Then comes Easy Rider with his Hell’s Angels, and makes it to all the channels and papers. This was certainly not a part of the master plan. But RPK has definitely added the much-needed spice to the ROJOK in UMNO POLITIC. Let’s see who suffers from indigestion now.
inkling about Easy Rider roaring off into the sunset with his band of Biker Boys remains unclear.Then along comes an Easy Rider on a motorbike. But he’s a frog. He’s rpk.
It was never openly discussed but the ‘RPK’ (as it was euphemistically dubbed) was causing enormous concern in MALAYSIA Today, now that it’s all out there, the question is: how does one deal with it on a longterm basis? But such is the paranoia surrounding the UMNO, that most people pretend they know nothing, have heard nothing and there is nothing.

Dear blog owner of this blog and your other blogs

I am masterwordsmith and would like to inform you that since the beginning of January 2012, I have finally been enlightened.

I appreciate your effort to illuminate the minds of Malaysians who have been beguiled. Rest assured that I was also ‘lost’ and now see the light.

I wish to request that you remove my photograph from this blog and all your other blogs because I do not wish to be associated with RPK at all in any way! I have not visited his site since late December 2011. I trust that since we are like-minded now, you can kindly concede to my request.

Also, kindly remove the offending caption of “MASTERWORDSMITH ARE YOU RPK’S SLEEPING PARTNER OR LONDON STREET HOOKER?” from all your blogs.

I am NOT his sleeping partner, neither am I a London Street hooker. I am just a senior citizen who loves Malaysia.

I hope you can understand that I really do not want to be associated with him at all in any way and do not wish to be on the receiving end of such damaging statements. I am already old and would want to leave behind a legacy that my loved ones can be proud of. As it is, my entire family has been very saddened by the caption and the association implied in the caption including the posting of my photograph.

In fact, I have written a few hard-hitting posts criticizing him. You might have missed this.

You can read them at:



By the way, StraightTalking is my friend. I am sure he will be delighted to know that you have featured his writings.

I seek your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

Thank you for removing my photograph and the caption. I appreciate your attention, kindness and cooperation. Strangely, my previous comment is in two other blogs:



Anyway, I sincerely hope that you and other people can continue to work hard to spread truth -the real truth lest they continue to be fooled.

Thank you very much for your kindness. Wishing you the best.

Take care and wishing you nothing but the best.


Best wishes


In an era that prides itself on ripping away dreamy veils to reveal ugly truths, a sense of mystique is a rare, undervalued commodity! If most people were left gawking after  the lies of  RPK & STEADYAKU47 recently at an event in

Hussein abdul Hamid learn to fuck in mckk RELATED ARTICLE WHO THE FUCK ARE … Read more

How does someone maintain a relationship with God when one describes one’s life as: dull, miserable, demeaning, undignified and intolerable? If one believes that God is all-loving and all powerful, how then can one turn to God for help? RPK, If you genuinely have evidence of corruption committed by PR lawmakers at the state level … Read more

RPK’s web site moderators have cleverly engaged in the practice of repetitive logging onto his site in a practice known as indexing using ‘spiders’ or ‘search engine noise’ to create the illusion of mass appeal.
Log of the ‘hits’ on RPK’s Malaysia Today web site tend to debunk the myth of an exaggerated readership and following RPK’s site claims credit for. The audit logs show repeated hits from ‘lists’ from public computers all contributing to the larger than usual number of real ‘hits’ from page reviews.
Well they do that at the US presidential elections as well so perhaps no great harm done. No harm done except till you get to the bottom of this political and social vandal’s objects of personal advancement in politics, his craving for personal attention and his mercenary approach to achieving his personal ambition by attacking and vilifying those who cannot often respond to his every vilification.
He uses the internet to abuse and his blog as a form of leverage against those he identifies as legitimate targets including the Prime Minister Tun Razak who he now admits could not have possibly been involved in an event he so passionately pursued an allegation against even to the point of lying under oath in his Statutory Declaration.Read more

A careful decoding RPK’s guarded comment I remember what Dr Mahathir replied when he was asked as to why he appointed Daim Zainuddin as the Finance Minister of Malaysia. Daim is my friend, he replied. Surely I will appoint my friend, someone I trust, as my Finance Minister. Who in his right mind is going to appoint his enemy?

