SATIRE Perkasa is right. Malays need help. We still got problems cannot solve. Until solved not wise to implement meritoclacy. Malays in this country is 60%, chinese only 25% and Indians 7%. The rest are bumiputras from east Malaysia and new citizens from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia etc.
We implore non Malays please understand. It’s true, we still weak, need more crutches until one day we can stand on two feet. Before government develop towns and cities. Non malays mostly stay cities and benefit from government. Also before, government help chinese businessmen, as cannot trust Malay entrepreunership, so today chinese in Malaysia many millioniares, even top five richest in Malaysia is Chinese!!
Also, Indians today many doctors, lawyers, enginerrs, scientists, and Ananda is also top billionaire. So Indians are better off than Malays. That’s why Malays have Perkasa to champion Malay rights. No believe? Go to see Kampung outside KL, many many poor Malays, hardly can eat, some only 1 meal per day. But all is not lost. Today we also have many towering Malays, like Tajuddin Ramli, wonder boy billionaire- a pride of the Malays. Daim Zainuddin also another towering alay. Khir Toyo too from dentist to Chief Minister are good example of Malaysia Bolih.
Many Malays try emulate this towering Malays because they so famous. That’s why NEP so good for Malaysia. Everyone gains and no one lose. Today NEM is also good government new policy.
Syed Hassan, another champion of Malays also very intelligent man, and make good assistant to Ibrahim Ali. He understand Malay problem, just like Najib, our beloved Prime Minister. Najib is so intellighent, that’s why he is Prima Minister.
Chinese and Indian, must understand and please no try to question status quo. If all Malay strong like Chinese or Indian, no more problem and no more ‘mediocrity’ as what Najib say. then we can implement ‘meritoclacy’, so every gain.
Malaysia government always help everyone, but Malays still left behind after trying so hard to improve they economic standard. Maybe, Malays too many children, and less salary or opportunity like Chinese or indian. Once again, please try to understand, for we mean no misunderstanding with chinese or indian. Today, many malays in civil servis, becoz difficult for Malays to find jobs in cities.
Many chinese and indian business, try to conceal business secrets so Malays cannot get promotion, after working many years for low salary. For me too, also reject by Utusan and Bernama, becoz my Malay no better than English. At least government help Malays to get jobs in civil servis and army forces. But mebbe salary too low, so chinese and malay no interest in civil servis.
Government, try many times to encourage Non Malays to join civil servis but not succeed.
So it is good Perkasa come out in support of Najib to say cannot implement meritoclacy yet!
“The majority race is still backward. If we give the minority an advantage, even if it is through meritocracy if we do not think of the majority that needs protection and handicaps, then it will be problematic for the country. It’ll be unstable because Malaysia is different from other countries. Malaysia is different from Thailand. Malaysia is different from the Philippines. Malaysia is different from Iran. With countries that have one race, because our country has many races . The majority is still backward,” Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hassan Syed Ali said.
It is also very hurtful of the new media to imply that Syed Hassan wanted the government to deny the non-Malays any advantage and to ensure that they were held back so as not to progress ahead of the Malays.
It is also good to know that our beloved Najib said the government’s “new system” was to use meritoclacy among Bumiputeras only and creating a more competitive environment within the community to enhance the Malay economy.
Najib’s words also come at good time, so near to general election that malays continue to be protected, so that all Malaysians have equal opportunity to progress. Also note that the Malays are no weak and lazy, as what Mahathir has proclaimed in the past, but we still slow and need to catching up. Strong malays like Syed Hassan is there to protect us. The fact that the Malays have to turn to Khristian organisations for help in the past show that we must face the fact, we still weak and need help.
Lately, we hear Home Ministry Hishamuddin say that 2.04 million ekonomik migrants has registered with biosystem. Government help them to work legally at expense of Malaysians. So Malays must work harder to get better pay than foreign worker. Government must make more jobs in rural areas for malays to get good jobs. If not foreign worker will take all our jobs. Many malay migrate from village to city to look for job, but hard to find and not good salary, becoz foreign worker can work low pay, so how to get good job, if not have good skill?
I hope ffrom this artikel that Non Malays forgive government for not implementing meritoclacy, free eckonomi and keep bumiputra status so that bumiputras can keep up with the better off non Malays. Very much thank you for reading. Hidup Najib!!! Hidup 1Malaysia!!!
First, see the video below from minute 6:23.
At minute 6:23 in that video, the Member of Parliament for Kulim Bandar Baru, Zulkifli Noordin, said that the Caliph Umar refused to enter a church when invited to do so. This is proof, he said, that Muslims should not enter a church.
He does not care about the law, argued Zul. Malaysian law may not have made it illegal or haram for Muslims to enter a church. But he is not concerned with that. He is guided by the example (sunah) of the Prophet’s Comrades (Sahabat Nabi) and Caliph Umar, one of the Prophet’s Comrades, refused to enter a church. This is all that matters.
Zul did not offer any details on this incident he quoted. He did not clarify when and where this incident was supposed to have happened. Either he is not clear about the incident or he is intentionally trying to mislead his audience.
Well, in that case, since Zul is either not too clear about the incident or refuses to clarify his statement with intent to mislead his audience, let me help with the clarification.
In the year 638, after the death of the Prophet Muhammad, Umar, the second Caliph, led an army to conquer Jerusalem. The Christian leaders of Jerusalem invited Umar into the Church of Holy Sepulcher so that he could fulfil his prayers. Umar, however, refused to do so out of respect for the Christians. Instead, he chose to pray outside the church.
Umar’s main concern was that, if he entered the church to pray, future generations of Muslims might misinterpret his action as he had ‘acquired’ or ‘captured’ the church and had turned it into a mosque. That was why he chose to pray outside the church rather than in the church. This was to safeguard the church and not trigger a precedence where churches are taken by force and turned into mosques.
That was the real reason why Umar refused to enter the Church of Holy Sepulcher to pray. He intentionally prayed outside the church to avoid any misunderstanding and conflict. He wanted to demonstrate that even though the Muslims had conquered Jerusalem, they did not disturb any churches or took these churches by force. Churches would remain churches and Muslims would have to build their own mosques if they wanted to pray.
I don’t wear a songkok or white skullcap like Zul. But I know my history. And that was the history of what happened when Umar conquered Jerusalem. And that was the real reason why Umar declined the invitation to enter the church to pray. It was to avoid any misunderstanding and conflict, and not as Zul is tying to mislead us.

