When Malays fight against the Malays for power they forget that they are losing the Tanah Melayu to the Pendatangs

Raffles felt that under Farquhar the temenggong and the sultan had wielded too much power, receiving one-third of the proceeds from the opium, liquor, and gambling revenues, and demanding presents from the captains of the Asian ships that dropped anchor there. Hussein and the temenggong, however, viewed Singapore as a thriving entrepôt in the mold of the great port cities of the Malay maritime empires of Srivijaya, Malacca, and Johore. As rulers of the island, they considered themselves entitled to a share of the power and proceeds of the settlement. In June 1823, Raffles managed to persuade Hussein and the temenggong to give up their rights to port duties and their share in the other tax revenues in exchange for a pension of Sp$1,500 and Sp$800 per month, respectively. Because the Dutch still contested the British presence in Singapore, Raffles did not dare push the issue further. On March 17, 1824, however, the AngloDutch Treaty of London was signed, dividing the East Indies into two spheres of influence. The British would have hegemony north of a line drawn through the Strait of Malacca, and the Dutch would control the area south of the line. As a result, the Dutch recognized the British claim to Singapore and relinquished power over Malacca in exchange for the British post at Bencoolen. On August 3, with their claim to Singapore secure, the British negotiated a new treaty with the sultan and the temenggong, by which the Malay rulers were forced to cede Singapore and the neighboring islands to the British East India Company for cash payments and increased pensions. Under the treaty, the Malay chiefs also agreed to help suppress piracy, but the problem was not to be solved for several more decades.

The Malays are lost and waylaid and at the crossroads of a really serious Malay dilemma. If you don’t believe me, check this out.

If you happen to travel around this country and check on the statistics, especially the pasar malam, find out who runs the stalls and their businesses? Check out our beloved Chow Kit Road, and see who owns the thriving commerce? Or visit the Pudu wet market and see who is shouting for customers at 4 am (even before the cock crows).

Half the businesses now are with the foreigners, another half with other races, the Malays only have land titles left (especially reserve land of no value). All the GLC’s are still in Malay hands, but not for long; otherwise all will be sold off in no time at all. As a people, the Malays are not known for perseverance and enduring commitment. They have no business acumen. Being entrepreneurial is a steep climb for them and the Malays have no stamina to stomach the strains and stresses. I speak from experience. They are easily swayed by circumstances.

More than half our local workforce are pendatangs (Indons, Myanmars, Nepals, Vietnamese, Banglas!) This country is not only bankrupt as said by Idris Jala, but also – telah dilelongkan. The poorer of the majority Malays left behind will become beggars and mat rempit, mat gian, mat ragut and mat dadah (they are all subsidized by our government funding to buy their No 1 drugs of escapism to run away from a harsh reality – Metadon). Who culled their own Malay race? Nobody but UMNO-BN itself! I rest my case.

Singapore is located at the tip of the Malaysian peninsula and historically the fate of Singapore and Malaysia has been closely related. Primarily ethnic Malays, Chinese and Indians, with Singapore having a majority of Chinese, populate both Singapore and Malaysia.

It seemed as if all of Southeast Asia was a caldron in 1971. Some of the historical context:

o Malaysia had been occupied by European powers since 1511 (first Portugal, then the Dutch, then Britain) and Singapore had been occupied since the 1600′s by the same three European powers.

o After WWII the anti-colonial movement resulted in Malaysia winning its independence from Britain in 1957 and by 1959 Singapore was independent as well. By 1963 a Malaysian Federation was created of Malaya, Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak.

o After independence a struggle for power increased between the groups, particularly between the ethnic Malays, largely Muslim, and the Chinese, mostly Buddhists

o Much to Lee Kwan Yew’s disappointment, by 1965 Singapore was essentially asked to leave the Malaysian Federation. Apparently, Malaysian Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, otherwise known as the Tunku (Prince), and other Malay leaders were not thrilled with Lee Kwan Yew’s political activities on mainland Malaysia.

o Chinese leader Mao Tse Tung had launched the Cultural Revolution throughout China in 1966 and he declared it completed in 1969.

o In Indonesia in 1965-66, thousands of Indonesian Chinese were among those specially targeted in the riots to overthrow President Sukarno who had strengthened his ties to with Chinese communists and had admitted communists into his government. The CIA tried unsuccessfully to hide its involvement in this “Year of Living Dangerously.”

