Adrian Phang Boon Hwa
Submitted on 2012/03/24 at 5:48 am
Nazri’s son should be investigated and bring to justice. Otherwise the country will go from the pariah dogs to the pigs

The words of this column will make no difference. A government can reduce the past to rubble as easily as an Opposition party can erase a centuries-old mosque.My apologies for a rare detour into the personal, but this is a rare the stone wall constructed around the attorney-general (AG) ’s house had become impervious to anything except sycophancy. Words demand a different kind of loyalty, and one was relieved to return to the world of words. nothing left to be saved — not even reputation. An elaborate programme of blame, reward and punishment was put into place. Those (including bureaucrats and journalists) who acquiesced Najib AND Nazri’s charade were a bonus for silence. but they neither ruled nor lived in peace.Ego sometimes persuades a pompous politician to flaunt a bogus ‘Dr’ on his nameplate. This is not a reward for academic brilliance but an upgrade to a peacock feather, the ‘honorary doctorate’, a worthless piece of paper handed out by an institution desperate for attention. However, this does not matter too much, since we do not expect a high level of honesty from our politicians. Only two letters separate use from abuse, so there will always be a quack preening himself in the garb of a doctor. But when a person held in high esteem dilutes the trust reposed in him, it affects the collective reputation of the brotherhood.
Our Malaysian voters response to a scandalous mess is neat and categorised. Cash and sex are the north and south pole of mass interest, each with a sprawling magnetic field. We divide the hemispheres with the equator of logic. Cash and corruption are the preserve of politics. Sex is the province of glamour. We refuse to recognise any cross-over evidence.Equally, mainline media shrugs off a politician’s private life. This is in sharp contrast to the Anglo-American press and public, who hold a public figure to standards of probity they do not apply to themselves. It seems odd that societies so liberated on Friday nights should turn so puritan over politicians’ weekends, but there it is. The French are more honest. They vote for lunch hour frisson.No journalist worth his or her laptop, therefore, would waste a moment on the private life of Najib,Nazri and his son It’s the money, honey. If the figures seem insane, just remember that greed spits at limits.READMORE

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