John F. Kennedy carried on an 18-month-long affair with Mimi Alford, now a 69-year-old

—John F. Kennedy carried on an 18-month-long affair with a teenaged White House intern, according to a new book by the woman who claims to have been the late US president’s lover.

Former US President John F. Kennedy. AFP FILE PHOTO
Excerpts of the shocking memoir, “Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath,” were released Monday by the New York Post, which said it purchased a copy of the book at a local bookstore, although it is not scheduled for publication until Wednesday.
In her tell-all memoir, author Mimi Alford, now a 69-year-old grandmother, recounts the president’s tears after the death of his newborn son, and recalls that he confided to her, while
embroiled in the drama of the Cuban missile crisis that “I’d rather my children red, than dead.”
Alford provides intimate details of their relationship, which started in the summer of 1962, when she was just 19, less than half the age of the dashing president, who was killed the following year by an assassins’ bullet at the age of 46.
In an excerpt published by The Post, Alford wrote that she met Kennedy just four days into her internship, and that he invited her the following day on a personal tour of the White House residence that included first lady Jackie Kennedy’s bedroom.
Now 50 years later, Alford, a retired New York City church administrator, writes that it was there that she lost her virginity to Kennedy that day.
“Slowly, he unbuttoned the top of my shirtdress and touched my breasts,” Alford — at the time Mimi Beardsley — wrote in the excerpt.
“Then he reached up between my legs and started to pull off my underwear. I finished unbuttoning my shirtdress and let it fall off my shoulders.”
“After he finished, he hitched up his pants and smiled at me” before pointing her in the direction of the bathroom, the Post reported.
“I was in shock,” Alford wrote.
“He, on the other hand, was matter-of-fact, and acted as if what had just occurred was the most natural thing in the world.”
The young debutante, described by one Kennedy biographer as a “tall, slender, beautiful” college sophomore, continued the relationship for a year and a half — even traveling with the president on occasion — until their affair ended with Kennedy’s assassination.
Although they never kissed, and there was always a “layer of reserve between us, the sex was “varied and fun” she said, although Kennedy sometimes “acted like he had all the time in the world. Other times, he was in no mood to linger.”
During their affair Kennedy reportedly taught Alford to make scrambled eggs and to appreciate the music of Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett. Despite their intimate liaison, she continued to call him Mr. President.
And she explains in her book that it never occurred to her to resist the advances of the leader of the free world.
“The fact that I was being desired by the most famous and powerful man in America only amplified my feelings to the point where resistance was out of the question. That’s why I didn’t say no to the president,” she wrote.
And when she finished her stint at the press office of the White House, and returned to Wheaton College in Massachusetts, he sometimes would call her under the pseudonym Michael Carter.
The last time she saw him was on November 15, 1963, a week before Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas. “I’ll call you when I get back,” he told her. Alford reminded the president that she was soon to get married.
“I know that, but I’ll call you anyway,” he replied.
Kennedy is said to have carried on numerous White House affairs during his presidency, including with an alleged dalliance with Hollywood starlet Marilyn Monroe.
The Post wrote that Random House, which published the book, says that after the president’s death Alford “grieved in private, locked her secret away and tried to start her life anew, only to find that her past would cast a long shadow — and ultimately destroy her relationship with the man she married.”
I love the process of being able to ask you, readers, a question and get your responses  February’s question was about love and the secrets to long-lasting relationships. It seems your answers were close to what my answers would be: Laughter, kindness, respect, allowing the other to grow, hanging in there when it gets rough, not walking away. And great sex.
One of my favorites was from someone who said that the secret to a long-term relationship is “not wanting a divorce at the same time.” That reminded me of something Olivia Harrison said in her documentary on her husband George Harrison, “Living in the Material World.” She said a secret to a long marriage is not getting divorced. That seems clear enough. If Cupid had a twitter account, what do you think he would say?
It is 147 years since the death of The President who deflowered me on his wife’s bed, so I have decided, after a struggle with my conscience and an advance the size of Brazil’s GNP, that it is time to unburden myself of the secret I have long hidden from the world. It is also time for me to divulge just how cute I was when I was a teenager, not to mention how terrific I look for my age. I’m not your average great-great-great-great-grandmother, after all. Have you seen these cheekbones? When I was brought to the Lincoln White House as an intern, I had no idea what I was doing there. I just wandered around asking people “Mister, do you know why I’m in Washington? Somebody sent me a note.” You see, I hadn’t applied for the job. I hadn’t ever heard of the word “intern.” We used other words then, not that I knew those either, because I was very naïve. I was just a sweet and innocent knockout long-drink-of-water (that’s what they called tall young ladies then) of a debutante from a preposterously wealthy East Coast family who attended a posh girls’ school. Curiously enough, I had never met a man. My own father was kept in a separate room and brought out only on major holidays. And not one student at my sophisticated posh boarding school ever discussed the so-called masculine sex. When boys from nearby Trinity or Yale came by to visit, they stood outside the windows and wrote their initials in the snow while we young ladies stayed indoors, needle-pointing and playing the zither. I had no idea what this “kissing” business was, for example, and believed that babies were brought to home by poor Irish immigrants who birthed them for you. Isn’t that quaint and yet oddly arousing? It wasn’t until I saw the twinkle in The President’s eye that I understood that I had been brought to The White House as what the French mistress might have called an “amuse bouche.” It’s not that I was bitter at having been denied an interview with his wife, the formidable and famous Mary Todd who had graduated from my alma mater Miss Totter’s. That wasn’t it at all, even though I had never been denied a thing in my life. It wasn’t that I felt competitive because at Miss Totter’s we were taught to be highly ambitious without losing our femininity, which is like being taught to be a carnivore without ever eating meat. It’s true that people said The President’s wife and I looked alike (although, since I am being brutally honest about all my memories as I recall them, I was taller and prettier than the President’s wife, as you can see from these early photographs of me; have I shown them to you yet?). So I was there in Washington because the President had obviously heard about my innocent ways and sharp intelligence. I was one of a select few. That’s why the girls at Wheaton College, which I attended even though it had only been founded in 1860, were fondly referred to as being part of the “Breakfast of Champions.” Clearly it was because we were recognized for our ability to make excellent conversation during meals. I was so fascinated by politics that I spent my time open-mouthed in amazement. The President and I spent a lot of time in the pool which was actually a bath tub. It was very big, though, because The President liked to splash around. We played with little log cabins because of his boyishness and wrote our names with soap on tiny toy shovels. I found it charming that he kept writing “Girl” for my name because it was his way of being intimate. Did I feel I was betraying the First Lady? Not really. I was very young and besides, the train tickets and buggies from Washington were sent by Staff members so they must have been worse double-crossers than I was, which I wasn’t, because of my extreme youthfulness. My life since The President left me a bag of gold coins as a dowry? (“For The Girl,” he wrote tenderly, saying so much about our relationship in so few words, a loving token that I naturally threw it away). Mostly dieting. And working for the other party. As I said, it’s not that I’m bitter.
Are you a single woman who has kissed umpteen toads but not yet landed the Prince? Or are you just holding on to something that was never meant to be? If you want to know what makes a man fall for a woman and willing to walk her down the aisle,


