Khairy Jamaluddin criticised RELIGION OF ISLAM will always be used by UMNO MALAYS crooked politicians to cover up their crimes of corruption,murder,plunder.

Khairy Jamaluddin today criticised the Selangor government for not immediately explaining last week’s state Islamic Religious Department (Jais) raid on a Petaling Jaya church, calling the delay irresponsible.


The Umno Youth chief said the controversial raid was causing unrest among Malaysian Muslims and Christians, adding that the lack of clarification was fuelling suspicions and rumours.

“The Muslims are not happy because it allegedly involved proselytisation activities, while the non-Muslims, especially the Christians, are not happy because their church was being raid without proof,” he was quoted as saying in a Bernama Online report today.

He earlier accused the state government of “hiding behind” the Islamic department, before demanding for an explanation over the “sensitive issue”.

Jais raided the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) at the Dream Centre in Petaling Jaya last Wednesday during a charity fundraising dinner that saw the attendance of 12 Muslims.

The agency was purportedly acting on a complaint that Muslims were spotted among those at the dinner, and was said to have found proof later that Christians were attempting to convert them during the function.

The raid had caused uproar among religious communities, and the Selangor government under Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has since demanded a report from Jais to explain the raid.

Selangor executive councillor Datuk Hasan Ali later defended the raid by claiming that the words “pray” and “Quran” were used in the presence of the dozen Muslims among the 100 attendees of the dinner.


By Arwa Aburawa

Muslims everywhere can be at “peace with the earth and be at peace with heaven” by adopting environment message from the Qu’ran, advocates new UK campaign launched by Muslim convert.

Shocking statistics and a love for the environment have inspired a new campaign which highlights Islam’s Eco message in order to break the link between Islam and extremism. Inspired by Muhammed is a new campaign which showcases Muslims who have been inspired by their faith to contribute positively to society and focuses on areas such as women’s rights, social justice as well as the environment. Its message can impact the Middle East and the world.

Launched by the Muslim convert Kristiane Backer (pictured above) on behalf of the Exploring Islam Foundation, the campaign hopes to improve public understanding of the more positive aspects of Islam.

The campaign was prompted by shocking finds from a May 2010 national poll in Britain which found that more than half the British population associated Islam with extremism (58%) and terrorism (50%). The opinion poll also discovered that just 6% of the British population believe that Islam promotes active measures to protect the environment.

inspired muhammad environment logoKristiane, the former MTV presenter from Germany, is one of the campaign profiles and talks about her awareness of green issues and how she’s adopted an environmentally-friendly lifestyle to suit her Islamic beliefs.

She explains: “Green living and the preservation of our resources are essential principles of Islam. ‘Don’t be wasteful, for God does not like the wasters,’ the Qur’an tells us. Prophet Muhammad reminded his companions to respect nature and use its resources moderately, not to waste water even when next to a flowing river.”

The high profile media campaign is really hoping to change people’s perceptions of Islam in the UK and includes adverts at bus stops, tube stations and even on London’s iconic black cabs. A fun and informative website has been launched to explain Islam’s ethical principles and includes short videos to explain Islam’s more environmentally-friendly aspects.

Following Muhammad’s “green” ethics

The prophet Muhammad’s ethic that the planet is sacred and should be cared for is highlighted as is his respect for the environment. Muhammad encouraged water conservation (see Waqf for Water), planting trees and turning forests into protected conservation areas called hima as well as limiting waste.

Other high-profile Muslims on the website also discuss how Islam has inspired animal welfare through the prophet’s example who taught that animals should be treated with the same respect as a person.

The campaign is a great way of getting the message of peace and understanding within Islam to the wider general public and also reminding Muslims of their duties towards the environment. Its affects could reverberate to the entire Middle East.

As Kristiane says, “Today we can all draw inspiration from Muhammad and try a little harder to live green, to recycle and to conserve energy. And to re-establish harmony between us and the world around us.”

Sorry Najis, you failed to be a Prime Minister…..but you certainly passed as a Prime Ministeress. you definitely brought SHAME to our Country, Malaysia……aren’t you still aware of that?UMNO propagates nazism and communism openly, shamelessly. Are the malays so blind ?

