Don’t laugh Huma ! Huma! Huma What Jewish Women Do and Don’t Do, OK. Laugh.



Disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner checks his phone while wife Huma Abedin looks over menu at La Bottega Restaurant at the Maritime Hotel in Manhattan.

Disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner checks his phone while wife Huma Abedin

looks over menu at La Bottega Restaurant at the Maritime Hotel in Manhattan.

It was short and sweet, as I assume Anthony Weiner’s penis is.  It got me thinking about the stereotypes of sex with Jewish women, and I felt the need to share my two cents since I am a Jewish woman, so let’s talk sex.

It is reported by The New York Post that in one of his sexting sessions, Weiner was surprised to find that the Jewish woman he was conversing with was not only willing to give him fellatio, but was proud of her skills, and also her enjoyment of the act.  Apparently he thought Jewish chicks don’t roll that way.

I have written a lot about Anthony Weiner this week and when all is said and blogged, I still like him, think he should keep his job, hope that his issues can be resolved, and his relationship with his wife salvaged.  This guy needs to walk away for a minute, get some help, and fix what he has broken.

Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin has some tough choices to make.  Does she forgive her husband for behaving badly?  He never touched anyone, has had no sex, but rather just made a series of dumb choices.  Is it possible that his penis caused the problems, more than his mind?

Was Weiner’s Jewish penis simply craving a Jewish girl?  His wife is not Jewish, so was he missing out on something?  Did he ruin his life because he thought banging a Jewish chick would be awesome?  I am Jewish, but any sexual talents I have are not because of my faith.

Mr. Goldberg did not want to discuss what Jewish women do or do not do in bed, but I will.  Jewish women are just like any other women.  There are some who like things wild and others who are quite missionary in their views. They can be talented, frigid, giving, or selfish, just like all women.

I think Jewish women are sexy.  Some of my most sexually aware and experimental girlfriends are Jewish and while I have personally never slept with a Jewish woman, to assume that Jewish women are not good in bed is correct.  We are much better than good, we are beyond fantastic.

I know one of the women Weiner was talking to was Jewish, and knew he was married man, but as a porn star, she was researching her role in the movie “The Sexting Congressman”, which you know she is going make,  so one could applaud her entrepreneurial Jewish spirit no?

I am sure there are prim and proper Mormons who can swing from the rafters, and Jewish chicks that dress provocatively but hate to be touched. Women are different, and while religion may alter our views of sex, it does not necessarily effect our talents, desires, or fantasies.

I can tell you that even though I am Jewish,  there have been occasions of such pleasure, that I saw Jesus floating above me.  Sex is a powerful thing and when done right, can and will inspire faith in a profound but not necessarily religious way.  Amen!

The truth is Jewish women are fabulous.  By fabulous I mean educated, independent, sexy, funny, kind, and loving.  It’s a shame that more Jewish men are not interested in Jewish women. Interfaith marriages are common because, in my opinion, Jewish men do not appreciate Jewish ladies.

Goldberg got it right when he wrote that perhaps “Jewish men are intimidated by these superstar Jewish women.”  I am not suggesting all Jewish men should marry Jewish women, I’m just saying Jewish men should not rule out Jewish women because they think we are a certain way.

As a single woman in my 40’s who dates, I meet many wonderful Jewish men who married non-Jews, had kids, got divorced, and now their kids have no connection to Judaism.  They married thinking faith was not important, only to find out after their divorces that they feel a loss.

At the end of the day all I know for sure is that I wish Weiner and his wife well, Jewish women rock in the sack, I have a crush on Jeffrey Goldberg, and when it comes to sex, all women, regardless of their religion, need to be brave, own their sexuality, and keep the faith.

What Jewish Women Do and Don’t Do,
Here is the charming Mr. Weiner, in one of his sexting exchanges,
“you give good head?” the pervy politician asked her.

“ive been told really good . . . and i love doing it,” Weiss purred.

“wow a jewish girl who sucks [bleep]!” Weiner replied. “this thing is ready to do damage.”

On the general matter of Weiner’s comically-pathetic behavior, I’m with Andrew, who wrote yesterday, in a post entitled “Were you fully erect?”:

That was the last question I heard shouted by the press over the media din as Anthony Weiner copped to, er, sextweeting? The country is facing potential default, the leader of the GOP is a delusional maniac, the Middle East remains on a knife edge … and the question in the headline above is still ringing in my ears.

