, inter-racial relations have deteriorated into thanks to Mahathir and his ilk, including Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali.

Yet Mahathir, true to form, chose to attack rather than defend.

“Chinese are different from Malays. Malays support BN because they can see benefits, of which the Chinese get the most benefits. Chinese are looking to Penang, they want power. That’s why their judgment is different from Malays,” he said.

Wants GE only in 2012

During his time in power, the Chinese gave him their support, choosing routine and safety rather than democracy and standing up for their rights. They also failed to question him for the massive fraud and corruption that marked his administration.

But as the years passed, the situation grew worse due mainly to the racial brainwashing given by the National Civics Bureau or BTN to young Malay graduates and civil servants.

Instead of closing, the racial divide widened and in March 2008, the non-Malays finally gave up on the BN, voting the Pakatan Rakyat led by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim into power at 5 states.

The next GE is not due till 2013 but Prime Minister Najib Razak has indicated he wants it much earlier. There are signs that it can be as early as June 11 or July 11.

Nevertheless, for reasons of his own, Mahathir is against the idea and has publicly voiced his objection to snap polls, suggesting 2012 instead. The MCA has also said it needed “more time” to prepare for the GE.

Whether Mahathir, who has been accused of squandering at least US$100 billion of taxpayers’ wealth, believes the BN needs more time to convince the Chinese to give them a second chance, or he is pushing for more to time to cover his own tracks is unclear at this stage.

“Extremists want everything. Not all Chinese are like that, but you have extremists, same with Malays, even in Umno. Not one race in this country will be able to get 100 per cent of everything they wish for,” the ex-PM continued politicking.

First they say that the Chinese is going to take over Malaysia. Now they say that the Christians are going to take over Malaysia. Later, they may say it will be Chinese Christians who will take over Malaysia. When are they going to make up their minds?

Then they went on to mock the Royalty, by conveniently inserting the word ‘Agong’, saying that the Agong’s consent is needed to allow the Christians to install a Christian Prime Minister. Really, that has got to be biggest joke of the 21st century. And to think that a respectable newspaper like Utusan couldn’t see through the charade and though it worthy to carry the story in its headline news is simply amazing.

Now, they say that Muslims, who constitute 60 per cent of the country’s population, are frightened of the Christians, who account for only 10 per cent of the population. The weak Muslims in the country are being threatened and may lose their right to worship, as one prominent blogger ‘Wakakaka’ would say.

Worse still, they even felt the need to have to have a Chinese Muslim make the call and add credence to their statements.

Yes, Islam is under siege. Extremism is rearing its head again, and is now trying to speak on behalf of all the Muslims in this country. They really have no qualms about belittling the Muslims that they purport to represent in the eyes of the non-Muslims. Without valid and concrete proof, they go on to accuse other Faiths of undermining the sanctity of Islam.

Glazed and dazed

If you ask Najib, what is happening, he will just look on with starry, glazed eyes and shrug his shoulders,

Now that the racial card has simmered, the religious card is being played to the hilt Using religion to fan the fires of destruction is really debasing. How did the country ever managed to stoop so low?

Who says there are racial conflicts in this country? Malaysia is the most peaceful country in the world. Malaysia’s ability to preserve its peace and multiculturalism all this while is a wonder by itself. The world look on us in disbelief, that Malaysia can hold on to each other for so long, despite all the past tries to destabilize this nation.

Malaysians, please ask yourself, honestly. “Was there any time in your life where you actually felt physically threatened by the other races?” Malaysia is so peaceful, that you can actually hear a pin drop. You can go to the most rural village and walk the darkest street and you would not feel the least uneasy.

There is a very small group of people up there who are actually pulling all the strings. They play a card game akin to Tarot Cards. Used by Fortune Tellers, each card in the deck are strategies to control our thought processes.

Instead of working, they are sitting there playing with the sentiments of the people. And they have been doing that for 50 years. They know the Rakyat has caught on to their game. They know that we know. But they still go on playing this game, changing the stakes here and there. And yes, they are willing to sell us out in their bid to retain power.

They use every card available in the deck to achieve their aim to hunker us down, tame us and reduce our spirit to fight back.  They have been wearing us down spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even physically so that we will beg and crawl for mercy.

They have nearly succeeded in disciplining a particular race as a safe deposit, and they are now trying to wear the others down using the same tactic.

Let’s take them on

Thank goodness, they are not very smart although not stupid either.

For them it is a passion to wallow in the threshold of power, fame and fortune. Drunk from all this power, they cannot pull themselves away and constantly feel threatened that they are about to lose their the gold mines. That’s why they are now drawing out every available card  in the deck as fast as they can dish out to try and neutralize the gains by the Opposition.

From buying over frogs to black mail, death threats to religious sensitivities, racial rights to Royal Rights, they have gone on a relentless campaign to ensure that we will not be able to penetrate their defences nor successfully unite to threaten them.

Ironically, we were the same people that voted them in, in the first place. But getting rid of them happens to be a formidable task. This small bunch of rascals will continue to stir up all kinds of trouble, just so that they can control the status quo.