I will not be surprised if Perkasa is supported secretly by Najib as it is by Dr Mahathir. It is clear as dear to me that Ibrahim( who by the way will fade into oblivion if he stand for election come GE13 is trying to stir up racist feelings amongst the malays so that a ‘bogeyman’ can be blamed for the Malay agenda. If Pakatan wins the next GE, he will be condemed and he knows it. So this is his last hurrah and hopefull be rewarded by his political masters. Fortunately the ranks of malays being duped by the likes of him are getting smaller with each passing fiasco. Yes you have rightly defended the right to free speech. In this case please allow me to say. ” Ibrahim, you are no muslim and you do not have the right to defend so called erosion of malay rights. To me you are a spineless, lalang who add no value to the betterment and welfare of a civil society in the country. YOur God is your stomach or your pocket which is now being filled by equally unprincipled wicked leaders such as the country has never known. In the end you will die a lonely death, degraded, dismissed and deplored by all alike.


It is difficult to know and understand why Malays linked UMNO, Islam and Malay together. Politic and religion is an explosive mix and that is why they cannot be in bed together. One is pure and one is dirty.


To all that thinks that UMNO and people like Zul Noordin that shout and cry about protecting Islam.

Guess what if Allah make the earth and everything in it do you think He needs people in UMNO or PKR or PAS to protect him and His believers. So, please take religion out of Islam, Christian, Buddha and Hindu. I still cannot believe that Malaysia require MB or PM to be Muslim because one of its reasons is to lead prayer. To be honest I would not let any politician lead me in prayer because they bound to sin regardless how hard they try to avoid it. No matter how hard they tried they are dirtier than the person next to them who are not politician.


Don’t let me get into Sultan’s being the Islamic leader for the country and state. Totally disgusting.

Re: ” I must stand up to defend their right to say their piece. I shall not insist that they be criminalized for being seditious or dealt with legally by any other draconian laws of the country. However, much as I support their right to express it, I must also be given the democratic right to oppose it.”


You are damn RIGHT in saying this. I may not agree with you but I will defend your rights to speak your mind without any hint of draconian ISA threats overhanging your heads. I reserve the rights to call you the way it is without any reservation too, with both of us not spilling a drop of blood.


This is one small statement by a Malay, BUT A GIANT STEP to the making a much better/stronger/sustainable democracy in Malaysia for the beneifts of ALL Malaysian, including greater wealth for the Malays.

CHECKMATE, you bad muslim Ummo mob. Anymore of this “Islam twisted by unscrupulous politicians” “playing the racial and religious card for 52 year” ?? Your repeat recorder playing racial/religous cards are getting ridiculously monotonous.

So uncool, your children are probably getting fed up listening to your loony tunes every day.

Is that you can throw up?
I am beginning to see you are suffocating under the combined weight of all opinions from all good muslim and good Malaysian on all racial-religious issues you are thrashing wildly today.

This is how the developed democracy country works. In the end the rakyat decide the future for Malaysia, not the self-choosen elite few who just keep on pocketing the riches to themselves at the expense of the masses and country for ?? years.


The rich list of the malay elite AND THE CHINESE from the recent Malaysian Business report , based on just published share value, is TOTALLY OBSCENE. We have the rights to ask how these money were obtained through experienced tax/other investigative teams; at the same token, we give them the rights to explain their possible ill-gotten assets, through different illegal means. Only an alternative government, PM in-waiting, Anwar, can provide the opportunity of examination in due course.


Is this too hard for the malay masses to understand? If it is, why dont you write or call this Malay intelligent writer yourself. Take the step. The REAL country future is in YOUR HANDS.


We have stopped listening to you. For Malaysia.

Procession to celebrate birthday? Are some Indian-muslims and UMNO-muslims in Penang so interested to mimic Hindus in celebrating festivities like Thaipusam? THINK!

