Defender of the Faith” ready to face the Axe wants beheading for Catholic Bishop Paul Tan Chee Arrested for Proselytising


The Path of Returning to ALLAH Combating E-Islamophobia

Hassan had lost badly in the recent PAS election as the Islamist party moved to embrace leaders like Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad, who is seen to represent a more progressive and inclusive brand of Islam.
Dropped as PAS Selangor chief after the party polls, Hassan’s defence has been seen to renew his tendency to mirror rival Malay party UMNO’s thinking.
“Towards the end of the event, the enforcement team and the police had made checks and found attempts to prevent their examination and to get rid of the evidence material,” the PAS man has said.
He said the authorities had discovered further materials to prove there were attempts to proselytise a religion other than Islam to Muslims, but did not disclose what these were.
Hassan added that several Muslims had attempted to flee the premises through the church’s back door, but were successfully stopped by JAIS.
He also denied the authorities had carried out a “raid” on the church as alleged, saying instead it was merely an “examination” that was based on a report that Muslims had attended the church dinner’s “fast-breaking” event.
August 7, 2011

by Terence Netto@
Catholic Bishop Paul Tan Chee Ing appealed to Selangor executive councilor Dr Mohd Hassan Ali not to sidetrack matters by offering to resign but instead offer evidence that Christians were trying to proselytize Muslims at a church function last week that was disrupted by Jais and defended by him.

NONE“The nub of the issue is that were Christians indeed proselytizing Muslims at the church function last week that was disrupted by Jais?” said the head of the Catholic diocese of Melaka-Johor.
Hassan, who holds the Islamic religion portfolio in the Selangor state cabinet, was reported to have told Utusan Malaysia that if defending the sanctity of Islam is culpable, he would resign.
“He should offer the evidentiary basis for his defence of the action by JAIS of intruding into a function that was organised by a Christian denomination,” said Bishop Tan, who is concurrently president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Malaysia.
“He is a senior official of a political party that holds their officers to a higher standard of intellectual rigor and religious rectitude than its competitors,” asserted the Jesuit-trained prelate.
“Therefore he has to show the basis for his defence of the JAIS action and his claim of Christian proselytising of Muslims,” argued Bishop Tan.
pkr taman ehsan selayang ceramah 020810 hasan ali“His party has sought to unify Malaysians and not divide them. Not for nothing has the slogan ‘PAS for All’ resonated among the population.
“Now comes the time when they should match deed to word when a grave accusation has been preferred against a minority group that has been the target of a lot of unsubstantiated stories lately.
“This is a good instance for Christians to consider what wrong they may have done or to nail a false accusation to the wall,” said the Bishop.
“There are no two ways about it. This accusation is either true or it is false. We will take the necessary corrective and contrite action if it is true and if it is false, an apology is in order.
“This is a litmus test of the veracity of Hassan’s (above) party’s claims to be for all,” remarked the Bishop.

02/09/2011 India (CDN) — Responding to a petition by the state Catholic Bishops Conference, the High Court of Madhya Pradesh yesterday directed the state government to ensure the safety of Christians during a massive Hindu nationalist rally scheduled tomorrow through Saturday (Feb. 10-12) in Mandla.

Organizers of the Maa Narmada Samajik Kumbh (Mother Narmada Social Kumbh, with “kumbh” literally meaning, “pot”) on the banks of the Narmada River hope to draw 2 million pilgrims to the event. Christian leaders said that the Kumbh is the latest in a series of anti-Christian propaganda events that Hindu nationalist organizations have held in recent years.

“We are worried about our safety and security, as our attempt to get adequate protection from the state government received a very cool response,” said Bishop Gerald Almeida of Jabalpur.

A similar event in Dangs district, Gujarat state in 2006 was filled with hate speech against Christians and attempted mass “reconversions,” and area media in Mandla district have already begun carrying false stories of “forced conversion” and other malicious accusations against Christians.

