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“With the harsh realities of a more trying economy confronting us, this is the time that we must consolidate rather than experiment,” said Soi Lek.

“It goes without saying that that Chinese businessmen had done well in Malaysia because the country is led by capable and tested leaders who have proven they could deliver.”

To support his case, he cited Malaysia’s ranking as the world’s 10th most attractive foreign investment destination last year, up from 21st previously, as the result of “sheer hard work and having proper policies in place.”

“Demonstrations and public disorder will not bring economic glory or benefit to the people. On the contrary, it will send the wrong signals to foreign investors,” said Soi Lek.

“The people, especially the Chinese should not attempt to do the balancing act to have [checks and balances in the] government. In their haste, they make end up with the wrong government of their choice.”

Staying scared no longer an option

Not surprisingly, he was flayed for trying to scare-monger the Chinese, who are regarded as politically timid and reluctant to go against the establishment.

This has resulted in ultra-Malay groups such as Perkasa taking advantage of the perception and frequently using the threat of street protest and violence much like the May 13, 1969 riots to keep the Chinese in check.

“Soi Lek’s comments show he is still trapped in the old time warp. Sure, the Chinese are peace-loving but if they were scared, they wouldn’t have voted for DAP and PKR in the 2008 general election and again in the recent Sarawak state election,” PKR vice president Chua Jui Meng told Malaysia Chronicle.

“Let’s be frank, the only certainty is, if the Chinese stay scared, the country and they themselves will go bankrupt due to the BN’s unstoppable corruption and massive siphoning of funds to overseas accounts.

Extra-marital affairs work for those who want that extra spice, says Rupali Dean.
Infidelity is perhaps as old as marriage. And, along with the growing tribe of cheating spouses, there are some partners who remain blissfully unaware of any damage to their marriage.
Interestingly, the Infidelity Facts website states that up to 41 per cent of spouses who cheat actually admit to their affair. “It’s nothing new, but more in the open now,” says Sarika Pilot Chaudhry.
Many, who are prone to experimenting, do it guilt-free as long as they’re meeting “responsibilities” in the domestic space. Mrs and Mr Shah were the most perfect couple; they made the most brilliant hosts at parties and seemed inseparable. Later, the husband was seen romancing Nirali in another city. He reasoned, “I love my wife, but since we have been married for so long, I am a bit bored and need that excitement. Nirali is also married, so it’s ‘safe’! I love it when she accompanies me on an official trip as we can spend time exclusively. I am enjoying it while it lasts.”
Expert speak
Psychiatrist Dr Himanshu Saxena believes males by nature are polygamous. He agrees that Indians are more open about expressing their sexuality now. “Often, it’s marital disharmony that leads to extra-marital affairs. In arranged marriages, the spouses may not click, and look for options elsewhere. A liberal media and generally more openness with the opposite sex, such as colleagues, bring people closer emotionally and sexually.” He adds, “The seven-year itch persists and if marital relations stale, a fresh person appears more interesting.”
No guilt!
For some, an affair provides something lacking in their own marriage, which could be sex or mental stimulation. Rajesh Goyal, married for 12 years and recently blessed with a son says, “I don’t feel guilty. My wife has no reason to complain; I give her all that a loving husband would, but my girlfriend is my ideal companion and lover. And, one can’t marry everyone they love, right?”
For Maya, it’s just about sex, “I love my husband deeply and can’t dream of any other man in my life. Unfortunately, he has a low libido and I don’t want to lead the life of a nun; I am young and have my desires, so if it’s a man that excites me, I simply have to go ahead.”
Then there are the serial cheaters or the sex addicts! ‘Sex is wilder and more exciting with a stranger,” shares Krishna.
Is it worth it?
Says socialite Sonu Wassan, “To bring back the spark in the marriage, an affair can act as a catalyst.” Adds Arjun Sawhney, who runs a PR firm, “Humans are not monogamous, so if you feel it’s fine and your partner is okay with it, go for it. Variety is the spice of life.”
Comedian Gurpreet Ghuggi warns, “I think one gets into this purely for sex and it’s not worth risking your marriage.”
In ‘open marriages’, individuals have to learn the art of backing off before things become too hot to handle. Ultimately, whether it’s an affair of the mind or for sexual pleasure, it’s the families they want to go home to!
(Some names have been changed to protect identity)
A research has reported that extramarital affairs are no longer the main reason fordivorce, suggesting that unfaithful celebrities have made infidelity more acceptable. 

Consultancy firm The Grant Thornton questioned 101 leading family lawyers and found that “growing apart” or “falling out oflove” has become increasingly common and was the leading reason for marital breakdown, cited by 27 pc of lawyers in the survey.

Other causes of marital breakdown listed in the study included one partner having a “mid-life crisis”, emotional or physical abuse, “unreasonable behaviour” and financial worries.

