Perkasa rallies are meant to foil, frustrate and disrupt the Bersih 2.0 rally on July 9, said DAP national chairman Karpal Singh today.he planned Umno Youth and Perkasa rallies are meant to foil, frustrate and disrupt the Bersih 2.0 rally on July 9, said DAP national chairman Karpal Singh today. 

He called on the police to strictly ensure that all rallies were held in a orderly way without any untoward incidents.
The veteran politician hoped that participants of the three proposed rallies would be separated and prevented from abusing each other.
He said the police should be on high alert especially when a person like Perkasa leader Ibrahim Ali, who couldn’t possibly control and check his senses, was around.
“He is capable of doing anything to disrupt the Bersih rally,” the two-term Bukit Gelugor MP told a press conference during his constituency visit.
He argued that Umno Youth and Perkasa could have easily organised their rallies on another day if their intention was genuine.
“But they are obviously organising rallies on the same day and same venue to counter and frustrate the Bersih rally. It’s a deliberate attempt to foil Bersih,” he said.
The rallies would be held in the city centre.
Bersih 2.0 is a coalition of 62 NGOs, promoting democracy and free and fair elections.
Perkasa and 30 Malay-based NGOs had announced their plan to organise a similar rally to oppose the Bersih rally. Umno Youth had also decided to hold a gathering on the same day.
The movement plans to hand over a memorandum to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to support the democracy system and the role and reforms carried out by the Election Commission (EC).
So far police had not issued permits for any of the rallies.
Police had already warned of strong action, including using preventive laws, against those participating in illegal rallies.
Call to use ISA ‘misplaced’
Bersih chairman Ambiga Sreenevasan said she would be writing to the Kuala Lumpur police chief on how rally organisers and police could work together to hold a peaceful rally.
Yesterday, the Malaysian Council of Ex-Elected Representatives (Mubarak) called on the police to use the Internal Security Act (ISA) against the Bersih 2.0 rally organisers.
Karpal, a former ISA detainee, said the threat to use preventive laws against Bersih rally participants “was misplaced.”
He recalled that the last Bersih rally in 2007 had set a precedent where the Putrajaya administration had allowed a similar rally.
He suggested that Barisan Nasional could be afraid of the Bersih 2.0 that like the 2007 rally, it would inspire another political uproar against the ruling coalition.
He said that leaders, members and supporters of Pakatan Rakyat, comprising PKR, DAP and PAS, would turn out in full force to support the Bersih 2.0 rally.

@ to the other races, that you need to lend an ear to others’ problems and to provide the needed support where due
@ to the Members of Parliament, as to how to treat your fellow MPs since they too have points of interests from their constituents to present
@ to the GOMEN, to learn to shift its paradigm to meet rakyat’s needs
@ to everyone of us, that meritocracy is the ultimate. Lest, we are left on our own with nothing.

Theatre is ‘make-believe’ it is a ‘play’ it is becoming somebody else, or becoming many people, characters, gods, demons, trees, animals – anything living or non-living that can be temporarily conceived, on the stage by the actor – makes theatre. Or as it is conceptualized in the word ‘lila’ or ‘maya’ a place for illusions, for magic to be manifested. Theatre is about the power of the transformation of an actor into a character, from the ‘real’ to the ‘imaginary.’ Performance is an illusion, but sometimes that illusion may be more ‘truthful’ and more ’real’ than our everyday experience.
Every time I prepare a new production, I keep wondering if I still know how to direct. I always start from point zero. My actors often say to me, ‘you have many years of experience behind you, then why this insecurity? But I say to myself, ‘perhaps, I now know a little better how to search and process. Theatre is an adventure, because one never knows where it’s going to take one. One never knows what will be the shape and form of the production until it bursts forth on the stage and is received by an audience.
Whenever I decide to direct a play, I choose the text according to my state of mind. I look for myself in the characters that are being portrayed. Each production of mine becomes a world that I create along with the actors. I become linked with the story of the characters and become as much part of the journey as the actors. When I as a director make a play, it is based on the least tangible elements of my experience. It is my way of responding to the world in a way which is not always conscious or deliberate, but mysterious and deeply felt.
I have not formulated any theory about my work, yet that does not mean that there is no theory behind my work. What you say or write about your work really has no meaning as every thing that you do in a production happens during the rehearsal, with actors and their imagination – who are the sole arbiters on the stage. There are methods and every director has one, maybe an unconscious one. I am sure I have one too, I don’t really know it. What is significant for me is to ‘watch’ and ‘listen’ to the actors during rehearsals. I do this with passion and concentration. If I had to formulate a theory it would be that you ‘have to believe in what you and your actors are doing. It is essential that an actor feels like a child, learning, seeing, and experiencing everything afresh. It is not only by becoming a child, but by entering into your childhood… The most significant aspects of how a character evolves and grows are actually parts of the unrecorded history of the actors, their stories, their testimonies, and their struggle to reach the spirit of their characters. ”When we experience the work that we do as play, then it is not work any more. A play is play” – Peter Brook.


