Malaysia to be a high-income nation? Tell this to the millions of households fighting over the RM500 BR1M vouchers.’

Could it possibly be true?  Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak Has begun to believe what some admirers have started to suggest with incremental passion, that he is Malaysia best-ever Prime Minister? The answer must be no. He is clearly not self-delusional.
the elitism in hin is for real. You have no notion of equity and social justice. It is therefore not surprising you could stay in a RM64,000 suite without any qualm and your wife can go shopping with utmost obscenity.

After PRU 13, spirit will not be so strong anymore when put to trial for crime commited!

How can the PM be proud of this while most Malaysians are wallowing in depression of making ends meet? Why have we become defeatists just because PKR has done such a brilliant job of exposing this strangely gut-wrenching but simultaneously hilarious loot of our wealth in the of Malaysia creating billionaires while the majority are stuck with high cost of living expenses brought on by these billionaires who control the major slice of the economy. Why are we so depressed merely because the world media has turned Malaysia’s image into a toilet seat, thereby fulfilling voters dream first sketched in “An Area of Darkness” ? Away with the frozen frown!You don’t need to summon Agatha Christie to solve the plot. Most of our roads are constructed for annual destruction, since there is more money to be made in rebuilding than in building. Governments are not merely hand-in-glove with contractors; they are hand-in-pocket. Shared loot is safe loot.
Contractors are not particularly worried about the law; they have lawyers with Satyam on their tongues. A congenial cynic suggested that it was time Parliament passed legislation decreeing that anyone worth more than 10million would automatically be given bail. Businessmen make money all over the world. The difference is the distance between profit and avarice. The first has limits; greed has none.

Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar today claimed that Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur’s (DBKL) funds allocated for public housing residents’ association activities last year were used up for events involving the minister of federal territories and urban well-being.
At a press conference in Bangsar today, Nurul Izzah ( right ) said her constituents have complained of being turned down by DBKL and told that the money had gone to “Raja Nong Chik’s (Zainal Abidin) programme”.
“When they called DBKL to use their allocation, they were told that it was used for a programme organised by Umno which invited the minister.
“But when we brought this matter up with DBKL, the mayor said that we have to bring the matter up to the ministry as he is only a civil servant,” she added.
No money left for resident association
Confirming this, Apartment Sri Putra resident association (RA) committee member Abdul Rahim Mohd Noor said a fire prevention programme planned for April 2011 was aborted for this reason.
“When we called the DBKL, an official said the allocation was used for two programmes (including) a ‘Raja Nong Chik (left) with locals’ event organised by the local Umno branch,” he said.
Abdul Rahim claimed the DBKL officer told him that the remainder portion of the RM10,000 in-kind assistance allocated for the RA was used for a maulidur rasul event organised by the local surau committee.
He said DBKL allocated a certain amount each year for RA activities, which is provided in the form of logistics and food.
Abdul Rahim added that this year’s allocation has been reduced to RM7,000 but the RA has yet to make any request.
Other MPs in Kuala Lumpur contacted by Malaysiakini said they have not received similar complaints.
The portal also tried to contact the relevant DBKL department by telephone and email for comments but has yet to receive any.

In our country, corruption has become mainstream; honesty is a rivulet, which is why the System has developed such sophisticated expertise at deflecting street anger. The game is played out in full public view, and we do not see hypocrisy trapping us in slow motion.

What does the System do when it does not have an answer? It changes the question.Witness how the rage against corruption in NFC has been manoeuvred into a debate on whether they can be held successfully The simple fact is that they cannot take any decisions because all the decisions have already been taken during The Era of Evil  Can Najib reverse any of the deals that have been exposed remorselessly by media? Will it return, without payment, the treadmills to those who have become treadmillionaires? Sanctimonious noises about the guilty being punished after the event are meaningless. How? If a contract has been sealed at a particular price by mutual consent, and then executed, how can the contractor be held guilty of malpractice? This is more dust in the eyes of a nation already semi-blind with sleaze.
How can the PM be proud of this while most Malaysians are wallowing in depression of making ends meet?
The 30 billionaires in Malaysia, did Najib say that majority of them are cronies of Umno and BN?We are not interested in billionaires. We are more interested in how to lower our cost of living and at the same time raising our standard of living.Najib, why boast about the billionaires? Why didn’t you boast of the high number of corrupt people present at the‘Malaysia Chinese at the Political Crossroads’ conference? We are not interested in the billionaires who get where they are due to the right connections and the greasing the palms of the political elite.What is most important is how to help the many who are still languishing in poverty or semi-poverty.This is a rich man’s conference to showcase one’s wealth and power. You should meet the poor people find out their woes and try to help them.
Capitalism has way of making a few very wealthy at the expense of the majority. Though it may bring progress and better infrastructure, the poor are enslaved and they suffer most.

Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor declared to Perkasa members tonight that the constant attacks against her by “those on the other side” have not killed her spirit and inspiration to serve the country.
The wife of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said, however, that such attacks were not unusual for anyone in her position.

After PRU 13, spirit will not be tso strong anymore when put to trial for crime commited!

“So to me… when we are in such positions we have to face slander. But no matter what, it is my hope that those here or from the other side would not believe what has been said,” she told a packed charity dinner organised by the Malay rights group’s women’s wing Wiranita Perkasa.

“I have been the target of much slander and lies from those on the other side but no matter what I face, insyaallah, my spirit remains strong for the people,” she said.
Rosmah cited the example of criticisms over the honorary Doctor of Law degree conferred to her last week by Australia’s Curtin University.
The honorary doctorate was awarded to Rosmah in recognition of her efforts in the development of education, particularly children’s education, through the Permata Negara programme.
“Those who said I paid for the degree, why should I?
“It would be better to give a contribution to Wiranita Perkasa.
“They accuse me in that manner, it is not right. Just because they usually pay, they think I paid too,” she said to applause from the crowd.
Rosmah added that the doctorate was not due to her successes alone but those of all Malaysians.
Earlier during the function, Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali sang praises of the prime minister’s wife, saying that the Malay rights group would always back Najib and his administration’s policies.
“We all know that Datin Seri Rosmah is not only the prime minister’s wife, but if we follow news reports, we see how active she is in carrying out her duties… We are in awe of her leadership,” he said.
Ibrahim urged Rosmah to continue attending Perkasa functions if time permits, adding: “Thank you, Datin Seri. We all love you.”

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