President Obama:a structure of lies surrounds Render Unto God the Things that Are God’s

it is wrong to propagate the historical delusion that bipartisan consensus is the key to solving the United States’ biggest problems because that’s the way it’s always been done in the past. Nothing could be more wrongheaded than this last belief: consensus has always been the enemy of progress, unless and until it is overthrown, and a new consensus is formed on what were previously radical foundations. This is how the US itself was established. It is how slavery was ended. How women got the vote. How segregation was ended. How women and minorities got formal equality under law. How labour got the right to organise, and how the modern middle class was forged into being in the furnace of class struggle. It was even, ultimately, how “big government” put a man on the moon.

As Dr Martin Luther King, Jr explained in his famous – but too seldom-read – “Letter From Birmingham Jail“, “untimely” confrontation was fundamentally necessary in order to disrupt the superficial, temporary peace of repression, in order that the deep and lasting peace of justice could be established through a struggle for righteousness. King was writing specifically about the process of mass non-violent civil disobedience used to desegregate the South, but the same principle applies to the entire panorama of all profound political change that advances human progress. And the US is in crisis today precisely because it is entirely convinced that those self-congratulatory “voices of reason” who opposed King were the ones who knew how to get things done – as well as what ought to be done.

Learning from experience is one of the life’s core skills. But as a society and a species we still have not mastered it. The definition of insanity, Einstein is reported to have said, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. When smacked upside the collective head by trauma that highjacks our capacity to think, or when faced with apprehension about a military threat, we still tend to rush to judgment, rush to “do something,” to flex our muscles. Bravado substitutes for resourcefulness and true strength. We lose our ability to respond, to stop, look and listen. To thoughtfully consider a wide variety of responses and their potential impacts. When we lose our response ability, we rush into decisions whose consequences last generations.

Another expert who has long studied public opinion about war and worked in the administration of several presidents said that as the November election approaches, inflammatory oratory is likely to increase, even if it is unsuited to a problem as complicated as Iran’s nuclear ambitions. “This is the standard danger of talking about foreign policy crises in a campaign,” he said. “If you try to explain a complex position, you sound hopelessly vague.”

The United States and Israel have launched a vociferous global campaign to justify an attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities. Israel paints the Iranian nuclear program as an existential threat to itself whereas the United States characterizes the Iranian program as a peril to international peace and security. Most Western European states and some Middle Eastern states, including Saudi Arabia, view the Iranian quest for nuclear energy with suspicion and alarm. Russia and China, the permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, and numerous Muslim and non-Muslim states in Asia, Africa and, Latin America, even when they are unsure about Iran’s intentions, oppose an armed attack on Iran. As a State Party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), Iran claims a lawful right to develop nuclear energy, just as scores of States Parties including the United States mobilize such a right to develop nuclear energy. The Iranian leaders deny, in an unambiguous language, that they intend to develop nuclear weapons. Ayatollah Khomeini, the founder of the 1979 Iranian Revolution, had opined that Islamic law prohibits the possession of nuclear weapons. Consistent with Iranian assurances, U.S. intelligence agencies believe that Iran has not made a decision to manufacture nuclear weapons. Rejecting Iranian statements as lies, Israel, more than the United States, is planning an armed attack against Iranian nuclear plants and the associated command and control headquarters. The irony is that Israel itself possesses hundreds of nuclear weapons it has built with the covert assistance of the United States. As a self-appointed sheriff of the Middle East, Israel refuses to allow any other state in the neighborhood to develop nuclear energy. All by itself, Israel unlawfully destroyed the nuclear energy plants in Iraq and Syria. Israeli intelligence agencies assassinate Iranian scientists and nuclear engineers, an illegal course of action that no other state undertakes or endorses. The United States would commit a great wrong, argues Israel’s Prime Minister, if the United States does not soon start a war with Iran. There are two distinct reasons why an armed attack on Iran is illegal under international law, whether the attacker is Israel or the United States. First, a violation of the NPT does not justify an armed attack. The NPT carries no war clauses for its violations. Suppose that Iran is indeed in violation of the NPT as it refuses to fully submit its nuclear facilities to satisfactory inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). However, a dispute over the logistics of inspection with the IAEA does not furnish a sufficient basis in international law for any state, including the United States, to launch an armed attack against the State Party. Israel, which has not even signed the NPT, cannot invoke the failed IAEA inspections for justifying an armed attack on Iran, a founding member of the NPT. International law knows no rule under which a state that refuses to sign a treaty turns around to enforce the same treaty, by all means necessary, against a founding member of the treaty. To preempt any such adventures, the NPT Preamble specifically prohibits “the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State.” Second, the U.N. Charter outlaws war in the following guiding principle: “All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state.” As States Parties to the U.N. Charter, Israel and the United States violate this principle when they threaten an armed attack against Iran, again a founding member of the Charter. Israel has not yet claimed the right to self-defense under Article 51 of the Charter. However, any such claim would be dubious. There is no credible evidence that Iran is preparing an armed attack against Israel or the United States, triggering the right to self-defense. Most important, the Security Council is well aware of the Iranian problem. The efforts to persuade the Security Council to impose economic sanctions on Iran have failed. If the Security Council is opposed even to economic sanctions, it is unlikely to authorize the use of force against Iran. Israel and the United States may petition the Security Council under Chapter VII of the U.N. Charter for the use of force to deter Iran from manufacturing nuclear weapons. Bypassing the Security Council, any armed attack on Iran will be akin to the unlawful invasion of Iraq. In that case, the attack will have zero legitimacy under international law.

