UMNO Pandikutty  the Machinations of the Dirty-Tricks Department Distributed Anti-Anwar Book at Umno Dinner It was Utterly Disgusting and Uncultured to give out such Defamatory Book for free at the Umno 65th anniversary dinner
It is amazing how Umno can mix debauchery and religion into a deadly cocktail and have it served to the Malays to drink.’ Syed Hussein Alatas’ books have always been a bunch of garbage. Now if Anwar Ibrahim were to make a police report, the police will start to investigate Anwar instead of the writer.If Anwar doesn’t sue the writer, Umno will claim that the books contains accurate information and Anwar is afraid of suing. If Anwar sues the writer, he might not win and if he wins, Syed Hussein might be dead by then or already a bankrupt.But one thing for sure, Umno is celebrating its 65th birthday with such great fear of Anwar. It looks like Najib Razak is having sleepless night after all. Malays should seriously question themselves what they’re seeing. It is amazing how Umno can mix debauchery and religion into a deadly cocktail and have it served to the Malays to drink by its wicked priests.Supporters of Umno are staggering about in spiritual blindness, looking but not seeing, listening but not hearing – confused and burdened that their faith is under siege. The enemy from within their community is poisoning them and leading them astray as a people.It was utterly disgusting and uncultured to give out such defamatory book for free at the Umno 65th anniversary dinner. How could any decent human being allow and condone such conduct?Umno, being the ruling party, is stooping so low as to allow such stinking politics to emerge. Do we have any more hope of having a government consisting of noble, capable, committed and well-cultured politicians from Umno? Syabas, Syed Hussein, for making good money out of Umno’s obsession with Anwar. Umno is so scared of Anwar that they have thrown everything at him, but nothing seems to work and ‘the man who will destroy Umno’ is still standing and hitting back.: So, this slanderous book is allowed and commissioned by Umno but a mere political cartoon book by Zunar is not allowed? This is hypocrisy at its fullest.

Can any democracy or free society legitimise such a violation and still call itself a democracy? But if political torture is a violation of human rights,  Torture is a moral outrage.. Can one outrage cancel out another? Can one poison be used to combat another poison? Toxin-anti-toxin – poison to fight poison – is a tried and tested formula in the world of medicine. Can such an equation be equally valid in the moral realm?


For a lot of people in this country, the fact that A Raja, who until recently was a Union minister, is behind bars — and so is the seemingly invincible Suresh Kalmadi — is enough to claim that the campaign against corruption is finally bearing fruit. I too feel happy that those who thought they were almost beyond law are behind bars. But forgive me if I am not jumping with joy. There are far too many things happening behind the scenes that make me cautious.

First of all, it is not that those who govern, rather rule, us have suddenly turned virtuous and have decided to shun the corrupt and corruption. All the action that one notices is happening simply because the nation’s Supreme Court, almost activist in its approach these days, is itself involved in monitoring some of the prominent investigations.

The 2G case, which the CBI is investigating, the one that has singed A Raja, is being monitored by the courts. And clearly wiser by the stinging remarks of the apex court, as also its prevailing mood, the agency is trying hard to conduct other investigations too properly lest it attracts the apex court’s ire. What I am saying is that the nation’s premier investigating agency, which has, over a period, become a tool for the ruling dispensation to settle scores with its opponents, is being forced to behave, not because it has turned a new leaf, but because of the glare of the apex court on it.

And that is precisely why I am not particularly elated at all the arrests and other activities. For, the way things are happening, we may actually be doing more harm than good. I am referring to the systematic manner in which more and more of our institutions are being roped in to do things that are bound to harm their reputation and credibility.

Let us look at the entire investigation into the “Bhushans CD” that purportedly showed the Jan Lok Pal committee’s co-chair Shanti Bhushan having a conversation with Amar Singh and Mulayam Singh. As soon as this CD was sent to various media houses, including ours, Shanti Bhushan filed a complaint on April 14 that was turned into an FIR the next day, seeking an investigation into who was responsible for creating and distributing this “fabricated” CD. Delhi Police sent the CD to the Central Forensic Lab (CFSL) to verify if it had been put together by splicing different conversations and was indeed fabricated.

After a few days, the Delhi CFSL report was leaked selectively to the media houses and it showed the CD to be genuine. The CD was sent for verification to the CFSL Lab at Chandigarh as well. And in a report in our paper, the Chandigarh lab certified the CD to be doctored, just as Bhushan’s own tests through Truth Labs had shown. Incidentally, the Delhi Police has not denied either of these reports. It is a different matter that the current director of CFSL, Delhi, is holding the post in an ad hoc capacity and the appointment is yet to be regularised by the appointments committee chaired by the Prime Minister and also the home minister.

Faced with these contradictions, Shanti Bhushan approached the Delhi Police on May 5 and asked for a copy of the two forensic reports. He also asked:

a) What were the terms of reference sent to the CFSL while sending the CD for its forensic examination?

b) Which CD, i.e. CD collected from me or CD collected from Indian Express, was sent to CFSL or whether both the CDs were sent to CFSL?

c) Whether the CD containing taped conversation of 2006 between Mr Amar Singh and Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav which is part of the record of the Supreme Court and was provided by me to police was also sent to CFSL for its examination?

d) Whether the Delhi Police has recorded the statements of Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mr Amar Singh as to whether they have had any conversation as purportedly recorded in the CD in question? If so, then can I, being the complainant, have the copy of these recorded statements?”

Now just to go behind the scenes. As soon as the first reports came in that the Truth lab had indeed proven the CD to be the job of a fraudster who had not taken care to reduce the varying background noises in the spliced conversations, there was a lot of activity in the “dirty-tricks department“. Realising that the original CDs being circulated were a dead giveaway, every effort was made to retrieve all of them from wherever they were. There were also reports that a newer, fresh CD has been created, where the background sound, etc, has been handled more professionally so as to hoodwink the forensic tests.

Why I raise this is because could it be possible that the CDs sent to the two CFSL labs were different? Whatever might be the reason, the fact is that the CFSL is a highly respected body and all that the dirty games and shenanigans have managed so far is to create a lot of confusion, and also erode its credibility as an unbiased, non-politicised laboratory that one can trust. Perhaps those who play these dirty games couldn’t care, but we do. Just as we care for the erosion in credibility of all other institutions.

Coming back to the request by Shanti Bhushan to Delhi police for the copy of CFSL reports, the ACP of Delhi Police responded two days later that he has been “directed to inform you that the case is at the initial stage of investigation. Divulging any document/information to any one may hamper the investigation.”

Isn’t this absurd (or is it hilarious)? After all, the entire investigation is happening due to the complaint and FIR registered by Shanti Bhushan himself.

But such are the machinations of the dirty-tricks department that one almost feels like throwing one’s hands up. But we can’t. The Anna Hazare fast or candlelight vigils or what have you will have served no purpose if, for some short-term gains we start eroding the credibility of our institutions. CFSL handles thousands of criminal cases each year. Can you imagine what impact its credibility erosion would have on investigations? Can we afford to let that happen?


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