o At the time, Singapore was a haven for many Hong Kong Chinese who were concerned about the end of the British 99 year lease of Hong Kong that began in 1898. In the 1990′s with the end of the lease, Hong Kong would come under the authority of China. Many Hong Kong Chinese held both Singaporean and Hong Kong passports, with residences in both cities.

o The legacy of WWII was still a reality in 1971. While some in Southeast Asia welcomed the Japanese occupation during WWII as a way of ending western occupation, the ruthlessness of the Japanese occupiers definitely dampened this enthusiasm. However, the Japanese defeat of the British controlled Singapore in but 6 days radically altered the Asian view of European invincibility. Lee Kwan Yew admitted that while he was appalled at the Japanese cruelty, still he was impressed with Japanese efficiency and the systems they put in place.

But in 1971, however, we were told that the Japanese who had occupied Singapore and their descendants were not allowed into the city-state.

o In 1971, Ferdinand Marcos was President of the Philippines with close ties to the Nixon Administration. That year “a group calling themselves the People’s Revolutionary Front (PRF) claimed responsibility for two bombings at the headquarters of U.S. oil companies in Manila, Philippines. The bombs killed one and caused extensive damage. A note at the site of the bombings claimed responsibility for the attacks in the name of the group and said “this is the anger of the Filipino people against American imperialism.” (MIPT Terrorism: Knowledge Base)

o In 1971 the Vietnam War was raging, the anti-communist sentiment was strong and the domino theory predominated in western government thought and policies.

Britain’s occupation in Southeast Asia was with its usual arrogance of white supremacy, which played out socially and economically. The British are, of course, excellent at dividing and ruling their colonies. In fact, the hierarchical British seem proficient at increasing the gaps in social divisions that were already at play or creating them for their own benefit to decrease the potential power of the existing indigenous population.

During its occupation the British did encourage migration from India and China to the Malaysian peninsula and the subsequent independent nations are forced to adjust to it all. The lucrative Malaysian tin mining, for one, was a major incentive for the British in the 19th and 20th centuries.

In Singapore and Malaysia, the ethnic Malays were at the lower end of the scale and were generally considered the laborers and farmers in the rural areas; Indians were the drivers and guards; and the Chinese were the middle/upper class entrepreneurs in the urban areas. All of this is stereotypical and, of course, was not always played out in reality but was usually the scheme in the social and economic strata and the gaps in income and social/economic power was profound. From the religious hierarchy, then, it was the Malay Muslims and the Indian Hindus at the lower rank, and the Chinese Buddhists at the higher end, with the occupying British Christians at the top of it all.

But after WWII and the western concern about communist China, the Chinese population throughout Southeast Asia became suspect by Britain, the U.S. and Australia. It was thought by some that the Southeast Asian Chinese would side with China regardless of their links with western capitalism. This was not the beginning of negative attitudes about the Chinese, however, as the Southeast Asian complexities and power struggles have long been a reality. Also, Southeast Asian countries have always worried about the long-arm of a powerful China.

In this period and up to the present, there was speculation that China was supporting and fostering Southeast Asian Chinese in the creation of communist groups throughout the region to challenge western influence. To counter this, in the cold war period (and up to the present I might add), there was significant secret service activity from the CIA, British MI5 and ASIS from Australia throughout the region.

The jockeying for power has never been simply about ethnic rivalry since independence, it has always been about who will control and benefit from the natural resources in Southeast Asia.

Strategy of mind control

Since 1957 UMNO has effectively carried out the population engineering of our country to ensure its own long-term survival by creating the myth of a two-pronged “Ketuanan Melayu” strategy of mind control. “Ketuanan Melayu” for the majority Malay masses who are lulled and numbed into a feeling of being superior over the non-Malays because of their demographic numbers; and “Ketuanan Melayu” for the favored UMNOputra Malay political elites through the accumulation of massive material wealth and power for themselves and their cronies. And while UMNO has failed by almost any measure you chose to gauge them – good governance, ethics or morality – without question they have succeeded too well in the social engineering exercise after the bloody race riots of May 13, 1969.

