The self-proclaimed “democrats” in West are big frauds on this planet,

Upon unleashing crimes in Islamic world for over 10 years, now the global dictator USA thinks, maybe rightly, that it has a duty before the word to somehow justify all terror wars unleashed illegally on Islam and Muslims on fictitious pretexts. Focused primarily on energy resources, the USA has not only taken control over energy resources and routes but even slashed the Muslim populations by millions. This is in effect the 3rd world war exclusivity on Islam and Muslim nations.
The self-proclaimed “democrats” in West are big frauds on this planet, but, like the well dressed street rouges, they continue to claim to be the best stuff for others to enumerate. Americans claim America as the most socially evolved nation in the world.
Big world leaders try to impress the global public with their well-edited “speeches”. In order to further push for a better image of himself, recently Obama offered the Americans with a Mideast policy speech while Israeli, while leader Netanyahu also gave his own speech to the extra mischievous American lawmakers.
NATO wars promote global fascism supported by emerging colonial powers like Israel and India. Official declaration of “death” of Osama came only when the CIA-Pentagon under NATO terror syndicate achieved the key objectives of Sept-11 terror gimmick and the illegal terror war that began in Afghanistan. Sept-11 strategy has reached the Mideast by way of “uprisings” and has destabilized Libya, killing Libyan Arabs in thousands. Yet, the western “democrats” do not want to stop drinking Islamic blood or eating corpses of slaughtered Muslims.
It seems even powerful fascism requires some pure peace gimmicks to legitimize their illegal invasions and genocides and Obama, the chief of NATO operations in Islamic world, also employs peace gimmicks to justify the American decision to make him the president in the first place and make his position comfortable in the next poll. In a way either to approve or mock at NATO terrorism, Israel keeps approving the construction of new illegal Jewish settler units in the occupied Palestinian land even as Obama talks about “freeze”. The Israeli regime occupied the West Bank alongside the other Palestinian territory of East al-Quds (Jerusalem) in 1967 and later annexed both. The international community has refused to recognize neither the capture nor the annexation. But UNSC refused to initiate punitive measures against the illegal Zionist reign in Mideast for its blatant crimes against humanity.
Alongside the Obama-Osama terror-end drama, an irreversibly terrorized world is witnessing another peculiar phenomenon: Obama-Netanyahu speech gimmick to somehow increase their falling popularity in their respective country, USA and Israel, the so-called democracies. The aggressive neoconservative nuts who want American power to expand and petrify around the word stealing energy and other resources from other nations, view the US president’s success in having Osama bin Laden, a known CIA operative used against Islam and Muslims,  killed is an exception to a pattern of excruciatingly humble and hesitant leadership abroad. Many Americans want a formula of expanding American military power abroad as well as a strong government power at home and are now confused and disappointed because Libyans have objected to US illegal invasion and genocides for energy resources.
Israeli state terrorists have been the chief guests in USA and B. Netanyahu is neither an exception nor a new Jew to USA – he is a twice Premier of Zionist regime having tasted Palestine blood in abundance. Netanyahu rejected President Obama’s call for a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders. Netanyahu has also rejected Obama’s call to withdraw from the West Bank, saying it might only be possible in the distant future. Netanyahu’s move may be popular at home, but it was disastrous for the Middle East peace process. Netanyahu did not speak but it seemed he acted for a movie standing in the Congress. He performed before the Americans like a famous Hollywood comic villain. Even Israelis who are not supporters of the prime minister seemed moved by the emphatic warmth of his reception by American lawmakers and caught up in the constant interruptions of applause. Israel fools the USA by speaking of peace, but without credible substance or a new plan.
An almost perfect tactician-dramatist, Netanyahu’s purpose of acting was to erase or reduce the ill feelings between Netanyahu and US President B. Obama and endless warnings that the Israeli-American relationship is on the decline. Israeli Mossad and American CIA agents are working overnight to somehow remove bipartisanism that has rocked the US Congress on Israel because many elected members want to end the terror ties with Zionist fascism and save the falling “image” of America as a promoter of democracy, regime change and peace, perhaps not knowing that USA remains the top most terrorcracy on earth.
Following his speech in USA to a joint session of Congress, there was criticism of Netanyahu for not delivering a dramatic fig leaf that many had hoped would jump-start the peace talks, although a few pro-Israeli nuts complimented him for laying down a “clear and unambiguous” reading of Israel’s real positions blocking meaningful peace talks.

