Who pays for sodomy appeal – Saiful or taxpayers?

‘The charge was consensual sex, therefore Saiful was a willing partner. How on earth is this going to uphold his honour and dignity?’

Your Voices

 I believe this has gone far enough. All law-abiding citizens of Malaysia should sue Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan and his family for bringing shame, deceit and blatant waste of time to the courts.

Even if we don’t have locus standi, we want them to know that the amount of resources spent going through this futile appeal can be used more productively elsewhere.

The attorney-general clearly shows his true colours this time by confirming our suspicion all along – that this is a political conspiracy aimed at preventing DSAI (Anwar Ibrahim) from becoming prime minister.

The ruling regime is scared that their corrupt way of life will be exposed once Pakatan Rakyat assumed power and formed the federal government.

Too much is at stake here: Birkin bags, mansions, Mercedes CLS, concubines and whatnot.

Not Confused: What I – and I suspect the majority of the right-thinking Malaysians – wonder is what justice is Saiful looking for?

The charge was consensual sex, therefore he was a willing partner. This has been apparently confirmed by himself.

He stated that he brought lubricant with him and added that the alleged act had been committed a number of times and yet he remained an aide to his so-called assailant.

By logical deduction then, if Anwar is by some further twist of fate, found guilty on appeal, Saiful’s situation has not changed in that he had consensual sex with his boss.

How on earth is this going to uphold his honour and dignity? Can someone out there explain this to me?

DesiKhan: Saiful should use his own money to get his lawyers to fight the issue. Why should the government get involved in this private case?

Q..!: Who is paying for this? Saiful or the taxpayers? If it’s the taxpayers, why should we care about what happened to him. He can get his father to pay for it.

Quigonbond: It’ll be the first if the Court of Appeal overturns a factual decision made by a High Court judge. But under Umno, any form of perversion of justice is possible.

In any event, Umno is screwed. They have expected to put Anwar behind bars by now. Even if the Court of Appeal reverses the High Court decision, it cannot convict Anwar. At best, it can only order a retrial.

That’s going to take another two years, by which time Pakatan would have made it to Putrajaya.

But consider another possibility, Najib could be assured of electoral victory by other vicious forms of rigging and manipulation, no matter whether Anwar is leading the charge for Pakatan.

Hence, he might as well milk Anwar acquittal for all its worth by ‘cleaning up’ the Court of Appeal and Federal Court.

With this one case, the judiciary in Malaysia will purportedly be made independent, and whole, once more. And then, in the future, it will only be used judiciously by the government for really critical cases.

BornInM’sia: I still want to believe that there are conscience in the judiciary and the trial judge refused to go according to the script but ruled without fear and favour in acquitting Anwar.

I believe the ruling also defeated the evil intention of planting explosives at the 901 rally. And I believe the conscience in the judiciary will again rise to occasion to defeat any evil scheme.

Up2U: The appeal was expected. First round, Anwar wins. The second round predictably will go against Anwar, and then there will be round three, by which time it may be irrelevant.

The expected damage to Anwar, especially among the rural Malays may be beyond repair, unless Pakatan can go down to the rural areas to convince them. It’s all about politics and who is being screwed is left to be seen.

ApaNamaDoktor?: It’s all political theatrics – well-planned and orchestrated with precision timing – to keep Anwar tied to the courts; get the elections going and over with, and find him guilty and lock him up for good.

It’s just too bad that the AG couldn’t care for a dead woman’s cries for justice and let Abdul Razak Baginda go without an appeal even though, going by admitted records, he is the only guy she knew in Malaysia. It’s May Day for justice.

Salleh Nordin: Umno doesn’t seem to get it that the rakyat are getting fed up with this fabrication. It is being directed and led astray by Dr Mohamad Mahathir, who is terrified at the thought of Anwar being acquitted.

Pemerhati: Yes, Najib is following Mahathir’s evil and despicable strategy of using the unprincipled and/or corrupt public servants to harass and persecute the opposition.

This Umno strategy of keeping the opposition busy in the courts also depletes the opposition’s meagre human and material resources while it does not cost BN anything as all the dirty work is done by its unprincipled lackeys and ‘kangaroos’ in the public service.

Amongst the many cruel and outrageous actions of Mahathir were Sodomy I and the very long trial of Tenaganita director Irene Fernandez on the trumped-up charge of publishing false news.

Now Najib is following in his mentor Mahathir’s footsteps by hounding Anwar and Karpal Singh in the same nasty, sickening, and disgusting manner.

