NAjib’s Government bakery, the best bakers in town free ROTI KAPADA AUR MAKAAN


This is an old folklore. If you are bored & need a good comedy to liven your day, just read our ministers’ comments defending another scandal tainted minister. In any other country, mere allegations of corruption or misuse of power will result in immediate suspension & scrutiny by Parliment. In Malaysia, we apply a different …Read more WHY GHANI PATAIL? WHY NO CHARGES AGAINST UMNO INFORMATION CHIEF DATUK AHMAD MASLAN WATCHING A SEX VIDEO WITH HIS WIFE

The UMNO-BARISAN Government bakery, the best bakers in town who specialize in ‘How not to CHANGE OLD RECIPE’! Fresh from the  B.N baker’s oven today is the  ‘NO SHIT scam’ believed to be valued a 250 MILLION.In a brilliant move to save a sinking UMNO — probably arising after a night of beer guzzling and ANWAR bashing — a certain beer baron has appointed a diminutive, fire-breathing politician from Rosmah’s to rescue the UMNO.  The angry looking woman, who in some circles is known as cowgirl (and in some circles as milktank), is to hold on the reins of rearing woman cows. Her first order of business was to roll back freebies announced by  Moor ON its launch.this fiery old hen has a simple solution for the cash-strapped WOMAN COWS&co: Use beer instead of cash. Furthermore, members seeking freebies will be given beer instead of cash. Many member were seen frothing at the mouth after this announcement. Some were just drunk with happiness.  Tomorrow there will be more cream and cherries added to it and the figure in all probability is likely to puff and rise and then burn itself out, like it always does. And one may ask what is the PM doing? Is he not keeping an eye on the cakes and the buns? The PM, (not the Prime Minister, heavens no!) I meant the Pastry Maker, does he not do anything much? He just turns a blind eye and lets everything burn. After all, the bakery can still sell burnt cakes and buns, there are enough of hungry people out there buying their bitter sour and rotting goodies. Remember there was 600MILLION SUBMARINE scam that the UMNO bakery sold to us, then there was a PKZ scam that they sold a bit after too. And the Pastry Maker was the head of the  minister when the pkz was getting baked, is he going to be telling us anything or will he continue operating on silent mode? The  has managed to ‘shock’ us yet again about the Baker, the bakery and the buns and the potential losses to the exchequer. I wish the No tribunal for AG were busy doing what they are doing right now when the Government was handing over precious natural resources to various public and private sector undertakings. But, knowing how the umno barisan Government has been conducting itself, would it have really stopped to listen to Investigate Copgate ?

Excuse me Nazri, AG is answerable

AG Gani Patail should also answer the allegations of his legal team sleeping with the key witness in the Sodomy II trial. By merely transferring her is not the answer, it doesn’t resolve anything. Just tell the people (taxpayers) – did she or did she not bonk Saifool?

And after that, this AG will then have to answer to the people (taxpayers) – did he or did he not bonk his director for international affairs?

You are a public officer and you are answerable to the public for your behavior!

What is more worrying is the ‘blind support’ for the AG from government officials such as Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Abdul Aziz.

In defending the AG, Nazri had been quoted as saying that Patail was not accountable to Phang or the people; instead, only to Parliament. For a politician to say that, he must really be ‘blind’. If politicians are not accountable to the people, why then are millions of Malaysian citizens called to the national polls once every five years to elect their representatives to Parliament and the state assemblies?

“You are a public officer and you are answerable to the public for your behavior!” – Sentinel

Who are you addressing? The Malaysian civil servant who only answers to UMNO?

The public servant has NEVER been made answerable to the public. Never!! It is written in no uncertain terms in the Government Orders issued by the UMNO Assembly and kept in Public Service Department.

Why do you think the judges (whose salaries are paid by taxpayers), the District Officers, the MBs, the AGs, the Election Commission Officers, the Police and MACC, don”t give a shit to the public’s views? They don’t have to and they are quite clear they can tell people like you and me to go and fly kite while they fly first class and business class on overseas gravy train trips paid by you and me.