SEE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9yqU37MhT4

Did you learn anything from Rathika? She represents all in her community regardless of ethnic group, skin color or faith. You on the other hand, only represents your ethnic group only. Period! Even worst, you did not even represent your ethnic group when they want a fair and transparent election. Like a coward monitor lizard, you shrug off the forthcoming Bersih rally with the excuse that PR did not kowtow to your 18 point demand. Bersih is about the people not PR, Stupid!

And Uthayakumar. . . ., one thing is clear to us, we know now that you are not with us, the people! So, you can talk nonsense all you want till you grow a fork tongue like a biawak, we don’t care! With or without your myopic Hindraf, we are still going to the streets come July 9.

Predictability may give a sense of stability and confidence, but it does tend to get somewhat boring. Think about the most interesting people you know. They will certainly have unpredictable edges to their personality. In fact, aren’t we all strangely attracted to people who are erratic in their behaviour and somewhat elusive? They may not give us a sense of stability but they do stimulate the mind and make life interesting.

That is why romance is best enjoyed in its initial stages, when you are still discovering each other. Each new discovery is the cause of excitement and joy — bits and pieces of a puzzle that make up the concoction you are getting increasingly drunk on.

And then, slowly you get used to each other and life falls into a pattern. Whereas initially you loved to watch him shave, now his precise, just-so movements irritate you with their predictable sameness. Her lilting tone, which tugged at your heartstrings, irritates with its slowness! Nothing has changed, except that you are both used to and well versed with each other’s rhythms now. And there is no excitement in the predictable! It is the unknown and unexpected that beguiles and tempts.

What can be more predictable and beautiful than sunrise every morning and sunset that follows each night? And yet we tend to take these for granted. It is the unpredictable rainstorm that excites us! Similarly in relationships, after a while we tend to take our loved ones for granted, used as we are to them, and get attracted to people who are unknown entities with undiscovered traits, and hence exciting for us.

And so, don’t you think there is an advantage in deliberately disturbing set patterns around us and stirring up the staid and habitual with doses of the unexpected and unpredictable? Should we not make a deliberate attempt to be unpredictable? In an office situation too unpredictability helps one stay on top. You will always find those around trying to use your predictable responses and behaviour to their advantage. If you introduce a totally unpredictable note with inexplicable behaviour and responses, you will succeed in putting them on the defensive and thus help protect yourself.

Both in a relationship as well as professionally, unpredictability arouses interest and keeps attention focused on the person. Behaviour that seems to have no consistency or purpose is what keeps people on their toes and generates curiosity and interest. Most of us instinctively gravitate towards a situation where we can safely withdraw to the comfort of routine and compulsive actions. But it is the unpredictable man who is always kept in mind.

Animals behave in set patterns and that is what makes them vulnerable to attack. Humans have the capability of overcoming the instinct to be creatures of habit and routine.

A good relationship is one where there should be enough predictability to lull us into a state of security but not enough to make it dull and boring for us. Ideally, romance can be kept alive forever if we introduce some unexpected nuances at each corner. A relationship where you expect the unexpected keeps you on your toes and in a state of happy excitement. Taken to an extreme, unpredictability is also a good terror tactic. We are all scared of that which we do not understand or cannot predict. Powerful people often use the tactic of deliberately unsettling those around them so as to keep them always guessing, always scared. Pablo Picasso reportedly used unpredictability as a good bargaining technique. Once he told his art dealer Paul Rosenberg out of the blue that he wouldn’t supply him his work any longer. The idea was that Rosenberg should worry the next 48 hours about what had happened and then ultimately return with a higher bid for his paintings! Picasso worked at peace in the meanwhile. Being unpredictable however doesn’t mean indulging in knee-jerk or spur-of-the-moment reactions. Unpredictability, in order to be used as a successful tool, must have a method to it. It is important we study our behaviour and the usual patterns it falls into and then try to break some of these patterns in a deliberate manner to bring in some excitement into life and keep those around hooked onto you!


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