A local tribal party known as the Gond Mahasabha (Great Assembly of the Gonds) has vehemently opposed the Kumbh. The Gonds, whose origins predate Hindu presence in the area, have stated that they are not Hindus and are against the proposed ghar wapasi or “homecoming” ceremony – a “reconversion” drive by the Hindu extremist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). The RSS umbrella group of hard-line Hindu extremist groups asserts that all people born in India are Hindus, and that therefore anyone who believes otherwise must be “reconverted” back to Hinduism.

The Gonds have delivered an ultimatum to the RSS threatening violence should even one case of “reconversion” occur at the Kumbh. They have called for a protest tomorrow (Feb. 10), and clashes are expected.

The former chief minister and general secretary of the Congress Party, Digvijay Singh, has also protested the event, accusing the RSS of “brainwashing the people.”

Dr. John Dayal, secretary general of the All India Christian Council (AICC), told Compass that the Sangh Parivar (the RSS and its affiliates) “has left no one in any doubt” that the main reason for the Kumbh “is to purge the region of ‘Christian missionaries’ they accuse of carrying on large-scale conversions of tribals, mostly Gonds, in this part of the country.”

Dayal and Vijayesh Lal, secretary of the Religious Liberty Commission of the Evangelical Fellowship of India, made a recent fact-finding trip to Mandla and compiled a report. In a press statement, Dayal said that they supported the freedom to hold large-scale religious events.

“But, we fear that, even if there is no violence or a forcible conversion of Christians to Hinduism during the Kumbh, the Hindutva [Hindu nationalist] campaign has poisoned the atmosphere in Madhya Pradesh,” Dayal stated. “This will negatively impact relationships between Christian and other tribals in the hamlets, villages, and townships of the region.”

The activity of hard-line Hindu nationalists in Madhya Pradesh could damage freedom of religion in the region, he added. “It may also negatively impact the continuing social work of Christians, including schools and medical centers in under-developed districts.”

Sources in the region have indicated to Compass that a hate campaign against Christians is already underway, fanned by local-language media reports hostile to Christian workers.

“The propaganda against Christians is getting serious by the day,” Pastor Rakesh Dass of Mandla told Compass. “Just a few days back, there was a report in a local newspaper that a Christian priest was coercing three tribal children to convert to Christianity. Remarks from the district collector were taken, and a case was made of forcible conversion, whereas the reality was completely different.”

Hindu nationalists publicized the accusations, Pastor Dass said.

“We refuted the news and submitted a memorandum to the district collector, but the very next day the local papers carried news against Christian missionaries and alleged that Christians are opposing the organizing of the Kumbh in the area.”

While some clippings of local-language newspapers targeting Christian churches are highly malicious, organizers are also forcing Christians to help finance the event, Christian leaders said.

“Christian pastors have been forced to give donations to the cause of the Kumbh,” said Anoop George, an independent pastor in Mandla. “Christian families are being forced to give rice and pulses as their contribution to the Kumbh, and they are being threatened with dire consequences if they continue to preach the message of Jesus Christ in and around Mandla.”

Pastor George told Compass that a lot of anti-minority – especially anti-Christian – materials were appearing in the area.

“Posters denouncing the church and missionaries are being put up around Mandla, and pamphlets are being distributed against the so-called anti-national activities of the Christians,” he said.

Another pastor on condition of anonymity told Compass, “The Superintendent of Police had sent us a letter on his official letterhead asking the Christian institutions to remain closed from Jan. 23 till mid February to accommodate the pilgrims. Later, when we took the matter up with him, he denied any such letter being sent from him.”

Tribal students in government hostels have been mobilized to go to villages to educate people about the “nefarious designs of the missionaries,” the pastor sadly added.

Dayal and Lal reported how Hindu nationalists were using the administration to target Christian institutions.

“The police issued a notice to Sister Olga Lucas of the Deenbandhudham Convent in Mandla that they were investigating complaints and wanted the convent to give a list of the nuns serving in the convent with details, further details of their bank accounts, the details of other inmates, numbers of landline and mobile telephones in the convent and the names of those who owned these instruments,” their report noted. “Going to ridiculous lengths, the police also asked for full details of patients undergoing treatment in the hospital and clinics and the details of the administrative structure of the congregation of the nuns, together with names, addresses and phone numbers of the office bearers and superiors. Similar notices were also issued to other Catholic priests and Protestant pastors.”

