This is an old folklore.

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If you are bored & need a good comedy to liven your day, just read our ministers’ comments defending another scandal tainted minister. In any other country, mere allegations of corruption or misuse of power will result in immediate suspension & scrutiny by Parliment. In Malaysia, we apply a different standard don’t we.
our UMNO-BN politicians are more like celebrities, perhaps even of the world class order. Many of them find themselves being dragged through all types of scandals especially those of the money type such as the rakyat’s money.Whatever Sharizat had done subswquent to the NFC disclosure, her political opponents will still have axes to grind. Its so easy for news reporters sometimes: just take some statements from some politicians, they have some assignments to publish for the day already. What is more important is how to make a presecution creditable if there is a prosecution. Whatever the outcome of such an action, it will also draw diverse comments. To obbviate such eventuality, A-G can authorise some prominent non-political criminal lawyer to handle the prosecution.

On the other hand world class celebrities such as movie stars, singers, sports personalities and so on often have sex scandals included in their lists. Of course there was Dr Chua Soi Lek but sex scandals generally tend to be lesser in number. Their scarcity nevertheless, is made up by murder related scandals such as that of Altantuya and the BMF scandal murder.

As for the similarity between our politicians and the regular world class celebrities is that after having their reputations dragged through the mud for a significant length of time both categories will then make elaborate efforts for an effective “COME-BACK”

These are 2 different issues! In Sodomy 1 case, Anwar was fixed and fitnah by UMNO and in Shahrizat’s family case, is is pure CBT case!
Umno information chief Datuk Ahmad Maslan told reporters that Shahrizat’s family have not been found guilty of any wrongdoing but she has already decided to resign from Cabinet when her senatorship ends on April 8 while retaining leadership of Wanita Umno what you,Umno information chief Datuk Ahmad Maslan said today that he had watched with his wife a sex video released recently and is convinced the man featured is Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
Datuk Ahmad Maslan like share with as what happen on that night when Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah show us the tape in our bedroom this is what I told my wife A threesome tonight, honey I consider my wife very beautiful She has got a very attractive sexy figure. I am very lucky to have her as my wife. I think, any sexually active person, if once looks at my wife, will definitely have a hidden desire to fuck my wife. But there is one catch. is a true Malay wife who wish to go along with one throughout. On the other hand, I am of the opinion that three in a bed (two males and one female are much better to fully enjoy the sex life.I am actually very fascinated with this idea and therefore wanted to arrange Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah to join us.readmorehttp://chuliastreettulukan.blogspot.com/2011/05/threesome-tonight-honey-datuk-ahmad.html

Sharizat is the minister in charge of the fund allocation and to her own husband.
Azizah’s was appointed to her post by the party and not Anwar. What’s the logic?
We got a real smart Info chief here.
Wan Azizah is a strong woman; determine to defend her husband at all costs. including being the president of the party her husband created. Can Sharizat do the same? Without support from UMNO?

This shows how low the power of reasoning of the Wanita Umno is. An individual should never be asked to resign from her post solely based on her/his spouse’s wrongdoing UNLESS she/he has been implicated as having had a hand in that spouse’s wrongdoing. Did Wan Azizah use her influence to allwo Anwar to commit the abuse of power? Now, ask whether Shahrizat used her influence as minister to allow her family to obtain the loan and allegedly mismanage it?
As a tax payer, I have every right to ask Shahrizat to resign and the family to pay back the money to the rakyat. In the case of Anwar, has he taken the rakyat’s money and spent it according to his whims and fancy? If no then why should Wan Azizah resign? Whatever Anwar did, if he really did, is his personal business. Nothing to do with the rakyat. The party members can vote them out if they don’t want them to be their leader. UMNO should understand this simple logic!Some cases are blatantly clear, found guilty or not by the court, what more with the AG more like a dog and with the judiciary I don’t trust.

There is absolutely no basis for comparing Sharizat to Datuk Seri Dr.. As a supporter of a two party system and in particular, Pakatan, I want Sharizat to stay on for obvious reasons, as a cannon folder at GE 13
Since the whole world, not to mention Malaysians, have already had access to the minutest details of NFC’s offences – including the exact breaches of the loan agreement – through the Internet, what further information does the AG want before he would consent to prosecution? If this is not an act of willful obstruction of justice, then what is?

