PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang don’t ape The Butcher of Gujarat to use religion for political agenda

Haram’ to accept Israel, says Hadi




Anti-Jewish sentiments expressed by Islamic leaders throughout the Middle East Malaysia are, in fact, not religious in nature, but, rather, political. The best proof of this is in the fact that Islamic anti-Judaism is quite recent  ‘Haram’ to accept Israel, says Hadi

Is there any fundamental reason which prohibits Muslims from recognizing Israel as a friendly State?
I realize that a negative answer to the above question is taken for granted by popular opinion. My approach, however, is not based on popular opinion or the current political situation, but on a theological analysis of authentic Islamic sources.
Viewing the Jewish return to Israel as a Western invasion and Zionists as recent colonizers is new. It has no basis in authentic Islamic faith. According to the Qur’an, no person, people or religious community can claim a permanent right of possession over any territory. The Earth belongs exclusively to God, and He is free to entrust sovereignty over land to whomever He likes for whatever time period that He chooses.
“Say: ‘O God, King of the kingdom (1), Thou givest the kingdom to whom Thou pleasest, and Thou strippest off the kingdom from whom Thou pleasest; Thou endowest with honour whom Thou pleasest, and Thou bringest low whom Thou pleasest: all the best is in Thy hand. Verily, Thou hast power over all things.'”(2) [Qur’an 3:26]
From the above Qur’anic verse we deduce a basic principle of the Monotheistic philosophy of history: allah chooses as He likes in the relationship between peoples and countries. Sometimes He gives a land to a people, and sometimes He takes His possession back and gives it to another people.
In general, we can say that He gives as a reward for faithfulness and takes back as a punishment for wickedness, but this rule does not permit us to say that allah’s ways are always plain and clear to our eyes, since His secrets are inaccessible to the human intellect.
Using Islam as a basis for preventing Arabs from recognizing any sovereign right of Jews over the Land of Israel is new. Such beliefs are not found in classical Islamic sources.
Concluding that anti-Zionism is the logical outgrowth of Islamic faith is wrong. This conclusion represents the false transformation of Islam from a religion into a secularized ideology.
Such a false transformation of Islam was in fact made by the late Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin el-Husseini. He is the one person most responsible, both morally and materially, for the repeated Arab defeats in their conflict with the Jews in Israel.
Husseni not only incited Arabs against Jews. He also encouraged the torture and murder of all Arabs who correctly understood that Arab cooperation with Jews was a precious opportunity for the development of the Land of Israel. Husseini ended his woeful life by putting his perverted religious teachings at the service of the evil and pagan Nazis.
After Husseini came Jamal al-Din ‘Abd al-Nasser. Nasser based his policy on Pan-Arabism, hatred and contempt for Jews, and an alliance with the atheistic Soviet Union. Nasser’s terrible choices were critical factors in maintaining Arab backwardness. Fortunately, most of Nasser’s mistakes were afterward corrected by the martyr Anwar Sadat. (3)
After the defeat of Nasserianism, Islamic fundamentalist movements made anti-Zionism the primary feature of their propaganda. They presented the negation of any Jewish rights to the Land of Israel as rooted in authentic Islam and derived from authentic Islamic religious principles.

“To Moses We [Allah] gave nine clear signs. Ask the Israelites how he [Moses] first appeared amongst them. Pharoah said to him: ‘Moses, I can see that you are bewitched.’ ‘You know full well,’ he [Moses] replied, ‘that none but the Lord of the heavens and the earth has revealed these visible signs. Pharoah, you are doomed.'”
“Pharoah sought to scare them [the Israelites] out of the land [of Israel]: but We [Allah] drowned him [Pharoah] together with all who were with him. Then We [Allah] said to the Israelites: ‘Dwell in this land [the Land of Israel]. When the promise of the hereafter [End of Days] comes to be fulfilled, We [Allah] shall assemble you [the Israelites] all together [in the Land of Israel].”
“We [Allah] have revealed the Qur’an with the truth, and with the truth it has come down. We have sent you [Muhammed] forth only to proclaim good news and to give warning.”
[Qur’an, “Night Journey,” chapter 17:100-104]

We the people of the world were busy in punishing the weak and shamelessly enjoying the emotional and physical beating they were taking. We did not offer them any serious options but to fight for survival. Sadly, like the leaders of Israel had failed, the Palestinian leadership also failed to share their humility and humanness with the Israelis.

I am deeply committed to the security of Israel and Justice and  security for the Palestinians. A few ugly comments here and there matter to me but don’t deter me from my commitment. I have chosen to be neutral for the sake of peace, and invariably about 1 percent of Israelis and 1 percent of Palestinians will never want to see neutrality in others. We cannot forget the desire for peace by the overwhelmingly silent majority. We need to hear them.

On the other hand, the Palestinians were hurt, uprooted from their own homes, and were completely deprived of their basic need to have a sense of belonging, a sense of community and a sense of identity. Children have witnessed their parents and siblings butchered in front of them, and what do we expect them to do? What is their hope? For nearly three generations they lived in tents and squalor, and had to beg for food, clothing and an identity. It is depressing to see such humiliation in their own land.

We should have gotten the families of Palestinians and Israelis to sit and eat together, talk with each other and let the kids play a game of soccer in their presence and dream about a future for them. We deprived them of their humanness and instead armed them to fight. What have they achieved and what have we achieved?

