*WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT* The 1976 psychological thriller film which follows a mentally unstable Vietnam war veteran who works as a night time taxi driver in New York City where the perceived decadence and sleaze feeds his urge to violently lash out, attempting to save a teenage prostitute in the process.


This research article is published in the Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment and Trauma, 2007, 15 (2), 1-19.

Routes of Recruitment: Pimps’ Techniques and Other Circumstances that Lead to Street Prostitution

Kennedy, M. Alexis, Klein, Carolin, Bristowe, Jessica T. K., Cooper, Barry S., & Yuille, John C.

Don’t take much to turn a no into a maybe.
Not with all the charm and cunning I possess.
Don’t take much to turn a no into a maybe.
And, it don’t take long until maybe turns to yes.
Wave your magic wand. Weave your magic spell.
Promise her a piece of heaven. And, she’ll follow you to hell.
“Don’t take much” (Coleman, 1996, track 7)

The saying “the world’s oldest profession” portrays prostitution as just another career choice. However, entering the sex trade may not be a voluntary, premeditated career choice, particularly with respect to street prostitution. Rather, it may be a last resort option. While there is a growing body of research investigating life on the streets for prostituted women (Brannigan & Gibbs Van Brunschot, 1997; Farley, Baral, Kiremire, & Sezgin, 1998; Farley & Barkan, 1998; Yargic, Sevim, Arabul, & Ozden, 2000), no research to date has described the recruitment process into street prostitution. This exploratory study presents information on some of the pathways to street prostitution. Both pimp recruitment techniques and social influences that leave prostituted women feeling that they have few alternatives to working on the streets are described.
Previous research has suggested that there is no single causal pathway into prostitution (Bullough & Bullough, 1996). Women of every education level and family background are involved in the sex trade in Western Canada (personal communication, Detective Constable O. Ramos, Vancouver Police Department VICE squad, August 2006). These women often share the feeling that they had no choice but to become involved in prostitution. Unfortunately, once involved, many feel that it is difficult to leave prostitution (Nixon, Tutty, Downe, Gorkoff & Ursel, 2002). A study conducted by Farley and Barkan (1998) showed that 88% percent of the prostituted women they surveyed wanted to leave the sex trade.
The realities of life on the street include physical and sexual violence, substance abuse, risk for disease, exhausting working hours, poverty, degradation, and marginalization by society


Tourism Minister, Ng Yen Yen announced that reckless driving and bad attitudes of taxi drivers were the main complaints from tourists.NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!!! Really one ah? Maybe it proves that the last time the YB used a taxi was when they were still horse-drawn eh?

“The problem needs to be addressed,” she said. Phwaar! Really meh? Actually, you’re not the first minister of tourism who has made that announcement. For want of something to say in the run up to elections. So how is the YB going to resolve the problem with taxi drivers? She announced that they were going to be given a 1-day training program to improve their image and to turn them intotourism ambassadors!!! Of course, the taxi flers will be paid RM100 to attend the program and also be paid RM100 a month as their ‘ambassador’ pay. Personally, I think there are other more effective ways of improving our taxi services.
1. Improve the traffic conditions so that taxis (and the rest of us) don’t have to be stuck in traffic jams. With meters running.
2. Increase the number of NGV filling stations so that the taxi drivers don’t have to waste half their rental hours queuing up for gas fill-ups.
3. Break the crony taxi permit monopolies so that taxi owners can make a better living.
4. Set some better standards to govern vehicle quality and meter fares.I am sure we could go on with suggestions but you won’t be listening, YB. So go on. Give us more announcements about what we already know. Terima Kasih, YB!

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