Is Israel America’s most favored nation in Mideast? US behavior suggests it is. American diplomats use Israel as a gainful bargain chip for advancing oil-arms trade in Mideast. In the name of peace talks, US presidents invariably invite the Israeli fanatic leaders for special dinners and liquor parties even as USA talks about Mideast peace as a time pass matter. These top rogues in neat looking democracy suits do not even take note of crimes by Israeli state terrorists in Palestine.

An artful speaker, US president B. Obama bluffs too much. Art of hypocrisy is part of Obama rhetoric which ignores Zionist crimes against humanity since it illegal birth in Mideast. Does Obama really not think Israel would freeze illegal settlements at least to improve the Obama ratings?  The so-called “peace process” promoted once again by Obama is a two-decades-old diplomatic charade aimed at justifying Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people and facilitating Washington’s foreign policy machinations throughout the Middle East.
It is not strange that global media are genuinely against humanity and they are basically anti-Islamic by intent. But is strange that USA which is a half part of USA-UK terror twins, is also the major part of Israel-USA terror twins. This code mixing is strange and genetically dangerous.
America pursues pro-Zionist policy in Mideast only to promote its economic-oil-arms trade interests in the region and has got nothing new to offer to actualization of Mideast peace. Inequality in Israel is higher than in most of the Middle Eastern countries and ruling parasitic illegal settlers’ elite has been in the grip of a perpetual fear of instability and political crisis in Israel in the face of “uprisings” in Mideast. In Palestine, Fatah party which represents the rich classes has the natural blessing of western terrocracies. The chief aim of all the corporate sections both in Mideast and West is to sustain capitalism without letting the protestors to dismantle the roots of colonialism.
US-Israel relations began with the illegal creation of Zionist Israel in Mideast in 1948 on Palestinian lands by evicting and killing the Palestine inhabitants. This is indeed a show of US-UK terror prowess against Muslims and Muslim nations. These USA-UK-Israeli terrocracies believe that joint military attacks and western arrogance are the core of democracy that the Arab nations are expected to imbibe.
Israel is effectively a part of United States as its 51st state and Washington shields the fascist regime and Zionist crimes as its fundamental duty.  In fact many nations even wonder why the USA officially does not incorporate Israel into USA. The reasons are both American and Israeli and extra alarming: Jews in Israel and elsewhere including USA think they should exist independently so that Israel can bully USA and Arabs and by being a part of USA Israel won’t be able to directly attack Palestine and other Arab nations. More importantly, Americans, including the top leaders, are in fact afraid of constitutionally annexing a dangerously fanatic Israel for fear of backlash from Jews as a major “union” ramification.The catastrophe is that Israel has the extra capacity to expand, implode and destroy even the USA which even the mighty Soviet Union could not. This was the key consideration for the Western powers in the post-WW-II era to push the Jews into the Mideast and impose Zionist regime in Palestine.
 By correctly gauging US weaknesses, Israel keeps snubbing Obama but he is still willing to shield the Zionist crimes against humanity. In spite of the US unconditional defense of terrorist Israel, Israeli hawkish leader Netanyahu publicly rebuffed Obama, declaring at the White House that any return to 1967 “lines” would leave Israel “indefensible.” The Republican extremists and other opponents accused Obama of “throwing Israelis under the bus”. Obama spoke to AIPAC—a lobby which, despite its financial clout, represents the views of illegal settlers and criminals constituting a right-wing minority within Israel.
 Like India and Pakistan, Israel also wants to be seen as an equal partner of USA, the global dictator, in terror operations against Muslims. But the crude truth is Americans do not consider even the Britishers, their former colonizers and joint terror partners under NATO terror syndicate, as their equals. Still, USA keeps the most poisonously monstrous beast called Israel for its own purposes in Mideast and elsewhere!
 Over decades of terror collaborative operations around the world, destabilizing many nations, including another super power Russia, Jews have gained a strong position in American nations and it system. All US dictatorial presidents have shielded this fascist regime by providing all necessary military and economic support. So much as, now America is infested by Jewish agents pursuing Zionist goals. Plenty of Jews work for US foreign policy formulations and practices, including state terror operations and they have infiltrated into CIA and other secret agencies. Further, US regime apparatus is infested with all sorts of Israeli agents.
Like  Bush Jr, B. Obama also thinks it is more than enough if he could offer some promises to besieged hapless Palestinians while appeasing the Jewish criminal gangs and does not need to force Israel to do more as he shamelessly asks Pakistan and Libya for “more” and “more”. Even Israeli hawkish premier B. Netanyahu has said that  Israel “wants and needs” peace and also has pledged 24th May to make “painful compromises” for peace with the Palestinians, for the first time explicitly saying that some West Bank settlements would find themselves outside Israel’s final borders. But he once again attached a list of often-stated conditions that have been unacceptable to the Palestinians. Netanyahu’s gimmick, Netanyahu repeated his flat rejection of a return to what he called the “indefensible” borders that Israel had before the 1967 Middle East war.
