Death fatwa on Harris Ibrahim and ABU anyway, go attend and smash their faces you are not wrong The enemies of Islam as described in the Quran are disbelievers,

 Death fatwa on Harris Ibrahim and ABU anyway, go attend and smash their faces you are not wrong The enemies of Islam as described in the Quran are disbelievers,

Go on, take a peek at Nik Aziz’s hudud and see if you still want to remain silent on this issue

The ABU REVOLUTION ask each MPs and Aduns when you take the stage to end your speech by just calling out

the unholy nexus between HARRIS IBRAHIM  and Hindraf

and terrorist networks with gratuitous benefit of maligning umno and Islam

Will Hindraf ignite another saffron blaze?

the unholy nexus between HARRIS IBRAHIM  and Hindraf

and terrorist networks with gratuitous benefit of maligning umno and Islam



NEW DELHI: MPs from Malaysia’s oppositionDemocratic Action Party Monday urged theBharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leadership to raise issues of “discrimination” against Malayasian Hindus in their bilateral meetings with the authorities of their country.
MPs M Manogaran and S Ramakrishnan said they had a cultural and civilisational bond with India and want it to provide “leadership on issues concerning human rights”.
Talking to reporters at the residence of BJP MP Tarun Vijay, the two MPs said there had been incidents of attacks on Hindu groups but their complaints had not been addressed.
The MPs, who have met BJP leaders Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley, are also intending to meet senior party leader L.K. Advani.
 Vijay said the MPs wanted to make people in India “aware about the discriminatory policies against the Malaysian Hindus”.
He said BJP hoped the government will take up their concerns as India is a signatory to universal declaration on human rights.READMORE

Merujuk kepada kenyataan isteri Ketua Paria Hindraf

merujuk kepada kenyataan
K. Shanti, isteri kepada Pengerusi Hindraf, P. Waythamoorthy bahawa “pihaknya telah memaafkan dosa-dosa UMNO terhadap komuniti India”.

Harap dapat kerjasama dari pembenci2 UMNO tegar yg suka bermusuhan sesama Islam especially dari kalangan Pengikut Ulama Islam Kepartian Nik Ajiz
dapat memberikan komen dan Ulasan berkenaan hal Dosa UMNO pada HINDRAF ini.

dan satu lagi
dan apa status kemaafan dosa UMNO yg diberikan puak2 ini.

sebab aku masih tak nampak apa dosa UMNO pada paria2 HINDRAF ni..

Terror intimidates Muslims more than anyone else on earth. After any terrorist activity, inside their houses, Muslims try to put fingers into their ears, not hear the phrase “another act of Muslim terror”. Outside, in non-Muslim countries, they avoid eye contacts with others to avoid giving possible explanations that “it need not be an act of Muslim terror” or “I wasn’t a part of it.” For a terror-attack anywhere, Muslims everywhere have to hang their heads in shame.

Muslims are the first suspects in almost all cases of violence, the world over. The Media usually has “credible sources” and bigot analysts to hatch theories against Muslims and the police has “informers” and matrix of terror links with names of Muslim youths inscribed as terrorists-in-line. Thus, investigation, forensic analysis, and fact finding, all have become irrelevant. The new logic of both the media and the police is to blame Muslims first, and investigate later.

Moments after the horrific Norway bomb-blast that killing 7 people on July 22, followed by the massacre of 85 teenagers, speculations started regarding the possible culprits. The renowned media group, the BBC – considered objective, started speculating on the following night that the Islamist group Al-Qaeda could be behind the attacks, although in the next morning they had to change their tone in front of evidence. As The Sun labeled the attacks as “Norway’s 9/11”, The Guardian was not behind in their suspicion and analysis of Jihadists’ role in the bloody episode.

American media’s reaction wasn’t different either. The Fox News O’Reilly Factor, not only suspected the Norway killing-spree as another incidence of Islamic terror, the guest host Laura Ingraham even attempted to link it with the atrocious 9/11 happened in the US, a decade ago by reminding the audience about the ground-zero mosque to be built in Manhattan. No doubt she would succeed in her effort to multiply the right-wing American hatred against the Muslims and the Islam.