As only expected,  the Palestinians quickly dismissed Netanyahu’s remarks as containing nothing new, reiterating that the Israeli leader’s rejection of 1967 borders and insistence upon a military presence on the Palestinian state’s eastern flank portend unending stalemate.

Trying all possible gimmicks including terror operations and uprisings, today capitalist world is facing a truly materialist dilemma in terms of resource hunt on fictitious Sept- gimmick when the formidable joint NATO-UNSC gangs, led by USA-UK terror twins, play the central role in the terror-war-prone world engineered by the western terrocracies. These two with the most powerful cumulative  secret networks the world around decide literally everything in every country not only ignited and control the ongoing terror situations in Islamic world for obvious reasons,  but even the  future course of the world.
Meanwhile the established NATO terror syndicate, led by Obama-Cameron terror twins, keeps attacking sovereign Libya while the Libyan military is not doing enough to protect the nations, its people and resources from the western rogue states in democracy uniforms. Obama’s NATO warplanes hammered Libyan leader Col. Muammar Al-Qaddafi’s Tripoli compound on May 24th in supposedly the heaviest air terror strikes on this sovereign nation yet.  As if some illegal elements are playing cricket inside the compound, the Obama forces keep attacking the compound. The aim of US military operations in sovereign Libya is to control Libyan resources, reduce Islamic populations, and achieve the departure from power of Muammar Qaddafi and his family, i.e., regime change. It has got nothing to do with democracy.
Though it is responsible for the “uprisings” in Mideast and destabilization of sovereign Libya, the USA has not recognized the illegal rebel council formed by terrorist betrayers to claim Libyan assets abroad and help the NATO to control the energy sources, as France and Italy have done. The status of over $34 billion in Libyan assets that the US has frozen in American accounts is the tough issue standing in the way of recognition is most importantly Obama neither obtained either congressional approval for the military intervention nor call it to a halt. Neither the arrogant president nor the oppressive dictatorial USA cares for civilized norms or humanity.
Barack Obama may not be associated with Enlightenment, he might not have introduced a new cultural charisma into American politics, he might now have not lived up to his billing as a historical breakthrough, but B.Obama is the first black in the entire history of Western civilization to lead a Western nation—and the most powerful nation in the world at that. And so not only is he the most powerful black man in recorded history, but he reached this apex only through the good offices of the great American democracy. In the mainstream media there has been a willingness to forgive this innocent looking president his mistakes, to see him as an unlucky in an impossible world. Still, 55% of Americans say they wanted someone new in the sprawling White House- preferably a White American and not another foreign American.
World had expected, perhaps naively, Obama to combat trends of neo-colonialism, imperialism and vulgarized capitalism, set in motion fresh peace  projects for the safety of humanity. But, possibly being unsure of himself, Obama has further terrorized the humanity. Is this Obama really trustworthy any manner on peace deal in Mideast for ensuring security of Palestine and establishing Palestine state?
Obama’s USA has also shown it can ruin any nation it wants, except perhaps Russia or China, UK or France – all UNSC-5 rogues silently spearheading anti-Islamic wars along with Western powers. Is this Obama really trustworthy any manner on peace deal in Mideast for ensuring security of Palestine and establishing Palestine state?
World must distinguish between sincerity and gimmick and watch carefully imperialist president Obama’s future actions!
By Syed Ali Mujtaba
The Union Cabinet has approved the draft of Communal Violence (Prevention, Control and Rehabilitation of Victims) Bill. The Bill is now ready to be introduced in the Parliament. The measure is expected to fulfill a major commitment of the UPA that it had announced in its National Common Minimum Programme.
The Bill was first announced by the UPA government soon after coming to power in May 2004. The Bill, then introduced in the Rajya Sabha, 2006 faced serious opposition by the Civil rights groups and was referred to Parliament’s Standing Committee for scrutiny.
Now the draft of the Bill has been prepared by the Home Ministry in consultation with the Law and Justice Ministry. It has thoroughly revised the previous draft and has approval of the Sonia Gandhi headed National Advisory Council (NAC).
The Bill draft has been designed to address not just victims of communal riots, but also dalits, tribals, linguistic minorities – indeed, any community that is in a minority in a particular region – who are vulnerable to attack by more powerful members of society. Some of the salient feature of the bill is as follows:
The Bill envisages prevention of communal violence, ensure speedy investigation and dispensation of justice and impose enhanced punishment on persons involved in such offences.
The Bill moots providing relief and rehabilitation facilities to victims, creating institutional arrangement for speedy investigation, disposal of cases and empowering state and central authorities to discharge their duties in assisting victims.
The Bill seeks to provide special procedures of investigation, the establishment of special courts with powers of summary trials and day-to-day hearings as a means to deal sternly with perpetrators of sectarian violence.
The bill makes it mandatory for police to establish centres to record FIRs in riot-hit localities and at relief camps. The most sensitive issue in is the clause that calls the declaration of an area as ‘‘communally disturbed.’ The Bill says that if a state government fails to take appropriate action to prevent and control communal violence, the Centre may declare any area within a state as “communally disturbed” and deploy armed forces.
At the face of it this clause looks very attractive to the minorities who have been victim of systematic genocide in India for than sixty years or so.  But the Civil rights groups had objected to this clause because it gives the Union government sweeping powers like shoot-at-sight. To this the Central government maintains that it cannot intervene in a situation of communal violence without such provision.