Kim Quek

Controversial women’s affairs minister Shahrizat Jalil’s so-called resignation on April 8 once again brought to limelight the Barisan Nasional government’s utter impotence to deal with a crisis of high corruption allegation.

Almost five months after the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) scandal broke out, when the public has already been flooded with innumerable details of criminal improprieties that have leaked out incessantly, the only outcome that we have seen is this departure of Shahrizat from the cabinet. And even this event is not an act on the part of anybody; Shahrizat was not sacked, nor did she resign, her status as minister merely becomes legally void when her term as a senator comes to an end on April 8, as under our constitution only a member of parliament or a senator can become a minister.

Though a corruption of RM250 million is no big deal by Barisan Nasional (BN) standards, it is the contemptuous disregard for corruption laws by the BN top hierarchy and the criminal negligence of our civil servants that have irked an increasingly disillusioned public. Topping it all, is the reluctance of our law-enforcing bodies – Malaysian anti-corruption commission (MACC), police, attorney general – to act against the culprits.

To start with, the family of Shahrizat should never have been awarded this pivotal project to transform the beef production and supply industry, as it has neither the financial capacity nor the business wherewithal to undertake it.

And not surprisingly, once landed suddenly with this windfall on its lap – the RM250 million soft loan and the RM13 million grant – the Shahrizat family ran wild with splurging by buying luxurious assets such as high-end condos and premium land, as well as operating high class restaurants and supermarkets at home and oversea; while failing to fulfill its primary objective which is to develop the feedlot industry as contractually stipulated.


To put this scandal in proper perspective, the potential criminal offences fall into two parts: the dubious award of the project, and its questionable execution.

There was obvious favoritism and conflict of interests when such a plum contract was granted to the family of a cabinet minister, more so when that family is manifestly unqualified to receive it.

In any corruption case of this nature, there is always a giver and a taker. In this case, Shahrizat is considered the beneficiary when her family became the recipient of the loan, grant and project contract, for it is obvious that her husband and children couldn’t possibly have been considered since they had no merits of their own to justify such consideration. That leaves us with the only possible explanation: Shahrizat’s connection to the decision-makers in the cabinet.

That there was heavy favoritism is further evidenced from the cavalier and irresponsible manner with which the project was granted. There was apparently no proper project paper submitted prior to the award, otherwise the finance ministry would not have eventually suspended disbursement pending the completion of a “viability and business model project study” in 2011 – three years after the loan was granted – when the project seemed to have moved only at snail’s pace, as reported in the Auditor General’s latest report. Further, there was the highly irregular indulgence of allowing the loan and grant to be disbursed well before the project agreement was signed.

How do you call the award of such an important project involving hundreds of million of public funds without even the existence of a proper project study and proposal? If it is not collusion, corruption and criminal negligence of the highest order, then what is?

Who are the decision makers – the givers – in this corruption case? They are the then agriculture minister Muhyiddin Yassin and the high impact project committee headed by the then deputy prime minister Najib Razak.

It is the duty of the MACC to scrutinize the entire decision-making process and bring both culprits – the giver and the taker – to books. Regrettably, nothing seems to have come out from their investigations.


With regards to the highly questionable execution of the project, possible criminal offences are found in a) willful negligence by government officials to monitor and control the implementation of project and disbursement of loan and grant, and b) breach of trust by NFC in miss-use of public funds in contravention of both the loan agreement and the project agreement.

While offences under a) fall under the jurisdiction of MACC, offences under b) are being pursued by the police.

To date, there is no sign that MACC has even started on its investigation on the government officials involved.

As for the police, they have completed their investigation, but prosecution is being stalled by the attorney general, who has repeatedly returned the police investigation report in the past few months, each time asking for “further investigation”, the last such request being made more than a month ago.

Since the whole world, not to mention Malaysians, have already had access to the minutest details of NFC’s offences – including the exact breaches of the loan agreement – through the Internet, what further information does the AG want before he would consent to prosecution? If this is not an act of willful obstruction of justice, then what is?

While this tragic comedy of merry-go-round is going on with regards to the resolution of this high corruption crisis, Malaysians should have no more illusion of what Prime Minister Najib Razak can or cannot do to restore the rule of law to this country.


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