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His name is Dato’ Mohd.Ariff Sabri bin Hj. Abdul Aziz. He was ADUN of Pulau Manis, Pekan.( 2004-2008) From 2000-2004,  Ketua Penerangan UMNO Bahagian Pekan, under Dato Sri Najib. Studied Economics at University Malaya and University of Manchester(Owens).
 Datuk Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz want to clear  In that article, I suggested that Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has to step in in the interest of the country.
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When I wrote the first part, I was serious. I said Anwar does a Sivaji the Boss stunt. Like in one of the Tamil movies, he hurled a knife towards an oncoming speeding bullet. The knife slices the bullet into two. One hits Umno and Najib. The other hits BN. The knife on its own momentum, hits Anwar’s former mentor turned number 1 nemesis, Dr Mahathir. Anwar gets his revenge after all. He vanquishes his political enemies
No  Sivaji the Boss
.ANWAR the Ruthless Gabbar Singh
Except here the knife is symbolic. Who is Mack the knife? In about two months’ time Anwar may perhaps be a special guest to the government at Bamboo River
YUSOF ZAINAL ABIDEN JUST SHIT HIS PANTS… Yusof Zainal Abiden is lead prosecutor in Sodomy II.  He volunteered his services as Anwar Ibrahim’s political assassin…  Look what a fine mess he’s got himself into! related article http://malaysiakita786.blogspot.com/2011/08/trial-behind-sodomy-trial-1-dictator.html ANNA SYARIZA ON SAIFOOL SEXUAL CHEMISTRY FROM AGONY TO ECSTASY EZAM, SHAHRIR, NAJIB MUSTAPA MOHAMED ,RODWAM PART OF FOOTBALL TEAM …Read more UNTRUTH AND FALSIFICATIONS PERVERTERS OF JUSTICE NAJIB CREATING GENIUSES LIKE Datuk Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz   IN MALAYSIA
. So physically he may not be there jumping up and down at the Palace gates. Not he, but a trusted person waves the paper that contains the list of MPs who backs him as the PM. He will insist the choice of PM can be done this way, since precedence has been created in Perak. The MPs whose names are on the list waved are also at the gates. They all have travelled in buses provided for free by businessmen eager to ingratiate themselves to the new rulers of Malaysia. But that person who probably has no stature and standing is refused entry. The AG who is inside in audience with the King in the presence of the Chief Secretary of the government informs the King, the test of support of the majority of MPs must be tested in a parliamentary sitting. So, the paper waved is useless unless parliament sits.

PRIME MINISTER waiting to be kickout Is this the man? The custodian of the dying ember? The man who generations to come will remember as the last man standing, before the new dawn set in? OR Is this the man who is going to set in an even more harsh regime? To ensure he and … Read more UMNO-BARISAN CUSTODIAN OF THE DYING EMBER RULE BY LAW NOT RULE OF LAW,
The Agong for the first time will be truly tested. The country cannot afford to not have a constitutionally established government. He will need to use his discretion to decide whom he and his brother rulers regard as the person who has the credibility and support to form the next government. The interest of the country now overrides anything else. He will only see the person whom he thinks command all round respect.

Fame is like a river, that beareth up things light and swollen, and drowns things weighty and solid. Fame is very elusive. Fame changes with time. Media and the world all run after flavour of the season and flavour of the season changes eventually. Most of the UMNO Politican don’t understand this and want to … Read more NAJIB ILLUSIONIST FAME IS VERY ELUSIVE MR UNACCOUNTABLE VS MS CIVIL SOCIETY
Anwar may have underestimated the technicalities of forming a new government. He can’t bulldoze his way around and does an Arab Spring or whatever consisting of a series of street demonstrations and the like. He must now realise, his earthly salvation lies in the hands of other people.
The big three — PKR, PAS and DAP — must direct themselves to this possibly. They must collectively address the issue of who is their collective leader, the person with the stature, the experience and who possesses sufficient credibility to become PR’s leader.
Anwar and PKR must acknowledge the bigger picture. His salvation may indeed depend on this humbling reality. In the absence of Anwar, who shall be the next PM? Would Azmin fit the bill? Despite being the PKR number 2, public perception is he is still Anwar’s special assistant. Raw, untested and even impetuous. I don’t think PAS and DAP will accept Azmin as PM.

There is no doubt Anwar Ibrahim is a charismatic leader. Let me repeat the two most important words in this sentence. Charismatic. Leader. Charismatic – because why else would his every move in politic attract so much attention in the media and amongst the people. Leader – because only a leader takes the risk of … Read more ATTORNEY GENERAL GANI PATAIL’S POLITICS AND TERROR AND HIS HYPOCRITICAL OATH IN FABRICATING EVIDENCE
PAS leaders may have the moral credibility or even the secular skills to govern a modern secular state — but will be undermined by the image of conservatism. That image, by way of unsophisticated reasoning, conjures yet another image of a nation forced to slide back on the scales of progress. DAP is a political realist. With 65 per cent of the population here being made up of Malays, DAP accepts the impossibility of having a non-Malay as PM.
After GE13, the three of them will sit down to negotiate the details. Anwar can’t force the issue since, although a secular and progressive party, between them, PKR does not command the bigger number of seats. PKR can’t do it alone — they need PAS and DAP.

Filth and Evil never ever changes – it can hide, camouflage itself, but will never deliver benefits. If you the rakyat votes in filth and evil, you deserve to get screwed (likely from the back after witnessing the penchant for posterior talents) UMNO’s self-fulfilling prophecy on ANWAR The situation is serious, certainly.  it is being …Read moreTHE HYPOCRITICAL OATH?PUBLIC ENEMY NO. 1 INSTITUTIONALISED POLICE OF CORRUPTION UMNO’S SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY ON ANWAR THE SITUATION IS SERIOUS,
When push comes to shove, everyone must be a realist. Can a person who probably is in jail become PM? Can a person with an image problem be PM? We will be defending a person who is stung by accusations of all sorts of moral depravities, all of which suggest moral weaknesses.
That alone will eat away at Anwar’s credibility this time around. He has to take a sabbatical to recuperate. — sakmongkol.blogspot.com

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