Okay I am Acussing Datuk Zaid Ibrahim  the president of Parti KITAR as a GAY now  Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim 
is not the PM  what are you going to do mr anti Islam DON’T YOU EVER LOOK DOWN AT SHARIA LAW 
We are not able to reach to conclusions on many issues of importance because our thoughts are incoherent and disorganized. It is like having a road in front of us and the road is broken and has gaps after every few feet. But we assume that the road is smooth and continuous. Resultantly, we keep falling in those gaps. We mix up a lot many issues in a flood of confusion.We will say that Islam is a complete way of life and then divide the affairs of life into ‘secular’ and ‘religious’. Isn’t Islam a religion and it is complete? Then why this division? We will, however, not prepare a list of ‘secular’ and ‘religious’ matters despite being earnestly requested to do so – repeatedly.
Lecturing Muslims, targeting Islamic Shariah, and making a mockery of Muslims and their lifestyle has become a fashion of this era. Everyone wants to kill Muslims. Everyone wants to damage the image of Muslims and Islam.

There are hundreds of thousands of organizations, sites, educated personalities, volunteers, workers and activists whose work is only to put always Muslims and Islam on target.

They are being paid for this work, and sometimes they have been awarded in open ceremony by Western and European countries.indeed, Islam and Muslims are under attack from all corners. Military operations led by United States are underway in most Muslim countries. Cultural and educational hatred campaign against Muslims and Islam is being carried out by so-called educated and contractors of democracy in non-Muslim world.Someone is making cartoons on Prophet Mohammad (Sallallaho Alaihe wasallam), someone is supporting bans on veil, and someone is burning the Qura’an and destroying Masjids. It seems, it is all-out war against Muslims, Islam and their messenger.

Mr. Khushwant Singh is also one of them. He is known as an educated and prominent writer but his thoughts and thinking is very ridiculous. His thoughts about Burqa and Muslims show that he is still away from the real sprit of knowledge.Mr. Khushwant Singh in his article published in Hindustan Times on April 30, 2011, says lot of things about Burqa. He seeks a Fatwa from Darul Uloom (Deoband) for abolishing Hijab, such as, he wants a Fatwa from Azhar University to support French government’s decision slapping ban on veil, and even he prays for returning of Kamal Ata Turk who had banned veil in Turkey. He says Turkey is the most advanced Muslim country because it had banned Burqa. According to him, lower middle class is only use Naqab or veil etc.According to him, abolishing of Burqa is a sign of advancement and wearing of Burqa is a sign of ignorant.Reading his article about Burqa, I had been thinking how a person who has written various books and has a place in all classes in the country can discuss such kind of ridiculous and ludicrous ideology.

Mr. Khushwant Singh; or anyone has no right to lecture Muslims, or interfere in Islamic Sharia. Who allowed him, or them to do so?Is he not adopting double standards? He demands ban on Burqa, while the people of his community had been expressing its concerns when the Turban was banned in America after 9/11.Traditions of other communities are respectable, but, traditions of Islam and Muslims are not acceptable; why? Nuns in Christians use special dress that covers her body from head to toe. Is this not an old tradition? Why no one raises the voice to ban on Christian veil?It is very old tradition in Hindus where Hindu women cover her face with their sari. Are these things not ridiculous and anti-advancement?

All communities in the world can practice according to their tradition and religion; if Muslims do same thing, so it is called an un-civilized exercise. What nonsense is this? What Muslims or Muslim women do or not do, it is not related to anyone. Who gave the right to such people to blame on Muslims and mocking at Muslim women for wearing Burqa?Why he, or others, like him, have objection over Islamic traditions? Why he wants Fatwa from Deoband and Azhar University to abolish wearing veil?They scream seeing Burqa clad women; while they keep their mouth shut when Muslim women demand justice and equality.What he and others, like him, did for the justice of women who have been subjected of rape in Gujarat in 2002? Why he does not raise the voice for punishing to those who destroyed the dignity of women?Such kind of people knows only how to blame Muslims and target of Islam, because it brings fame, money and attention of world. This kind of thoughts confirms awards for him and for others, like him.

How can he compare wearing of Burqa with retrogression, while Sikh men too use Turban and sport beard as a religious tradition. Does this mean that the Sikh men wearing Turban are uneducated?

How can a veil become a symbol of retrogression? The women in France, who are insisting on wearing veil and using it in their daily life, are most educated women and they are aware about all ups and downs of the society.

These women, who had been called educated and civilized before Islam; turned a threat to the country by embracing Islam. What nonsense is this?

In Punjab, in some instances it has been seen that the wife of elder brother also becomes wife and object of sexual desire to all younger brothers in a family just to save the huge property from getting into other hands. Just see how materialistic is such a society who doesn’t give a damn respct to women at all. Why Mr. Khushwant Singh and others of his like keep silent over such issues and do not raise their voices against such inhuman practice?

There are hundreds and thousands of women in other religions where they have been subjected of rape, live like animals, and face every kind of harassments by their own husbands, brothers and family members; why he does not say about them, about their culture and traditions?

The situation of non-Muslim women is more dangerous than Burqa clad women. Rape of sister by father or brother called incest is common. Is this not true? Then, how Mr. Khushwant Singh, or others, like him, can lecture us?