They buy over gangsters who will roam the streets, sparking unrest, hold demonstrations, break the peace, threaten public safety and start street riots all in the name of religion and race. Their objective is to spark of racial conflicts that will trigger a state of emergency just to keep this small group of people in power.

Through the smoke screen, Malaysians are fed daily doses of anti-nationalistic propaganda, racial deterioration, nasty religious insensitivities, and the need to stay apart to protect our own communities. These are the same people who are ever ready to sell us out as prostitutes and beggars to the highest bidder, and who won’t blink an eye to hijack religion and to empty every single cent in our nation’s coffers.

Dr M thinks that the General Election should be postponed to 2012.That won’t be bad idea, as it will give us more time to reassemble and get ready to take them on. Although, it will also give them more time to spin more devilish plots.

But never mind, let’s take them on once and for all. Malaysians, fight back and reclaim our sanity and lives!

“My family and Tan Sri Muhyiddin’s go a long way back. We both hail from Muo.“- Zakhir Mohamed(Read here)

Violence erupted on Saturday following a march by Muslims on a Coptic Christian church in a Cairo neighbourhood [AFP]

A dozen people have been killed in the clashes that have occurred in the Cairo district of Imbaba

watch Egypt vows to tackle interfaith violence – Middle East – Al Jazeera English

Egypt’s military rulers have detained 190 people in connection with the clashes between Muslims and Christians in Cairo in which at least 12 people have been killed and more than 230 others wounded.

The situation remained tense on Sunday, a day after violence first erupted in the Egyptian capital’s northwestern neighbourhood of Imbaba.

Witnesses said the clashes broke out after a mob of ultraconservative Muslims marched on a Coptic Christian church in Imbaba.

The march began over an apparent relationship between a Coptic woman and a Muslim man, amid reports that the woman was being held inside against her will and prevented from converting to Islam.

The verbal clash soon developed into a full-fledged confrontation where the two sides exchanged gunfire, firebombs and stones, and another church nearby was set on fire.

Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces ordered on Sunday “the transfer of all those arrested in connection with [Saturday’s] events, and they number 190, to the Supreme Military Court, as a deterrent to all those who think of toying with the potential of this nation”.

The council, which has ruled Egypt since a popular uprising toppled long-serving leader Hosni Mubarak, said it would “set up a committee to assess the damage from the clashes” and restore property.

‘Iron hand’

In its statement, the military council further called on “all communities in Egypt, the youth of the revolution, the national forces and Islamic and Christian scholars to stand like a wall against any attempt by the forces of evil and darkness to tear the national fabric”.

Egypt’s cabinet also said on Sunday in an emergency meeting that it will use an “iron hand” to protect national security.

The government has said it will step up security at religious sites and activate laws dealing with terrorism, to give police more power to prevent interfaith clashes. The rules also enable stricter punishments for vandalising houses of worship.

Interfaith relationships often cause tension in Egypt, where Christians make up about 10 per cent of its 80 million people.

Al Jazeera’s Rawya Rageh reports from Cairo

Al Jazeera’s Rawya Rageh said Imbaba, where the clashes first began, remained tense on Sunday, as gunfire rang out briefly outside a church.

“We understand several Christians are huddled inside churches to protect their churches,” she said.

“It’s very intense, the military is blocking the entire area. Residents have asked us to leave, the military has asked us to leave.”

“We understand the military was firing shots into the air to disperse who they are describing as hardline Muslim groups who are at the scene to take revenge for the Muslims who lost their lives in the confrontation last night. At least six of the people who died are believed to be Muslims.”

Meanwhile, several thousand Copts gathered in front of Egyptian state television, demanding the resignation of the country’s military ruler.

Al Jazeera’s Jamal Elshayyal said that some were chanting anti-Muslim slogans.

The strife represents another challenge to Egypt’s military rulers who are trying to restore law and order after following the 18-day long popular uprising earlier this year.

The grand mufti of Egypt, Ali Gomaa, a senior Islamic religious figure, called for calm following the clashes. “All Egyptians must stand shoulder to shoulder and prevent strife,” he told the state MENA news agency.

He also urged the military council to stop anyone from meddling with the security of Egypt.

‘Unfair treatment’

Al Jazeera’s Rageh said the latest clashes have raised questions over the capability of the country’s military leaders to deal with the sectarian crisis.

“The question being asked is, Why is the country’s new military leadership not doing enough to deter these attacks that have been repeating since the revolution? And why is the military not doing enough to address the root causes of this tension?” she said.

Christians in Egypt complain about unfair treatment, including rules they say make it easier to build a mosque than a church.

Claims that Christian women who converted to Islam were kidnapped and held in churches or monasteries have soured relations between the two communities for months.

The religious feuds are a severe blow to the unity Egyptians professed during their popular uprising, when
Christians and Muslims often protected each other during prayer.

In the months after the toppling of Hosni Mubarak on February 11, there has been a sharp rise in sectarian tensions, fueled in part by a newly active ultraconservative Muslim movement, known as the Salafis.

On Friday, a few hundred Salafis marched through Cairo celebrating al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and condemning the US operation that killed him.


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