 A terror expert, Netanyahu insisted that Israel would maintain a long-term military presence in Jerusalem- obviously against Arabs – reiterated that Jerusalem could not be shared with the Palestinians, who want the eastern sector of the holy city as capital of their hoped-for state. He flatly refused to repatriate millions of Palestinian refugees and their families to homes in Israel that they lost in fighting over the Jewish state’s 1948 creation.
Israel has rejected the Palestinian claims of Jerusalem and the fate of refugees.  Peace gimmicks being pursued by Washington, therefore, are an old known story for Tel-Aviv that it does not take them seriously at all; after all, pro-peace rhetoric automatically makes Israel the chief beneficiary of US special aids in terror goods and cash.  That is the contemporary history of ugly US diplomacy in Mideast.Speeches of US president B. Obama, like those of his predecessors, also suggest that USA cannot remain the sole super power without Israel and prolonged  protection of this illegal entity in Mideast is of paramount importance to his regime as well.  The double-speak specialist Obama deliberately confuses the defenseless Palestinians with his mischievous rhetoric though he is fully bound by CIA dictates. A good peace maker would not glorify Zionist crimes, but Obama does it as his policy.  Then how can he also talk about Mideast peace?Emboldened by the continued military-terror collaboration between USA and Israel, and  taking cue from Obama’s own drone crimes in Libya, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Netanyahu has effectively challenged the weak US president’s position repeatedly, ignoring Obama’s assertion that the territorial markers could be adjusted through agreed land swaps. This is an Israeli escalation for proliferation and unfortunately, it received a standing ovation in America. Israeli terrorists will control the region. So no peace! What Obama is talking about?
 Constantly under Israeli aggression and genocides, Palestine has been weakening for years now – unconcerned by the notorious UNSC. Notorious Israeli Mossad agents have infiltrated in the rank and file of Palestine causing rifts and civil war killing thousands of innocent Palestinians.So, the terrorized Palestinians have called Netanyahu’s speech another declaration of war against the Palestinians. UNSC promotes Zionist fascism as part of Western colonialist imperialism. The Palestinians, being slowly united against fascist odds, are now rightly campaigning to obtain UN recognition of Palestinian statehood when the General Assembly meets in September.
By standing behind the Zionist crimes, Obama has, in large part, staked his reputation in the Muslim world on finding a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Obama should be seen as a real peace maker and for this he must stop using terrible Bushdom yardsticks to measure CIA-Pentagon crimes as well as his own against humanity!
Colonialist powers obviously have a vested interest in coming closer to pursue joint terror operations aiming at their perceived common “enemy” secretly.
And triclomacy helps all of them to achieve their horrid ends by fooling the world keeping it at a distance.Of late, Indian leaders keep visiting Israel on secret missions and their real motive behind their voyage to Zionist crimnla regime is not disclosed even by the media. The anti-Islamic objective of India in forging closer military plus liquor ties is not a secret anymore. Sept-11 hoax has offered fresh impetus to all anti-Islamic nations and forces to target Islam and Muslims and both Israel and India made maximum use of these global terrorist trends in crushing the Muslims under their control.Many Zionist terror strategist s have visited India occupied Jammu Kashmir and supplied terror good to kill Muslims in JK where Hindus are protected by military, police, governor and other institutions as special citizens. Hindus in Jk aid the Indian state terrorists in liking Muslims in that nation while the leaders of puppet government in Srinagar, minting money ad putting them om foreign and Indian accounts, just take instructions from New Delhi. All that India wants in JK is a puppet government to obey their orders in killing Muslims. . USA-UK terror twins have for centuries forged imperialist coalition with colonialist partners, reaping benefits at the cost of weaker nations and humanity at large. Post-independent India has, with blessings of former killer boss UK, slowly but gradually come closer to both USA and Israel on “terrorism” and anti-Islamism planks, aiming at terror operations against Muslims. Thus far New Delhi has been whole sale buyer of Russian arms and other terror goods essentially to “deal” with Muslims so that the notorious Hindutva forces in all political outfits, seeking to promote exclusive Hindu interests at home and abroad as well as contribute to the anti-Islamic trends, could easily silence them once for all. And India has achieved all this fairly easily thanks mainly to CIA engineered Sept-11, followed by India’s able contribution to terror attacks like in Parliament, Hyderabad, Ajmeer, Mumbai Taj attacks, etc. Considering the favors the state terror links, directed by the CIA, have so far offered to India, the terror strategists want India pursue arms deals across the world. India is now eager to acquire terror goods from all important terrocracies such as USA, France, japan, so that it could move still closer to jointly control the politics. For years now, the Kashmiri Muslims are being butchered by occupying post-paid Indian state terrorists in democracy uniforms and total number of martyrs in Jammu Kashmir seems to have crossed 100,000 souls. India justifies its crimes against humanity by hiding behind the NATO terror syndicate led by USA-UK terror twins engaged in killing Muslims in occupied Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere. A contemporary colonizer, India does not want to easily surrender the sovereignty to struggling Kashmiris. While looking around for new suppliers of arms and other terror goods, New Delhi prefers those terrrocracies that have similar problems so that they could coordinate their terror operations.