By Syed Ali Mujtaba 

KT The statement made by former Supreme Court judge K T Thomas praising Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and its style of functioning as an organization is debatable. Notwithstanding the right of freedom of speech, the comments made by the learned judge are disturbing.

It’s more so, because K T Thomas belongs to a Christian community that has suffered at the hands of the RSS and yet he has engaged himself in an image building exercise of an organization that’s essentially is fascist in character.

There are few salient features of K T Thomas’s statement. The former judge do not like that the RSS be held responsible for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. He is of the view that the RSS is not an anti minority organization. He thinks the RSS is a well disciplined organization worthy of admiration. He goes on to praise the RSS for opposing the national emergency and gives it credit for fighting for the restoration of the fundamental rights.

One may like to discuss these comments one by one as each of them sounds contentious. However, before doing so, let’s have the details of his statement.

The former judge wants the ”smear campaign” against RSS being responsible for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi to end. “Just because the assassin was once an RSS worker does not hold RSS responsible of the crime,” he says.

The smear campaign that the RSS was responsible for Gandhi’s assassination is unjustified, he has reportedly said and added that the organization was ”completely exonerated” by the court.
K T Thomas defended the RSS acts of omission and commission by posing a question, “Can the entire Sikh community be responsible for Indira Gandhi’s assassination?”

He also took exception to the propaganda that RSS is an anti-minority organization, saying such vilification campaign is “baseless.”

