So Shahrizat, are you implying that me voting for Nurul Izzah (in Lembah Pantai) in the last election was a mistake?
      Take a good look at yourself and your family’s shenanigans and tell me, seriously if that was a mistake.

Well spoken. the substance of debate between the prime minister of a country and the leader of the opposition of the same country cannot be equated to the debate with RPK, a loose canon with no anchor.

Nobody is a Branded Chicken ! Wow, since when BN is so much a champion of RPK?

Everyone will be Given Equal Opportunity to Voice their Views that Matter most in the Debates ! RPK – Why run down on the leaders before you absonded out of the country ? Now on reverse mode ?. Face the law of the country. Show and display your guts if you are a Gentleman ? Prove to rakyat of you are a man ! RPK can debate with PAPA GOMO – Blogger with Blogger – and Najib with Annuar as what is being practiced in the USA.That is USA and this Malaysia and we dont have to copy USA – if you are genuine so why worry who is your opponent or unless your are really worried like anwar (for what ever reasons)….Who is RPK to debate with Anwar? The once respected blogger is now a loose cannon with a declining price tag. If RPK is so hard up for media attention, he could seek out someone his level, like Ibrahim Ali to compare notes on commanding prices.Anwo : who in the right frame of mind is going to hit anyone below the belt, please come, you are most welcome to make your stand as long as you bring your eggs along if you still have them! No old scores to settle but only on country economy and administration policies! Naji : let me call home first…..Nobody’s home. Probably at shopping complexePropose Dsai to take on All 3 , Starting with Datuk Najib, Tan Sri Muhyiddin then Rpk and in that order out of Respect in Seniority ! Nobody is a Branded Chicken ! Everyone will be Given Equal Opportunity to Voice their Views that Matter most in the Debates ! The Rakyat to record the thumbs up for such proposal RPK challenge anyone for debate in the past. Najib and Muhyiddin would you afraid to debate with RPK?I believe Anwar can and should debate with RPK, on condition that RPK gets the mandate to represent PM Najib, since PM, DPM and the whole of umno cannnot .The DPM says Anwar is afraid to debate RPK. Have Anwar who is PM material debate wer? ith an exiled blogger. Okay so you say Anwar is afraid, so what is your excuse and the PM’s excuse to not debate Anwar? Lets face it both of you are not PM material and know Anwar will decimate you in a debate so both of you are afraid and hiding behind RPK.A fugitive blogger is causing nuisance to the rakyat. Why should we offer so much space for this nuisance guy ? What benefits do we get ?. Why so much publicity now ? If you have guts come back home to face the music of our law ?. Why absond away from the country ? Show your true guts to the rakyat !! Can you dare that Whenever Muhyiddin opens his mouth, rubbish pours out. How can a leader of an Opposition party debate with a mere blogger ? Does he not understand what is the meaning of protocol or is he so arrogant as to think that we ordinary citizens are stupid?
It really does not matter if media groups are biased but what is important is that the state has very little influence on what the public has access to.’Since the online world now consists of two pieces of equal size, I believe the traditional vocabulary is obsolete.malaysia’s media groups is trapped in an existential dilemma .I have proposed that we refer to the new network layer — the sum of the wired Internet and the mobile data infrastructure for cellular and Wi-Fi — as the Hypernet. Its software counterpart is the Hyperweb, which today includes the traditional Web and app model, but which may evolve to include other technologies in the future, is trapped in an existential dilemma. they cannot blame themself for the wreck hey has wrought. To do so would severely damage, if not abort, a  career born in genetic entitlement and wafted into that exhilarating but oxygen-thin ozone layer of celebrity. they cannot blame umno either, the favoured recourse of mainstream media caught in a crisis, for they  are slaves of UMNO in more senses than one. They owe their job to their political masters of the umno-Barisan and more specifically Mahathir. He tried blaming the local opposition, particularly too obvious to raise anything more substantial than a yawn.readmorehttp://engagemalaysia.wordpress.com



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