Senator S Nallakaruppan a Hindu agent of Narendra Modi attempt to assinate a Muslim leader helped by UMNO

Hindu parian dog Senator S Nallakaruppan, said he would ignore the opposition leader’s demand for an apology and retraction of his remarks against the latter.Senator S Nallakaruppan a Hindu  agent of  Narendra Modi attempt to assinate a Muslim leader helped by UMNO

Senator S Nallakaruppan to remain persona non-grata with no change to visa status

Umno has evidently not been deterred so far, even one bit, by the colossal failure of Sodomy 1, and its recent sequel, Sodomy II. There’s a Hitler-like death-wish at work here.

The kampung (village) people are indignant that such lies are being continually manufactured by the people in high places who have betrayed their trust. The proof that these are lies is in the court proceedings and the verdicts.

Still, there’s a certain element of desperation along the corridors of power in Putrajaya. The perennial attempts to manufacture that “smoking gun” which would wash away all their voter woes deep in the Malay reservation areas have spectacularly come to nothing.

Former premier Mahathir Mohamad, as one result, has even fallen into a deep depression and has been unable to come out with his usual dose of daily poison in recent days. His comrades-in-crime gamely soldier on nevertheless, approving scripts on miniature variations of Sodomy I and II, but their sheepish grins are all too telling.

The 3 stooges

After Sodomy I and Sodomy II, there cannot be a Sodomy III. Once is an accident, twice a coincidence and thrice would be deliberate. One – read Umno — can bluff some of the people some of the time but not all the people all the time.

So, instead Umno keeps trotting out any number of people who can keep entertaining the people, especially the kampung wallahs, from time-to-time on the so-called sexual preferences of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, as if anyone bothers. These revelations are invariably stage-managed and played out to a script which has all the hallmarks of being state-sponsored. They are guaranteed to evoke one huge collective yawn.

Former MIC Youth Chief S Nallakarupan is the latest of the vulnerable people who keeps taunting Anwar with vile figments of his imagination. He takes turns with ex-Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) activist Ezam Mohd Noor and one Ummi Hafilda, an Umno villainess who needs no introduction. These thrive on being notorious, since fame has escaped them. It’s said that every man has his price.

Utusan and the bucket system

Helping them and other like-minded of course is the Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia newspaper which has gone from Malay nationalism to being the shameless citadel of ‘ang-pow’ (red gift envelopes containing cash) journalism in the country. These are mercenaries who will write anything for a fistful of ringgit.

The culture of corruption and moral depravity has overwhelmed this daily rag to such an extent that it would be inconceivable that no one in this dog-eat-dog mini culture is on the take from various Umno politicians. Politically-motivated stories fetch the most from sugar daddies, godfathers and other sponsors who are able to routinely put their hands in the national cookie jar and get away scot-free. What the hackers at Utusan Malaysia collect for every story, generous as they are, is just a tiny fraction of the Umno gravy train which chugs along as if there’s no tomorrow.

They are willing to run the most personal and offensive stories for the right amount of money. Utusan Malaysia would of course claim the dubious distinction of running scoops on Anwar and hide being the fair comment, qualified privilege and matters of public interest and concern labels. However, such claims fall apart when we notice that no self-respecting journal in the world would touch such stories with even a ten-foot pole.

In fact, Utusan Malaysia journalists are currently reviled, treated with contempt and considered as lepers in the journalistic community. In short, they are doing the job of a pariah – the lowest of the lowest in job functions under the caste system — in the journalistic community. No work could be more demeaning in the public eye than what Utusan Malaysia journalists do for their daily living.

In the old days, before the flush system was introduced, a pariah and his descendents were condemned to removing human faeces from the bucket system and the like and thoroughly cleaning the place for those with the better jobs. Similarly, the pariahs at Utusan Malaysia thrive on dishing out daily doses of faeces in their stories especially those on Anwar and the opposition alliance.