The learned judge then goes on to say; “I am a Christian. I was born as a Christian and practice that religion. I am a church going Christian. But I have also learnt many things about RSS.”

The former apex court judge says, he became an admirer of the RSS in 1979 when he was posted as district judge of Kozhikode. This is because RSS is a disciplined organization that believes in the philosophy of simple living and high thinking.

He goes on to eulogies the RSS, saying; during the national Emergency of 1975, RSS was the only non-political organization that fought against its proclamation. “We owe very much to RSS for sacrificing many lives for regaining our fundamental rights,” he reportedly said.

Initially, when I saw this PTI report, I thought of ignoring it with the logic let hundred flowers bloom, but then, when the same copy started circulating on the internet, I felt this should not become a gospel of truth.

The statement made by K T Thomas, becomes noteworthy because the person is not only a former Supreme Court judge, an upholder of the constitution, but also belongs to a minority Christian community. Now, let’s dissect each of his statement one by one.

First of all, the Judge wants us to forget that assassin of Mahatma Gandhi was not an act of the RSS but of a lunatic who was its former member. He does not like to accept the fact that the lunatic man was indoctrinated by the radical ideology of the RSS that drove him to commit that heinous crime.

Courts may exonerate the individual or an organization for want of facts, but can anyone force to make up their mind based on the courts judgment. So, no amount logic can convince the people of this country that RSS was not behind the assassination of the Mahatma Gandhi.

His second observation, that RSS is not anti-minority is also untenable. Since last 64 years, the anti minority conduct of the RSS is very well documented. Time and again it’s being held responsible for breeching peace in the country. This organization takes up well orchestrated campaign against the minority community and polarizes the society on communal lines. Very often, the minority community is pushed to the wall and is forced to react and that takes the form of communal riots.

The lessons learnt from the communal riots are the story of provocation from the RSS cadre and the reaction from minority community. Since the act of the former is well planned, the reaction comes unguarded, making the minority community vulnerable. They fall into a well laid out trap and become victims of the circumstances, losing their lives property and honor in the process.
K T Thomas takes pride in being a practicing Christian and an admirer of the RSS. He goes on to issue a good character certificate of the organization whose record of anti Christian community is numerous. The gruesome murder of Graham Stain at the hands of RSS sympathizer is still etched in our memory.

It’s common knowledge, that believer of the Christian faith in Orissa and Karnataka had suffered immensely in recent times at the hands of the RSS cadre that held them responsible for conversion. Can the entire Christian community be responsible for the act of few Christians?

His comment on RSS opposing the national emergency of 1975 and fighting for the restoration of fundamental rights is also far-fetched. Anyone who has lived during the period of emergency can vouch that a cross section of the society has opposed that high handed declaration tooth and nail. Giving credit to RSS for opposing emergency, may tantamount to making heroes of a tribe of murders.

K T Thomas says that RSS is a well disciplined organisation worthy of admiration. I find a parallel to it in the admirers of the Nazis, that’s also, had been hailed as a well disciplined organisation. However, does that exonerate it from the charges of the “Holocaust” against the Jews?

The sole purpose of the RSS is to divide the country on communal lines. Its modus oprendi is to mobilize the gullible masses of the Hindu faith by instilling in them the fear of threat from the minority community.

I feel pity about the ex judge who relishes an organization, that bellies the essence of the Indian constitution. RSS is well known for its advocacy of the supremacy of the Hindu faith and the subservience of other faiths to it. Isn’t it a diabolic thinking?

I feel no amount of sweet talking can build the image of the RSS. There are certain fundamental issues that go against it. It does not tolerate religious pluralism, secularism, socialism and democratic values that’s being cherished by every Indian.

So no amount of the advocacy of the RSS by whomsoever can make it a perfect organisation.
There is an uncanny feeling that Mr. K T Thomas has chose to make the comments for some gainful reasons. There are more to his statement then what the eyes can read.

An appeal to the voices peace and harmony to stand up against such purposeful statement and advice to Hon. Judge, better not preach the ugly can’t be made beautiful.READMORE


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