In his speech Najib, who is also Selangor BN chairman, said since two weeks ago, he had gone down to the ground in Perak, Melaka and Kedah and today was in Selangor, and found the mood in the country now was for the BN to win big when the general election comes.

“We admit we might have made some mistakes which caused the people to not support us (BN). But we have learnt from our past mistakes and apologise to the people of Selangor if we had made mistakes.Sabahans will never be satisfied until Mahathir brought to book

Najib’s idea, expounded previously in the media, that the purpose of the RCI must not be to find fault and apportion blame if not look for scapegoats, is totally unacceptable and must be rejected outright. The unelected PM needs to have his head examined for suggesting something so blasphemous and sacrilegious.Mahathir’s name is on the lips of every illegal immigrant in Sabah, from Pakistan and Bangladesh to Philippines and Indonesia. The RCI cannot, and must not, be used as an excuse to do a whitewash job which will leave Mahathir and his comrades in crime having the last laugh at the expense of the long-suffering people of Sabah.

Mahathir must be grilled and interrogated on the entire mechanism which remains a threat to Sabah and national security. The main thrust of his testimony should the workings of the secret units within the Prime Minister’s Department, the Home Ministry, the National Registration Department and the Election Commission which issued local birth certificates and MyKads to illegal immigrants in Sabah and placed them on the electoral rolls.

The illegal immigrants were not only placed in marginal seats before 1994 but used after that year to create an additional 12 state seats and five parliamentary seats.

This is the Mother of All Issues on illegal immigrants in Sabah. The RCI would be a meaningless exercise, a Great Whitewash, if this core issue is glossed over and/or ignored.

That would be a grave injustice indeed. Injustice for the people of Sabah and a grave for the BN in the coming general election!

“And we pledge that as a result, and our awareness on it, we will rise up with renewed vigour to change the landscape of Selangor so that under the BN, we will move forward to a future that is much better,” he said when launching the Selangor BN election machinery here.
The Prime Minister said Selangor had progressed because of the policies and infrastructure implemented by the Barisan Nasional (BN) government before the opposition came to power in the state (in the last general election) and thus they should not “claim credit” for the hard work put in by the BN

Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek declared said there is no room for splinter groups within the party as it will destroy what the party has built in the last six decades and there is no denial that there is internal bickering but the priority now is to build a strong foundation of growth for the party as well as the nation.
He said MCA needs to continue to evolve, innovate and anticipate so that the party can be an inspiring force in the Malaysia of tomorrow.

There comes a time in the life of a government when it forfeits the trust of the people it is elected to serve. Has that time arrived for UMNO-BARISAN?

Consider the evidence.

“Do you want somebody who can go up against UMNO-BARISAN, take them on on the big issues murderers, womenisers, philanderers, plunderers, thieves, robbers, racists corruption, nepotism, cronyism, abuse of power, racism, police, brutality, manipulation of the judiciary, persecution, inequality, etc. … or do you want someone who can just manage PUTRA JAYA a little bit better?” Anwar asks, as the audience rises cheering to its feet. “That’s your choice. What does VOTERS have to say?” Let’s just vote for good governance, transparency and accountability. Just focus on those three. If we have those three then corruption, nepotism, cronyism, abuse of power, racism, police brutality, manipulation of the judiciary, persecution, inequality, etc., would automatically disappear.Mahathir’s Cowshitt Colourful characters are plenty in politics. But at the top of the global heap we have some leaders who take eccentricity to a whole new level. They may or may not be part of the so-called ‘Axis of Evil’ but they definitely seem to be part of the ‘Axis of the Bizarre’. Here’s … Read more MAHATHIR’S COWSHITT VS PEOPLE’S SOVEREIGNTY LETS KICKOUT THIS ‘AXIS OF THE BIZARRE’.
UMNO-BARISAN faced a fork in the road between the electable and ideological routes. toxic mix of sloppy politicians “Now even those who’ve endorsed UMNO-BARISAN say, ‘My God, what a fucking mess.if indeed the story has a moral — is that the more we become the same, the more different we’d like to believe ourselves to be, a different slice of the same loaf of sliced bread. Which might explain why among us Kutchis kuch kuch hota hai when we get lumped together with A blitz … Read more RAJA PETRA KAMARUDIN’S RHETORIC OF IMMATURITY THE QUESTION OF POLITICAL ENLIGHTENMENT IS STILL A HOT ISSUE IN MALAYSIA
To explain how Muslims has always differed from Others , PAS invokes the Almighty: “We believe … we are children of a loving God.” To elucidate the evils of UMNO-MCA, PAS inveighs against liberal elites: “They want to control you, Chua now going to scream his real target is Islam, or Malays perceived as Islamists.Are They Really Religious? I have spent almost my whole life– 31 years– caring far too much about offending people, worrying if I’m cool enough for them, or asking myself if they are judging me. I can’t take it anymore. It’s stupid, and it’s not good for my well being. It has made me a … Read more GOOD INTENTIONS CANNOT JUSTIFY BAD DELIVERY PAS UNDERSTANDING OF THE QURAN IS NOT ENOUGH WHEN THEY GO ON LYING TO PEOPLE HOW THEY CAN HELP THEM
Many malaysian who believe this dishonest discourse cannot be blamed for basing their views on the misinformation they receive. A free press that reports with neither passion nor prejudice is part of Malaysia’s democratic fabric. And yet, we despair about the credulousness of the
media when it comes to this dangerous saber-rattling . Rather than learning from sins previously committed in sodomy1&2, most media outlets are sticking to the same formula now. To avoid a disastrous repeat, their questions need to recalibrate the frame of the debate to put it in its proper context.
This is Malaysia at its worst.  her cities are now rape-capitals, with KUALA LUMPUR leading the counts.I hope the travelling community takes ALL precautions The representation of prostitution in the media First of all it is important to determine what we mean by media  “1) any technical process allowing the distribution, dissemination or communication … Read more MCA-UMNO PRESS PROSTITUTES ARE RAMPANT PROMISCUITY AND A HYPERSEXUALIZED SOCIETY.
The transfiguration of the UMNO-Barisan isn’t only about ideology, however. It is also about demography and temperament, as the party has grown racist, less well schooled, more looters, and more parasite populist. The result has been a party divided along the lines of culture and class: Establishment versus grassroots, secular versus religious, upscale versus downscale, . And with those divisions have arisen the competing electoral coalitions—shirts versus skins, regulars versus red-hots—represented by mahathir and najib, which are now increasingly likely to duke it out all spring.  Islam and democracy can co-exist, says Anwar Ibrahim’s daughter NURUL IZZAH ANWAR, THE DAUGHTER OF FREED MALAYSIAN OPPOSITION LEADER ANWAR IBRAHIM, SAYS THE ARAB SPRING HAS SHOWN THAT ISLAM AND DEMOCRACY CAN CO-EXIST AND PROPEL THE OPPOSITION INTO POWER IN MALAYSIA AT ELECTIONS LATER THIS YEAR. Mrs Nurul Izzah, 31, who has been …Read moreNURUL IZZAH ANWAR WE WHO HAVE THE TRUTH AND COURAGE IN OUR HEARTH SHALL WIN IN THE END
Divided We Standby the taxidriver

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