Crudity in details appears to be the name of the game. If there can be a law against producing, distributing and displaying pornographic materials, it can be used as well to cover allegations made in graphic terms. The law is clear and should be used to its fullest extent not only against those who utter pornographic remarks, so to speak, but also those who publish and write them.

Most unsavory characters

Utusan Malaysia is as guilty as the three stooges of Nallakarupan, Ezam Mohd Noor and Ummi Hafilda.

Anwar knows that these are three vulnerable people who would not hesitate to fall down on their hands and knees and beg him for forgiveness when Pakatan Rakyat (PR) seizes the reins of power in Putrajaya. It’s at that point of time that we will know the real story behind their little stories and who put them up to it and under what circumstances.

One would think that Nallakarupan would live up to his name – good black man – and be at least a little grateful to Anwar for saving him from getting a good hiding at the hands of Malaysian Special Envoy to the Indian sub-continent, S Samy Vellu.

Nallakaruppan, at one time, was Samy’s nominee on various money-making deals which the then Works Minister put together. It appears that greed got the better of the nominee somewhere along the way but Samy somehow found out and sent in his goons after the one who dared to steal from him what he had earlier stolen from the people.

Nallakaruppan, with his tail between his legs, fled for dear life to Anwar for protection from Samy and ended up as one of his tennis partners. To ingratiate himself further with Anwar, Nallakarupan apparently kept the then Deputy Prime Minister entertained with juicy details on Samy. Samy had no choice but to write off his losses. It was the proverbial falling out among thieves.

Why not look at Altantuya

Instead of focussing on Anwar’s sex life, Nallakarupan should for a change tell Utusan Malaysia all that he knows about Samy Vellu and how the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) took the people for a ride for over half a century.

If Utusan Malaysia cannot get away from its morbid fascination with the private and sex lives of various personalities, especially Anwar, it should for a change focus on murdered Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu. This 28-year-old beauty killed in the most gory way on Malaysian soil by two of Prime Minister Najib Razak’s ex-bodyguards is believed to have been his mistress before he tired of her and passed her on to his good friend, Razak Baginda.

That might be a more news-worthy story to follow since it has all the elements of being a spy thriller which will take us to Mongolia, Singapore, Hong Kong, France, Spain and England, among other places. No way Nalla, Ezam or Ummi could ever make up a story to beat that!

Indian American Muslim Council, an advocacy group dedicated to safeguarding India’s pluralist and tolerant ethos, has thanked Dr. Najid Hussain (son-in-law of slain Indian Parliamentarian Ahsan Jafri) and Dr. Angana Chatterji for their Congressional testimonies at the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission held on March 21, 2012, an IAMC press release stated.

The Commission held a hearing on Wednesday (March 21, 2012) on the plight of religious minorities in South Asia, at which Dr. Najid Hussain represented IAMC, in response to an invitation by Commission Co-Chair Congressman Frank Wolf.

Congressman Joseph Pitts’s pointed questions about Modi’s visa status made it clear that Modi remains a persona non-grata in the US. In 2005, the US State Department had revoked Narendra Modi’s US visa under the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998, for egregious violations of religious freedom.
kill amwar i

“The testimonies of both Dr. Hussain and Dr. Chatterji gave the Commission a starkly different picture of Gujarat than the one painted by the recent TIME Asia cover story and a Brookings Institution blog article,” said Mr. Shaheen Khateeb, President of IAMC. Both stories were largely seen as promotional articles aimed at rehabilitating the tainted Narendra Modi for higher office even as the judicial process is tightening around him.

Dr. Hussain noted with regret that despite the killing of over 2,000 Muslims during the carnage, glaringly low number of arrests have been made to date with even fewer convictions. “An inclusive India would also be a stronger India, that could provide power for our mutual progress, economic development, and growth,” Dr. Hussain said in his testimony. “That goal cannot be realized without ensuring justice to the minorities of Gujarat,” the testimony added.

