Thirudan Nallakaruppan and Yehmahthon Palanivel to meet Indian voters nationwide to beg for their support

UMNO MIC and MCA has been accused of creating a “smokescreen” to conceal the true scale of poverty in the country after the government claimed to have lifted more than one million Indian above the threshold in the last five years.Analysts and Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar said the government had created an artificially low poverty benchmark, which some denounced as a “starvation line”, to shrink the official number of poor, muslimmalaysia786 reported.The issue is politically sensitive in Malaysia where those officially deemed to be living below the poverty line are entitled to more government benefits and food subsidies.



MIC the party that robbed the Indian dignity for the past 54 years and was responsible for the marginalisation of the indians by the Barisan National and UMNO. The cause of all evil that exist among the indians is all because of MIC, which did nothing to uplift the indians. We will be better off without MIC.Long

Samy in the 2012 general election MIC had contested 9 parliamentary seats and 19 state seats, but won one parliamentary seat in Johore and one state seat in Melaka. That is how Palani,s MIC will fare.
4 hours ago
Palanivel which seat is MIC winnable on it own? Tapah Cameron Highlands and Segamat you need UMNO support, Najib might as well send in his own men. After GE 13 MIC will be a forgetten party.

Looks like Palanivel will be on the usual pre-election estate tour, armed with a array of “Heaven and earth” promises for which MIC is pretty good at not fulfilling.
Palanivel, you can try. I doubt you will get the Indian support that you need. Most of the Indian youths I have spoken to despise the MIC. And for the un-informed, I make sure I give them a little lecture to stimulate their thinking process. Tell me, what has the MIC done since the last GE bashing to improve the lives of the Indians whom you claim to champion? Tell me, how many Indian students got into medicine in public Universities, in particular, since your last thrashing and other courses in general, so to say? Samy and you in MIC have deprived the Indians of respect and dignity, so much so, even PR is taking them for a ride now. Why should the Indians support you and enrich you fellas, while they suffer? Hindraf does all the dirty job and you fellas claim credit, don’t you? As a back door Minister, you have no integrity whatsoever, to even beg for the Indian support, leave alone campaigning for your UMNO masters. I for one, am not at all bothered if MIC existed or not hereafter.There is one question Palani be prepared to answer from any Indian voter he faces. i.e. How come MIC was part and parcel of the bastardization and discrimination of the Indians from the time the M100 billion man our PM when MIC was under Samy for more than 30 years?What steps are being taken now by UMNOBARUMIC to correct and redeem them from their pathetic conditions when other communities are benefiting and benefited from the NEP enjoying better life? RM 400 million to Tamil schools cannot and will not solve or salvage that long neglect of the Indians and their sufferings. Without positive answers for those questions, Palani is well advised to avoid the voters to escape severe embarrassment.
Palanivel, You can’t even convince Najib on the UN resolution on Sri Lanka’s genocide issue. Then how do you expect the indians to rely on you, your voice is irrelevant to BN. You can’t even convince Najib on the UN resolution on Sri Lanka’s genocide issue. Then how do you expect the indians to rely on you, your voice is irrelevant to BN,going around and around the country no matter how many times will never solve our problem Dato’. Sit down with your CWC and ask how many of them have each solved the problems faced by the Indians. We have met your wakil rakyat but they arent serious in helping the community. We are not asking battle ship nor cruise ship, JUST SCHOLARSHIP for the high fliers. Even that you cant do. Reply to this and I will supply the name list of our students who failed to secure JPA scholarships for the past four to five years… mind you, they are students with 10As and above….can you..?righteous Good bring Samy along.Meet the people..The first stop..ToddyShops….burp…Nambikai..Tembikai..Tamby Kai…burp.”Ten sen dollar talk”b u r open minded It amuses me immensely to read this piece of news from the ‘dormant’ party whose head seem to have suddenly awoken from his slumber. I know there are MIC branches around my neighbourhood and surrounding housing estates but never seen any social activities or briefings or ‘ceramah’ being conducted of any government projects or benefits for the community that is so to say, touch base’ with the voters of this community. Now with the elections close that hand, they want to show they still exist. A bunch of UMNO mentality leaders, good only for themselves and no Indian voter should entertain them. Change for the better for all by voting them out completely.

The survey deemed as poor those living on or below  Rm8 per day in rural areas and rm10 per day in towns and cities. It calculated the total number living in poverty in Malaysia at 1 million. The urban poverty line wage is just under the cost of a packet of ciggarete

But their findings were fiercely criticised by political leaders and analysts who said it had used unacceptably low income levels as the benchmark to hide the real scale of poverty in the country.

