Mahathir portrayed himself as a patriot who “gave his life in the service of the nation,”
Throughout his rule, mahathir has put close members of his cronies in charge of key state institutions and security forces, Leaving that network intact could allow mahathir to continue to shape events in Malaysia, even without the title of prime minister.
“I don’t think we have seen the last of mahathir as prime minister,”
During Mahathir’s era, the corruption was done in a systematic way, you let the goose lay its golden egg before you take it and not the current way of slaughtering the goose hoping to get all the golden eggs. When there’re not enough eggs to be distributed, chaos erupts as everyone would get anxious, panic and greedy thus triggering the process of massive corruption. This is bad for next UMNO leaders (such as Mahathir’s own son or dynasty) as there would be nothing more left. Suddenly it appears bringing Najib down is much more easier than Abdullah Badawi.
Mahathir Blame NajibHowever, there’s a risk that Mahathir’s plan may backfire if the opposition manage to capture Putrajaya in the next general election.The objective was to unseat Najib Razak as he carries too much baggage so much so that he may bring UMNO down to a level which is beyond repair. When that happens all the corrupt UMNO warlords would need to take the first flight out of the country so you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to decide whether it’s worthwhile to keep Najib Razak. Gosh, the plot thickens and become super interesting.
One cannot help but fell off the chair laughing after read that Najib said he cancels a family vacation because he wants to spend more time with Malaysians. This was perhaps the best joke ever by premier Najib since he took over from Abdullah Badawi. This joke actually worth a thousand “Like” on his facebook page. Forget about Bersih 2.0 because this guy may quit under pressure – not from opposition parties or Bersih 2.0 but from his internal UMNO party. Boy, if it was true that the US$24 million controversial diamond ring indeed belongs to his wife Rosmah Mansor, that ring is cursed.
Anyone notice the deadly silence from Mahathir after the Bersih 2.0 rally that instantly flush Najib’s popularity into the toilet bowl? I’ve wrote earlier that Najib administration’s extreme stupidity in tackling the simple issue of Bersih 2.0 made the whole episode smells rat. Najib can’t be that foolish (or was he?) and even if he was indeed stupid, his wife would have save the day, unless of course the plan to unseat him has been brought forward by his own circles.Mahathir doesn’t like Najib for two main reasons – his wife and his close connection with Singapore Government.
It seems Najib may have to quit soon, probably before his term expires in 2013. And if Najib plans to stay until next year to enjoy more free overseas holidays using taxpayers money under his capacity as the prime minister, his dream is now short-lived based on his emergency return to take control of Putrajaya. How on earth could everything turns upside-down before his “shopping” trip to United Kingdom and Italy ends? It appears he has no other option but to call an early election,

“This blatant inconsistency about our precious rights and freedoms makes independent judges and the Rule of Law all the more important.”
You’ve probably noticed, we enjoy keeping our homes clean and organized as much as possible, especially when we have more time on our hands over the weekends. And it just so happens that today is a ‘big’ cleaning day for many Asian ethnicities. Why? It’s Lunar New Year’s eve and on this day tradition, or rather ritual (and perhaps superstition), dictates that households should thoroughly clean their homes to expel any negative energy or bad luck and to make way for good fortune to come in the new year

Najib go hang your self

Najib go hang your self It is odd that the government should have chosen law and order as its final alibi after some exhausting self-laceration in its search for a credible explanation Why do we say “law and order” rather than “order and law”? Simple. Law comes before order. Law defines the nature of order. … Read more
We’re not the superstitious type but if a deep cleaning of our homes will somehow bring good fortune into our lives, we say why not? So we did some digging and we’ve gathered a list of lunar new year cleaning traditions, including to-dos and tips, that supposedly should welcome prosperity into your home. Or keep these pointers in mind for the next time you go on a major cleaning spree.


use your political authority to give  justice, lack of morals the real crises in the mother fucker and scumbag in The Attorney-General’s Chamber First is regarding mother fucker and scumbag AG himself. We must not forget that he was the main player in Sodomy 1 — the charge that Anwar was also … Read more
Start from top to bottom. Sounds like a no-brainer, but dust and particles fall with gravity, so make sure you dust the blinds before you mop the floor — lest you want to mop twice. And clean from room to room, vacuuming or mopping up each room directly after cleaning that specific area. You should allocate separate cleaning cloths for each room, as to minimize cross-contamination.
And the dispossessed cried for mercy.
Yet, no one heard.
“ reformasi” They yelled.
And the tyrants cried “ISA THEM KUGAN THEM!”
“Starve and beseige them!”
“Use all necessary force to bring them to submission!”
And to the world the tyrants raged: “Security!”
And the sycophants cried in defense of the tyrants.
Then Conscience spoke and asked.
“Who will secure the starved, beseiged and dispossessed?”
Corrupt political leadership does not attractive men of outstanding integrity; neither can it be expected to enact effective laws to maintain high integrity in government.
Operation Lalang Revisited The more serious event involving the direct abuse of human rights occurred in 1987. Just the year before there was yet another patent abuse of human rights in form of the Memali incident (See box). The 27 October political crackdown on opposition leaders and social activists known by its police code name, … Read more
Trash old and unused items. This means especially magazines, calendars and dated material. This is not only a good de-cluttering rule to live by, but many Asian ethnicities believe that bad luck can live in your old belongings. And along the same line, it’s believed that you should get new pajamas and slippers at this time. After all, it’s a celebration about starting anew.
Don’t try to threaten the Chinese to vote for you. Even if there are zero MCA ministers in the cabinet it will not make an iota of difference to the Chinese community. The Chinese have already given up on any real representation by the voiceless, powerless, rubber-stamping puppets from MCA. so you go on fucking …Read more
Have clean linens and towels. This is as good a time as any to change your bedding to make sure you have clean sheets and a fresh new towel.
Repair or replace anything that’s broken. Everything from a squeaky door to burnt lightbulbs should be fixed or replaced. You don’t want anything weighing down any positive energy.
KEBENCIAN, KEDENGKIAN, KESOMBONGAN DAN DENDAM KESUMAT MASIH MEWARNAI SEGELINTIR PEMIKIRAN UMAT ISLAM PASCA PEMBEBASAN DSAI. Bagi setiap insan terdapat parameter yang menjadi panduan untuk dia berfikir dan bertindak. Seorang athies yang tidak mempercayai kewujudan tuhan, akan bertindak dalam kerangka kefahaman dan kepercayaannya itu. Begitu juga bagi kalangan yang mempercayai kewujudan tuhan, akan berfikir dan … Read more
Consider front and back door uses. Sweep from the entrance in toward the center of the room, and make sure to take out the trash using a back door if you have one; it’s believed that good luck enters through the front entrance while bad energy should be ushered out back. Thus, keep the front door area neat and tidy. But remember, it is considered bad luck to sweep on or a few days after the New Year because it’s a belief that you’ll be sweeping away any newly received luck, so do it right before on new year’s eve.

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