(Yahoo News) – Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim found himself having to fend off questions about the sex allegations levelled against him during a live interactive chat with netizens.
The sex video featuring a man said to resemble him and the sodomy charge were among the questions posed to Anwar during the 75-minute chat with Yahoo! Malaysia Thursday (May 19).
One netizen asked: “In your opinion, who is the man in the video. Please answer honestly.”
Anwar replied he had some suspects in mind, “big stomachs and saggy breasts, haha.”
To another question from a netizen asking about the experts from South Korea and US who confirmed the individual in the sex video seem like Anwar’s face, the opposition leader replied that it was typical how “smart guys like you can be duped by Umno media. Which expert? Why can’t they be transparent?”
Anwar also vehemently denied that he was the man in the sex video that was revealed by the Datuk T trio and added that he had lodged a police report over the matter.
Another netizen asked Anwar what were his chances of getting out of the allegations against him.
Anwar replied these were trumped up charges and claimed them to be a conspiracy by Umno leaders to deflect from central issues of governance, corruption and power abuse.
When asked if the price of petrol would be reduced to 1.30 ringgit a litre if Pakatan was voted into power at the next general election, he replied that prices could be lowered.
On the different streams of schools in Malaysia, he said quality education was the priority but the choice of students and parents would be respected.
“Bahasa Malaysia will remain the official language but we will have to enhance the quality of English and other languages,” he said.
The news has been dominated this week by revelations of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child and Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s arrest, which has led many to draw comparisons between the two stories. But these are by no means the first examples of philandering, says Time‘s Jeffrey Kluger, who points to a long tradition of men behaving badly.
The debate over the authenticity of the sex video purportedly showing Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim patronising a prostitute has bewildered me, to say the least. Everyone seems to be either an expert in videography or has seen Anwar naked so often as to be able to determine if indeed he has the belly of a 40 year old.
That the whistleblowers are not exactly of impeccable reputation is a reality in public opinion. That the powers-that-be are capable of manipulating circumstances in a situation that will benefit them is also a probability.
I should then just ignore the video.
To be absolutely honest though, I have not been able to. It does bother me. Not because I really care about another person’s carnal activities nor am I such a righteous person sincerely wanting to offer salvation to the misguided.
It is the blatant hypocrisy that disturbs me.
None of the whistleblowers has been convicted in a court of law, yet we are quick to dish out our judgment of their character. Perhaps they have escaped the arms of the law because of the selective prosecution wanton in our country at present. Yes, that is a probability. Damn them for upsetting our apple cart though.
I don’t have to listen to these characters’ judgment of Anwar but I am curious about the case they had presented. If Hitler had said the Aryans are the superior race, I would have ignored that judgment coming from a racist supremacist. However, just because Hitler said two plus two totals four, I’m not going to dispute it just because it comes from a mad man. You see, facts can be determined independently of the carrier of the message.
So how come the authenticity of the video and the identity of its participants seem so difficult to determine? It’s not rocket science. The same people who believe that the video is a fraud, made using technologies not even available to the CIA, KGB and Mossad, seem reluctant to resort to proven technology readily available to identify the video’s participants.
So maybe there’s no legal reason to do that as none of the country’s laws have been broken and a royal commission that has been mooted should focus on more critical matters.
How much of critical importance is this sex video to me? Very, very critical. I am sick of the hypocrisy of our country’s leaders whom we have voted into office. And I am not about to replace them with characters just as bad, or worse.
I am very alarmed that an unfair allegation has been made against Anwar and yet Anwar, who wants me to trust him to be my leader, has refused to sue these people for defamation. If he doesn’t trust this country’s courts, then let us ask if he is willing to sue in the United Kingdom if those people repeat the defamatory statements in the UK? Then Malaysians like me will have the benefit of the latest technology to resolve this matter if their defence is that of justification.
Whoever wins or loses, it is the rakyat who actually win. We are with him. Is he with us?
Or if he is partial to Islamic traditions, just do the “sumpah laknat” and get it over with. Public opinion will swing to him away from those rouges. After all, he has nothing to worry about as we all are very sure that Anwar, the propagator of “penyerapan nilai-nilai Islam” in governance while he was in government, would be the last person to patronise a prostitute.
“Sumpah laknat” may not be the most optimum religious act according to the swirling controversy surrounding it. But it is a way that is effective among the masses to discredit the video. Anwar should do it. If his intention is sincere in saving the ummah, Allah will be with him.
I have reduced all this fog to just simply wanting to know the truth about my aspiring leader. This is not about the character of the rogues or the appropriateness of “sumpah laknat” or the fairness of our courts.
It is about whether person in the video is Anwar and whether there was a gun to his head while he was committing the act. The rest is just anybody’s spin to divert the issue.
It is the hypocrisy that I can’t stand. From whosoever.
* Dr Ariff Effendy 
The establishment fears Anwar’s impact as an inspiration and figurehead of the Opposition. Surround him with as much tawdry drama as possible, and the Malaysian public will grow sick of even the mention of his name.
By Leading Malaysian Neocon
Ordinary Malaysians are getting fed up of all the sex allegations against Anwar Ibrahim. This strikes a chord with me – it reminds me of a parallel situation that has been unfolding in the USA.The Big Government article ’MSM Uses Palin’s Own Children as Political Weapons Against Her’ ( describes how the liberal-dominated mainstream media in America constantly shines a sickly spotlight on Sarah Palin.The MSM parades, mocks and lambasts every minute detail that is even remotely connected to Palin, including the personal lives of her children.