The report by Henry Schuelke III on the fraudulent prosecution of the late Alaska Senator Ted Stevens admirably exposed the problem of lawless prosecutors, which to some extent or another afflicts almost every jurisdiction in the U.S. It also exposes the deeper part of the same problem in the reluctance of the Justice Department to take any serious action against its own personnel, no matter how egregious their conduct or how prominent their victims. The Stevens facts are now too well-known to need a long retelling. The seven-term senator and former committee chairman was accused of corruptly accepting payments to his house without fully paying for them or reporting them. Stevens lost his bid for reelection very narrowly, undoubtedly because of the guilty finding less than two weeks before the election, in 2008. The defeat of Stevens altered the public life of the country, as it provided the 60th vote for the passage of the Obama Health Care measure, in particular. This is not how such matters should be determined in a serious democracy. The case against Stevens subsequently collapsed when motions by defense counsel, the eminent barrister Brendan Sullivan, elicited the withholding of exculpatory evidence, and the attorney general, Eric Holder,requested that the conviction be set aside. The trial judge appointed Schuelke to determine if there had been prosecution misconduct. Schuelke concluded that theprosecution was “permeated by the systematic concealment of significant exculpatory evidence which would have independently corroborated Senator Stevens’ defense and his testimony.” He referred sarcastically to the “complete, simultaneous, and long-term memory failure by the entire prosecution team.” This was the confirmation of what is now a routine phenomenon, reveling in their unaccountability and a heavy bias against any revision of convictions, once rendered, these prosecutors were shown to have thrown the book of practice and code of procedure into the incinerator and withheld evidence illegally, in fact almost certainly criminally, to obtain a conviction. And now the second shoe has dropped as the legal cartel has closed ranks against those who would have the temerity to suggest prosecutors should be subject to the laws they so zealously and sanctimoniously enforce. Schuelke did not recommend criminal charges against the prosecutors. His reasoning was that the trial judge had not specifically ordered the prosecutors to obey the law, though when the transcript is consulted, it emerges that the judge declined to issue that instruction when the prosecutors assured the court that they did not need to be reminded of the requirement to obey the law.

Mat Zain’s contempt for AG Gani Patail and former IGP Musa Hassan is so without bounds. That these two have destroyed the criminal justice system and have brought total disrepute to PDRM and the A-G Chambers. And only a few hours ago, Tan Sri Robert Phang had issued a scathing press statement slamming the AG as being the root cause that will discredit the whole government’s efforts to eradicate corruption. I can do no better than to reproduce the most damaging part of Robert Phang’s statement below:

“The root cause of all this suspicion is the credibility of the A-G Chambers, in particular of the personal integrity of AG Gani Patail himself. As a public officer, the AG’s conduct, both public and personal, must be beyond reproach. That is the root problem. For so long as there is suspicion about the personal conduct of AG Gani Patail as described above and it is not addressed, all sincere efforts by the Government and the MACC will be futile. It will be regarded as mere public relations exercise or slogans.  It will be unfortunate if the AG himself becomes a stumbling block to the Government’s and the MACC’s efforts to portray a Bersih. Cekap, Amanah Government. It is like the saying “Ketam cuba mengajar anaknya berjalan lurus”.

Gani Patail is the problem. He is mired in controversy . He is vindictive. Hevictimizes the innocent and protects the crooks. His insistence to persecute Lawyer Rosli Dahlan is frowned upon by the MACC’s own Advisor, Tan Sri Robert Phang. His personal conduct is unbecoming of an Attorney General in consorting with dubious characters and persons of ill-repute.

As a public officer he has breached the Tata Kelakuan Pegawai Awam. The MACC should investigate him. The toothless and kaki ampu Ketua Setiausaha Negara,(KSN) should but does not suspend him. If the former Chief Justice, Eusoff Chin , was subjected to a Royal Commission of Inquiry, Gani should too.

As the police force celebrates its 205th anniversary today, the sadness felt by a senior police officer and his men was strongly felt when Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak last night rejected their calls for a tribunal against attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail and former IGP Musa Hassan.The group of policemen had their rank, promotion, and wages suspended after they were allegedly wrongly charged over an investigation that  then Deputy Home Minister Johari Baharom had ordered, on directions of the cabinet.

They had ended up being implicated in the investigation, that was meant  to curb the illegal loanshark and syndicate menace that unfortunately is still plaguing Johor today.

ramli yusuff commercial crime director police pc 301007 total denyAs a result of being charged with fabrication, these police officers have had difficulty making  ends meet; some had to secretly moonlight as taxi drivers at night just to earn enough to support their families, as their wages had been suspended by half.