The report also noted that that the government of Madhya Pradesh was “going all out” to ensure the success of the Kumbh, reportedly allotting 1.4 billion rupees (US$30.7 million) for infrastructure and other arrangements.

“Police from the division but also other parts of the state are being deployed, as prominent Hindu religious leaders as well as activists of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, the Bajrang Dal and other Hindu organizations, besides prominent Bharatiya Janata Party [BJP] leaders, are expected to attend,” the report notes. “We were given to understand that chief ministers of BJP-ruled states, including Mr. Narendra Modi of Gujarat, Mr. Shivraj Singh Chauhan of Madhya Pradesh and Mr. Raman Singh of Chhattisgarh, were also expected to attend.”

When plans for the Kumbh in Mandla district were announced in May 2010, an area house church was attacked. (See, “Hindu Nationalists in India Plan ‘Religious Cleansing’ in Madhya Pradesh District,” May 20, 2010.)

The Kumbh venue is spread over a 14 square-kilometer (nearly nine square-mile) area

Previous Kumbh
The Ma Narmada Samajik Kumbh is a follow-up of the Shabri Kumbh held Feb. 11-13, 2006 in tribal-dominated Dangs district of Gujarat state.

Besides hate speeches before, during and after the event, the Kumbh also led to the beating of Christians, with many abandoning the area, and much loss of Christian property, including graveyards. Christian graves were reportedly dug up and crosses desecrated.

The Supreme Court of India subsequently banned a CD produced by the event organizing committee entitled “Shri Shabri Kumbh 2006: Spirituality along with the Wave of Patriotism,” ruling that it incited “Hindus against the Christian community and suggests that Christians be attacked and beheaded.”

Swami Aseemanand of Dangs was the main force behind the Shabri Kumbh in 2006. He is now in police custody, under investigation for his part in terrorist targeting of religious minorities, including alleged involvement in the bombing of Muslim shrines and mosques, as well as the bombing of the India-Pakistan “peace train” in 2007.

Church leaders also believe that Aseemanand was also the mastermind of the attacks on churches in Dangs district in 1998.

Traditionally a Kumbh is a mass Hindu pilgrimage celebrated every three years. The Ardh Kumbh is a bigger event celebrated every six years, while the full Kumbh – known as the Purna Kumbh – is celebrated every 12 years. A Maha (great) Kumbh is held every 144 years at Allahabad. The last Mahakumbh was held at Allahabad in 2001 and was attended by 60 million people, making it the largest gathering of people anywhere in the world in recorded history.

“What distinguishes the Narmada Samajik Kumbh from the others is that it is part of a very recent series of religious festivals invented by the Sangh Parivar as part of an ideological campaign to animate tribal populations in western and central India,” the report by Dayal and Lal states.

According to RSS leader Mukund Rao, the “social Kumbh” began in 2006 with the Shabri Kumbh in Dangs, Gujarat – described as an attempt to counter the influence of foreign Christian workers in the area. It resulted in propaganda against Christians and heightened tensions.

LAUREN BOOTH Convert to Islam, and insanity ensues

Respect for Ulama: Earned or Requested for?