And we the people of the world found poor excuses to blame Palestinian and Israeli leadership, instead of taking the lead and guiding them in their most vulnerable moments of history. We succumbed to their plea of the moment and took sides and propped them to fight against each other. We Americans are as guilty as the Arabs in the mindless upmanship, shame on us for dumping our in-capabilities on to the next generation.

 During the communal (religious) riots in the early ’60s, both Muslims and Hindus were killed in the mayhem. I wish every father in India, America and elsewhere teaches this lesson to his kids. He told us the “individuals” were responsible for the bloodshed and not the religions; he would emphasize that you cannot blame an intangible like religion and expect justice, we must blame the individuals who caused it and punish them accordingly for disturbing the peace and thus bring a resolution to the conflict by serving justice. He was crystal clear: You cannot annihilate, kill, hang or beat the religion, so why bark at it? Narendra Modi, the infamous Chief Minister of Gujarat, has had a full 7 years of near complete immunity and full reign over his state in India despite overseeing a near holocaust of Muslims in 2002. With his implicit, and sometimes explicit permission, Hindu nationalists slaughtered, raped and displaced Muslim men, women and children.
Official figures put the death toll at 2000 in total with another 250 missing. Actual numbers must be much higher – probably closer to 10,000. Over 100,000 people, both Hindus and Muslims, were displaced when Modi’s crazed followers destroyed entire neighborhoods and cities. It has even been called a genocide by some in the Indian media. Tehelka has the full report.
Ruben Anderson reported for Reuters in 2005 that politicians were more than complicit in this communal slaughtering. He writes:
“…a group of Indian investigators says it has unearthed evidence of what human rights activists have said for a long time – that politicians and policemen helped or even led the mobs in Gujarat in 2002 when an estimated 2,000 Muslims were burned, shot and bludgeoned to death.
“The police were colluding with the killers, and some among them also played an active role,” said Mukul Sinha … with Gujarati human rights group Jan Sangharsh Manch.
The group has analysed mobile phone traffic between police, politicians and religious leaders on the fateful days after February 27, 2002, when mobs went on the rampage through Muslim neighbourhoods following the still unresolved burning of a train carriage of Hindu volunteers in the town of Godhra.
According to the investigators, the police moved away just in time for the mob to hit Muslim areas in Gujarat’s capital Ahmedabad and stayed at a distance until the violence was over.
They say they also have proof that police were talking to top Hindu religious leaders and politicians during the carnage, including the state’s then home minister. “The police claim they were outnumbered, but you have to be on the spot to be outnumbered,” said Nirjhari Sinha, the main investigator.
How likely is it that Narendra Modi, the all powerful CM, would remain aloof from all this? What is the possibility that the home minister could issue such drastic orders to the police without at least some collusion from his boss?
The allegations against Modi include the following (quoted):
  1. Modi along with over 50 other politicians had aided and abetted state-wide communal riots in 2002 in connivance with police officials and senior bureaucrats
  2. Modi was involved in the killing of a former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri
  3. his “government … was not allowing FIR to be registered into the [above] killing”
  4. Indian and global human rights organizations have singled out … Modi … as the key culprit [of the riots]
  5. Gujarat sectarian riots had the “sanction” of Chief Minister Narendra Modi and that many of the accused had admitted this on camera
  6. Modi had encouraged them to massacre Muslims and prevented police from stopping the killings
  7. Modi manipulated the legal system to protect the rioters
  8. Modi kept on changing judges to ensure [the] release [of a perpetrator]
  9. Modi gave [the rioters] three days time “to do whatever they wanted.”
  10. Modi’s ministry contains … many criminals and ruffians.
Tehelka conducted investigations years ago and found that the perpetrators didn’t even express any remorse. This is perhaps even worse than the Nazis, at least some of whom felt bad for their victims (read about the Valkyrie affair). Harinder Baweja writes:
Suresh Richard, an accused in the Naroda Patiya massacre, confesses to rape. He tells you he is not lying, because he is admitting to it in the presence of his wife. He tells also of how he and his fellows killed Muslims when they heard that some of them were hiding in a gutter, hoping to escape the marauding mobs. Haresh Bhatt, a sitting MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly), similarly needs to be questioned, to be proceeded against because he reveals how rocket launchers were assembled in a factory owned by him. In over 40 hours of tape, none, save one of the protagonists, expressed any remorse. Frighteningly, they all said they would like to kill many more.
And now, 7 years after the riots, Narendra Modi may be questioned by a special investigation teamabout his involvement in the affair. 7 years. And, this is only after the Supreme Court of India issued orders to investigate the perpetrators.
Narendra Modi has been constantly protected by the BJP, which was in power at the Center till 2004. Modi was re-elected in Gujarat in Dec 2002 (a few months after the massacres) and once again in 2007. It must have been easy in 2002 with thousands of Muslim voters displaced. In 2007, 1 in 5 candidates in Gujarat had criminal records. No doubt voter intimidation and disenfranchisement were rampant. CNN reported in 2002:
BJP won a victory for communal forces by dividing majority Hindus and minority Muslims.
The hope of any justice for the victims and punishment for the worst offenders is virtually non-existent.
And the funny thing is that the victims of the carnage and their families haven’t received their compensation even 7 years after the Central Government allocatted the monies.

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