Following Najib’s rejection for a tribunal yesterday, former Commercial Crime Investigation Department director Ramli Yusuff (left) told Malaysiakini in an immediate response that  henceforth, the police force, and possibly the army too, will work in constant fear following the stigma of seeing others being protected.

“The police and the army are supposed to be neutral and take care of the security of the country without fear or favour.

“They will now think twice about making a decision or using their discretion, even though the orders come from the higher-ups.”

“Why should they follow their bosses’ instructions if they are going to end up being charged for abuse, or in this instance for fabrication?

“This stigma will affect enforcement agencies. My boys and I have spent quite a lot to clear our names. Some have to drive a taxi at night (discreetly) in order to make ends meet,” he said.

musa hassan and gani patail and acaRamli lamented that no one had lifted a finger to help them, not even the government.

“My pension and my gratuity is still being withheld since 2008. At this age I still have to work hard to maintain my life style.

“All of us had been cleared of all the charges against us without our defence being called. My charges were acquitted and discharged by nine different Judges.

“The charges were trumped up charges, and there was no basis for them to charge my boys and I,” he told Malaysiakini almost in tears.

Six of Ramli’s men were charged by the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) for fabricating evidence in 2007.

Ramli who was once labelled the RM27 million cop, faced several charges by the ACA in Sabah and Kuala Lumpur that same year.

This incites the inference that Schuelke is a fully paid-up member of the legal cartel: prosecutors may be severely criticized, possibly, though Schuelke did not suggest this, disbarred, and pursued civilly. But in terms of being prosecuted for the crime of falsely accusing others of crimes, they enjoy, in practice, an absolute immunity; they may commit almost any outrage in the line of what they construe as duty, but will face no criminal penalty. Earlier this month, Edward Lee Elmore was released from prison in South Carolina after 11,000 days, most on death row, for the murder of an elderly woman, a crime which he did not commit and of which exculpatory evidence was withheld for decades. The releasing judge said: “There was persuasive evidence that the agents were outright dishonest…and further evidence of police ineptitude and deceit.” Even at that, Elmore had to plead to something to be released, like the West Memphis Three, who were held for 17 years improperly and released last year. There is a possibility of a civil suit for violation of Elmore’s civil rights, but that is conjecture, and there is no suggestion of criminal penalties being sought for his willful tormentors. I had hoped that when the vice president’s chief of staff, Scooter Libby, was convicted on the feeblest grounds, and Senator Stevens was simply railroaded, the executive and legislative branches might join ranks and reduce the rogue prosecutorial state-within-a-state to its rightful, prominent, but not completely unassailable position. Nothing has happened. Justice Byron White’s ruling in 1977 in the case of Patterson v New York that, “Due process does not require that every conceivable step be taken, at whatever cost, to eliminate the possibility of convicting an innocent person” has been misused, in effect, to justify the confirmation of countless doubtful convictions. In the infamous Thompson case in 2011, Justice Clarence Thomas declined to impose any sanctions on prosecutors who had deliberately withheld exculpatory DNA evidence on a former long-term denizen of death row. He spoke instead of civil penalties and the disciplinary procedures of the bar, as if these could possibly be proportionate to the evil of trying to assure the execution of a man prosecutors knew to be innocent, premeditated murder made more heinous by the degradation and shame it brings down on the system of justice, upon which all civilized societies chiefly rely.

In 2000, on “Meet the Press,” then-Governor George W. Bush expressed confidence that everyone sent to death row while he was governor of Texas had had a fair trial. That was known then to be untrue. In the Stevens case, Attorney General Holder has spoken of supplementary training for prosecutors; that is his bland response when what is needed, as the Wall Street Journal opined on March 17, is for prosecutors to be made to understand that their mistakes are excusable but their crimes are not. Under the plea bargain system, everyone close to a target is threatened unless they have miraculous revenances of inculpatory utility, secondary targets roll over, pointing at higher-ups, and receive reduced sentences. And those who exercise their constitutionally guaranteed right to trial receive four or five times as heavy a sentence as those who consent to fall on their swords and spare the regime the tedium and expense of a trial. A moron, apprised of how this system functions, would know that, as Lord Acton famously said, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The examples of capricious and excessive prosecutions are much more numerous than the simply dishonest ones. A few recent cases have been much-publicized: the seafood wholesaler imprisoned for eight years for importing lobster tails in plastic rather than cardboard containers, and for being, in the case of a small part of his imports, in violation of a now expunged Honduran law against selling lobster tails beneath a certain size; and the elderly and unwell orchid enthusiast jailed for sloppy paperwork on imported plants. The former county commissioner of Mobile, Alabama, Stephen Nodine, has languished in prison because his girlfriend committed suicide, and the fact that he was an occasional marijuana user was combined with his otherwise legal ownership of a handgun to generate an improper gun ownership charge, which would be published just before the state homicide charge regarding his late girl friend.