By Dr Wasim Ahmad,
There is a discussion currently going on initiated by a request “Please respect our ‘Ulama”. We should respect all human beings – including the ‘traditionally’ and ‘modern’ educated. Having said that, please allow me to assert that respect is earned more than requested for. Do we ever need to start a campaign for increased awareness about the importance of sun, air, water and light etc? We don’t.
Not realizing the fact that we have to discover the laws of nature and use them for our benefit we start fighting with the same. Why don’t we argue that we should give respect to our ‘modern’ educated? Why don’t we campaign for giving respect to our scientists and engineers? There is something missing here. Our very assertion and request that we should respect our ‘Ulama shows an inherent weakness. Instead of trying our best to find out the reasons of this weakness and removing it we start a misplaced campaign. Again it reinforces the fact that we learn wrong lessons from the right stories. The law of nature is that we give respect to those who are not easily replaceable. In order to cross-check this law of nature we just need to look around ourselves.
There is a locality in Bombay of wealthy Muslims. They had an Imam who in one of the Friday sermons spoke quite openly about those who do not give Zakat. He warned of its consequences. Before the time of Salaat al-‘Asr, the Imam was dismissed. After the dismissal he resolved to “expose” everybody. My question is why he did not expose those very people earlier? Anyhow, after his dismissal, many others made a beeline for the same position. What does it indicate? It indicates that our ‘Ulama of today are easily replaceable. If this is the case then we are fighting a losing battle. But we are used to fighting such battles. Because we don’t think twice about what we say, write and do.
On the other hand, I would like to understand how will the ‘Ulama be able to EARN genuine respect by continuing the deep divide between deen and dunyaa? By carrying on with the division between deeni and dunyaawee ‘uloom? How will they earn genuine respect by contributing to the marginalization of Indian Muslims? How will they earn the well deserved
respect by not speaking a language which the masses understand?
How will they earn genuine respect without educating the masses that the latter do not need to depend upon them? How will they earn genuine respect without instilling in the minds of Muslims the real concept of knowledge? How will they earn genuine respect without communicating with the ‘modern’ educated and taking them along in all the worthwhile efforts and not considering them counterparts or ‘others’?
How will they earn genuine respect without thinking seriously how to teach Arabic to ALL the Muslim kids and not only to 3-4% of them? How will they earn genuine respect without giving a clear direction and a VISION to the Muslims that holding Qur’an in the Right Hand and most modern scientific and technological advancements in the Left Hand they need to and can become leaders of the world?
How will they earn genuine respect without issuing the fataawaa which are prospective in nature and NOT retrospective? How will they earn genuine respect without making us look forward and not backward? How will they or anyone else earn genuine respect by quoting more and relating less? And applying even further less? How will they earn genuine respect while being conditioned to a lot many factors and merely living in the past? How will they earn genuine respect while bringing to the market that currency which was current in some past century?
Let us start from the fact that respect is earned. It is not requested for. If we will believe in this law of nature we will do our best to make the situation better by making whatever adjustments required. If we are really interested in giving genuine respect to all our educated we need to create that educational environment wherein they actually earn it by contributing their maximum to the life – as a whole.
While we do not look favorably at those who “pontificate” from the “luxury of their offices and apartments via the Internet”, we very piously want the same ‘Ulama – about whom we are campaigning for more respect – to continue living in the same condition as they are living in today. The fact that no amount of request is going to change the law of nature does not concern us.
The historical role which the ‘Ulama have played is duly recognized. Those among them who deserved the respect they got it. If they did not get it they did not worry about it either. During their time, too, the same laws of nature were in place. A parallel here is the role of not just the ‘Ulama but the entire Muslim Ummah in the past. That role itself becomes a sad commentary on their (our) current predicament. Invoking the role in the past is an argument that does not go in the favour of ‘Ulama now. Just as invoking the significant contribution of Muslims in the past does not go in their favour. It only reinforces the fact that we learn wrong lessons from the right stories.
The request for respect for ‘Ulama is symptomatic of our collective mind-set wherein we are asking (beseeching) for respect from all the nations of the world without realizing that we actually need to EARN it. When we don’t get it – as indicated by the increasingly stricter screening at airports –we get frustrated. Some of us take to the short-cuts ignoring another law of
nature that the longest is the shortest. Our problems are compound. Not one. Not two. But many.
(The writer is Dept Head of Islamic Studies, Preston University, Ajman, UAE)





Lauren Booth is a human rights activist, a British journalist working for Iran’s state channel PressTV, and half-sister of Tony Blair’s wife Cherie Booth. She is also Muslim, and caused a gasping uproar in the British press when she converted to Islam less than a month ago, after having a spiritual experience while at the tomb of Fatimah Masumeh in the Shi’ite holy city of Qom.
According to initial reports and Booth’s own testimonies, she had always been “sympathetic” towards Islam, a position highlighted by her work to fight Islamophobia as well as her political sympathies towards the Palestinian cause, indicated by her August 2008 trip to Gaza with the Free Gaza Movement.

