The perils of living Exploring relationship Love is indeed blind!


Imagine if your spouse tells you that he/she will never seek a divorce from you even if you are unfaithful to him/her and you have affairs with others.

Will you be faithful to your spouse?

Imagine if you tell your spouse that you will not seek a divorce from him/her even if he/she is unfaithful to you and he/she has affairs with others.

Will your spouse be faithful to you?


My Secret Friend

I may never see you,

listen, talk, or love you.

Maybe someday you will look up,

and find the sky like an empty cup*.

You and I are nothing more,

than pieces on a chessboard;

Parts of a puzzle design,

made by the same Divine.

Talk, shout, or whisper, let me know,

break the barrier and let it flow.

Ask me your questions, tell me your secrets,

Trust my heart and we will talk until the sun sets.

Hold my hand and let us embrace,

no matter what it is we’ll face,

no one ever said it would be so easy or hard,

Now come with me and let us go back to the start.



Love is indeed blind!

We cannot control the evil tongues of others; but a good life enables us to disregard them. 

did I hear this no no
Radio receiver (in binomial code) : This is Earth calling. Is there anyone out there? Anyone out there? Any…knock knock knock
 There are other life forms in the universe — but they don’t want to know us
If alien life really exists, they would have found humans by now, but they are consciously avoiding us, a new study has suggested. (TOI report)
JV eavesdrops on a conversation taking place between two inhabitants of a planet called Dnoyeb, in the back of beyond of the cosmos.
R2D3 : Wassup; dude?
R2D4 : Nothing much, bro. Just those Earthlings sending out radio signals to us and all the other good folk in the million-plus populated galaxies in the universe.
R2D3 : They’re still sending out their messages asking if there’s anyone out here and getting no reply? Can’t they take a hint? Haven’t they anything better to do?
 R2D3 : Yeah? And what ism is that?
 R2D4 : Egoism.
 R2D3 : Now that does sound like a socially transmitted disease. What the hell is egoism?
 R2D4 : Egoism is the superstition that it is i and i alone for which this entire cosmos, with its 100 billion stars and its countless planets, was created.
 R2D3 : Wow. Some ego, some ism.
 R2D4 : You can say that again. And that’s the reason that the Earthlings have destroyed the planet they live on. It’s the i-wash of egoism that makes them convinced that not just the Earth but the whole universe is theirs to exploit, and pollute, and fight over, until there’s nothing left.
 R2D3 : Jeez, you’d have to be a really non -intelligent life form to have any truck with that bunch of losers.
 R2D4 : Bang on, bro. That’s why no one ever responds to their radio signals, which are worse than those pesky SMSs we keep getting on our intergalactic mobiles. It’s high time we switched off our receivers as far as Earthlings are concerned. To coin a phrase, why on Earthwould anyone want to know them?
 Radio receiver (in binomial code) : This is Earth calling. Is there anyone out there? Anyone out there? Any…
 us start as friends then as  partner then maybe if we are very sure then we can decide
In order to identify the perfect mate for you, it is important to understand yourself. Before embarking on this critical quest, you need to have a clear idea of the kind of life you wish to lead. Are you looking for someone who can be a counterfoil for your dynamic energy and restlessness, someone who can keep you grounded and build a steady home for you? Are you looking for someone who can give you the required impetus, some encouragement and that one push to help you on in life? Are you looking at bettering your material circumstances or shoring up your emotional fronts? Are you attracted by a life that takes you round the globe or would you rather strike root in one place? Once you understand what your triggers are, it is easier to identify people who would make good potential partners for you. How frustrating it would be if you are forced to kill your dreams or are stifled in a relationship that requires you to take paths contrary to your urges!
 The perils of living Exploring relationship
Life is made up of moments. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the chaos we call life around us, lies an opportunity. An opportunity to give someone else’s life a moment.”Our lives begin to end
the minute we become silent
about things that matter.”
Martin Luther King
 I would like to begin my article with the words of a great man – Dr Martin Luther King Jr. The person who has always inspired me in my life at one stage or the other. People cease to exist but what they do in a lifetime and the words they speak , last for ever in the ether’s of time.
 So… What have we done with this one lifetime we have had? By asking what have we done? I do not mean – Have you changed the world? Have you been a prophet? Or have you been a revolutionary. I mean have you made a positive change to at least one persons life in your entire lifetime … even if it is to your very self? For every drop is a major contributor to the ocean which shall one day rain upon the parched earth from the clouds and make her breathe life in her womb. My aim is to awaken you to your true power, to enable and encourage my young friends to realize that we CAN emerge from whatever struggles and tragedies life has put us through as winners, and by winners I do not only mean professionally but as individuals who will live their life in abundance in every possible sphere.I hope to uplift, and to inspire more powerful ways to think and be by bringing simple stories and excerpts of people who have inspired me always .
Do you have nagging regrets as you move along in life? Regrets that do not allow you to enjoy the present moment to its full potential, whipping up traces of “What ifs…” and “Wish I hadn’t….” What do you regret?
 Have you ever felt your life might have been entirely different had you made different choices down the road? Of course you have; all of us do. The difference is in what we do about these “turning point” thoughts. Some of us dismiss them thinking Destiny leads us through life, influencing each option presented to us and every choice we make. So we must focus on dealing with the cards life has dealt us, rather than live in perpetual regret of what we did not get! Others however believe we ourselves determine the paths our lives take through the choices we make at different stages of life.
 This to me is the crux of the matter. If all of us could accept that the life we live is the one meant for us, it would lead to a great sense of calm and acceptance. The angst of living with second best would give way to a peaceful acceptance of one’s lot. Nobody likes to go through life moping about what ‘could have been’, or even living around people who do so! There is no idea talking about or focusing on all that you could have done had circumstances been any different. The reality is that circumstances were NOT different and regret as you might today, nothing is going to change them for you now. However if you pay attention to influencing circumstances now and making the right choices at this point in life, you can save yourself a lot of regret and heartburn in the future!
 Being beset with doubts about yourself and the life you chose is well-recognised symptom of mid-life crisis. It is at this stage that many people choose to jump off the bandwagon, chucking the life they have built for themselves till that stage and starting afresh, be it in their careers or personal lives. This is what accounts for many men walking out of their homes in late life, leaving their families to fend for themselves.
 Can we do anything to ensure we are not assailed by regret as we move along in life? I spoke to many friends who declared they have no regrets. And from our discussions emerged some learnings that can be shared here. The one thing that is critical to a life of no-regrets is that one must never do anything that goes against one’s grain. Be faithful to the values you choose to believe in so that at least you know you followed your principles and would do the same all over again!An important learning is not to say hurtful stuff to people you care about. It is also important to follow your heart so that you do not regret missing out on things you would have really wanted to do in life. I met a lady at friend’s Eid party who spoke of how her husband had given up a lucrative career to follow his passion. I admire someone who can do this, but certainly not someone who dumps his family to restart life or commits suicide to escape this life and start afresh. The first is taking responsibility of his life in his own hands and living with the result; the latter two are shrugging off their responsibilities onto others while taking the cowardly way out!
 And yes, we must ensure we have enough time for our loved ones and make it a point to let them know they are loved well. Choices distract but if we sincerely follow our heart and resolve not to hurt others along the way, we are unlikely to have any regrets.
 so let us
Explore ourself first
this are my thots lets keep our mind open may we start our journey as friends
say something

