Placing Political massacre within an appropriate legal context is the best path to reconciliation between Anwar and UMNO

Last ditch efforts are underway at the highest levels of the government to find a peace formula to ward off the ugly prospect of an all-out legal battle in Supreme Court

Last July, Prime Minister Najib Razak and Indonesian Muslim leader Amien Rais had a private meeting in a third country to chat about the case of Anwar Ibrahim. Amien, who is close to Anwar, apparently had expressed brotherly concern to Najib about how the political conflict within the Malay leadership was undermining the credibility of Malaysia as a country the Muslim world looked up to.

Amien intimated whether Najib could withdraw the charge. Najib, predictably, told Amien he could not do as asked as he had no power over the judiciary. Besides, Najib said, the case had nothing to do with him.

– Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has stressed that Umno embraces democracy and is not scared of the democracy as alleged by its political adversaries.

Six months later, on January 9, the High Court stunned Malaysians by acquitting and discharging Anwar of the charge of sodomy. The surprise verdict lent support to Najib’s assertion about the independence of the judiciary. Indeed,  the court’s verdict to acquit Anwar enhanced Najib’s political position.


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Expert stumped over ‘planted sperm’ poser
Common Sense in a Coma Déjà Vu All Over Again  the  the Strategic Partnership in fabrication of evidence,.scientists from Israel help to plant evidence
Growing up under his leadership, one tends to have utmost fear for this man. 22 years as Prime Minister, his fame or infamy has stretched far and wide. When in power, many a Malay looked up to him with pride and respect. Sad to say, the moment he was out of power, even his deputy – the extra mild Abdullah Badawi – turned on him.
His latest article attacking Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim for denigrating the New Economic Policy failed to make much impact. In the past, Malaysians would have read with eyes agog at his unrestrained criticism of Anwar, who during the 1990s was popular enough to overthrow him.
But now, ex-premier Mahathir Mohamad only draws a yawn. Most Malaysians have already formed their opinions of the NEP and whatever Mahathir says will not change their minds. Even the Malays, who are in two minds about the NEP, are steadfast in their differing views. Some Malays insist that the NEP be maintained as it is, while a similar number insist that it be revamped to help more lower-income Malays rather than benefit only the rich Malays and the Chinese tycoons connected to Mahathir himself.
Still a he-devil
In Mahathir’s eye, Anwar is still a devil and busy lying to the people that the NEP only benefits the BN cronies and that the contracts, Approval Permits and licenses given out in the name of affirmative action invariably involve corruption. He also said Anwar made it sound as if the NEP did not benefit the Malays and other Bumiputera at all, just the UMNO elite and their ‘friends’.
Gripe as Mahathir may wish, the statistics from his own government show that Anwar is also right, perhaps even more right than he is. Many experts will agree the NEP did benefit many Malays and Bumiputras in the country. But as Anwar pointed out, when one compares against the overall Malay and Bumi population, those who benefited work out to a miserly fraction. In many of his speeches, Anwar often quoted government figures showing that 96 per cent of the poorest people in the country are actually Malays. And the NEP has been in existence since 1971 or for 40 years. How can Mahathir, a doctor by training, fail to grasp this piece of simple math?
The only explanation may be that Mahathir is still ‘politicising’ against his former deputy, despite having sacked him, chased him out of their party and jailed him for 6 years. How did the blood between the two men become so bad? Some say it is guilty conscience on Mahathir’s part for the 1998 sodomy charges. True or not, it appears Mahathir’s dislike for Anwar has only grown stronger and not weaker with the years.

He said that was why when he took over the reins of the party and the government 30 months ago, he and his colleagues in the Umno Supreme Council, the Barisan Nasional (BN) Supreme Council and the Cabinet had decided to implement the reformation and transformation process.

“In the party, firstly, we expanded the franchise of electors for Supreme Council members. We want more people in Umno to be given the right to choose their leaders,” he said in his policy speech entitled “Umno Championing Transformation” at the opening of the general assembly 2011 at the Merdeka Hall, Putra World Trade Centre, here on Thursday.

He said Umno’s attitude in embracing democracy was precisely described by an English proverb, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”.

On the contrary, Najib, who is also the prime minister and BN chairman, said it was the opposition parties who were actually not democratic like Umno.

“We are not like our opponent. The first example, party A, the post of Ketua Umum (De Facto Leader), although he was not elected democratically, he has more power than the party president.

“Second example, party B calls itself a democratic party, however, it is totally undemocratic. Is it democratic when the branch delegates choose 20 members of the central committee, and these central committee members then choose the top party leadership? This totally does not reflect the wishes of the majority of members.

“For the third example, party C which purportedly champions the cause for a welfare state. Lahawlawala…., even for the post of spiritual leader it appears there is no democratic election, but he is more powerful than the president.

“Even worse, is party A, where the husband is the General Leader (de facto leader), the wife is president, the eldest daughter is vice-president, while the deputy president ….hrmm, no need for us to explain,” Najib said.

He said that for almost six decades, Umno had been the pillar behind the success of the nation and records showed that Umno had never dominated or intended to dominate the component parties of the Barisan Nasional as alleged by the opposition.

He said Umno was not embroiled in turmoil like the opposition which could not reach consensus on policy matters.

“For example, on the Islamic state, Party A says, not ever, Party B says, over my dead body. And Party C says let’s change to become a welfare state. This confuses the people,” he said.

Najib said compared to Umno, as the pillar of the BN, Umno took steps to work alongside and cooperate with component parties in pragmatic, realistic and honest manners.

“We accept Barisan Nasional’s partners as they are. We trust, depend on and understand each other even before the Independence. This has made us successful as the pillar in bringing prosperity to the country,” he said.

He said what was achieved today was not built in a short space of time but through struggles, sacrifices and hard work over the years.

“It was developed by our fathers, who were Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans, and others, including Orang Asli and Siamese. Their ambitions, their dreams, were none other than to provide a better life for us. This is being continued by the present generation who strive for a brighter future for our children and grandchildren,” he said.readmore


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