The duplicity of UMNO in proclaiming 1Malaysia – Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara -while all the while undertaking a relentless program to whittle down the numbers of the non-Malays through a very precise and focused political initiative is breathtaking in its effectiveness!

Consider this –

In 1957:

– 45% of the population were Chinese

– 12% of the population were Indians

In 2010:

– 25% of the population are Chinese

– 7% of the population are Indians

Over 600,000 Chinese and Indian Malaysians with red IC status were rejected repeatedly when applying for citizenship and possibly 60% of them had passed away due to old age.

Since 1957:

– 2 million Chinese have emigrated

– 0.5 million Indians have migrated

– 3 million Indonesians came over to Malaysia to become Malaysian citizens with Bumiputra status even if they stay less than 5 years. (Nett gain 0.5 million and an additional of 3 million manufactured Bumiputras like Muslim Indonesians). The most famous is none other than Mohd Khir Toyo who stayed for 20 years but became MB of Selangor.

Chinese population to dwindle and the Indon to rise

In the not too distant future, I reckon Malay bumiputras may have to worry about 2nd or 3rd generation Indonesian migrants, owing to the virtues of hard work and thrift taught by their parents, or grandparents, would have surpassed the majority Malays in terms of socio-economic progress. Mohd Khir Toyo is smarter than most local-born Malays in terms of amassing his personal wealth at the shortest duration of time. Even Muhammad Muhammad Taib is no match for him. That’s how smart Khir Toyo is.

Instead of teaching their people the virtues of hard work and perseverance, the UMNO warlords are proclaiming Ketuanan Melayu to feed off the Chinese minorities like parasites. If not for the Chinese taxpayers, the Malays will be sleeping the five foot-ways. Of course the Chinese isn’t a threat – they are just workaholics – they want to create wealth and prosperity so much so that no failures of any kind is going to stop them. Not even the ultra Malay racists spewing blood in their eyes or frothing venom in their mouths.

It is envisaged the Chinese demographics will dwindle to stabilize at 4 percent of the overall Malaysian population but their accumulated wealth and economic power will continue to rise to more than 75 percent of the overall GDP of the country. That’s proof enough how steady and influential the Chinese economic stranglehold over the majority Malays will become; and we believe racial hatred and resentment is well likely to remain for the next 50 years. They work hard for the money but we envy them in our idleness.

Whereas the Indonesian newcomers went out to work before you become awake and they are not home yet when you call it a day and went to bed. Will the majority Malays consider them a threat when they deservedly find new wealth? The Indonesians respect the Chinese for their business acumen and diligence. Do the Malays think likewise if not indulge in unguarded jealousy and envy?

Best to lay the blame where it belongs – not the Malays but UMNO

Now the non-Malays are well aware of this tinkering and engineering of our population and it would do us Malays no good to say that it was UMNO’s doing and that we had no hand in what happened at the end of the day. As a Malay I was then comfortable that UMNO was the dominant partner in the Barisan Nasional. It was indeed comforting to know that Malays controlled four of the five major banks. We were also in control of UMBC, MISC and Southern Bank – all previously owned by the Chinese. But seemingly the Chinese-owned Public Bank which is not in our control is moving ahead of the others still in economic prowess and competitive skills. What’s wrong with our control?


Between 1968 to 2000:

– 48 Chinese primary schools shut down

– 144 Indian primary schools closed

– 2637 Malay Primary Schools were built

Of the total government budget for these schools, 2.5% were for the Chinese, 1% for the Indians and a whopping 96.5% for the Malay primary schools.

The fact that 2637 Malay primary schools were built between 1968 to 2000 implied that the engineered process of retarding our majority Malays or bumiputras is getting obvious. At the end of their school lives, they have nowhere to go except to stay put in this country, as like idiots they have nowhere else to go because everywhere they are faced with a serious language problem and a communication breakdown with others. They will, like it or not, have to support the Ketuanan Melayu concept to survive for their freebies or welfare. The mentality is – No need to work and money will still come. Scions of the rich and wealthy UMNOputras will be educated overseas and return to continue to rule over their poorer local cousins.

Petronas petrol stations?

Of the 2000 station the Malays owned 99%. Yes…we the Malays were indeed in control. In control of what? We were in control of all the business licenses and permits for Taxis and Approved Permits (APs).

