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Living on One Dollar: The Promise of Good Stories The big shift for me occurred when I started volunteering on the things I cared about after my day job was over. With 24 hours in each day, even an extra hour a day on something that wasn’t a financial motivator, but made my heart beat harder, became crucial and addictive. When the dollar sign is not involved as your main driver, clutter is removed and your purpose becomes very clear; it becomes easy to recognize what gives you energy and what…

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A few days ago, she slammed her critics, meaning you and me, us ordinary Malaysians, for being “frustrated” and “jealous” over her recent conferment of an honorary doctorate by one of Australia’s top university.

She cited several reasons for this honor. She claimed herself to possess leadership qualities. I think she was right. There was a photo of her walking ahead of her husband at an official function. She led and he followed. She also led other ladies in her circle to shopping sprees overseas. She was indeed a leader, don’t you agree? At least that university agreed and deemed it fit to honor her for that feat.

Speeches and Permata

Another reason she offered is the speeches she gave in other countries. What is so extraordinary about reading somebody’s speeches? Just go up the stage, read the text and then return to your seat. I can’t see the reason why a university should confer a doctorate on her for doing just that. Really pity those who have to work long and hard over their theses when someone could so easily get a doctorate without having to lift her finger or crack her brain.

Now coming to her pet program called Permata, may I know why is it that this program only nurtured a group of elite bright sparks? How about those from the other end of the spectrum – children with learning disabilities who also deserved equal help and attention? What about them? What plans does she have for these unfortunate children? Is she going to look into the eyes of their parents and said, “Go away, I have nothing for your kids?”

In our country, schools for special children are far in between. Only a handful of teachers were trained to handle these children. Many of them were put into mainstream schools and they have a hard time there – being bullied by their peers and neglected by the teachers. Some were simply labeled as “naughty”, “hopeless” or “stupid.” In the end, they were left behind and most drop out along the way. So yes, she was right again – I am very frustrated with her, for doing so little for these unfortunate children.

Penan girls and a husband with a roving eye

Last year, some NGOs even approached her to do something for the poor young Penan girls of interior Sarawak who had endured so much injustice but she chose to ignore them. With her position she could do so much for them but she did nothing. This made me even more frustrated with her.

Coming to the jealousy part, there is nothing I should be jealous of her for. For a start, I do not have the type of husband that she does. Her husband and mine are from different poles, so what is there to be jealous about? On the other hand, she should be jealous of me for I have a husband who does not flirt around!

She saves for a diamond ring, but Metro’s or Parkson’s are fine with me

Maybe she was referring to the infamous diamond ring then? Remember, she started to save for it as a very little girl (sejak kecil kecil lagi, as she puts it); I didn’t. Even at such a tender age, she had the strongest determination to own such a big and expensive diamond ring one day while at her age I was all taken up by toys and games, so what right do I have to be jealous of her now?

Or maybe she was hinting about the expensive bags and boutique dresses she ordered by the dozens? No, I am not jealous of these either. I can still get some good bargains at Metrojaya’s or Parkson’s sales. Though very pale in comparison in terms of prices and quality against what she had, my purchases gave me a greater sense of satisfaction for I knew I used my own money to buy them. I can say I wear my dresses and carry my handbags with pride although they are not from Paris or Sydney.

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The top 20 things that make women suspicious are:
– Buys jewellery

– New moves in the bedroom

– More emotional

– Buys flowers

– Buys chocolates

– More attentive

– Buys sexy underwear

– Book a romantic weekend away

– Buys you more things

– Helps more with the chores

– Tells you he loves you more

– Makes breakfast in bed

– Pays more compliments

– Texts more

– Does the cooking

– Calls more

– Listens better

– Runs baths

– Hand over the TV remote

– Cuddles more

 An Australian university’s decision to award an honorary doctorate to the controversial wife of the Malaysian Prime Minister has sparked an internet backlash.The award prompted a flood of outraged comments on Curtin University’s Facebook page, many claiming the West Australian-based university’s reputation had been tarnished.Rosmah Mansor, wife of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, last Saturday received an Honorary Doctorate of Letters for her contribution to early childhood education in her home country. 

‘Ashamed now to be a graduate of Curtin’

In Malaysia, Ms Rosmah has a reputation as a big spender.

She reportedly spent $100,000 at one Sydney fashion boutique in January and has been forced to deny reports that she splashed out $US24 million on a diamond ring and another $US200,000 on a designer handbag.

Her online critics said Ms Rosmah was only qualified to spend money and one post appeared to show Curtin University degree torn up in disgust.

“I would agree to give Rosmah a doctorate in shopping only. I am ashamed now to be a graduate of Curtin,” one post read.

Encouraged sodomy victim, boycott threatened

Ms Rosmah has also been linked to what were widely viewed as politically motivated sodomy charges against Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, of which he was acquitted last month.

She was alleged to have encouraged Mr Anwar’s accuser, a political aide, to claim he had been raped.

A Facebook group has been set up calling on students to boycott Curtin University until the award is revoked.

But the university defended the award in a statement from Vice Chancellor Jeanette Hacket, which was posted on Facebook last night.

Professor Hacket said while the award had attracted criticism the university stood by it.

She said Ms Rosmah had been selected “through a process which engages several committees within the university” and was being recognised for founding and driving thePermata early childhood centres in Malaysia, which “enable children below the age of five to experience quality early learning”.

How can Permata be rated as a reason for PhD

Professor Hacket apologised for the university having initially incorrectly referred to Ms Rosmah as Malaysia’s First Lady.

In an open letter to the university, one alumnus and Malaysian citizen said the Permata centres had been funded by Malaysian taxpayers.

“This would be the equivalent of Julia Gillard’s partner using Australian tax payer’s money to set up day cares all over Australia and receives an award from a foreign university for his philanthropic work,” the letter said.

– The Age – http://www.theage.com.au/technology/technology-news/uni-slammed-over-honorary-doctorate-for-malaysian-pms-wife-20120217-1td56.html


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