Manjit Bhatia: Umno is undertaking an insidious game of double-whammy – knocking out Anwar and PKR and Karpal and DAP in one fell swoop, if not then to stem or derail the upsurge of support for Pakatan.

Both Anwar and Karpal are going to be dragged back through the courts in what is expected to be a protracted affair in their respective legal cases. This will, at the same time, wedge PAS in the opposition coalition. It’s the billiard-ball approach of snookering the opposition.

Faz: These are good arguments put up here but the drama being played is not for the consumption of Malaysiakini readers.

There are for the rural folks who still read the news as reported byUtusan MalaysiaBerita Harian, New Straits Times, The Star and RTM and TV3 news.

Umno-BN is still in the driver’s seat unless the rural folks are fed with the real truth of the matters in hand.

Senator: Let the show continue. The world is watching. Otherwise, what else is Malaysia contributing to the world these days?

What’s your chance of winning the lottery or to make it more mind-boggling – the chance of winning it twice? If you ask former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, he will gladly tell you that it was as easy as snapping your fingers. Yes, history repeats itself and it appeared Anwar’s strange habit never dies and he’s back to sodomy again *grin*.Somehow the 10-year cycle not only applies to stock market but also in politics. Anwar was sacked by former premier Mahathir in 1998 and subsequently found guilty on the charge of sodomising Anwar’s former family driver, Azizan Abu Bakar, on Aug 2000.

Anwar was freed in 2004 after the Federal Court acquitted him of the sodomy charge. However it was not because justice prevailed but rather a strategic political move by Abdullah Badawi to prevent his deputy Najib’s challenge for the top post. And now a man, 23-year-old Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, who had started working at PKR (Anwar’s own party) about three months ago had lodged a police report alleging sodomy by the PKR leader.

Saiful sodomised by AnwarJust like in 1998 when Anwar was at the climax of his career but was sacked as Deputy PM to kill his political ambition by Mahathir, the charismatic leader is now going through the same process for the same reason, never mind its 10-years into the future. Frankly I almost fell off my chair when I first read the report from Malaysiakini and the location the alleged sodomy took place, not too much because of the allegation *yawn* but more of the laziness on the part of the government to think of a better way to frame Anwar. To copy blindly from Mahathir’s creativity to fabricate such an allegation is simply outrages. Be creative and put some hard work so that we can enjoy another story plot please.

Saiful Shahrir MustaphaIt’s not too hard to frame a politician – create some stories about Anwar’s corruption when he was Finance Minister or probably his unauthorized subscription for prostitutes during his time serving jail. Best still accuse him as the terrorist group Al-Qaeda’s commander for the Asia-Pacific region who is currently building nuclear bomb for Iran, North Korea and Myammar. People might believe Anwar was capable of anything but sodomy. If there were only 50% of people who believe the sodomy story 10 years ago, now there could be only 5 percent. However as the saying goes – who cares if it’s an old trick / idea as long as it works?

But desperate people do desperate things so could it be the same people who were exposed by RPK as being present at the Altantuya’s murder scene plotted this latest amusing story? Maybe Anwar invited troubles when he claimed he had evidence implicating Inspector-General of Police Musa and Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail in the misconduct, including fabrication of evidence in the cases launched against him after his sacking from government in 1998. According to latest news from Malaysiakini the frightened Anwar is hiding inside Turkish Embassy due to assassination threat. Hey, can you trust the Turkish since the PM had business relationship (bought a luxurious yacht) from them *grin*?

Sodomy Conspiracy on AnwarCould it be that Anwar managed to secure majority hoppers from BN (National Front) coalition that such conspiracy has to be executed to prevent him from becoming the next Prime Minister no matter how flawed the plan was? Just what is happening to this country? You don’t like your lover to continue asking money from you – you terminate her with military C4 explosive. You don’t like people to demonstrate against your policy – you put them into ISA indefinitely. You don’t like your deputy to challenge you for the top post – you fabricate and accuse him of sodomy. You don’t have money for you political game – you increase toll rate, electricity rate, water rate, fuel price etc. You’re on the brink of losing power – you reuse the sodomy tactic. Simply awesome!

Bottom line – even if Anwar indeed sodomised the young chap again, nobody would believe it simply because the public has lost confidence in the present day government who practices corruption, inflation worshipping, intimidation, cronyism and nepotism instead of good governance, transparency and accountability; yet incapable of running the country efficiently and effectively. Instead, the public would believe it was a conspiracy by the government to cook up Anwar alive.


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