As the days go by, I get more apprehensive at the news that greets me daily. Shaking my head in disbelief, at some of the nonsensical antics disguised as news, I sometimes ask myself “What has become of this nation.” Not a day goes by, without someone coming up with a ridiculous claim that shatters the Malaysian dream.
There seems to be a lot of hate mongering, from certain segments of society directed at the non-Muslims in this country. The Government has stepped aside, refusing to intervene. Their excuse – Free Speech – is the new stand announced by Law Minister Nazri Aziz.
Many Ibrahim Ali wannabes have emerged echoing the same anti-Chinese and anti-Indian messages. Using Religion as the rallying force they are now branding other citizens as non-Muslims, out to subvert the political power of the Muslims in this country. Nakhaie Ahmad and Kazim Elias are some of those who have made their stand lately. Muslim Convert Ridhuan Tee is also part of this pack, which has made sweeping statements reprimanding non-Muslims and reminding them not to go overboard in their demands.
Religious war delared on the Chinese and Indians
The rallying cry these days seems to be to call on Muslims to be alert for a possible threat to their faith and their way of life. It may be the tip of an iceberg, but reports are surfacing that religious Clerics are being roped in to echo this sinister message of Hate in many parts of the country.
If there is any truth in their allegations, even I as a Muslim will take necessary action to defend against any invaders of Islam. However, this ridiculous message seems to smell like a poorly hatched plot by desperados out to defend their power. Anyone with any sense can see through these ludicrous claims, and I am saddened that there are Muslims out there who are still willing to use the religious card to rouse and trick the Muslims into believing such a tall tale.
The real enemy of the Muslims is the unabated corruption in this country committed in the name of Religion. It is the unfair policies that divide the races, the monopoly of power held by the government which they abuse to rule without rules, and the injustice committed against the citizenry.
Many Muslims are blind to the devious machinations of the ruling elite who continue to deceive, while pretending to be religiously pious. Completely ignoring the Constitutional Rights of the non-Malays, they go about trying to convince the Malays with their gross untruths, and begging them to help defend the nation from going to the dogs. But the moderate Malays find such injustice hard to swallow.
Non-Muslims and non-Malays praise moderate PAS
PAS, a political party in the Pakatan Rakyat coalition, is a shining example of moderate Islam.
PAS leaders continue to espouse their struggle to uphold the sanctity of Islam, as well as to protect Malaysians of all races regardless of their faiths. Refusing to be racially biased, which is wrong in Islam, PAS is regarded by many Malays with respect.
This poses a big headache for UMNO as PAS seems to be the opposite of what UMNO represents. PAS continues to fend off the unfair abuses hurled at the non-Muslims and non-Malays by UMNO, while holding on to their struggle for a just and caring Islamic state that does not discriminate against other religions.
PAS’ extremist and fundamentalist tag so unfairly pinned on it by UMNO no longers frightens the nation. Instead, the non-Muslims and non-Malays see in PAS an umbrella, a champion for justice against the cruel oppression of UMNO. Today, PAS is the biggest stumbling block to UMNO’s future plans, which are about to disintegrate.
Together with DAP and PKR, PAS will be a blessing for this country. If the Pakatan coalition goes on to rule this nation, PAS can count on its partners for support and advice and together they can govern Malaysia with wisdom and integrity.
Sadly, the Barisan Nasional has not learnt its lesson after its trouncing in the last GE. It has not acknowledged its mistakes, nor has it repented. It is still a big bully, stubborn and deaf to the wishes of the people and it is still taking the people for granted. It is time to call their bluff.
After all, if Pakatan Rakyat misbehaves, Malaysians can still return the mandate to the BN in five years’ time. Looking back to the last GE in 2008, BN managed to scrape through because of the non-Malay vote.
It will be interesting to see if Sabah and Sarawak will continue to support BN this time around. Unable to regain support from the non-Malay electorate, it will be up to the Bumiputras in East Malaysia to decide the BN’s fate. A sad indictment on Prime Minister Najib Razak, who is also president of UMNO.
 Kerajaan tidak memiliki kesungguhan untuk membela nasib rakyat apabila membuat keputusan menaikkan tarif elektrik yang akan diumum Isnin ini, kata Ahli Parlimen Selayang, William Leong.
Ini kerana katanya, kerajaan lebih berminat menanggung subsidi kepada sektor korporat seperti Syarikat Pengeluar Tenaga Bebas (IPP), bernilai RM19 bilion hingga RM22 bilion setiap tahun, berbanding menjaga kebajikan rakyat.
“BN tidak prihatin kepada rakyat walaupun menggunakan slogan rakyat didahulukan. Buktinya subsidi kepada IPP tidak ditarikbalik sedangkan mereka menikmati subsidi yang tinggi.
“Tetapi rakyat terpaksa bayar harga elektrik dengan kadar yang mahal,” katanya dihubungi
Menurutnya, ketika banyak banyak negara mengeluarkan subsidi untuk menampung keperluan rakyatnya, Malaysia pula mengambil langkah mundur untuk membantu syarikat kroni besar.
“Ketika harga makanan dan barangan semakin naik, negara seperti Taiwan dan Korea memberikan subsidi yang besar kepada rakyatnya supaya tidak merasa terbeban dengan kenaikan tersebut.
“Negara kita pula, yang mengeluarkan minyak dan mampu menjana tenaga elektrik, menaikkan tarif elektrik,” katanya yang juga Bendahari Agung KEADILAN.
Katanya, keputusan itu lebih menguntungkan syarikat konsesi IPP yang besar sedangkan fungsi membekalkan tenaga itu sepatutnya diambil alih TNB sendiri.
Kuasa yang dijana IPP katanya, memenuhi 60 peratus daripada keperluan tenaga negara berbanding TNB yang hanya membekalkan 40 peratus.

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