Blaming the jihadists, the Wall Street Journal reported that “Norway is targeted for being true to Western norms.” Meanwhile, on the Washington Post’s website, Jennifer Rubin wrote, “This is a sobering reminder for those who think it’s too expensive to wage a war against jihadists.” Altogether the instant reaction to the incidence, without any pursuance of proof or evidence, was that Muslim terror must be responsible for the attack.

However, within a day the whole story had to be changed, as the right-wing-Christian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, with a background of hating Muslims and liberals, claimed responsibility for the attacks, exposing the media-bigotry to malign the Muslim image. Once again, it’s been proven that not all terrorists are Muslims.

The same thing happens everywhere. Minutes after the Mumbai blasts on July 13, the Indian TV channels propagated the theory that Indian Mujahedeen (IM), deemed to be an Indian Muslim extremist group, could be behind the blast, although security agencies and the Police took hours before adopting the hypothesis – solely on the basis of spurious previous trends. Based on their guesswork, the Mumbai Police, as usual, detained several Muslims for questioning. One of those detained—Faiz Usmani—died while in police custody on July 17, sparking allegations of police brutality.

It has been more than a week, yet the investigating agencies have found no evidence to support their claims against the IM nor those detained. The tameness of the media and police administration reflects that – Muslims have been harassed, some Muslims have been detained, and one of them has got killed (all without any evidence). So what? Does it really matter? The Muslims are presumed guilty, by the unwritten rule, until proven innocent.

This trend is not new. In the past, although there have been occasions in which Muslim groups have been found linked with terrorist activities, but extremist Hindutva-terrorists have also been proven to have carried out half a dozen attacks in India, such as bomb-blasts in Samajhauta Express, Mecca Masjid, Ajmer Sharif in (2007), and Malegaon (2008), the list goes on. When the right-wing-Hindutva groups are known to have established links with the Indian military and intelligence to carry out terrorist activities, yet raising fingers against them is an anathema.

The level of hypocrisy in attitude of the police and the media is conspicuous. If a Muslim does, it is a terror plot but if a non-Muslim does, it is just an ‘act of violence’. If a Muslim is suspected in a terror act, he is an Islamic terrorist while a proven non-Muslim figure behind terror activities is merely ‘an accused’.

If someone bears a Muslim name, this is enough for the police to suspect him/her as a terrorist. A few weeks ago, when a Mid Day’s photo journalist – Sayed Sameer Abedi – was taking innocuous photographs of a traffic junction and an airplane, Mumbai police detained him. Simply because of his Muslim name, one “unfortunate’ police officer glibly remarked that Mr. Abedi could be a terrorist. Shakespeare was wrong – there is a lot in a name, especially if it is a Muslim sounding name!

If this is how people’s sentiments against Muslims are aroused, how can the 1.5 billion Muslims live in peace with others and what message we are giving to the younger and the future generations? As the facts are now revealing the truth and dispelling the conjectures, media’s bias is getting clearer. In order to be credible, leave fairness, the media should show a little restraint before making allegations against Muslims and maligning Islam.

Saffron terrorist groups belonging to Sangh Parivar were behind the recent Mumbai Carnage and several suicidal attacks and assassinations in Pakistan and India reveal the latest findings of Daily Mail. According to these findings Indian terrorist setup Atma Ghataki Pathak (Hindu Suicide Squad), established by General (retd.) Premnath Hoon founder of Shiv Sena’s Military Wing and his disciple Colonel (retd.) Jayant Chitale, was responsible for planning and execution of this operation.