We were in control of Government contracts of which 95% were given to Malays.

We were in control of the rice trade through Bernas that bought over 80% of Chinese rice millers in Kedah. Even Robert Kuok aka Sugar King was forced to sell his sugar franchise to UMNO crony interests so that the Malays are deemed to be in control of the sugar market; and the other essential basic items.

We were in control of bus companies. Throughout Malaysia, MARA buses could be seen plying all the routes. Non-Malays were simply displaced by having their application for bus routes and for new buses rejected. Many local Chinese owned bus companies are already kaput in the urban centers.

Every new housing estate being built had a mosque or a surau. None, I repeat “no” temples or churches were built for any housing estate even if the majority residents are non Malays! We even blare the loudspeakers in every mosque calling for Azan at maximum volume just so to tell the non Malays and non Muslims that we are in control!

How come still poor with so much control?

So why with control over all these highly visible entities and business opportunities are the majority Malays still unable to stand tall and with pride over and above the non-Malays?

We are unable to so do because it was not the Malays that benefited from these opportunities – only the favoured UMNOputras enjoyed the benefits, and the poorer among the majority Malays were merely taken for a ride as their name were used by UMNO to hijack the national agenda.

The Chinese bogeyman and the Malay hobbyhorse work wonders for UMNO to play one against the other in their evil scheme of Divide and Rule to suit their survival plan.

Gua Musang UMNO MP Tengku Razaleighsaid it best once when he warned that Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak “will not do anything new”.

“I know this boy very well,” added Razaleigh when asked for his comments by the media on Najib taking over from Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in April 2009, a year after 2008 general election results which were disastrous for their ruling BN coalition.

Razaleigh’s words on Najib are now coming back to haunt us. Regarded as the ‘Big Squatter’ because he has no mandate of his own, Najib was picked because his party had no better choice at hand. UMNO’s lack of talent has foisted on Malaysians a role model that transparency advocates shudder at and privately warn may take the country backwards by 5 decades due to his open endorsement for corruption and active pursuit for mega-deals that are one-sided in favor of his own cronies and those of UMNO elders, such as Mahathir Mohamad, in whose good books he wishes to be.



Gua Musang UMNO MP Tengku Razaleighsaid it best once when he warned that Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak “will not do anything new”.

“I know this boy very well,” added Razaleigh when asked for his comments by the media on Najib taking over from Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in April 2009, a year after 2008 general election results which were disastrous for their ruling BN coalition.

Razaleigh’s words on Najib are now coming back to haunt us. Regarded as the ‘Big Squatter’ because he has no mandate of his own, Najib was picked because his party had no better choice at hand. UMNO’s lack of talent has foisted on Malaysians a role model that transparency advocates shudder at and privately warn may take the country backwards by 5 decades due to his open endorsement for corruption and active pursuit for mega-deals that are one-sided in favor of his own cronies and those of UMNO elders, such as Mahathir Mohamad, in whose good books he wishes to be.

The art of doing nothing

Najib proved this again with disgraced Wanita UMNO Chief Shahrizat Jalil, refusing to ask her to resign from the Cabinet and allowing her to stay until her Senatorship expires on April 8. Najib has also fended off attempts by factions in Wanita UMNO to make Shahrizat quit as their Wing’s chief.

Why is Najib so protective about Shahrizat? Has it to do with a purported RM1.7million luxury-apartment ‘wedding gift’ to his daughter who recently married into a powerful Kazakhstan family?

Najib’s excuse is that not a single charge has been preferred against Shahrizat. But pressing charges are the prerogative of the Attorney-General, whom even the man in the street knows will take his orders from Najib.

Does it makes sense that Shahrizat would not know what her husband and their three children are up to when the rest of the country is up in arms at their purported thievery in the National Feedlot Centre debacle.

These questions continue to hound the cattle breeding project awarded to a private firm set up by Shahrizat’s husband, Salleh Ismail, and their 3 children. The family is accused of plundering from a RM250million government soft loan granted to develop the NFC project. The scandal has become known here and abroad as Malaysia’s Cowgate.

Indeed, Najib is choosing the line of least resistance. On Friday (March 23), after a key Wanita meeting to discuss Shahrizat, he was accused by UMNO watchers of passing the buck so that he could point the fingers of blame elsewhere, away from him, not realising that for one finger pointed at Wanita UMNO, three will be pointed back at him.

