Between Lynas Corp chairman Nicholas Curtis. Union Carbide’s Warren Anderson and 1 Malaysia corruption-incorporated’s Pekan M.P Najib

A nation that cannot uphold its law cannot preserve its order. When Anderson was smuggled out to safety, the authority of state abandoned the responsibility of state. Excuses, evasions and lies have shifted over 26 years; this central truth has not.

This is a central dilemma: power is too lucrative for anyone to walk away without a shove from the electorate. Some parties have also begun to believe that they can purchase enough voters to ensure victory, but such are the illusions that money tends to induce.

Perhaps our politicians should learn to laugh. It is a good antidote to self-importance. Clemenceau, prime minister of France during World War 1 and a hero to his nation, said, wistfully, upon seeing a pretty girl when he was 80, “Oh to be 70 again!”

Like a good Frenchman, Clemenceau had interests that were larger than politics.

 Lynas Corp has told residents living near its rare earth plant in Kuantan that its RM1 billion investment into the Gebeng industrial zone will be a boon, not bane, for their future despite fears of its radioactive effects.

The Australian miner says its RM700 million refinery and other investments will be “the foundation industry for other high-technology industries that use rare earth.


We should abandon the thinking of making money first before we can talk about environmental protection as just like health, it cannot be measured by money. it okay for you to have grandson like this

Bhopal: About 350 tons of toxic wastes strewn in and around the abandoned Union Carbide pesticide factory ever since the occurrence of industrial disaster can be disposed of by the Defense Research and Development Organization, (DRDO). It is believed that DRDO can easily destroy the waste materials without posing any threat to environment.

The decisions to this effect was announced by the Union Minister of State for Environment and Forest Jairam Ramesh while interacting with newspersons after a meeting of the Oversight Committee held at Directorate of Gas Relief here on Wednesday. The Minister Defense Minister in this regard.

It may be mentioned here that the Committee has been constituted by the Central Government with a view to dealing with environmental damaged caused by gas tragedy. The meeting was chaired by Union Minister of State for Environment and Forest Jairam Ramesh amid the presence of Gas Tragedy, Relief and Rehabilitation Minister Babulal Gaur and Environment and Water Resources Minister Jayant Malaiya. Besides, scientists from Union Environment Ministry, State Government, Central Pollution Control Board, Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board and Mrs. Rashida Bi of Gas Victims Organizations were also present.

It was decided at the Oversight Committee meeting that a symposium would be organized by the Madhya Pradesh State Government in the forthcoming month. An open discussion will be held on the recommendations of Peer Review Committee constituted for disposal of tons of toxic wastes of Union Carbide. The decisions will be taken after the conclusion of symposium. Representatives of voluntary organizations, intellectuals and citizens will be invited to take part in the symposium.

The Union Minister informed that reports on chemical waste of Union Carbide by National Environmental Engineer Research Institute, (NEERI), and I.I.C.T were sent to 50 scientists, institutes and Peer Review Committee for final conclusion. A total of 32 reports including that of Peer Review Committee have been received. The final decisions will be taken after the conclusion at symposium proposed to be organized at Bhopal.

Besides, the Madhya Pradesh State Government will invite global tenders for the appointment of independent contractor to search out 350 metric ton toxic waste in Union Carbide and strewn around 70 acre in the compound. Central Pollution Control Board will send its recommendations after selecting contractor. Central Pollution Control Board will draft bid. The Board will also test garbage buried before and after disaster and ground water.

The work of examination of toxic wastes and ground water will be assigned to either one or more than one efficient contractor. The Central Pollution Control Board will take a final decision in this regard.

However, no decision was taken to destroy MIC tank No. 610 and structure of Union Carbide. The Union Minister Mr. Jairam informed that the Group of Union Ministers constituted under the chairmanship of Home Minister Mr. P. Chidambaram and other scientists are of the opinion that the structure of the factory must be destroyed but the State Government and Gas Victims Organizations are dead against it. Protesting the demolition of structure, the Gas Relief Minister Mr. Babulal Gaur said that the factory should be turned into a memorial site. 

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