AGP because of its close linkages with the Indian military has succeeded in forming an unholy nexus between the serving Indian military personnel and the Hindu extremist-terrorist groups. Lt Col Shrikant Purohit, alias ‘Mithun Chakraborty’ who was arrested in connection with the Malegaon blast and 2007 Samjhauta Express blaze ( killing 69 Pakistani passengers returning from India) was also working for General (retd.) Hoon and Colonel (retd.) Chitale’s Atma Ghataki Pathak (AGP). AGP was also responsible for Godhra train fire leading to Gujarat carnage against Muslims in 2002 and attack on Akshardham temple in Gujarat also in 2002. Colonel (retd.) Jayant Chitale and his associate Sanjeev Atre, were arrested in November 2002 for running a suicide training camp on the outskirts of Mumbai and but were later released at the intervention of RAW. It is no coincidence that Col (retd.) Chitale is now the next door neighbour of Col Purohit, the main accused in Samjhauta Express blaze and Malegaon blasts.

The Daily Mail investigations indicate multiple objectives of the recent Mumbai carnage. Firstly, it aimed at eliminating Hemant Karkare who had uncovered AGP’s invovement in the serial bomb blasts in Thane, Vashi and Panvel and the 29 September 2008 blast in Malegaon and Sumjhauta Express inferno in 2007. In Malegaon incident three bombs had exploded in Gujarat and Maharashtra of India, killing eight people and injuring 80 (two bombs were detonated in Malegaon, Maharashtra, killing seven). Karkare had earlier in his carrer also worked for RAW, the India’s external intelligence agency and remained on an undercover diplomatic assignment in the Indian Embassy in Austria for seven years.Being thus aware of this unholy nexus, Karakare was able to nab some of its key culprits including Lt Col Shrikant Purohit. Secondly the Mumbai bloodbath was aimed at diverting the attention of the media and international community from the home spun Indian terrorist networks that were causing grave doubts on Indian claims of being a victim of foregn sponsored terrorism.

Hemant Karkare KilledDaily Mail’s investigations into the encounter leading to the cold blooded assasination of Karakare and his team investgating the terrorism perpetrated by Indian home grown terrorists reveals that the terrorist were staking out for Karkare and that Karkare also had revealed threats to his life to his wife, because of which, she refused to accept compensation from Indian government. According to Constable Arun Jadhav, who was with the officers Hemant Karkare, Vijay Salaskar and Ashok Kamte when they were assasinated, the three officers and four constables had received information that their collegue Sadanand Dutt had been injured in the gunfire at the Cama and Albless Hospital for women and children. They took a Toyota Qualis which was being driven by Salaskar while Kamte was in the passenger seat, Karkare in the second row, and the four Constables, including Jadhav, were in the back row of seating. According to Jadhav, five minutes later two terrorists stepped out from behind a tree and opened fire with automatic rifles. The six policemen, other than Jadhav, were all killed quickly in the gunfire. The two terrorists approached the vehicle, dumped the bodies of the three officers on the road and, leaving the constables for dead. They proceeded to Metro Junction where they aimed three bursts of automatic fire at police and journalist vehicles drawn up at that location, then drove off towards the government offices (Vidhan Bhawan) in South Mumbai. Here again they fired several times. While attempting to leave the area, one of the tires of the vehicle burst, so the terrorists departed to obtain another vehicle. At this point, Jadhav emerged from the heap of dead bodies of his collegue constables and was able to contact headquarters.

Findings of Daily Mail on the background of these saffron terror networks further reveal that Shiv Sena’s Bal Thakeray publicly pronounced in the past to setup Hindu suicide squads to target Muslims in India and Pakistan which, was actually an admittance of a longstanding policy of Saffron terrorist groups in India. The terrorist activities and training needs of these groups are closely coordinated by the Indian intelligence agencies particularly RAW, which often relies on Saffron volunteers of these groups to carry out missions with high risk of life.

