In doing research  , I realized that there’s one basic con played on the public across all industries. It is what I call The Very Bad Deal, in which you are offered something that looks quite appealing but are never told about the large hidden costs. These costs often take the form of shoving hidden risk onto the backs of the public, through a Bought Government.can still get away with disclaiming responsibility ”Again, you make everything so simple, when in fact it’s complicated. Which required better acting from the irrepressible Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil .Politics is carbon-dated by events, not time. Partnerships need tensile strength to survive misunderstandings when suspicion warps a relationship into a tangential curve. Mercury rather than blood flows through the vein of public life; politics is very human and turbulent, and ego floats beyond the reach of rational discourse.Any institution, whether party or government, demands the stability of an uncontroversial script, or the comfort of silence from geniuses who can never find an equitable balance between their self-estimation and the role they have been given in what is essentially a  National Feedlot Centre (NFC)  ’s opera

Actors slip easily into politics because they have MBAs in the management of adulation. They have studied the arts of froth and the science of glamour, most notably the cruel fact that it has an early sell-by date. Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil remains an ageless icon ,the real point in our system is to get winning votes. Backroom strategy can turn the scandal in a difficult election.

still has 1.3 million wanita umno  audience, but can sheturn it into a winning proposition?  but does she have voters audience?

When such questions set out in search of answers, they can lose their way in the by lanes of paradox. The definitive replies will be available only in the next  elections

to give an example, the votes of malaysians, it will hurt UMNO-BARISAN  rather more than  whose core support remains consistent even if her supplementary vote is drifting.If dancing has been described as the vertical expression of a horizontal desire, then there is a similar divergence between position and intention in politics. Subtle histrionics mix basic instinct with populist promise; rhetoric carries the message. The voter plays along, suspending disbelief en route to a polling booth.

business acumen and very importantly, humility and a feet-on-the-ground attitude helped Cyrus Mistry make it to the coveted appointment as successor to Ratan Tata! Amongst the many things said about the man right after the announcement, what sent eyebrows rocketing were paeans to his low-key, modest profile! “Soft-spoken, candid and down-to-earth” is what he was described as.

In an era of dog-eats-dog, where we see the loudest voices compete for attention and the soft ones drown unsung, unseen, Cyrus’s appointment comes as something of a pleasant shock! How could a man who shunned arclights and the party circuit, preferring to work nose-to-ground, win over several more visible contenders? Does this portend a changing trend then? Can the quieter, but still capable man/woman be more hopeful of getting noticed now?

When everyone is busy selling themselves aggressively, the voice that reaches out loudest from amongst the crowd is the softest one! As the self-aggrandizing cacophony creates chaos, you strain to hear the soft and steady voice of reason and capability.

Not everyone can scream or shout. There are those who cannot and others who see no reason to do so when they can be equally effective otherwise. Not long back, with the advent of the dotcom era, there seemed no hope for the quieter, even though capable ones.  Until you made yourself heard, you didn’t stand a chance of succeeding. However lately one hears success stories of even those who maintain a low profile, so long as they are exceptional at work.



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