WATCH: “You could tell UMNO was scoping out the trouble aspects of it.”
But eventually the ANWAR loses  patience with  UMNO.

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One comes across more people who admit to nursing regrets, rather than those who proclaim they have none. Of the regrets Corruption booms when perverse incentives reward rather than penalize it. We need institutional changes to end those perverse incentives.I hope 2011 will go down as the year when an angry electorate finally obliged 


Most disturbing to lawmakers was the way in which
The two interpretations of criminal conspiracy could not have been more different: ultra liberal in the case of Advani and stretched in the case of Pandher. Neither interpretation seems justified in the given facts and circumstances. Both the interpretations raise questions about the rigor and detachment with which the judiciary at all levels performs its job. One way of coming to terms with this distinction is to re-adopt the outdated notion that king could do no wrong. Going by his logic The battering ram strategy projected by Anwar Ibrahim’s legal team against the legal version of the ‘Stonewall Jackson’ tactics of the prosecution enters its latest phase at the Court of Appeal today.High Court justice Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah As if that were not bad enough, the statement is cheeky enough has accepted that there is a material contradiction between statements made by Saiful that the alleged sex between him and Anwar was non-consensual and the actual charge against Anwar which holds that he had consensual sex against the order of nature.While agreeing that there is a contradiction, Justice Zabidin has however ruled it did not merit compelling the prosecution to release statements and reports made by Saiful to the investigating officer.The norm in matters like this is that all statements and reports pertaining to the charge are made available to the defence once charges have been preferred.A watching public is being asked to believe that this departure does not vitiate the government’s claim that Anwar is being accorded due process of the law.The script is something like this – the judge will throw DSAI (Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim) into jail and let him serve the full term. By then, Prime Minister Najib Razak would rule in peace and then after two decades of looting the rakyat’s wealth, DSAI will be found innocent by an appellate court – just like in Sodomy I.
The decadence of our judiciary is glaring for all to see and witness. Before there is a total collapse of our justice system, let us all fellow Malaysians act immediately.
What Karpal Singh asked is a basic fundamental right of all citizens of the world, not just Malaysia. Yet that basic right has been denied. In other words, our human rights are being mutilated by our own courts, by our sacred institution – the judiciary.

I am just curious. Why is there so much fear of Anwar? He is just another man, flawed sometimes, inspired sometimes, a disappointment sometimes. But why is there such fear

DNA specialist Dr Seah Lay Hong is quizzed on why she failed to record at least two more samples found during Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy trial.
Anwar Ibrahim’s defence team trained their guns on DNA specialist Dr Seah Lay Hong for failing to record at least two samples during the opposition leader’s sodomy trial hearing today. 

Lawyer Ram Karpal Singh took the chemist to task for not recording “half a football team’s DNA” found on Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s clothes and lower rectal area.
During cross-examination, Seah told the court that some high allele readings which were registered on her analysis equipment were not mentioned in her report.
According to Seah, who heads the Serious Crime Unit of the Chemistry Department, she thought it was insignificant.
The two readings ignored were a 14.4% reading on a stain from the lower part of Saiful’s trousers and a 28.4% reading recorded from the lower rectal swab.
Ram then raised the possibility that at least two unknown DNA profiles were not on record.
“This does not belong to Saiful or ‘Male Y’. The reading of 28 allele is not mentioned (in the report) although it has a high peak,” he said.
Previously, Seah testified that she found three male DNA profiles – “Male Y”, an unknown male and Saiful’s – on two patches of semen stains found on the complainant’s undewear.
Commenting on this, Ram said: “It seems half a football team’s DNA is found on Saiful but you chose not to report it.”
When he continued to grill the DNA specialist, Seah refused to respond, prompting the lawyer to complain to the judge, Justice Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah.
Ram also noted that Seah did not comply with the guidelines set by the International Society of Forensic Genetics, of which she is a member, on handling mixed DNA.
Seah failed to offer a response when Zabidin quizzed the chemist on why she did not comply with the guidelines.
The chemist also testified that she still remains in the dark about the identity of “Male Y”, saying that the police did not provide any specimen or reference sample.
Seah said the police only provided Saiful’s blood sample as a reference.
Following this, Ram said that the unidentified sample could be anybody’s, including police investigating officer Jude Blacious Pereira.
Seah, who is the prosecution’s fifth witness, also told the court that she did not find any stains on the carpet and blue duvet, which she received from the crime scene.
Stung by what he perceived to be a silly line of questioning by the prosecution, Australian DNA expert Dr Brian McDonald snapped at Solicitor General II Yusof Zainal Abiden, who kept questioning him on how sodomy complainant Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s sperm cells had made their way into his rectum.
“The swab never came from his ass,” McDonald told the court hearing the sodomy charges pressed by Prime Minister Najib Razak against Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.
“The DNA evidence does not tell us that there is no semen from the complainant on that swab … or the swab never went near his ass.”
McDonald said the available DNA evidence could not show how it could have happened, pointing out that the physical impossibility suggested that the swabs may not be genuine.
Dr McDonald explained he had no idea if the samples analyzed and reported by government scientists were genuinely taken from Saiful’s posterior. He said he could only tell what he knows based on what was recorded.
Keeping an eye on for Najib and Rosmah
Dr McDonald is Anwar’s DNA expert witness and the prosecution was trying to debunk his earlier argument that there must be continuous tests carried out to find out the identities of the mixture of DNA profiles that had been recorded as swabbed from the complainant’s rear end.
The 64-year old Anwar was charged with sodomising his former aide in June 2008, shortly after he announced plans to return to active politics. He has accused Najib and wife Rosmah of cooking up the charges in a bid to derail his political career.
The first couple have refused to testify at the trial but Anwar’s lawyers have subpoenaed them and all eyes are on what they will say in the witness box.
So far, sources told Malaysia Chronicle neither Najib nor Rosmah have applied to set aside the subpoena which they have to if they want to escape a public grilling. PKR leaders were mixed in the views on  whether the first couple would comply with the summons.
“I don’t think they will dare come anywhere near the courts,” Tian Chua, the MP for Batu, told Malaysia Chronicle.
“I think they will. It will look extremely bad for them if they don’t,” PKR vice president N Surendran told Malaysia Chronicle.




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