There is a long-standing internal feud amongst Hindutva groups vying for ascendancy with each other. Although Bal Thackeray is probably the most popular icon with cultist following amongst the Hindu fanatics yet at times he has shown signs of frustration that this popularity has not translated in electoral successes outside his home state of Maharashtra. Much to Thackeray’s annoyance when it comes to votes, BJP through a broader and more organized supporting network of RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal managed to steel electoral success at the cost of Sena. Although his Shiv Sena (Hindu God Shiv’s Army) was in coalition with BJP in the Union Government and in the state of Maharashtra, Thakeray was not happy with the portfolios allotted to his party. Thakeray who has always maintained big political ambitions now wants to assume the image of militant Hindutva’s sole champion in a bid to woo many elements in the ranks and file RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal that are disillusioned with the BJP. These disgruntled elements regard top leadership of BJP, all of whom incidentally are concurrent members of RSS and VHP, to be “soft paddling” on converting India into a Hindu Rashstra (Hindu State) denouncing secular character of its constitution. A former Minister belonging to Shiv Sena in Indian Cabinet reflected these sentiments in 2003 stating that “everyone living in India must either be a Hindu or subservient to Hindus”. Nonetheless, the core supporters of militant Hindutva feel that time is ripe to make this declaration and the doctrine of Hindu Rashstra to become a state policy by formally ending the secular constitutional status of India. Sensing the infuriation of these elements Thackeray finally let the cat out the bag in a further recruitment drive of Hindu fanatics to his camp by giving an open call for Hindu suicide squads.

Daily Mail findings further reveal that concept of suicide squads was introduced in South Asia for the first time by the Indian intelligence agency RAW when it trained the Tamil separatists groups of Sri Lanka such as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) to start militant secessionist movement based on terrorism in the Sri Lanka’s Jaffna peninsula. Daily Mail has learned that two names that surfaced in press in November 2002, in connection with Hindu Atma Ghataki Pathak (Hindu Suicide Squad), General (retd.) Premnath Hoon former Chief of Western Command and who after retirement became Chief of Shiv Sena’s Military Wing and Colonel (retd.) Jayant Chitale, had served on deputation with RAW imparting training on the Sri Lankan Tamil militants. Col (retd.) Jayant Chitale also headed the Army Services Selection Board Centre in Pune for several years, where he was able to select Hindutva militant sympathizers for regular commission in the army. Col (retd.) Chitale kept a contact with these recruits who through normal and sponsored progression in their careers went on to assume many responsible and important posts in the Indian army.

Daily Mail finding further disclose that Justice (Retd.) Jain, commissioned to investigate and report on the murder of late Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination by an LTTE suicide killer, documented the existence of ‘militant’ training camps for LTTE and other Sri Lankan Tamil secessionist groups through out India, under the aegis of RAW and other Indian intelligence and security agencies. Former Indian Prime Minister V.P. Singh disclosed during his in camera hearing before the Jain Commission on 5th November 1996 that the first batch of training of Sri Lankan Tamil militants was done by India in 1983 under the orders of then Prime Minister (Late) Mrs. Indira Gandhi. The camp was located at Chakrata, Tamil Nadu. Singh, however, declined to disclose exact location citing national security reasons. According to him all militants were also provided with weapons and monetary backup to carryout activities inside of Sri Lanka. He further disclosed that ironically late Rajiv Gandhi also encouraged and supported training of LTTE and other Tamil militant groups.

Former Indian Foreign Secretary Salman Haider also provided a very incisive insight to the Commission in his affidavit number 343/96-JCI. Haider who was liaising between the LTTE terrorist maestro leader Prabharkaran and Indian intelligence agencies at one time disclosed that “in the beginning Mrs. Indira Gandhi entrusted full responsibility of providing military training to Sri Lankan Tamil militants to RAW”. Prabharkaran was however, not pleased with the share of spoils that local RAW operatives were giving to LTTE in comparison with its rival militant terrorist groups TELO, EROS, EPRLF, and TEA. He thus asked for Haider’s intervention, upon which the former arranged a meeting of Prabharkran with the officials of Indian Intelligence Bureau (IIB). Thus training of LTTE was shifted to IIB from RAW. This created an inter intelligence agency rivalry and according to Haider, RAW was behind attacks by Tamil Elam Liberation Organization (TELO) and Elam Peoples Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF) on LTTE.