When Barisan Nasional says the same thing we whack them. When Barisan Nasional simply denies any wrongdoing we get angry. Denial is no defence, we say. When Barisan Nasional asks us to prove that there is wrongdoing we scream.

Okay, prove that Rosmah spent millions shopping in Australia.

Prove that Rosmah ordered that multi-million-dollar diamond ring.

Prove that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak had dinner with Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Prove that Dr Mahathir and not Anwar Ibrahim was behind the RM30 billion Bank Negara forex fiasco. After all, in 1992 and 1993, Anwar and not Dr Mahathir was the Finance Minister — he became the Finance Minister in 1991.


When we say something about the opposition you scream, “Prove it!” But when you make an allegation against Umno or Barisan Nasiional no need to prove it. Must be 100% truth!

Well, I say that in 2008, 2009 and 2010 Selangor gave out RM250 million worth of contracts (same figure as the NFC) on a negotiated and non-tender basis. And the details are below. And if the Selangor government denies this, the next step will be to publish the details of these contracts such as the contract numbers, names of companies and the dates of the contracts. Or maybe I will send them to the MACC instead. Hmm….yes, I think that is what I will do.How does someone maintain a relationship with God when one describes one’s life as: dull, miserable, demeaning, undignified and intolerable? If one believes that God is all-loving and all powerful, how then can one turn to God for help? RPK, If you genuinely have evidence of corruption committed by PR lawmakers at the state level … Read more
Small lies are not as innocuous as they may seem; they have the huge potential to undermine your credibility and relationships
And yet you feel wronged, betrayed and hurt…
For it is these little lies and betrayals that make a big difference to one’s credibility and to the quality of a relationship, whether personal or professional. The bigger lies that have the potential of blowing up in the face could remain unknown and hidden forever, thus not really causing any harm. The smaller lies that you unthinkingly and carelessly blurt out, not just get caught all the time, but also lay the foundation of how dependable or trustworthy a person or relationship is! It was Adolf Hitler who coined the expression “Big Lie”, distinguishing it from the smalllies. He used the Big Lie as a propaganda technique. As he said in Mein Kampf, “… in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods…”
Some people tell a small lie to avoid confrontation; others do so to avoid hurting someone, or so as not to rock the boat in a relationship. Some may lie to live up to fantasies they have about themselves,Still other chronic liars may have entrapped themselves so much into small lies that their entire life may have become a Big Lie that they have to willynilly live up to now! One wonders how these people feel about themselves. For instance, we have cases of people who have wrongly claimed to be POWs of World War II and spent a lifetime claiming compensation for the same and being finally caught out! Surely what must have started off as a small lie one day for such a person, and took over his entire life slowly, must have throttled him in private? Surely somewhere his conscience would have felt some relief when he was caught and finally could stop lying? A lie is a lie; there are no big or small ones. Similarly,
abetrayal is a betrayal; it doesn’t have varying degrees of acceptability!
Likewise, a theft doesn’t gain any more acceptability if the amount stolen is less. The point is that if you have been able to convince yourself to indulge in what you consider a smaller evil, the bigger one follows in good time. Lying, stealing, cheating is first an act of betrayal to you yourself, then to anyone else. You are the one who draws the lines and defines the limits for yourself and for your relationship. Certainly how true you are to yourself and to your loved one decides the quality and strength of your relationship.ANWAR IBRAHIM is a rare example of transparent honesty, such as most of us would hesitate to admit even to our ownselves! But it is true, isn’t it? At some level, we are all dishonest. Now call this a small dishonesty, or a big one — it is all about how you want to make yourself feel! We all have ways of making ourselves feel good. So, yes of course, these are all small lies.

But, are they really? Why then do you need to tell yourself yet another lie in order to feel better?


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