Having unmet emotional desires leaves many women feeling trapped in their sense of disconnection. The false belief that marriage will automatically lead to a sense of being heard, seen, known and loved may cause some women to enter into relationships that make their loneliness worse.In actuality, the truth is that loneliness permeates all boundaries. The profiles of lonely women surprisingly have more in their ranks who are successful, beautiful, social, networked, savvy and powerful. These women are changing the world, starting businesses, raising children and seem to be connected to everyone on Twitter. And yes, many of them are married.It doesn’t shock us as much when single women admit to feeling lonely. We still mistakenly make the connection that once she’s married, she will fill that lonely ache.Unfortunately, as so many now know, simply getting married doesn’t cure the loneliness. In fact, as stated poignantly in “The Mirages of Marriage,” “The most intense and excruciating loneliness is the loneliness that is shared with another person.”Research continues to reveal that when a man gets married, he feels more connected and reports less loneliness. The same isn’t as true for the female counterparts. Our sense of being known and cherished doesn’t always correlate to our relationship status.Why Are the Married Feeling Lonely?Whether related to the fact that our expectations increase in marriage, or that our new obligations decrease our chances to connect with others as much, many who are married are still lonely.At least when most women were single they tended to have a more active social life. Now, as married women, many with kids, there is just too much to do to add girlfriend time to the schedule. And with research showing a decrease in our confidantes, when women do have time to get away, we frequently choose to spend this time alone since it takes less energy to be alone than to make new friends.

Falling in love is not just possible,

but easy too.Just close your eyes and believe!readmore


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