Shahrizat stands impeached, directly and indirectly, for Cowgate. Her deputy, Kamilia Ibrahim (left), is right – Shahrizat has to go. The hand that rocks the cradle cannot be seen to be unclean. Do Malaysians want future generations to grow up breast-fed on the principles that corruption is fine, so long as you know the right strings to pull!

This is what Najib is endorsing by throwing his support behind Shahrizat’s quest to stay as Wanita UMNO chief. Some say he has no choice because Shahrizat has information about his Kazakh connection that will embarrass him deeply, putting his already precarious hold on the UMNO leadership further at risk.

Whatever his motive, Najib has done absolutely nothing so far about Shahrizat continuing to remain as Wanita UMNO Chief and is not likely to do anything. To the urban voter, Najib remains the glorified government clerk that he has always been and intends to remain so for as long as possible so that he can collect, at the end of the day, a fat pension for himself and wife, Rosmah Mansor. Already, the people are upset at his lack of action and leadership in crucial issues and the near zero progress made in the economy.

Forced to eat words on economic growth

Just days ago, Najib was forced to trim 1 percentage point off the 2012 economic growth forecast to 4-5% from 5-6% and this is significant because his overly rosy prediction was made less than 6 months ago.

Was he trying to bamboozle the people that Malaysia’s economy was on the rise again when he made the prediction? Indeed, Najib’s honesty is in question.

The proposed National Public Debate with Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim is another example where Najib does not feel constrained to do anything to harm his own chances even if it clearly benefits and is desired by the populace.

Even so, he seems too vain and mindful of his ‘face’ to swallow being called a coward and as such, has gone to unnecessary lengths leading nowhere to show why it is Anwar who is not qualified to debate with him rather than take head-on the question of why doesn’t he accept the challenge then. But if the Opposition Leader is not qualified then who is?

Anwar’s latest acceptance to a fresh challenge initiated by WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, taking on a three-cornered debate with Najib and fugitive blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin has cast further doubt on Najib’s credentials and political ‘manhood’.

It swivels the gun back onto him, so to speak. However, as usual, Najib will seek refuge overseas. In early April, the PM will resume his official visits overseas – this time to China. And he can be expected to spend and lavish on himself and his entourage first class fare and lodging, all on taxpayers’ expense, as he has done in past trips.

A confused nation: GE-13 likely to be held after UMNO polls?

Najib will leave behind a nation confused and wondering when the 13th general election will be held. Over the past few days, he has hinted that GE-13 will be “soon” but seasoned watchers are sure he is “bluffing again”.

Chances are very high Malaysia’s national polls will be held only after the UMNO internal elections due to take place later this year. With a mandate given to him to choose who will make it to the BN’s list of winnable candidates for GE-13, Najib holds in his hand a power weapon to ‘blackmail’ the UMNO warlords into renewing his term as their party president and thereby Prime Minister.

UMNO is the dominant or boss party of the 14-member BN coalition and if GE-13 is held before the UMNO polls, the odds are very strong that Najib will be ditched unless he delivers a stunning victory by winning two-thirds of the Parliament’s 222 seats – a feat he himself has admitted is beyond his ability given the current public mood against his government.

Most likely scenario: Delay after Delay

While Najib has not taken the initiative so far to dissolve Parliament to pave the way for the 13th General Election within two months, he can still spring a last-minute surprise. But pundits are betting that Najib, being Najib, will just allow Parliament’s five-year term to expire automatically in the absence of dissolution.

In which case, the Election Commission will have 60 days to call for GE 13 and the most likely scenario to be played out will be one of thick-skinned delay after another, warned the pundits.

According to them, they expect the EC to follow the script written by the Najib camp and inform the Caretaker Prime Minister of their recommended GE date. But Najib will not respond. In ‘frustration’, after informing the PM of the various alternative dates, the EC will finally have no choice under the circumstances but hold the GE on the last day of the 60 days-period.

Hung Parliament

When the election results come in, and if it becomes apparent that Najib’s stated ‘greatest fear’ – a hung Parliament – has emerged, pundits do not expect him to do anything either. He will wait for crossovers from the other side to be arranged by the moneybags around him, Mahathir Mohamad and Daim Zainuddin, so that he can continue to be Prime Minister.