For more than half a century UMNO had been accusing PAS of using Islam as a political tool but actually it’s the other way round. UMNO isn’t an Islamic party but majority of the Muslims in Malaysia are Malays. To pull the crowd towards UMNO, it has to sensationalize issues that can bring in the crowd. Thus, we have the Allah issue and now the Prophet’s birthday processions. But both issues do not conform to Islamic teachings. In this way, we see UMNO as the modern Abu Jahals and Abu Lahabs. They tried their very best to champion Islam but instead they are seen shooting themselves in the foot. No wonder some say UMNO is on a self-destruct mode. Yes, it’s killing itself foolishly. Shame on you, UMNO!!!


All religions must rose above traditions or cultures or practices. A believer who only knows the traditions, cultures and practice of his/her religion has follows blindly and do not know the goal and truth. A religious teaching is a guide one to higher and greater things. Merely practicing the rituals or chanting will not help you achieve what the actual purpose and goal of one’s religious teachings or the purpose why are we here on earth. We talk about love, mercy, forgiveness, justice, fairness, democracy but actually most hate them. Because it stop us from having our pride, lust, greed , hatred, covetiousness, rebellion, independent being fulfilled. We are are against all the truth because we only practice our religion but hate it.

Repeating the vows, verses and chanting aloud daily will not get you above and free from the boundage to the lust of the flesh. What we need is the Truth in the Love of God. The agape love of God. When one have this agape love or simply unconditional love , one is freed and will sacrificed anything even ones life for the rest to have it. Because once you have this LOVE you need not need to live anymore. That is the Truth that is so elusive and all the wars and conflicts are the results of the lack of it.

For the atheists ,there is no God. So the love of God doesnt mean anything to you all. You just live today and die tomorrow. What happens after you die , either you dont know, scare to know or dont care to know. You are just like the birds of the air and horses in the fields. They lives just like you do. Eat, sleep , propagates. and dies. To you this is live. But if you care to find out what is the love of God, you will find it.

Indeed, the latest bid by Umno to paint Guan Eng as a cruel non-Muslim leader intent on wiping out Islamic lifestyle was led by Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin and his father-in-law Abdullah Badawi – the head of the Institut Kefahaman Islam Malaysia.

Abdullah Badawi I am ashamed of you to have got involved in this march/procession including you son in law. You show your shallow brain and you did nothing to help us during your term as PM. Even the mamak said more than 200 billion of petronas $ was spent and where did the money go
?????. Why don’t you just shut your trap and lie low.After all you were even able to take mamak for a ride by a acting and putting on a show to be MR CLEAN As usual according to The QURAN there is no provision to march and shout like the mad people as dictated by umNO but the be End quran has that provosion so SUADARA MUSLIMAT lets follow the TRUE ISLAMIC WAY and celebrate The ONE TRUE PROPHET’s Birthday in the Right way.

Umno and its own ‘special’ brand of IsIam have drawn fire from the Muslim community in the country, which is balking at the uproar it has tried to create by accusing the Penang state government of being anti-Islam and wanting to cancel the birthday march of Prophet Muhammad.
“Such processions are only held in this part of the Malay world. With or without the procession, Muslims can remember and celebrate Maulidur Rasul. Do not turn this episode into a racial or religious dispute for political gain,” a reader Syed Imran Syed Ahmad wrote in to a popular news portal.

Syed Imran’s comment was just one of the hundreds of such feedback that have poured in to news websites and blogs in response to the ruckus kicked up over Penang’s alleged intention to do away with the annual procession on February 25. Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has already denied the accusations, confirming that the march would carry on as usual.

“I would urge Umno to remember the history of Abu Jahal and Abu Lahab. For their own motives and gains, these two men organized huge celebrations for the Prophet. Camels were even slaughtered,” MP for Machang Saifuddin Nasution told Harakahdaily.

“And yet in Islam, these are the two people who have committed the greatest crimes and sins against the Prophet and Islam. So to Umno, I urge to you to stop and repent. Learn from the Quran and do not get to the stage of Abu Jahal and Abu Lahab.”

The new Abu Jahals and Abu Lahabs

Indeed, the latest bid by Umno to paint Guan Eng as a cruel non-Muslim leader intent on wiping out Islamic lifestyle was led by Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin and his father-in-law Abdullah Badawi – the head of the Institut Kefahaman Islam Malaysia.