The reason for this constant noise, according to the article, is that U.S. Democrats and their allies fear the impact she has on the political scene – even as they belittle her as wholly inconsequential and not worth a second thought.

After all, Palin turned Obama’s 2008 impending landslide against McCain into a mere majority of votes. She has made Senators, Congresspersons and Governors out of underdogs by endorsing them in the 2010 U.S. elections. With just a Facebook posting criticizing Obama’s policies, she has gotten the U.S. President and Robert Gibbs leaping to respond – on national TV, no less.

If you thought the exact opposite of Sarah Palin, then Congratulations! You’ve been dutifully following the MSM. According to them, Palin is just a retro-hairstyled bimbo who sees Russia from her house and thinks North and South Korea are the same. (Recently, our own local MSM pundits have not been innocent of this either – you know who you are.)

Surround her with as much triviality as possible, and the American public will grow sick of even the mention of her name. They will think of her only as a joke. “Sarah Palin? That airhead? You can’t be serious!” Soon even the world’s public ends up laughing about her.

This strikes me as exactly what is being done to Anwar Ibrahim.

The establishment fears Anwar’s impact as an inspiration and figurehead of the Opposition – if not the de facto leader – even as they portray him as a sidelined, has-been, depraved lackey of America and Israel.

Surround him with as much tawdry drama as possible, and the Malaysian public will grow sick of even the mention of his name. They will equate him only with dirty jokes. “Anwar Ibrahim? Maybe he can still win the next election if he suddenly comes from behind, ha ha ha!” Soon even the world’s public ends up laughing about him.

Just try this experiment out: Ask the next armchair pundit you meet if they know what Anwar Ibrahim’s economic, social and governance recommendations for the country are. The sex allegations have so permeated the atmosphere around Anwar that they have crowded out any serious discussion about him as a real political leader.

That is why sex videos featuring men who look nothing like Anwar are being bandied about. Who cares if no one is convinced it is really him caught on tape, as long as they keep talking about it and nothing else! Tomorrow another ‘whistleblowing insider’ could even release a sex tape featuring only women, and still claim it features Anwar Ibrahim!

The late community organizer Saul Alinsky is a major influence on Barack Obama‘s philosophy. In Saul Alinsky’s book Rules For Radicals, Rule 12 describes how to delegitimize an opponent: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

You tell me if this does not describe exactly what is being done to Anwar Ibrahim now.

Malaysia has truly ‘matured’ politically if we are using underhanded tactics on par with the experienced Americans. Sadly, this is not something to be proud of.

A recent chat session on Yahoo! with Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim prompted an impromptu poll where Netizens were asked their opinions on what problems were deemed the biggest problem facing Malaysia.
The results are telling, 57 per cent mentioned dirty politics, corruption drew in 21 per cent, while racial and religious issues came in at 11 per cent and economics, brain-drain and education tied at 2 per cent each.
More than half polled are of the opinion that dirty politics is the biggest problem to hit Malaysia to date. And the polling public are not far off in this regards.
It began with Dr M, while Najib took filth and smut to new heights
Never before in Malaysian history have we seen a barrage much like the one since Najib Razak assumed the role of Prime Minister in April 2009. We were introduced to sodomy, sex video tapes, assassinations, murders, religious conspiracies and money politics – to name a few.
Malaysians got a taste of this in 1998 when, then Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed sacked his deputy Anwar Ibrahim. This event marked a turning point in Malaysian politics. The accusations came in thick and fast, and created a political divide of sorts.
It was here that we were introduced to the term sodomy, police brutality and the intensive push by main stream media to character assassinate a political figure.
Politics at this time became a national obsession, reaching the masses in all forms.
While mainstream media was the domain of the government of the day, alternative media was conquered by the opposition.
It can be said that the opposition helped pushed the Internet revolution in Malaysia. Blogs, news-portals and forums – both pro-government and pro-opposition pushed politics into the laps of everyday Malaysians. Finally, the everyday Malaysians were able to state his mind on a stage where it can be heard and shared.
Dirty politics, which previously were mostly confined behind close doors, was thrust into the public eye.
More-so as the attacks against the opposition intensify in the years since 1998 forcing them onto the defensive as the government pushed harder to crush them using all means possible.
Under Najib Razak, we were further introduced to even greater and more sordid examples of dirty politics.
The Sodomy II case that continues to be played out in main-stream media, the distribution of ‘Datuk T’ pornography over national television and YouTube, the use of an Umno-owned national daily to insinuate that an opposition party along with religious leaders were seeking to turn Malaysia into a Christian state are just some examples.
The endless deluge just keeps growing by the day, yet the question that begs an answer is, what is it all for?
A childish and foolish government fearful of growing up
Dirty politics does not benefit any party within the long run.
Instead it highlights the immaturity of the leaders of the country in dealing with rivals who have differing views on governance.
It highlights the fragile nature of the nations’ politics where one must resort to the use of public humiliation in order to defeat a political rival. Politics is first won and lost at the stage of public opinion before ever reaching the ballot box.
Trial by media is first initiated before a person has fair say in a court of law. And even a court of law can be manipulated by the politics of the day.
And when it does reach the ballot box, the use of money and various development incentives to purchase votes is a norm. Blatantly playing and paying it out under the public eye – might is right. But is it?
It is no wonder that on May 19, 2011, that 57 per cent of Malaysians pointed out that dirty politics is the biggest problem to affect Malaysia at this current time.
It is not merely a change of government that is needed, but also, a change in the form of government. Only then can we get rid of the stench of dirty politics.


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