Dr. Hussain urged the Commission to deny any recognition to Mr. Modi and to use the United States’ influence and friendship with India to ensure freedom, justice and security for the minorities in Gujarat as well as other Indian states. Dr. Hussain also deplored the continued suffering of more than 16,000 people still living in squalid refugee camps. Most people displaced during the pogrom have to date not been allowed to return to their homes as the state government has turned a blind eye to their boycott and ghettoization.

Dr. Angana Chatterji testified before the Commission on similar targeting of Christians by rightwing Hindu extremists organizations. Violence against Christians resulted in the murder, rape and massive displacement of thousands of people in the state of Orissa.

Dr. Chatterji’s testimony covered the vast number of disappearances in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and the unearthing of unmarked mass graves based on her report.

This highlighted the impunity enjoyed by the Army despite gross violations of human rights. She also referred to the denial of independent religious identity to Sikhs.

Dr. Chatterji further called attention to the various Indian diaspora charitable organizations affiliated with the Hindutva ideology operating in the West and their efforts at influencing public discourse and policy in the United States in relation to India.

IAMC has also noted with regret the rising discrimination and violence against religious and disadvantaged minorities. “The harassment of minorities and the lack of due process in the arrest of Muslim youth after every terror attack have eroded the people’s confidence in the impartiality of the nation’s law enforcement agencies,” said Mr. Shaheen Khateeb. Several terror attacks for which Muslim youth were arrested were later found to be the handiwork of right wing Hindu extremists, In addition to extrajudicial killings and the denial of constitutional rights to large sections of the Muslim population, their increasing marginalization in education, essential services and employment have reached alarming proportions.IAMC hopes the awareness created by the testimonies of Dr. Najid Hussain and Dr. Angana Chatterji will lead to concrete steps by the Government of India to redress the grievous injustices committed against minorities in Gujarat and other parts of India.

Trayvon Martin was just beginning his life. Trayvon Martin was a son. He was a high school junior, with college to look forward to, a career and perhaps a family of his own.

Trayvon Martin was many things, but for George Zimmerman, he was just Black.

The teenager’s race was enough to raise “suspicion” and trigger the neighbourhood watchman – who possessed no training or authority, except for his racist prerogatives – to murder an unarmed and frightened teenager running for his life.

On November 28, 2011, no other colour but his Blackness mattered – and his rush for safe haven was intercepted by Zimmerman, and the structurally entrenched demonisation of Black men codified in our laws, perpetuated by our police forces and subscribed to by our friends and colleagues, classmates and family members.

Trayvon Martin is not, as many writers and pundits commented following his death, “a reminder of American racism”. For Africans Americans and most people of colour, racism, xenophobia and religious animus are common, if not expected, parts of their daily lives.

In the case of Trayvon Martin, a twin set of correlated racisms prematurely ended his life: Zimmerman’s view that a young Black male must be engaged in criminal or thuggish activity by virtue of his race alone; and the neighbourhood watchmen and police alike who execute the structural racism embedded in police departments and penal systems nationwide in the name of the law.

The myth of the Obama era

The election of President Barack Obama, for white America, signalled the shift away from America’s racially charged past. After 2008, white Americans have contended that the United States is experiencing the embryonic stages of a post-racial moment; Martin’s murder is a reminder of the fatal consequences of racism that makes the headlines. Yet, the intermediary steps – the institutional racism and empowering of people like Zimmerman – to police our communities either formally or informally are not deemed newsworthy.

Racism, generally understood as a conscious perspective, action or decision, is a salient core of the US’ history and present. American racism is interwoven into the country’s narrative, codified in its law and entrenched in its institutions. Its authors and gatekeepers were, and are, still largely white.

Whites seldom experience racism, either in its fatal, frequent, or latent form. This constructs the political ideology that the rest of the US has entered this racism-free utopia. Citizenship to this colour-blind state, however, is denied to African Americans, Muslim Americans and Latinos by virtue of a triumvirate of suspicions: crime, terrorism and illegal immigration.