Without checking the facts, the trio had rushed to endorse the ‘news’ spread by their Umno newspaper Utusan Melayu. And the purpose: to rally Malay support against the Pakatan Rakyat in Penang.

“The procession is not even part of the ‘sunnah’ (practice) of the Prophet or his companions. It was an innovation created by Muslim Malays in the Nusantara region. As such, even if there were letters (from Guan Eng’s administration) purporting to cancel the procession, it is okay,” another reader wrote.

“Ask the Perlis government if it has such bid’ah (innovated) processions. Ask Asri Zainal Abidin, the former Perlis mufti if such a procession is part of the Islamic tradition. Please, Khairy Jamaluddin and Utusan Malaysia – don’t go for sensationalism and short-term gains.”

Special prayers, never procession in Kelantan

Even in the predominantly Muslim state of Kelantan, the PAS-led government has never staged any processions for the Prophet’s birthday. Instead, it traditionally holds religious lectures, followed by special prayers.

“The state government has never felt the need to hold any processions for the past 20 years. What for when there are better ways to show our gratitude to the Prophet? For example, special prayers to unite us spiritually and lectures by religious experts to make sure that all Muslims are reminded and properly educated on the true teachings of Islam,” Wan Rahim Wan Abdullah, the Kota Bharu MP, told Harakahdaily.

“What happened in Penang is actually a good example of how Islam can be twisted by unscrupulous politicians. But that is Umno and the Malaysian people – Muslims and non-Muslims – should not be fooled anymore because these people have been playing the racial and religious card for 52 years.”

According to Kelantan Deputy Mentri Besar Ahmad Yaakob, the special prayers will be held at the Sultan Muhamamd IV stadium this year. He said as usual, mosques throughout the state would be allowed to carry out processions organized by their congregations, but there would not be any state-sponsored march.

“Let’s get the facts straight. True Islam is to follow the teachings of the Prophet correctly. It is absolutely wrong of Umno to imply that by not holding a procession on the Prophet’s birthday, it would be anti-Islam and a move to marginalize Malay rights. That is really getting too extreme and very racist,” Saifuddin said.“I have lived in Kelantan for decades. Here, how we celebrate His birthday is through sincere devotion and special prayers. Even Kelantan Umno knows this. They definitely won’t dare to be funny in Kelantan because this is the heartland of the believers.”The supreme manipulator of race ,religion to enhance personal glory and remain in power until death come is Mahathir. He picks and chooses each day what divisive tool is used to manipulate the Malay society and Malaysians at large. Religion is and has been the dividing force throughout history. And in Malaysia ,it was always the norm to use religion, although it is currently becoming more and more problematic for UMNOputras as there seems to be no short of quick rebuke or challenge from same practitioners.When everything else fails for the disgruntle ,the best and most effective weapon is not the atomic bomb ,it is religion they resort to. Shame ! Shame ! Unless the so called men of (g)od stand up and shut up the evil manipulators of religion, RELIGION will always be used by these cheap crooked politicians to cover up their crimes of corruption,murder,plunder. One thing we can be certain ,poverty ,violation of human rights ,honour killing,lower standard of living ,more yelling morons ,are the hallmark of countries that use religion instead of common sense to manage their citizenry Bung Mokhtar from Sabah, do we miss your foul, inapt, licentious, thick skull confrontational stupidity ? Big NO ! Your brothers in Umno, are giving all Malaysians great sport, so you take your while on that gigantic water mattress…(naughty of me)…I’ll apologise soon as Tun (?yeah!)Badawi does the same to all Muslims.what else is new from umno? what can any sane, balanced, reasonable-minded malaysian expect from such an arrogant, morally-deficient party? what right has umno to be so arrogant when it doesn’t have the brains to see beyond the nose? it’s all part of an engineered plot in penang to tarnish the dap led govt if not bring it down, and this includes such idiotic reasoning like why should a non-penangite lead penang!!! sheeesh, you need such so-called leaders? and if they are up there, you can imagine how cretin they puppet masters are likely to be. umno/bn is nothing but blatant exploitation of race and religion for political ends, their continued survival and their obscene wealth. take guidance on what the pas govt is doing in kelantan …. why doesnt umno go condemning and protesting there?


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