The proposed draft bill faces opposition from national party the BJP and its spokesperson Arun Jaitley lambasted the bill on two counts. One, the bill protects the minorities and accuses the majority of being the culprit and second the sweeping powers to the Union government that impinges upon the centre state relations.

The first argument is very silly and can be countered on the ground that laws are framed to protect the oppressed and the minorities. In order to put the record straight, the official reports of riots after riots in India from 1947 onwards can be produced as evidence of the butchering of the minority community by the majority community in collusion of the state government. There is not a single instance where majority community can be cited as victims.
This argument of Arun Jaitley seems motivated by his ideological orientation and meant for the consumption of the Hindutva whom he represents. There is no substance in such argument.
In the second argument Arun Jaitley champions the cause the powers of the states saying that the proposed bill run over independence of the state and establishes the superiority of central government in the federal structure of the country.
This argument is totally opposed to the BJPs ideology that vouches for a strong Indian Union. Can Mr. Jaitley make similar appeal championing the cause of J&K and northeast states of India? Will Mr. Jaitley plead the case of these states to have loose federal hold and be given autonomous character?
If the answer is no, then why Mr. Arun Jaitley is opposing the proposed communal violence bill? The contradictory nature of the statement made by Mr. Jaitley comes out of the sheer biases towards the minority community as his arguments do not pass the test of reasons.
The proposed bill neither should nor get deterred by such naïve arguments and the old adage that let the dog bark as the caravan goes applies in this case.
The bill serves as an effective deterrent to potential perpetrators of such crimes and removes the false sense of comfort of impunity that they seem to enjoy by hatching the conspiracy of riots after riots.
It’s high time that this bill is passed in all its sincerity of purpose and do not gets diluted with the objections raised by the opposition leaders. India for long is witnessing periodic communal carnage and it is urgent to put to rest such genocides once and for all.
Therefore it’s prudent that such legislative measure like Communal Violence (Prevention, Control and Rehabilitation of Victims) Bill should be passed immediately and made into a law.
If the bill passes into law, it will fundamentally alter criminal jurisprudence on communal violence, bringing it in line with the international convention on genocide.

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