Once a sly old fox is forever a sly old fox,betweem (HRP) leader P Uthayakumar and AIADMK R B Udayakumar

Once a sly old fox is forever a sly old fox,

“The Prime Minister is the number one public servant in this country, and he is answerable to us.”

One certain Aunty Rosy said that is his God-given right to become the PM. Well, as much as God gave you the “right” he has as much right to remove it. And that day shall come.

Beside human biological DNA, there is a virtual humanity DNA which pushes some of us to lead. The urge to lead is propelling humanity forward under the giant force of current (be it called evolution, god design, or other names). Portions of human society which happen to lack the urge to lead are simply disintegrated in the wider flow of humanity. I cannot see how we can stop that urge without self-defeating the community where we live.

I would like to claim the solution is to provide a proper channel for the “urge-to-lead” to release, and that proper channel is the democratic system, in which “alpha” leaders will compete in a way beneficial to the rest of the community. Under a democratic system, we reward those “alpha” leaders who beat his/her rivals in open and transparent arena.

I think the Abraham religion system with the emphasis of fear-of-god is ill-suited for a real-world political system. Those capable leaders with strong sense of fear-of-god will shy away from the arena, leaving those with no sense of fear-of-god but with strong “urge-to-lead” in the arena. Under this setting, we could only expect low grade community leaders, who will bring calamity to the rest of the community.

Having say that, the Abraham religion system may not necessary needs to emphasize the fear of god when it comes to real-world political system. Fear of god is originated from spiritual sphere of humanity and, I think, it is valuable for its original scope.
When Prophet Muhammad died, the Medina community was embroiled in a heated debate as to who should succeed him as the community leader. For three days they argued and finally it was agreed that Abu Bakar would be the successor. The Arabic word for successor is caliph. Abu Bakar was now the new Caliph of the Medina community, although there were some from amongst the community who did not agree it should have been him.

Human Rights Party (HRP) leader P Uthayakumar has been accused of being a Barisan Nasional agent out to destroy Pakatan Rakyat’s chances of taking Perak and Putrajaya in the next general election.
Perak DAP state vice chief A Sivanesan told FMT that HRP just wants to be a spoiler and they do not have the numbers to win the state and parliamentary seats that they have demanded.
“Uthayakumar’s political aim is always focused on attacking Pakatan and its elected representatives but not BN. Why doesn’t he ask BN for the 15 parliamentary and 38 state seats? His political moves and actions indicate that he is a BN agent,” he added.
Sivanesan said he cannot make sense of Uthayakumar’s logic of taking seven state seats and three parliamentary seats in Perak with only Indian votes.
“He is a racist by only talking about Indian rights and will not get the support of the Chinese and Malay voters,” added the Sungkai assemblyperson.
Sivanesan said while Uthayakumar always degraded Pakatan’s Indian elected representatives as being “mandores”, these “mandores however do not betray the people like him.”
“He does not have the numbers (voters) to win the seats and he wants to threaten us by demanding to ride piggy-back on our support to win the seats. If they are so sure of getting all the votes of the Indian community then let them stand on their own and lose their deposits,” he said.

‘Money bait for Hindraf rally’
As for the Hindraf rally in 2007, Sivanesan said the huge turnout was because Uthayakumar and his brother Waythamoorthy had baited the Indians with the promise of monetary rewards.
The brothers promised to file a Four Trillion British Pound law suit against the British government at the British court and claim US$1 million compensation for every Indian residing in Malaysia.
“So, why was the lawsuit not filed to get the so-called compensation as promised. So, it was all a sandiwara on their part to get the support of the Indian community and now Indians have realised the ulterior motive of the brothers and have boycotted all their road shows,” said Sivanesan.
The DAP leader demanded that the brothers show all the accounts for the public funds collected in the name of Hindraf from 2007 till now.
Uthayakumar had wanted to contest in 15 parliamentary and 38 state seats in the coming general election to safeguard the interests of the marginalised Indian community. He had also warned Pakatan that the coalition would lose Perak if it did not come to the negotiation table with HRP.
PSM: What has he contributed?
Meanwhile, Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) also saw red over Uthayakumar’s labelling of Indian representatives as “mandores”.
PSM national coordinator K Kunasekaran said: “Uthayakumar is only good at calling Pakatan leaders as mandores and making media statements but what has he done to improve the socio-economic welfare of the Indian community?
“What are his programmes to improve the social status of the Indian community and can he produce his track record of services rendered by him for this marginalised community?”
“HRP is taking a racist stand as a short-cut for political mileage but in the long run it wont get the support of other races and will die off like other mosquito Indian-based parties,” he pointed out.

“Amma is my god,” said the IT minister who was elected from Sattur constituency.(PTI Photo)

The new information and technology minister R B Udayakumar never wears footwear. He doesn’t have Gandhian leanings nor wish to feel the ground beneath his feet. Udayakumar’s reason is simple and sycophantic: Walking whereAIADMK chief J Jayalalithaa has tread with shoes would make him feel like a heel. “Amma is my god,” said the minister who was elected from Sattur constituency. “I can never wear footwear and step where she has walked,” he said.

Udayakumar cuts an unusual figure sitting barefoot in the secretariat, holding meetings with officials and corporate honchos who wear polished leather shoes, and discussing policy on the IT sector, one of the drivers of the state’s growth. “I have been going without footwear for about a decade. No one noticed earlier. Now that Amma has given me a chance to work for society, people are looking at me differently,” said Udayakumar, a law graduate, who was appointed college secretary of the AIADMK students’ wing in 1997.

“I have been Amma’s devotee since then,” he said. Obsequious behaviour is not uncommon in the AIADMK. During her first term as chief minister from 1991 to 1996, senior party leaders and MLAs lined up to prostrate before Jayalalithaa at party and government functions. When she returned to power in 2001, the sycophantic behaviour was reined in but vestiges of it remain.

Udayakumar’s barefoot devotion seems to surprise many. Party cadres from across the state who come to visit him walk in with their slippers and then rush out to remove their footwear. But going barefoot seems a natural state of being for Udayakumar. “I am from an AIADMK family. My father has been serving the party from Puratchi Thalaivar’s (MGR) period and is now the Avaniyapuram unit secretary. I grew up with devotion to Amma and used to offer prayers at temples for her,” he said. Udayakumar is quick to brush aside any criticism of his actions. “My devotion does not affect anyone. So there is no necessity for criticism.”


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