In a culture where women work as prostitutes or act as sexual objects is acceptable is acceptable to Mr. Khuswant Singh and others in the western world, then how can this western culture can accept burqa clad women who cover their body and protect their dignity from the people who figure them just a sex machine.

When Ulema, Muslim scholars, and Muslim countries raise no objection over dress, traditions and prayer of non-Muslims, then why, and, how people from different religions advice and lecture Muslims on what they should do or not do?

It is better for Mr. Khushwant Singh not to write anything about Muslim women, as well as, keep himself away from interfering in Islamic Shariah. If he is very keen in writing about the conditions of women, so he is free to write about the women, who belong to other communities. Or, if he wants to write something about Islam and Muslim women, so, he must first study Islamic Shariah, rules and Islamic teachings before passing any comment about Muslim women or Islam.

I come across people once in a while who say that that they have ‘made’ hijrah from the West. (We made a hijrah in the Indian Subcontinent and should only read the headlines of one newspaper – everyday.) I am wonderstruck at this huge gap. They will believe that Islam is the best way of life and it is for the entire humanity. But practically they will exclude a significant part of the world from the ‘entire’ humanity and the ‘whole’ world. And they will not see the self-contradiction.

When we emphasize on the need for a huge component of rote learning and memorization in our curriculum then we give an impression that “We have actually tried hard with critical and scientific thinking. But it proved to be disastrous, you know. It did not produce the desired results (???). The students are not hard-working anymore, you see. They want it easy. You know how the new generation is. Our times were different. And you know they don’t send bright students to madrasaahs.”

An eminent speaker I met the other day. He started lamenting that the people do not send ‘bright’ children to madrasaahs. (I haven’t seen any students who aren’t bright – in their own way. Just as I haven’t seen any ‘ordinary’ and ‘common’ human beings in my life.) On the other hand, he was complaining that the syllabi of these institutions are extremely old. He did not realize why the people should send their ‘bright’ children to madrasaahs if the syllabi are so outdated.

I could not understand why the ‘bright’ students should be sent to these institutions if the curriculum is not up-to-date. How could or will an up-to-date teacher teach an outdated curriculum is beside the point. As if it was not enough, the respectable speaker started complaining about the graduates of madrasaahs. This wasn’t enough either. He was of the view that the madrasaahs should completely teach the Tafseer of the whole Qur’an and a student must necessarily go over the entire Qur’an – at least in translation.

I could not get a definite answer to my question about what was the real problem; the curriculum, the methodology, the students not being ‘bright’ or the Qur’an not being taught in full. We face a difficulty in staying focused on one subject while communicating with the ‘traditionally’ educated. With much difficulty I drew the attention of the gentleman to the core issue as he frequently stepped into sideways.

The ‘modern’ educated are very much appreciable in this regard. As a people, however, we need to develop a habit of staying with the problems longer. It will require that we stop repeating those sentences which we have heard a thousand times. The situations demand that we start ‘chewing the cud’.

We will talk about the need for more engagement with the fellow countrymen of other Faiths but will establish and perpetuate those educational institutions which are the antithesis of cohesion and engagement. Without noticing the self-contradiction. We will talk about Haqq-O-Baatil and will advise, too, for adhering to the former. We will, however, not call a spade a spade. We will still beat about the bush and stay away from the crux of it.

We read a lot of articles from many writers from all over the world. This is very important. But there is one apprehension. We might think that the journalists from across the globe will provide a solution to the problems. If we do so we may be mistaken. How could those who do not have the whole picture (who aren’t sure where the man has come from, what is he expected to do on earth and where is he going to) provide a solution to the vexed (???) problems of the world? If they still do that, it will be rare and, of course, admirable.

We are extremely concerned about educating every Muslim child but we do not know why we should do that. So we don’t know the reasons of this concern for Muslims which has become a kind of fashion now. It gives an instant impression that “I am in a much better situation, thank God.” No, we are not “in a much better situation”.

We ALL are poor (muflis). But there is something that does not allow us to concede that we are poor. We go about the idea of reform in circles and circles. I wonder if so many among us are trying to make things better – and for so long – then why don’t we see the results? The incoherence and disorganization in our thoughts is the diehard enemy of results.

Please don’t ever get impressed by quotations from Qur’an or Hadeeth or from history etc. It is most likely that the quotations will be out of context – ignoring the broader picture. It is most likely that we belong to a situation like Makkan and the quotation is of a Madeenan context, for example. There is also a slight chance that we may not be belonging to either of the two periods.

There is a possibility that the quotation is from a person who is sure about everything and has never been slightly confused about even a few things. May be the quotation is a result of deep conditioning. May be the sermon is from someone who has never tried to put all the ideas (or pieces of a jigsaw puzzle) in order and organize them. So we shouldn’t take chances.

The incoherence and disorganization in our thoughts (which naturally leads to incoherent and disorganized actions – and there is no force that can stop it from happening) is eating into our vitals. What to do now? We need to be watchful in our conversations. We have to very carefully and critically listen to every speech or read every piece of writing (including this one). We have to be many times more cautious than we have ever been.

We shouldn’t do so only when we are in the gathering of ‘others’. We need to do this even more when we are in ‘our own’ gatherings. If we do not do so, the discourse will not change which is precisely what we need to change. We will not be moving to the second stage which is long overdue. This is the price that we as a people have to pay for a CHANGE which we all are yearning to see.


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