Bulks of Indian Muslims are political fellows pursuing the vote bank politics to help their parental communal parties like Congress, BJP and outfits exploiting the weakened position of Muslims to advance the Hindu agenda jointly. Muslims supporting the ruling Congress led UPA regime are the dirtiest people because is because of their continued support to Congress and similar Hindu parties that Indian regime has gone ahead with expanding the ties with Zionist criminal state known as Israel. The regime and political parties at par with the bureaucrats in India treat Muslims as “things” that could be disposed once the “job” is done.. India treats Muslims in a fashion similar to Americans treating the Pakistanis as being “nothing”. Now India is using Israel for arms and liquor imports as well as US close connection. India has employed Israeli terror good to kill Muslim in occupied Jammu Kashmir as if the traditional Russian stuff is not enough.It is not only against the Kashmir Muslims that India has been entertaining the lawless Israeli regime but also to bully the Indian Muslims. India has been pestering the Zionist criminal regime to open some more consulate terror missions in Indian towns obviously to help with anti-Islamism. Muslim League, a coalition partner of Congress led UPA government in New Delhi is apparently happy with sharing the profits of the regime by keeping ministerial portfolios. Muslim League, like other Muslim parties and organizations are being employed profitably by Indian regime and Hindu parties to garner vote bank for the Congress party. This so-called Muslim outfit just supports whatever the Hindu Congress party says or does. They have lost their voice to defend Islam, get the Babri Mosque rebuilt as promised by the state and other anti-Islamic policies of Indian regime. As a result, the hapless Muslims continue to be insulted and injured by the anti-Islamic outfits.
Muslims are at the mercy of majority people.This explains why the ruling Congress led UPA simply goes ahead with expanding immoral ties with anti-Islamic Israel for terror goods and support for anti-Islamism. The Congress party, in keeping with the right Hindutva party BJP policy of coming closer with Israel, has given priority to ties with Zionist terrorist regime. It took years for India to recognize Israel thanks to anti-Islamic BJP led NDA regime. Outwardly India supports the Palestine issue, but India shamelessly cultivated ties with Israel secretly for years and now openly goes for strengthening terror links.
India seems to be fascinated by the Zionist high precision cluster bombs that are being used against the besieged Palestinians and New Delhi might have decided to get some to deal with Kashmiri Muslims so that Muslim population in India could be sufficiently reduced. Arab nations might also take the Indian line of openly cultivating the Zionist criminals. India considers Israel, an American proxy, as its “reliable” partner in anti-Muslimism, state terrorism and fanaticism would like to forge an effective Indo-US-Israeli gang so that it could somehow garner a veto handle for the notorious UNSC.
By making a trip to Israel now when Iran is being bullied by Israel and USA, the “intelligent” Indian leaders send a signal to Iran and USA that India is serious about anti-Islamism and ready to be employed by the concerned and unconcerned for huge price. . Muslims should be very cautious about terror ploys of India. Whenever Indian cricket team loses matches, India shamelessly uses issues of Muslims and Islam to divert their horrid state of mind. India used have terror attacks when Indian team lost matches, but these days no such attempts. India leaders are now openly fooling Indian Muslims…. Of course they have a valid reason for this misbehavior and terror instinct.

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