E. Abubacker of Kerala has been unanimously re-elected President of the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI).

By Pervez Bari


E. Abubacker of Kerala has been unanimously re-elected President of the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI).
He was elected along with other new office-bearers at the National Representative Council, (NRC), meeting held here on May 21 and 22.
The newly elected office-bearers along with members of the National Working Committee (NWC) members were felicitated by the Karnataka unit of the SDPI at a glittering function which was largely attended. The complete list of the office-bearers is: President – E. Aboobacker (Kerala); Vice Presidents (two) – Prof.  Naazneen Begum (Karnataka) & Riyaz Azeemabadi (Bihar); General Secretaries (three) – A. Sayeed, M. K. Faizy (both Kerala) & Hafiz Manzoor Ali Khan (Rajasthan); Secretaries (two) – Dr. Mahboob Shariff Avad  (Karnataka) & Abdul Rashid Agvan  (Delhi) and Treasurer – Mohammed Omer Khan  (West Bengal).
The National Working Committee Members are: V. P. Naseeruddin (Kerala), A.M Mohammed Shaafi (Karnataka), Khalid Rashadi (Manipur), S. Mohammed Mubarak (Tamil Nadu), Hafiz Mohammed Haneef (Rajasthan), Mohammed Shahabuddin (West Bengal), Sheikh Mohammed Dehlan Baqavi (Tamil Nadu), Abdul Majeed (Karnataka), Azhar Tamboli (Maharashtra), Dr. Fathima Zakriya (Kerala), Adv. Sajid Siddiqui (Madhya Pradesh), C. R. Mohammed Imtiyaz (Karnataka), Maulana Usman Baig (Karnataka), Prof. P. Koya (Kerala), Adv. K. M. Ashraf (Kerala), Tayeedul Islam (West Bengal), Pervez Bari (Madhya Pradesh), M. K. Manoj Kumar (Kerala), Yasmin Farooqui (Rajasthan), Mohammad Rafeeq (Tamil Nadu), P. K. Gopinath (Kerala), Hemalatha (Karnataka), Sharfuddin Ahmed (Uttar Pradesh), Abdul Hameed Ramnad (Tamil Nadu) Aftab (Bihar) and Maulana Mushtaq Ahmed (Andhra Pradesh).
Meanwhile, the state President of Karnataka SDPI Abdul Majeed Kodlipete, who presided over delivered the presidential address on the occasion of the felicitation programme of the newly elected National leaders of the party here on Sunday night. He stated: “In a short period of about two years Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), has reached every nook and corner of the country. In an era when all the political parties are only worried about their vested interests ignoring the rights of the marginalized sections of the society, SDPI has come forward to bring justice and empowerment to the oppressed sections including Muslims, farmers, Dalits, OBCs and Adivasis”.
President of Karnataka State Popular Front of India Ilyas Thumbi stated:“heads of the central and state governments are busy in protecting their chairs. All the governments led by various parties have always ignored the welfare of its citizens”.

Renowned farmer activist Mr. Kodihalli Chandrashekar said: “The condition of our country is in a very bad state and thereby the condition of farmers is getting worse day by day. The politicians who claim themselves to be as the son of the soil have betrayed the farmers and thrown dust in their eyes. All the three major political parties in Karnataka namely Bharatiya Janata Party, Janata Dal (United) and the Congress have lost their dignity and all the politicians have become plunderers. Congress and JD(S) have always given false promises to the Muslims and constantly betrayed them”.

Speaking on this occasion the newly elected vice-president of SDPI Prof. Naazneen Begum observed that the politicians have forgotten their duty of providing the basic amenities like water, housing, health and education to the people. “The cadres of SDPI should not rest in peace until we solved the problems of the masses,” she said.
Replying to the felicitation E. Abubacker, National President of SDPI, stated that SDPI is a new hope of all the marginalized sections of the society who have lost all hopes of equality and justice. “SDPI was able to prove its popularity in the recent assembly elections and this proves that in coming time we will become a powerful force in the political scenario of India”. He requested the masses to join hands with SDPI and be a part in bringing the most needed change.
Maulana Usman Baig, President of All India Imam Council, said that in the last 64 years in India in the name of democracy, the fascist and the capitalist forces have exploited the Muslims, Dalits, OBCs and other marginalized people by instilling in them the fear from hunger and fear from terror. The so-called established parties have been indulging in naked dance to drive the poor to the wall to be engulfed in the muddy waters of illiteracy and poverty, he lamented.
Congratulating founder members of SDPI, Maulana Baig said the party has now come into the field in a big way and as such other political parties should take a note of it and pack up. He alleged that MIM, AIUDF, Muslim League are not Muslim parties but serving the interests of the capitalists. However, it is only SDPI that is not only election focused party but undertakes agitation raising people’s problems in the corridors of power so that they are redressed, he asserted.
Abdul Hannan, General Secretary of Karnataka state SDPI, who welcomed the national SDPI leaders and others, said that the party is exhorting people, especially Muslims to indulge in positive politics and not resort to negative modes at the behest of others to just defeat fascist forces.
SDPI National Vice President Riyaz Azeemabadi; General Secretaries A. Sayeed, M. K. Faizy and Hafiz Manzoor Ali Khan; Secretary Dr. Awad Shariff; Treasurer Umar Khan; Ahinda leader Mr. Mukudappa, Lok Janshakti Party State President Ms Leelavati; Ambedkar Samaj Party National president Bhai Tej Singh; BSP ex-state president Mr. Gopal; SDPI presidents of different states, newly elected NWC members and SWC were present on the dais amongst others.
Meanwhile, SDPI cadres carried party flags and raised slogans in favour of their party as they entered the venue. As various SDPI and other party leaders delivered spirited speeches the whole atmosphere became surcharged and the cadres enthusiastically waved flags to express their charged emotions.
Afzal Pasha, secretary SDPI Karnataka state proposed vote of thanks. At the outset the national leaders of SDPI left colourful balloons in the air to mark the occasion.

[Pervez Bari is a Journalist based at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He can be contacted at pervezbari@eth.net]


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