Mahathir and Daim will of course panic at the thought of losing the UMNO gravy train and will move heaven and earth itself to make sure that UMNO at least remains in the saddle. They would have to deal with Najib later and for sure, it will not be easy to oust him although they can call as many Extraordinary General Meetings as they wish.

Najib is not Badawi who fled with his tail between his legs the moment Mahathir stamped his feet and bent down pretending to pick up a stone to hurl at him. Najib has the backing of his strong-willed wife Rosmah Mansor, plus the UMNO warlords on his ‘winnable list’ who won seats would not wish to rock the boat.

In which case, it would actually be smarter for Mahathir and Daim to save their money and let go of the Federal Government to the opposition. But the question remains, would they be able to dismount from a roaring and hungry tiger? Would not the new Pakatan Rakyat federal government go after them to return all their ill-gotten gains from past years?

Simple BN majority

Apart from a hung Parliament, Najib may secure a simple majority to continue as Prime Minister. Mahathir and Daim would then face the very same difficulties of trying to dislodge Najib, unless by then the entire UMNO party is also fed up to the hilt of Najib and Rosmah, and would rush to vote them out.

If Pakatan wins, King may be ‘asked’ to favour UMNO

Then, the probability that Pakatan Rakyat as the national opposition alliance and government-in-waiting will come in with a simple majority. Again, Najib can be expected to sit back and do nothing while Mahathir and Daim scramble to meet with the King and convince him that Pakatan is not a registered coalition.

So, if the various PR components are considered separately and individually, UMNO-BN will claim to hold the single biggest block of seats in Parliament and should be allowed to form the Federal Government, albeit a minority one. The possibility of a no confidence motion being moved by the opposition against Najib in Parliament can always be dismissed by the Speaker on the grounds that even if specific, and a matter of public interest, it could not possibly be considered “urgent”. Looks and sounds ridiculous? The fact is this happens all the time and is happening in Parliament right now!

Fast-rising doubts

With Najib now blaring out ‘alerts’ of GE-13 around the corner every other day, why are doubts rising that he is in actual fact doing the opposite and engineering the Mother of all Delays. Three recent incidents tell us why.

The most recent is of course the Shahrizat debacle and Najib’s refusal to deal with it, which not only means he is endorsing corruption – in itself a turnoff to voters – but such a decision also splits Wanita UMNO down the line.

There are more members who want Shahrizat out than in and they will be unhappy and disgruntled. This provides a perfect excuse for Najib to explain to the UMNO Supreme Council why he cannot possible call for GE-13, not when a key unit of the party is in disarray. Conveniently, he will omit to mention his role in helping to stir the disarray.

The second is Najib’s recent repetition, for the umpteenth time, that the Federal Government has approved RM 350 million since 2008 for Tamil schools. The fact of the matter is that these schools have not received even a sen so far and are unlikely to get any. Next is his announcement that 100 top Indian students will get Federal Government scholarships every year to pursue Master’s and Doctorate programmes provided that they get First Class Honours Degrees at the Bachelors level.

A First Class Honours Degree at the Bachelors level is not the criteria at any university in the world to pursue Masters or Doctorate Programme. So, why raise the bar that high for only Indian students?  Anyone who makes such frivolous and vexatious statements cannot possibly be serious or sincere about anybody else. They are only interested in themselves.

Likewise, Najib’s various statements on a High Income Economy – they can even announce a Minimum Wage like in Thailand (RM1, 500 per month) – but his alphabet soup of programs from the GTP, ETP, NKRA, KPI are all hype on paper and not working at all. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and the 1 percentage point or 100 basis points chop in the GDP growth estimate to 4-5% from 5-6% previously certainly tasted toxic.

Luckily, the economy is in autopilot mode thanks to continuing private sector initiatives, the increasing role of India and China in the local economy and Malaysians themselves in general. The fact is for Malaysia to be where it currently is economically, the people don’t need Najib, the UMNO-BN Government and massive corruption.

But when the chips are down and illicit outflows far exceed what Malaysians can produce, they will need a proper and good set of guiding hands very soon. Anwar and Pakatan are a fairly good choice when compared to ‘Big Squatter’ Najib and his BN coalition.


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