Former Advisor (to Mrs. Gandhi) K. Mohandas in his affidavit number 64/92-JCI disclosed to the Jain Commission that different intelligence agencies and Prime Minister’s advisors were vying with each other to provide training and facilitating the Lankan Tamil militants due to big money involved. Military training was provided by central agencies in Union government controlled camps in the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnatka, Uttar Pardesh, Kerala, New Delhi and elsewhere. According to Mohandas militants were trained, armed and launched into Sri Lanka to carry out subversion and attacks. Perhaps his most shocking revelation was that the LTTE and other militant groups were also provided training in the Indian Military Academy Dehra Dun, which incidentally is the basic military training institution for officers of Indian army.

In the meanwhile RAW started a parallel terrorist training programme targeted against Pakistan. It encouraged fanatic Hindu groups such as Shiv Sena, RSS, Bajrang Dal, Durga Vahini, Saffron Tigers, Soldiers of Hindutva, Hindu Jagran Munch and others to maintain their own trained militant squads. These militants are trained in rioting and indiscriminate killing of minority communities in mob attacks, particularly Muslims and Christians, where simple small arms such as machetes, trishols, and staffs prove lethal owing to the sheer numbers of attackers and the impunity with which they operate owing to state backing. Diehard volunteers are picked for elite squad from these disciples who are then trained for more sophisticated targeted assassinations and terrorist acts. These RAW trained terrorist groups have carried out several attacks inside Pakistan, which have also been reported by international media and think-tanks such as Federation of American Scientists (FAS).

According to Daily Mail’s findings the fanaticism of these Hindu suicide squads took a spine shuddering concept of ‘target reverse’ suicide attacks in early 2000s as witnessed in the reverse suicidal attacks against Hindu temples and government installations to blame Pakistan and Muslims. The attacks on Indian parliament in 2001, Godhra train fire in Gujarat and attack on Akshardham temple in Gujarat.

It may be recalled that the official findings of Forensic Science Laboratory of Ahmedabad, revealed that the fire in the Sabarmati Express at Godhra, in 2002 which became Casus belli for Muslim mayhem in Gujrat, was set from within the train compartment all filled with Hindu passengers and not from any outside pouring of gasoline by Muslim vendors on the train station, as alleged by Hindu fanatics. According to, Forensic Science Laboratory’s Assistant Director M J Dahiya about 60 litres of highly inflammable material inside the train, probably petrol, was responsible for the fire in the S-6 coach of Sabarmati Express. Giving evidence before the Justice G T Nanavati and Justice Shah Commission of Inquiry, Dahiya had ruled out the possibility of the coach catching fire from outside as that would have left its effect on the outside of the coach. Besides, the quantity of fuel required to set it on fire could not have been poured from outside. He said that a large number or quantity of burning objects or liquids could not have been thrown inside and neither would burning rags alone result in such a big fire that burnt the entire coach in just 40 minutes. It is pertinent that all the passengers inside the compartment comprised Hindu Kersevaks, as it was a train especially reserved for them and the group members knew each other. There was no chance for an outsider to get in to set fire as he or she would have immediately spotted. Thus it was a clear act of a Hindu suicide volunteer carrying large quality of inflammable liquid, who self immolated to create raison d’ etre for carrying out Gujarat carnage.

In light of these facts that speak loudly, the analysts believe that Mumbai carnage is another act of India’s home spun and nurtured saffron terrorists with the main objective of eliminating Mumbai anti-terrorist squad Chief Hemant Karkare and his colleagues to sabotage the on going investigations into

The statement made by former Supreme Court judge K T Thomas praising Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and its style of functioning as an organization is debatable. Notwithstanding the right of freedom of speech, the comments made by the learned judge are disturbing.

It’s more so, because K T Thomas belongs to a Christian community that has suffered at the hands of the RSS and yet he has engaged himself in an image building exercise of an organization that’s essentially is fascist in character.