Louisa Plumb, from Grant Thornton UK LLP, the financial and business advisors, suggested that the changing pattern could be attributed to celebrity couples who remained together despite one partner’s infidelity.

“We are seeing an increasing number of ‘celebrities’ putting up with alleged affairs in their marriage or relationship – with Abbey Clancy staying with Peter Crouch, and Cheryl Colelooking all set to go back to Ashley,” the Telegraph quoted her as saying.

“It may be that this is starting to have an effect on the behaviour of couples affected by extra-marital affairs, with more marriages than before surviving a bout of infidelity,” she added.

Let me get one thing straight here, Oh Moms In Desperate Need of Erotica: I am not joking. This is not about getting hot and bothered by watching your husband clean the kitchen. It’s not even about getting turned on by hiring a sexy electrician to boss around your kitchen. I have done both of these things in the name of love, but I no longer need to, thanks to E. L. James and her erotic romance novel, 50 Shades of Grey. I heard about this book from a friend, who spoke in hushed tones over the tops of her children’s heads as we waited in line for tables one Sunday at the local diner. That’s how you know a book is really dirty, by the way, because of the hushed tones. That’s how I found out about Judy Blume and Francine Pascal and V. C. Andrews, the holy trinity of early 1980′s soft porn. Granted, I was 11 at the time, and I didn’t know squat about sex, so I thought reading about it was amazing. I turned down pages where Something Happened (He put his hand into her pants! Shit, he’s her brother!) and re-read them over and over, just enjoying the feelings these words created in me. “Everyone in Armonk is reading 50 Shades of Grey,” my friend Deena insisted, her hushed tones becoming less hush and more hysterical. “Moms are forgetting to pick up their kids at school! You can’t even get it! It’s sold out at bookstores everywhere!”

Since when are there bookstores everywhere, I wondered? I haven’t seen one for two years. This book is making people cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. And it’s not like this is the first time erotica has infiltrated the suburbs. What about Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty series? Or Blume’s Wifey? Or every Harlequin Romance since the beginning of Fabio?
And, since when is the phrase “everyone in Armonk” an endorsement for anything, except perhaps… Armonk?
So, naturally, after leaving the diner, I downloaded the book on my Kindle and began having virtual sex in under a minute.
(That’s an exaggeration because it doesn’t really get good until 20 percent in. But after that, the sex doesn’t stop. Sorry about the ridiculous Kindle math — I have no idea what this equals in real-time pages.)
Is the book cheesy and awful? Yes. In order to get to the good stuff, you will have to sit through a British author who sometimes forgets her characters are American (“marquee,” by the way, means “tent”) and who likes her adjectives in triplicate, since the author couldn’t trust us (or herself) to think we could picture the image with only one descriptor. Therefore, Grey’s personal office is “palatial, swanky, sterile,” while the rest of the office space is “cold, clean AND clinical.” (Now that I’ve pointed this out, it’s going to drive you crazy.) And I’ve never read about a character that moves his features quite so much. In one scene alone, Grey’s mouth “quirks up,” “his lips curl in a wry smile,” and “a ghost of a smile touches his lips.” His grey eyes “alight with curiosity” or turn “dark” and “distant” within seconds.
As one would expect from a good romp, there’s a lot of overtly suggestive writing to laugh at. I mean, this guy “cocks his head” five times in the first few scenes of the book. Gee, I wonder what that means? Oh, naturally, that he’ll end up showing us his penis! (Excuse me, I mean his “impressive length.”) Duh. And, for the record, Christian Grey has the longest index finger of any character in the history of literature. It starts out as a “long-fingered” handshake when they meet, but follow it as you read, because eventually, that long finger is literally everywhere. And you will admire him all the more for it.
What is Anastasia doing in this pre-sex dance of theirs? “Squirming uncomfortably under his penetrating gaze,” of course. And tripping, and blushing nonstop. It’s hard not to blush when a man (hot, long-fingered, fictional or otherwise) says, “First I’m going to spank you and then I’m going to have my way with you.” Oh, sorry. Did I give too much away?
Here’s the fun (funny? strange? uncomfortable to admit?) part: When you put the book down, you will actually want to have sex with your husband. Like, a lot.
After 13 years of marriage, it’s a damned revelation.
“Matt’s exhausted,” my friend, Sarah, told me.
“Jim’s excited that there’s a sequel!” another friend said.
“It’s actually a trilogy,” Sarah said, slightly awe-struck. With over 900 pages of E. L. James on our bedside tables, we could all be having sex with our husbands… indefinitely.
“Jeff and I are going away this weekend – should I bring this book?” Amy asked.
“Yes!” We told her.
Yes, I tell you. Yes, and yes, and oh, baby, yes. 

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