“Rm10 per day is the starvation line. We must have a comprehensive poverty line for basic human needs like access to education, drinking water, electricity and medical care.
“Seventy percent of Indians earn less than Rm 25 per day and that makes the government look bad. So these figures are a smokescreen to make them look good. The whole elite is in denial that there is a problem in society and think Indian are shining,”.

A statement released by India’s CPI (M) Communist Party accused the government of “fraud” and called for an assurance that its benchmark figures would not be used to cut the numbers entitled to welfare benefits. “This shows the huge gap between the members of the Planning Commission and the reality lived by crores of people in this country who have been burdened by relentless price rises amidst meagre incomes. It hardly needs to be stated that these are destitution lines and it is a shame that an institution chaired by the Prime Minister should produce such absurd figures,” it said.

The report highlighted an uneven pattern in Malaysia’s growth story with some states making significant advances in poverty reduction and others slipping of  Malaysia’s most backward states, the number of poor people increased. According to the Planning Commission findings, Hindus are India’s poorest religious minority, while Malaysia’s Christian minority has the lowest percentage of poor people.

Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar said there had been no change in the relative poverty of caste and religious groups. “The relative ranking across castes or religion has not really changed. Those who used to be poorest are still the poorest.

Senator KS Nallakaruppan declared that he will not be silenced by a legal notice from Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim demanding that he ceases making statements about the latter.

He confirmed receiving the notice from Anwar’s lawyer N Surendran on March 20 demanding that he pay Anwar RM100 million in damages for accusing him of being a bisexual and unfit to be opposition leader.

The report was carried by Utusan Malaysia and contained claims by Nallakaruppan that Anwar had an affair with a male employee of Magnum Corporation as well as a married woman. The Umno daily is also being sued for the same amount.

According to Nallakaruppan, the legal notice further demanded that he publish a full withdrawal and apology in Utusan and refrain from making any future statements pertaining to Anwar.

Nallakaruppan said he had been given 48 hours to respond to the notice but added that he had no intentions of doing so.

“I will not reply the letter and I will continue talking about Anwar until he takes me to court,” he promised at a media conference this morning. “I want to see Anwar in court even if it is as early as next week”

“Anwar is just trying to shut all of us up because the elections are nearing. The purpose of this legal notice is not to uphold the truth but is politically motivated,” he added.

The Malaysian Indian United Party (MIUP) president reminded the media that he had been openly speaking about Anwar’s alleged misdeeds since 2007 but the Permatang Pauh MP never once made a move to sue him until now seeing as the general election is tipped to be held in June.

He also recalled that despite the Federal Court overturning Anwar’s sodomy conviction in 2004, three of its judges had nevertheless written in their decision that the latter was indeed a homosexual.

“Anwar told me that he wanted to file an appeal to expunge this part of the court’s decision but it has been eight years and he hasn’t done so,” he said. “Why? Because he knows that truth is not on his side.”

“But he’s suing me now because he needs to show his supporters that he is doing something to counter these recurring allegations. Yet all he is doing is fighting perception,” he added.

Also present at the media conference were Umi Hafilda Ali, former PKR Youth chief Senator Ezam Mat Nor, Anwar’s former private secretary Anuar Shaari and Nallakaruppan’s lawyer Hasnal Rezua Merican.

Umi: I am waiting for GE


Hasnal said that while a 48-hour time frame indicated the seriousness of the legal notice, he also hoped that Anwar’s commitment wouldn’t fizzle out there.

“I hope he is serious enough to take this to the next stage which is the court,” he stated. “We can secure a trial date within a few months but it’s really up to the plantiff whether he wants to take it that far.”

Nallakaruppan had previously said that he possessed evidence to support his claims which he would only produce in court and refused to give in to media requests to reveal some of it today.

“What I can say is that Anwar didn’t go to Tivolli Villa once a month,” he said. “He went there 15 times at least, and not with the same person.”

Here Umi interjected alleging that one of Anwar’s companions was Shamsidar Taharin, the wife of her brother and PKR deputy president Azmin Ali. She also claimed to have photographic evidence of this.

“I tailed Nallakaruppan’s car on June 30, 1997 to Tivolli Villa,” she said. “He was driving a green Daimler with the number plate WBV37 and both Anwar and Shamsidar were inside.”

“I even went to the Road Transport Department (JPJ) the next day to check the car number and found that it was registered to Nallakaruppan,” she added.

When pressed for further details, Umi said that she was waiting for the general election to be called before exposing everything she had on Anwar.

“The nuclear war has begun,” she stated. “And when the elections come I will say so much that Anwar and Azmin will have nowhere to run.”


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