Weiner has not resigned and, frankly, I see little reason why he should. No one, so far as I can tell, was harassed, no one was abused, no actual sex even took place at all. I’m not sure one can even find any hypocrisy here. Moreover, if online flirting is unforgivable, why isn’t off-line flirting unforgivable? And what really is the difference? Apart from pictures that can be used to humiliate – and even blackmail.

Of course, it would be understandable if Huma Abedin, Weiner’s way-too-good-for-him wife (I know her a little, and she’s a thoroughly impressive person), would call in the mohel from Foreskin Man and have a little bit more taken off of Weiner’s putatively damage-causing but probably-not-so-impressive penis, but this is a private matter, within a marriage.

On the issue of Weiner and Jewish women. my intuition, plus knowledge of his dating pattern, plus the fact that he married a non-Jew, plus the aforementioned pathetic text, suggest to me that this putz has some problems here. I’m not going near the question of what Jewish women do or don’t do in bed, but suffice it to say that Jewish women are terribly, and contradictorily, stereotyped by society, and, often, by Jewish men themselves. Either they’re dark, hot-blooded sluts (a common Wasps fantasy, by the way — some of my best friends are Wasps with Jewish women-fixations) or they are, as Weiner would have it, the frozen chosen. The truth, of course, is that all women are different, but I’ve noticed a couple of things over the years: 1) A great number of Jewish women possess an irresistible combination of sexiness, intelligence, ambition, and a deep capacity for love; and 2) Many Jewish men, the less manly-men, in particular, are intimidated by these superstar Jewish women. It’s hard to say that Weiner didn’t go for a strong woman (a woman from another desert-based religion, by the way), but his text suggests a kind of caricaturing I find a little bit disgusting.

I know this sounds as if I’m advertising for a Jewish woman, but, thanks to the great philo-Semite Malcolm Gladwell, I found the best one, thank you very much.

It was once said of Weiner’s mentor that the most dangerous place in Washington was between Chuck Schumer and a camera. Yesterday, it turned out the most dangerous place for Tony Weiner in Washington was in front of a camera.
Even in the depth of his disgrace, at his astounding press conference, the man who “sent a Twitter that I regretted and I lied about” couldn’t shut his yapper.
A rational person would have fled the stage after his apology and a few choked-up answers. Not our Twit.

As the event progressed, Weiner acknowledged he couldn’t be sure of the ages of the women — he said six in all, but who really knows now? — with whom he engaged in online sex chat. Then he said he couldn’t deny he had sent “X-rated photos” of himself to women who might potentially have been underage.
Last Wednesday, in these pages, I called the congressman a “bad liar” for the risible sequence of claims that his Twitter account had been hacked even though he couldn’t say “with certitude” that the anatomical part clothed in gray underwear in a photo appearing under his name wasn’t the one attached to his body.
The use of the word “liar” in that column was somewhat bold at the time. No one in the mainstream media was using it. Now it looks like a ridiculous understatement — and a mischaracterization of sorts.
Being a liar turns out to be the least of it, at least when it comes to having a political future. It’s one thing to be a lowlife; it’s another to be a stupid lowlife.
Go ahead, take crass and tasteless pictures of yourself if you insist. Send them to women if you insist. Then apologize for it. But if you’re a public official, it seems simple prudence that you should be especially cautious not to post them on a public Web site.
People tell me Weiner is a smart guy. But unless he unconsciously sought to get caught, which I doubt, what he has done over the past week should forever retire the notion that he is anything but a colossal boob of the highest order.
Let’s be honest. Many elected officials the world over are colossal boobs. But here’s the thing: Most colossal boobs in politics tend to comport themselves with a certain surprising modesty.
There’s a reason you probably hadn’t heard of Reps. Chris Lee and Mark Foley or Sens. Larry Craig and David Vitter before their careers were derailed by sex-related scandals that suggested a comparable degree of idiocy. You hadn’t, because they kept a low profile.
Not Weiner. He is as allergic to a low profile as he is, evidently, to boxer shorts.
Being a colossal boob isn’t a crime, of course. Nor is being a liar. Nor is being a 46-year-
old man who sends suggestive photos to a woman 25 years younger than you — a crime against elementary decency, of course, but not a violation of statute. (Assuming she was, in fact, the youngest . . .)
He says he’s not resigning. We’ll see about that, too.
The only thing we won’t have to see is whether Weiner will be representing his district in January 2013. Because either he’ll be gone or the district will be rezoned out of existence. That will give him time to prepare for his run for the mayoralty.
Don’t laugh.
OK. Laugh.


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