IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s sordid fall from grace speaks of bilateral issues in the use of official kingdom and the authority of money in a case of sexual mores.
While the French would find it something they would rather not discuss, Strauss-Kahn’s fall from presidential hopeful to prison cell is indeed a combination of sordid tale and Shakespearean theatrics. For a future President of France to be attacking and allegedly raping a ‘maid in Manhattan’ is a story so extraordinary it smacks of a sexual innuendo and the hunger of raging French testosterone on American soil.
The ‘Great Seducer’ has unknowingly become a part of France versus rest of the world debacle that at once questions and dithers and questions the fallibility of the entire episode. But an IMF chief’s unending thirst for women’s private parts could indeed lead him to the silent walls of prison chambers, and therein lies the futility of the fervour and flavour of fun in the sun.
Three weeks ago in the French newspaper Liberation he is known to have said of his fears: “Money, women and the fact I am Jewish.” He added: “Yes, I like women … so what?” He said he could see himself becoming the victim of a honey trap: “a woman raped in a car park and who’s been promised 500,000 or a million euros to invent such a story …”
But in 2007 the Brussels correspondent Jean Quatremer had written a blogthat said: “The only real problem with Strauss-Kahn is his attitude to women,” Mr Quatremer wrote. “He is too insistent… he often borders on harassment. The IMF is an international institution with Anglo-Saxon morals. One inappropriate gesture, one unfortunate comment, and there will be a media hue and cry.
Touche! This is no drama in the dark, it’s the truth of French finesse and all things hidden. It’s time to face the truth. Chiefs anywhere in the world must have a code of morality, not immoral ardour that is always hidden because the women never have the courage to come out in the open. Thank God the maid in Manhattan decided to spill the beans. And for the IMF…Do your homework Americans. If beds could talk many a man would blush!
All I have say is Melissa Theuriau’s husband is one lucky bastard. French journalist and news anchor, Melissa Theuriau, was in Miami over the weekend with her husband, some French actor/comdian, Jamel Debbouze, when she decided to give him a blowjob poolside in the open and then give him a full body massage. At least I think she’s giving him a blowjob, she was in her bikini devouring her prey by the pool. She got topless too and she look terrific considering she had a kid just three months ago. Some consider Melissa Theuriau as the world’s most beautiful news reporter and I might have to agree by looking at her screen shots from French television. BTW, her husband must be rich as hell because that is the only way a guy like can score a girl like Melissa.

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