1. A woman with her own life : Ladies, please note that he doesn’t want someone clingy. If you are one person who has her own set of friends and can hang out by yourself, you are closer to hitting the jackpot. 
2. No first move: OK, so is it ladies first or do men get be gentlemen and ask the lady out? The guy likes a woman who never makes the first move. He wants to decide how he’s going to woo you serenade you – so be a lady and let him!
3 . Love’s in the air: Does your heart beat faster when you see him? Does his voice make you want to see him? While some may experience these, others may feel a sense of comfort and security when with him. This makes for a good foundation to take the relation ship.
4. Show you care : Someone said don’t sweat the small stuff. But in a new relationship you definitely need to! Doing little things to show to him that you care will make his heart grow fonder. 
5. Sexy yes, slutty no : Don’t indulge in PDA right off the bat – you are likely to scare him off! Men like to take it slow and prefer being nonsexual but flirty in the initial stages of the relationship.

6. Wait for sex:  Don’t jump into bed on your first date. Sex can effectively ruin what could otherwise be a beautiful relationship. Both of you may end up having very little in common other than sex. So wait a while before you seal the deal. 
7. No-nonsense : A man wants a woman he can respect. If he knows he can’t get away with anything, he’s likely not to go down that path. Also, don’t date a guy who is seeing other women, married or abusive – they are just not worth it.
8. Be his buddy: Make him feel good in front of his friends and important people. Don’t laugh at him but with him.readmore 10 Things WHY Women Hate About INTOXICATED SMELLY Indian Men

9. Lay off: If you are the kind who will call, text and mail your man umpteen times a day, rest assured he will run out the door in a jiffy. Don’t badger him, especially about the future. Take it as it comes and things will just fall in place!


10. Good attracts good : If he is well-mannered and gentlemanly, then you have scored a 100! As dating experts say, “Good manners are a sign of what kind of man he is.” Ensure that you have similar values and he’s dependable and truthful.

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