We help companies understand how politics and other subjective variables are shaping the business environment in Malaysia as well as the interlinkages between Malaysia and the people of the region. Such variables may be difficult to quantify, but nevertheless can have a critical impact on investment performance and therefore have to be factored into the decision-making process, which is the function of our services.



Our Government is guilty at best of collective incompetence and at worst of collective complicity. 


That we are among the most corrupt societies in the world needs little reiteration. But that’s not the real bad news. The real bad news is that our corruption has several layers – in fact layers upon layers – which may make it all but…
one were to trace the genesis of the epidemic of corruption it could be argued that the disease could well have been spawned during MAHATIR’s regime and the licence raj inevitably fostered both the generation of black money and the unholy nexus between politicians, bureaucrats and big business. With its catchy slogan of ‘BERSEH CEKAP AMANAH’ and its populist gimmicks i’s asocialism was in fact the legitimising of a mahatirmafia.
Corruption is not about money and power alone. It is anything and everything that compromises morality. And today morality is the first casualty everywhere — from Parliament to dirtiest Toilet

If you can’t beat them, join them. If you can’t join them, break them. And if you can’t break them, co-opt When you’ve dug yourself into a deep hole using a pickaxe, it’s tough to dig yourself out using a toothpick. That, in essence, is the Najib government’s predicament: the harder it tries to extricate itself from the quicksand of scandal-tainted RM336.64 million national cattle farming project. the deeper it gets sucked in.

Over the better part of last year the country has been engaged in a debate on corruption and misuse of position to enrich families  Some ministers have gone to jail and Anwar started a mass movement. Paranoia is a psychotic disorder in which a person feels persecuted by others. … examples everyday of people who are not to be trusted: corrupt politicians, …
Misuse of a position of power; … In this light petty corruption appears as a defensive strategy that people must resort to because thei

WA fish rots from the head down – never from the tail up. This embedded culture of corruption has led to squalid misgovernance. The rot is reflected in leakages in MNREGS which hurts the poor the most. It abets the builder-mafia-politician nexus which drives millions to live in slums as land is appropriated illegally. It is responsible for corrupt municipalities, power and water shortages, a slow judiciary and a brutalised, politicised police force.

To stem the rot, reform must begin from the top. The Indian public, long a mute spectator to its own plunder, has finally awoken – thanks partly to Anna Hazare’s crusade as well as to sections of the media still uncompromised by vested business and government interests.

It is for the people now to assert their collective will on those we elected to serve us but who have betrayed our trust. The message to them at the next election must be unequivocal: govern or goithin months, the companies he favoured, which had no sectoral competence or background in

This is not a news item that is likely to make the government or its vast machinery sit up and take note. After all, in all ‘fairness’, we have a humongous machinery in the name of government that does not sit up and take note of anything for that matter, does it?
Clearly, service mentality and the Government rarely go together in our part of the world. This is because by definition, one is supposed to have no service or performance matrix for government servants. By definition, no one in the government sector may easily be penalized, leave alone lose his or her job, for such cavalier treatment of those they are supposed to serve. And yet, the same government servants will be at their servile best before political masters who often demand services they are not entitled to.When I look at Najib, Muhyiddin, Mahathir, Ibrahim Ali – all those bombastic self-proclaimed Ketuanan Malay “leaders,” I do think of Hang Tuah! Huh! All they remind me of are Field Marshall Idi Amin Dada, Mobutu Sese Seko, Robert Mugabe and His Excellency Benito Mussolini Head of Government, Duce of Fascism, and Founder of the Empire. Yes at one time or another they were all leaders of their people, all striding to the sound of brass bands and traveling around in motorcades flanked by armed guards. Leaders they might be but they were all totally oblivious to the look of contempt and disgust from the very masses that they consider themselves to be Lord and Master over. Totally oblivious of the massive harm they have done to the country they ruled. Totally oblivious to the crumbling ruins of their government because all they see are the trappings of power and their personal needs. Never the misery of the people they rule.I want you all to understand this. When in power these kinds of leaders will do what they want. They would not investigate themselves. MACC, the AG, the Judiciary and PDRM (among other Government entities) are there to ensure that these leaders are given the means and leeway to do what they want. And what they want is to stay in power and make money for themselves and their cronies.
And who are the people who have been in charge in Malaysia? For 22 years of the last 30 years it has been this man call Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad.
“Tell me, which UMNO leader does not have problem?” she asked as reported by the paper on December 18.
“Who can give this clarification?”
fact 1Illegal, unlawful
“The loan agreement signed in 2007 covers a loan period of 20 years with a grace period of three years. The repayment scheme is to commence from the first day after the end of the grace period by way of annual instalments over 17 years at 2.0% per annum.

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