While Booth has seemingly found a piece of heart and mind in having found Islam, her conversion brought with it a media frenzy and public obsession. Initial reports were filled with condescendingly framed remarks of how Booth hadn’t touched alcohol since converting, was wearing the hijab—truly the most horrific of horrors!—and had read to page 60 of the Qur’an.

The backlash against the outspoken journalist also targeted her on various fronts, ranging from being an attention-seeker to her general “naiveté” and political “immaturity,” which of course made her susceptible to falling into the trap of conversion.

The most insulting stories have been the pieces that question the apparent rise in conversion to Islam among young British women. In a column from the Tory-lovin’ Telegraph, Ed West writes:

I’ve written before about the fascination some middle-class Englishwomen have with Islam and the Arab world; the paradox is that many who convert come from progressive backgrounds and would be horrified at the idea of embracing Catholicism or one of the more conservative forms of Protestantism…

No doubt their Islam is partly a reaction to the excesses of the last 40 years, by people too programmed to oppose “Right-wing politics” to become conventionally conservative…Islam is also attractive because it’s so demanding, asking great sacrifices of its followers.

But partly it is because Islam is, unlike any other faith, more than just a religion – it is also a political idea. And ever since the decline of socialism and Left-wing intellectuals’ abandonment of the working class, third worldist “anti-imperialism” has become the radical chic of choice, especially so with the Holy Land conflict. And what better way of embracing the politics of the 1968 generation than by submitting to Islam?

There is merit to the idea of Islam becoming a political force of resistance, particularly in the West. The idea, however, that the conversion of Booth or of any English woman of a Christian background as solely a move of political resistance, as opposed to a perspective shift altogether is highly problematic and representative of the sort of essentialism that exists in the understanding and manifestation of “progressiveness.” Conversion can seemingly never really be just simply a result of a spiritual revelation or occurrence, as this seems completely implausible to the author.

Another piece was written by former Muslim Eve Ahmed, who asks, “Why ARE So Many British Career Women Converting to Islam?“ Sandwiched in between a rather unfortunate personal story of a struggle with faith and the question of choice, Ahmed explores various career-oriented women (with rather public faces and lives) who have converted to Islam over the years. While the particular piece has some redeeming points in its discussion, the overarching fascination is with these women (and always such fascination with women, as opposed to the countless men who convert), who are independent, “career-driven” and ostensibly “without any constraints.”

There is undeniably a foundational assumption underlying most discussions that focus on “career-oriented” women converting to Islam. These articles present the idea that a strong dichotomy exists between being a Muslim woman and being a career-oriented woman; an assumption buttressed with the ultimate theory that Islam coerces women to drop their public lives and submit not only to the Will of God, but to the will of Betty Crocker and Mr. Clean.

And their husbands. And fathers. And brothers.

Booth decided to take on the media and public backlash and reaction to her conversion, herself, in a widely read piece in the Guardian:

[My] conversion to Islam has been an excuse for sarcastic commentators to heap such patronising points of view on to Muslim women everywhere. So much so, that on my way to a meeting on the subject of Islamophobia in the media this week, I seriously considered buying myself a hook and posing as Abu Hamza. After all, judging by the reaction of many women columnists, I am now to women’s rights what the hooked one is to knife and fork sales.

Is it so hard for the media and general public to believe that one can choose to completely alter their eschatological perspective with some significant tweaks to everyday life and practice? Do we really need to end the world by way of our media and public outrage every time a successful, career-oriented woman decides to become Muslim? Or are we just so consumed by women, period, that in our quest to grant her promised salvation, we just perpetuate the existence of her chains by continuously casting her private choices into very public and very scrutinizing light?

Lauren Booth is now a Muslim. Let’s move on, okay?



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