There are few salient features of K T Thomas’s statement. The former judge do not like that the RSS be held responsible for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. He is of the view that the RSS is not an anti minority organization. He thinks the RSS is a well disciplined organization worthy of admiration. He goes on to praise the RSS for opposing the national emergency and gives it credit for fighting for the restoration of the fundamental rights.

One may like to discuss these comments one by one as each of them sounds contentious. However, before doing so, let’s have the details of his statement.

The former judge wants the ”smear campaign” against RSS being responsible for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi to end. “Just because the assassin was once an RSS worker does not hold RSS responsible of the crime,” he says.

The smear campaign that the RSS was responsible for Gandhi’s assassination is unjustified, he has reportedly said and added that the organization was ”completely exonerated” by the court.
K T Thomas defended the RSS acts of omission and commission by posing a question, “Can the entire Sikh community be responsible for Indira Gandhi’s assassination?”

He also took exception to the propaganda that RSS is an anti-minority organization, saying such vilification campaign is “baseless.”

The learned judge then goes on to say; “I am a Christian. I was born as a Christian and practice that religion. I am a church going Christian. But I have also learnt many things about RSS.”

The former apex court judge says, he became an admirer of the RSS in 1979 when he was posted as district judge of Kozhikode. This is because RSS is a disciplined organization that believes in the philosophy of simple living and high thinking.

He goes on to eulogies the RSS, saying; during the national Emergency of 1975, RSS was the only non-political organization that fought against its proclamation. “We owe very much to RSS for sacrificing many lives for regaining our fundamental rights,” he reportedly said.

Initially, when I saw this PTI report, I thought of ignoring it with the logic let hundred flowers bloom, but then, when the same copy started circulating on the internet, I felt this should not become a gospel of truth.

The statement made by K T Thomas, becomes noteworthy because the person is not only a former Supreme Court judge, an upholder of the constitution, but also belongs to a minority Christian community. Now, let’s dissect each of his statement one by one.

First of all, the Judge wants us to forget that assassin of Mahatma Gandhi was not an act of the RSS but of a lunatic who was its former member. He does not like to accept the fact that the lunatic man was indoctrinated by the radical ideology of the RSS that drove him to commit that heinous crime.

KT Thomas

Courts may exonerate the individual or an organization for want of facts, but can anyone force to make up their mind based on the courts judgment. So, no amount logic can convince the people of this country that RSS was not behind the assassination of the Mahatma Gandhi.

His second observation, that RSS is not anti-minority is also untenable. Since last 64 years, the anti minority conduct of the RSS is very well documented. Time and again it’s being held responsible for breeching peace in the country. This organization takes up well orchestrated campaign against the minority community and polarizes the society on communal lines. Very often, the minority community is pushed to the wall and is forced to react and that takes the form of communal riots.

The lessons learnt from the communal riots are the story of provocation from the RSS cadre and the reaction from minority community. Since the act of the former is well planned, the reaction comes unguarded, making the minority community vulnerable. They fall into a well laid out trap and become victims of the circumstances, losing their lives property and honor in the process.
K T Thomas takes pride in being a practicing Christian and an admirer of the RSS. He goes on to issue a good character certificate of the organization whose record of anti Christian community is numerous. The gruesome murder of Graham Stain at the hands of RSS sympathizer is still etched in our memory.

It’s common knowledge, that believer of the Christian faith in Orissa and Karnataka had suffered immensely in recent times at the hands of the RSS cadre that held them responsible for conversion. Can the entire Christian community be responsible for the act of few Christians?

His comment on RSS opposing the national emergency of 1975 and fighting for the restoration of fundamental rights is also far-fetched. Anyone who has lived during the period of emergency can vouch that a cross section of the society has opposed that high handed declaration tooth and nail. Giving credit to RSS for opposing emergency, may tantamount to making heroes of a tribe of murders.