He felt compelled to plead to the gun charge, although it was nonsense, to avoid completely tainting the jury. The murder charge did not succeed and Nodine is proceeding to have the gun charge expunged and the federal prosecutors punished for improper collusion with a misconceived state murder prosecution. The whole affair reeks of Alabama’s fetid politics. It would be a breakthrough if the prosecutors received more than a mild reproof. Until prosecutors, too, are subject to a reasonable system of checks and balances like all other parts of government, the lady of American justice will be in danger of becoming a raddled strumpet, and the law an incurably spavined ass.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak denied PKR allegations that his administration’s manipulating judges in the FELDA suits.

The prime minister told reporters the claims by the opposition party were “a complete distortion of facts” All his transformations and reforms are questionable, his cronies at the end of the day are the real beneficiary.
Transformation 1
A non profit making organization taking over a profitable organization is absurd. He can lie without shame and moral and if he is chosen again. His cronies are the real beneficiary.
Transformation 2
After using 74% (RM950 million)of public money to build the MEX highway, he passed the concessionaire to Expressway Sdn Bhd, his crony TS Abu Sahib. His crony then sell the concessionaire to EP for a profit RM650 million. Doesn’t make sense.
Transformation 3
He gave away RM600 million in settlement to Tajuddin.
Transformation 4
He awarded RM2.2 billion Kidex project to his crony, Harafizam and CJ Azmi’s wife
Transformation 5
He secretly allow the setting up of the Lynas facilities at the risk of people health and environment. His cronies profited very much from it.
Transformation 6
He awarded the NFC project of RM250 million to his cabinet minister husband and now it seems he is not interested in recovering it.

The only thing I take a different view on is Malaysia’s addiction to subsidies which is so harmful to our economy and long term well being.

Subsidies are an addictive drug. We Malaysians are now hooked, we have no comprehension as to the true cost internationally of so many basic goods as the markets are distorted here, manipulated by BN using tax payers money, often benefitting UMNO connected individuals.

Subsidies are great vote winners in the short term and universally popular, but a genuinely strong economy would have no subsidies as wages would be high enough to afford market prices and the billions spent on subsidies diverted to areas which would provide economic growth (subsidies produce nothing).

The problem is the Malaysian economy is not strong, in fact it is very weak, wages have not increased in this country for the last thirteen years, but commodity prices have accelerated vastly over the same time. More and more tax payers money is being diverted from nation building to helping subsistence.

A genuine minimum wage is a start to address this issue, better education and an end to mass migration here. The huge supply of foreign labour means wages never increase, they simply fall to just above the supplying country’s levels. Nepalese average wages are US$2.5 a day about RM8. That maybe why there are now over 250,000 Nepalese working in this country and that’s just one example of the estimated 3 million foreigners living in this country. Malaysians are addicted to cheap labour, we love our Indon maids, Bangladeshi street sweepers, Pakistani construction workers, Nepalese security guards, Pilipino cooks, Burmese Waiters etc etc anything but do the jobs ourselves, after all are we so much better than these people or just lucky to have a country sitting on so much natural wealth? We have to do these jobs ourselves. If the labour market were to contract even just slightly, wages will increase and subsidies can be removed. However wage inflation will lead to general inflation throughout the country, like any detox this is far from pain free. The focus has to be on the long term future. Spending billions of tax payers money on subsides is money lost, never to be recovered, which produces no economic benefit to the prosperity of the country. For the country to move forward, rather than stagnate as now, subsidies have to go and our addiction to them and cheap labour must stop.

Irrespective of who wins GE13 (and I do hope it’s a DAP led PR Coalition) subsidies have to go and the nation go cold turkey as we detox.

There are many more transformations which are all helping his cronies in BN/UMNO. Trust me after the election if BN/UMNO is reelected. Prepare for the withdrawal of subsidies for sugar, salt and oil, be prepared for GST and contribution for your healthcare. Really sucks!



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