However, whites are not the only culprits of racism. On March 10, an Arab American gas station clerk on the Westside of Detroit gunned down and killed a 24-year-old African American customer after a dispute over the high-price of condoms. Racially charged crimes and murders between Latinos and Blacks are all too frequent, and the sometimes-explosive tension between Asian American and Arab American storeowners is well documented.

Institutional and structural racism is still robust in the US. This is evidenced by the disparate incarceration rates of brown and Black Americans, the decimation of affirmative action and race-conscious legislation in the US, the crumbling public education systems in minority-populated communities and the all too common cold blooded murders of people of colour – both in the US and beyond its boundaries, whether by policemen, neighbourhood patrolmen or soldiers.

The ‘worst of a national psychosis

Kumar Rao, a defence lawyer for the Bronx Defenders in New York City, stated that: “Martin’s killing reflects the absolute worst of a national psychosis: The view that Black males – young and old alike – are inherently threatening and unworthy of personal security; and that the state’s commitment to enduring that belief is perpetuated and institutionalised.”

Trayvon Martin’s murder was avoidable, but yet perversely justified through the cold silence of the state.

Zimmerman was a neighbourhood patrolman – not a police officer – but the distinction is thin in this instance. Some police officers, from Miami to Oakland, exhibit the same reckless and cavalier behaviour as Zimmerman. What is more troubling is that police officers and entire departments routinely cover up racially charged arrests, the roughing up of individuals under custody and operate with impunity under the cover of the law.

Yet, for Zimmerman, he had no such cover. This makes this case more absurd and baffling, particularly because he was given police orders to “discontinue his chase of Martin”, as revealed by 9/11 tapes released on March 19. If Zimmerman, a neighbourhood watchman – a volunteer with no training – had obeyed the policeman’s order, Martin would still be alive today.

Zimmerman ignored those order, and took the law into his own hands; he has still not been arrested.

The importance of Trayvon Martin’s is also based on the urgency of the current socio-political moment. The New York Police Department makes every Muslim in the City, whether Black or Arab, South Asian or Latino, targets of illegal spying or worse – unjust convictions of terrorism based solely on their religion and ethnicity. The fact that the NYPD so far as to label Black American Muslims as an “ancestry of interest” shows how far law enforcement would go to justify religious and ethnic profiling.

Connecting the dots

Arab and Muslim Americans in New York are connecting the dots – whether it is the stopping and frisking of young Black and Latino men or the illegal spying on the everyday aspects of Muslims, people of colour are being targeted by the largest police force in the country. In order to defeat the institutionalised racism of the NYPD and set a precedent for the rest of the country, we must build coalitions, connect our struggles and in unison demand accountability for our communities. None of us will win alone.

In June 2009, a Miami policeman shot and killed Husein Shehada, a 29-year-old Arab American, after an evening club-hopping with his brother and girlfriend. Shehada, like Martin, was unarmed and posed no threat. Yet, the white policeman, Adam Tavss, believed that Shehada’s ethnicity substantiated the suspicion to shoot and kill.

The value of Arab life – whether nameless Palestinian children bombed by American-funded fighter jets or American youth profiled, questioned and incarcerated for frequenting a particular mosque – is spiralling downwards rapidly in the US and at a more accelerated rate in the Arab World.

Trayvon Martin is not a martyr or a symbol of racial injustice. Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Malice Green or Ramaley Graham, are all other young African American men shot down and killed because of the colour of their skin and countless others that remain unnamed. Most recently, Troy Davis shook the nation as another victim of a broken justice system that continues to fail people of colour not one person at a time but through mass incarceration and mass conviction rates.

Trayvon Martin was his own person and an archetype of our brothers, our sons, our nephews, grandsons. Trayvon is Mohammed walking down Atlantic Avenue, vulnerable to patrolmen wary of his beard. Trayvon is Carlos, donning Dodger Blue in Pico Rivera, mistaken by the LAPD Gang Squad as a gangbanger because of the colour of his skin.


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