K T Thomas says that RSS is a well disciplined organisation worthy of admiration. I find a parallel to it in the admirers of the Nazis, that’s also, had been hailed as a well disciplined organisation. However, does that exonerate it from the charges of the “Holocaust” against the Jews?

The sole purpose of the RSS is to divide the country on communal lines. Its modus oprendi is to mobilize the gullible masses of the Hindu faith by instilling in them the fear of threat from the minority community.

I feel pity about the ex judge who relishes an organization, that bellies the essence of the Indian constitution. RSS is well known for its advocacy of the supremacy of the Hindu faith and the subservience of other faiths to it. Isn’t it a diabolic thinking?

I feel no amount of sweet talking can build the image of the RSS. There are certain fundamental issues that go against it. It does not tolerate religious pluralism, secularism, socialism and democratic values that’s being cherished by every Indian.

So no amount of the advocacy of the RSS by whomsoever can make it a perfect organisation.
There is an uncanny feeling that Mr. K T Thomas has chose to make the comments for some gainful reasons. There are more to his statement then what the eyes can read.

An appeal to the voices peace and harmony to stand up against such purposeful statement and advice to Hon. Judge, better not preach the ugly can’t be made beautiful.

Malaysiakini yesterday reported that Nik Aziz hopes to see a 2/3 majority secured in Parliament so that hudud can be implemented throughout the country.

More troubling, Malaysiakini’s Susan Loone quoted Nik Aziz as saying that at a “recent meeting between Pakatan Rakyat leaders in Selangor, the DAP, that fiercely opposed the law, had accepted Kelantan’s proposal to enact it within the state”.

I sent the following sms to several DAP leaders this morning :Mkini yday reported that DAP has acceded to hudud being implemented in Kelantan. True or false?

Replies came back fast and furious.

I will admit that the Tok Guru’s word was a bit offensive
But the fact remains
Covering the aurah is not a man made command
It is Allah’s command stated in the holy Quran
I have no problem with women indulging the latest fashion trend which involves some cleavage exposure and displaying their smooth and silky hair(my female relatives always in this mode every year for Raya)
But some form of moderation in fashion conduct needs to be observed
In a way, Tok Guru was right by saying that
IMO, over exposing yourself in scantily clad is like being a piece of meat waiting to be munched by a carnivore nearby
This teaching is only applicable among Muslims only
Those not of Islamic faith can dress in their undergarments in public for all I care

Now back to the whole hudud debacle
DAP and every other non Muslim figure in Pakatan objecting to hudud is understandable due to their lack of understanding on Islam
I’m sure if a majority Christian country wants to implement Canon Law, the minority Muslims will certainly reject it
Like the above command, Hudud is not man’s law, it’s Allah’s law
Who are we as Muslims to disregard it
I can live with hudud not being a joint Pakatan agenda (Buku Jingga)

But what I cannot accept is why hudud cannot be implemented on a state level in Kelantan
May I remind you that PAS has been governing Kelantan for the past 21 years, the longest opposition held administration in our country’s history
PAS has made it known to the rakyat that hudud is on their agenda since day one
The fact that the Kelantanese people of all races and religion put their faith in Tok Guru’s leadership for more than 2 decades is a clear referendum that they have no problem with hudud laws
In fact, constitutional expert Prof Aziz Bari of IIUM has stated that majority of Kelantanese including Muslims and non Muslims are OK with hudud based on a study he conducted

The way I see it, give the Kelantan state government one year in conducting a pilot study in enforcing hudud
The end results determined whether it is effective or a total failure
As a Kelantanese, I can assure the non Muslim community this
Kelantan under hudud will not be another Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan
There will no stoning of promiscuous girls
Women are free to vote and drive cars

“DAP remains the proverbial ‘Rock of Gibraltar’ in defending our secular nation.”
Now this made me chuckle a bit
Was it not a decade ago when then PM Tun Mahathir declared in Parliament that Malaysia is an ISLAMIC STATE, not secular state?
Sorry to disappoint you, Haris



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