Swaleha Pathan,Juhapura Muslim students design scientific models


By Abdul Hafiz Lakhani
Ahmedabad: Have you tried to explain Newton’s third law of motion with a used soft drink can or made a water pump from an empty toothpaste tube? These are what students of Class VIII to X from F D School, Juhapura, have attempted. They have created working models as part of ‘best out of waste’ project.
The students have designed models on the concept of energy transformation, Newton’s third law and other scientific theories.
The students credit their innovation forum with encouraging them to think out of the box and promoting activity-based education.
Swaleha Pathan, one of the students, said, “It is fun to design models based on scientific concepts. It helps us understand the working of models.” She explained that her model is made out of a used CD, two sticks, a marble and a pin.
“On one of the sticks, I have attached a pin which moves in a circular motion. I have glued a paper with a VIBGYOR design on the CD which is attached to a marble. Despite having so many colours on the CD, when it rotates, it only shows one colour, that is white,” Pathan added.
Another student, Misbah Qureshi, has made a water pump with a glass of water and a used toothpaste tube cut into two. She pinned a balloon inside the toothpaste tube and attached it with a straw. This helps the water to come out.
Experiment showing white light made up of a spectrum of colours
A class X student, Mansuri Farkun has made a chair of corrugated cartons and thermocol. He said, “I was inspired to make a chair after visiting Raffles Institute of Design. This chair helps to control blood pressure and backache.”
School Principal Mohammed Hussain Gena said, “This has helped the students to think out of the box. The idea behind encouraging them to create scientific models is to indulge them creatively into the subject. It makes them understand science better and will learn to implement it in real life.”
Another student has explained the concept of pressure with the help of a tyre tube, two camera roll cans and a balloon.
He said, “I attached the tyre tube with the cans. One of the cans has a hole wherein a stick is glued. Then a balloon is fixed at the other end of the stick. The tyre tube is used to inflate the balloon.”
JCB bulldozer made by Wafa-Ul- Abbas
Sheikh Saimanu, a class VIII student, has made a simple camera with unused pipes, butter paper and convex lens.
Wafa-Ul- Abbas, a class IX student, has designed a bulldozer based on the concept of energy transformation with syringe and pipes. “The syringe draws water and puts pressure on the pipes which makes the bulldozer move on its own,” he said.
Dewan Faizan, a class VIII student who has made chess pieces with chalks, said, “I was making designs on chalk sticks when the idea to make chess pieces came to my mind.”

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