There are speakers, there are those who speak, and then there are spokespersons. The first category possess a gift, the second exercise a constitutional right, and the last are the endowed poker players of speech, mostly to defend or offend else’s deeds or misdeeds. They are the worthy night watchmen of their teams whose job is to hold on to the crease in bad light, biased umpiring, and hostile crowds. To this you may add that by training they are not specialists at holding the crease. They are just pushed in because the top four failed, and the next one in line is too precious to be exposed. Sacrificial lambs of the game, I would say. With shattered shins and soggy scalps, they better carry their bats through, or they are converted to errand boys at drink intervals in the next match.

Attorney-General Gani Patail: Law of UMNO’s Jungle

Who appointed this beast to the nation’s most powerful legal position?
In 1998 when Mahathir Mohamad decided to punish finance minister Anwar Ibrahim for openly defying him, he turned the justice system into a weapon. Abdul Gani Patail was then Commissioner of Law Revision in the Attorney-General’s Chambers. He was hand-picked by his boss, Mohtar Abdullah, to lead the prosecution against Anwar. Why? Because Gani Patail was an ambitious fellow, prepared to do anything to rise in his career. Nothing was too low for Gani Patail. Use blackmail and threats to extract false testimonies from witnesses? No problem.  Fabricate evidence against the accused? Easy-peasy.
Anwar was subjected to a mock trial presided over by the loathsome Augustine Paul and sentenced to a total of 15 years’ imprisonment. Mohtar Abdullah was subsequently elevated to Federal Court Judge but suffered a stroke within months of his appointment, and thereafter lay in a coma for more than a year before he died. The pious whispered that it was God’s punishment for Mohtar’s gross abuse of power. Shortly after that Gani Patail was appointed AG as a reward for carrying out Mahathir’s evil agenda. He has since maintained the same self-serving crooked tradition as his former boss.
Abdul Gani Patail will not be missed when he’s gone and his misdeeds will never be forgotten. 


READMOREMahather and his sidekick Najib’s third great CONSPIRACY or IDIOTICRACY?
Most disturbing to lawmakers was the way in which
The two interpretations of criminal conspiracy could not have been more different: ultra liberal in the case of Advani and stretched in the case of Pandher. Neither interpretation seems justified in the given facts and circumstances. Both the interpretations raise questions about the rigor and detachment with which the judiciary at all levels performs its job. One way of coming to terms with this distinction is to re-adopt the outdated notion that king could do no wrong. Going by his logic The battering ram strategy projected by Anwar Ibrahim’s legal team against the legal version of the ‘Stonewall Jackson’ tactics of the prosecution enters its latest phase at the Court of Appeal today.High Court justice Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah As if that were not bad enough, the statement is cheeky enough has accepted that there is a material contradiction between statements made by Saiful that the alleged sex between him and Anwar was non-consensual and the actual charge against Anwar which holds that he had consensual sex against the order of nature.While agreeing that there is a contradiction, Justice Zabidin has however ruled it did not merit compelling the prosecution to release statements and reports made by Saiful to the investigating officer.The norm in matters like this is that all statements and reports pertaining to the charge are made available to the defence once charges have been preferred.A watching public is being asked to believe that this departure does not vitiate the government’s claim that Anwar is being accorded due process of the law.The script is something like this – the judge will throw DSAI (Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim) into jail and let him serve the full term. By then, Prime Minister Najib Razak would rule in peace and then after two decades of looting the rakyat’s wealth, DSAI will be found innocent by an appellate court – just like in Sodomy I.
The decadence of our judiciary is glaring for all to see and witness. Before there is a total collapse of our justice system, let us all fellow Malaysians act immediately.
What Karpal Singh asked is a basic fundamental right of all citizens of the world, not just Malaysia. Yet that basic right has been denied. In other words, our human rights are being mutilated by our own courts, by our sacred institution – the judiciary.


The original is far more inspiring! (Photo: Andy Rouse)

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Mahathir’s Political Secretary Aziz Samsuddin said “Ummi Hafilda is a prostitute, sodomy would be the best way.

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Pertaining to politics in this country, there are basic trends and vocabulary that a spokesperson is well versed with. Gandhian, nationalist,  fundamentalist, aam admi, secular, backward classes and now below poverty line are all good words if intentions are tuned in that direction. Don’t talk about actions. We never intend to reach that stage. To counter them, depending on the accusation, there is another set of words: pseudo-secular, populist, divisive, appeasement, pro business lobby, regional, sycophancy. In real action, the two sets are more or less the essential vocabulary of  the two national parties. They always carry a political weightage, no matter what be the issue under fire. Now you further have women’s representation, graft, gay rights, slut walks, which belong to common turf, and generally are to be dealt with in a non-committal manner. The question is not what the party policy is. It is quite bluntly that it should not irk a particular vote bank. If such a blunder does occur, apologies and clarifications come faster than your electronic money transfers.Able spokespersons are not thrust upon with their jobs. They seriously go for them. To be on the screens of a score of channels at prime time twice a week is a lifetime incentive for the like minded. However risky, it is also the next step up the political ladder, with much less effort and investment, if you have saved the day for the few who matter.
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There was a time in world politics when journalists popularized the phrase, “Whenever in doubt, blame Reagan”. This applies today to day transactions of our major parties. From terrorist attacks to plane crashes, to village rapes, “whenever in doubt, blame the other one”. Squaring up is the essence of Indian politics. Development comes much later.
Often, a sleeping minister may have to be airlifted in the middle of the night to the site of a catastrophe, which his department could have prevented. He becomes his own spokesperson. The stock answer is, ” Since I was hitherto sleeping for a matter of  national importance, I have just learnt and surveyed the situation. I shall have to confirm  the actual damages when I get back to office, but I assure the best possible will be done after the worst possible has happened. I also cannot rule out a sabotage by the opposite party which I would not like to name at present”

The ubiquitous ‘anti-national’ elements, and ‘fundamentalist forces’ trying to destabilize the country has to be the core of any verbal assault as a stock defence for whichever be the ruling party. The vote banks are never tired of such excuses. Besides, the concealed intention to deprive the ever deprived can never be excluded. Their leaders may beat the top industrialists in overall wealth, but do not forget, that prosperity disseminates through a ‘trickle down effect’.

The wise ones go for platinum!

You don’t have categorical statements as Mark Twain’s, “the rumors about my death have been greatly exaggerated”. We may use a  more balanced approach. “I am told that a body has been recovered. We shall have to wait for the forensic report to confirm if that belongs to me or any of my partymen. Besides a CBI inquiry has been called by the Hon’ble PM, so we shall finally have to wait for that. The CBI is so democratically constituted, that its self acquittals are  a hundred times more than its indictments. At the moment I can only conclude that I was done in by foul play.”

The spokesperson culture normally suits industry and  business houses. In the US, there are formal and periodic Press updates from the White House. Information is read out from typed documents. Apart from that, everyone has a right to his speech or silence.

Under the circumstances, our political spokespersons seem to do the unimaginable in keeping a clever mind wrapped under a thick scalp. Often, they come out with exceptional guile. Quite often, they fall in the trap of the inquisitive press that has  well studied their temperamental profile.

It is getting commoner now to see six slot question-answer sessions, with the anchor taking each, one by one during prime time. Nothing actually comes out of these, but some spill into the office coffee time the next day.

In Argumentative MALAYSIA, I believe, this is another form of a reality show. Spokespersons, finally are indispensable to any party for letting out its concoction of myth, reality and party agenda. Their jobs are tough, and perhaps in line with the phrase, “If speech is silver, then silence is gold, and high command is platinum”


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