Young women prefer larger boobs than high IQ
As the laughter subsided, she continued: “I am really amazed. This PAS man has a special ability to see through clothes. I advise all the Wanita delegates to beware of him from now on.”
“Or maybe, this former Perak Mentri Besar has feelings for Kak Ijat. After all, she is the Malaysian Aishwarya Rai,” Habibah said, referring to the famous Bollywood star.
“All this shows the opposition are out of ideas and resorting to personal attacks,” she added to applause, both hearty and merry.
Habibah said Nudity always a pleasant surprise for men that Wanita was very popular with the rakyat and it was the cause of the opposition envy.
‘We have spent some years together, so now I know how he reacts in a particular situation. Our conversation doesn’t go beyond the daily routine and even the pleasure in the bedroom is an alien term’. Such situations are definitely not uncommon. Many people who are in long-term relationships do encounter this phase. So why don’t you plan some exotic surprises for your partner? Such that he’s taken off guard and left asking for more. 

Surprises need not necessarily be really pricey. What matters the most is your attitude, the way you show your concern and express your love towards your mate. Here are some innovative ideas…
Dare bare…If you can’t talk about sex, laugh about it. Everyone knows at least one sex joke, and everyone has laughed at many. I know an excellent sex joke, but I can’t write it here. Because sex is considered to be an intimate subject. So, to be able to laugh at that hilariousjoke of mine, you shall have to get intimate with me. 

Out on the street, sex jokes are commonly referred to as ‘non-veg’ jokes. I wonder why? Probably because the concept of morality is related closely with the concept of puritan Brahminism, a race known for its vegan ways. Or probably because sex is as basic to human nature as food is. Everyone eats. Everyone f**ks. Bengalis are a funny race. We have a history of humour, touching on almost every facet of the funny. Sardonic, sarcastic, caustic, dry, witty, outrageous, exploitative, racial, blasphemous, clean.

The truth is, your boobs play an important role in pleasing both of you. These six moves will help you double your pleasure and ensure they’re not left out of the fun.
Men love it when their ladylove makes an extra effort to seduce their senses. All you need to do is to think out of the box!

Almost half of young women aged 18 to 25 would rather have larger breasts than highintelligence and a third would readily swap IQfor bigger boobs, a new study has revealed. 

Experts have held responsible the youngsters’ growing obsession with celebrity culture and the burgeoning market for plastic surgery.

The study, which has shocked women’s groups, also found that a quarter of those surveyed felt bigger breasts would make them feel ‘happier’.

And nearly 60 per cent of the respondents believed that men would be ‘more interested’ in them romantically if they had bigger breasts.

It comes in the midst of widespread concern about the pressures put on modern-day women through advertising and magazines.

“Women face now unprecedented pressures to focus on their body,” the Daily Mail quoted Kat Banyard from women’s group UK Feminista as saying.

“Industries that focus on the way women look are flourishing – and that means that from a very early age, women are taught that the way they look matters more than what they do.

“The consequences of this can manifest in eating disorders or extreme measures such as plastic surgery. These figures show that women still loathe their bodies on an industrial scale.”

The survey of 1,142 women by the discount website by http://www.MyVoucherCodes.co.uk aimed at finding out more about the attitudes young women hold towards brains and beauty.

In contrast with bigger breasts would attract more men, only 43 per cent thought that men would be ‘more interested’ in them if they had a higher IQ.

Researchers also revealed that about 40 per cent of the respondents would prefer to have a ‘slim figure’ than high intelligence, with many stating that it would make them feel ‘more confident’.

Almost the same percentage of people asserted that they would swap their IQ in order to be their ‘ideal dress size’.

When it came to relationships, most women felt men ‘valued’ intelligence in women, although two thirds said that they felt appearance was more significant when attracting a partner.

The same was true in the workplace, with almost half believing that being ‘attractive’ would also help a woman advance in her career.

Almost 80 per cent also felt that they were judged more on their looks than intelligence.

What is it with these rising crime rates against women? Gang rapes, child rape, molestation, eve teasing, female foeticide… Isn’t a society judged by the way it treats its women?

Instead of punishing offenders, I read an offensive news article stating that proposals were in place to send working women home by 8 pm. I disagree strongly. Women have as much of a right to work and live freely as men. Good governance is about effective policing, strong punishments as deterrents and swift sentencing to put away the rotten eggs of society. Regressive governance is about curtailing freedom and movements and right to equal work opportunity for women of the country.

What next, regress back to the era where women were only confined to home and hearth because they are supposedly safest there? I may sound too strong on this issue but men that victimise, oppress, suppress or violate women are not real men. And all delusions of grandeur must be stripped off them, not by keeping women off the streets but by making sure that these men are brought to book.

Similarly, any government that dictates women be given less than equal opportunity to work, party, or in any manner lead less of an equal life as their male counterparts need to be questioned and ridiculed for the same. If we truly believe in equality let’s not just stick to rhetoric, be it in the family, society or governance, and let’s show it by actions and by keeping our homes, society and streets safe by fighting for offenders to be taught tough lessons readmore .http://engagemalaysia.wordpress.com


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