The Malays are not Racialist the Star-MCA ,MIC, Gerakan and Utusan are the worst recialist

Do we want fear or hope in these eyes!

MALAY-MUSLIMS VOTERS ARE NOT STUPID TO VOTE ANTI ISLAMIST MCA, GET OUT OF MUSLIM MAJORITY SEATS  MCA AND MIC  beg the Malays vote for them after winning they shit on their faces

  Presiden MCA Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.Sexiest man of all time


The pig is the most shameless animal on the face of the earth. It is the only animal that invites its friends to have sex with its mate. It feels no jealousy. And among people who consume pork, the practice of wife swapping and other forms of promiscuous behaviour is common.


KIWI SEE: 誰會知道幫個忙就矛頭轉向讓自己變成了千古罪人?我也不知道會是
All beings created by god have a purpose. The pig was created to clean the earth of shit, rubbish, carcass, etc. they are not meant to be consumed by humans. Pls check the old testament or Quran. The bible was amended by the Jews to trick the Christians to eat this forbidden dirty animal. That’s why the Jews and Muslims don’t eat pork. Other animals like cattle were created to feed humans but never the pig. That’s why when you eat pig you behave like pigs, anything goes even eating your own kind. Now you know why Chinese behave like pigs, why they are uncouth and have filthy habits.
Ever heard of gentrification? Those pigs do not, wait till China gets the Boars crossbred with humans then send an army of PC Pig-human hybrids to sue Muslims and their beliefs for the insult. Who knows maybe a state of ‘Pigsrael’ (Introducing the : Khinzirim!!!) will be created beside their most hated enemies by Pig-Boar-human hybrids?
Lets say we keep an open mind and go along with the pig creation story. But IF the pig does not eat rubbish the nature of the pig cannot be fully realised or transferred to the consumers.
This sort of comment is as inaccurate as the Hindus or Taoists saying that Muslims are damned because they eat beef, even properly domesticated cattle. If this is just trying to insult other peoples dietary habits, you are shaming Muslims instead by this sort of post. Live and let live, we each have out own districts etc.. so why attack pork eating? Quite offensive especially when the rationale is not even logical or accurately applicable.
Finally please don’t go ‘China babi, China bodoh,’ you don’t know how primitive that sounds, don’t even have to be Malay to cringe in embarrassment FOR the Muslims who talk like that, if trying to provoke a food fight, then total fail, we’re too civilised .

Hwa Beng

has appealed to Christian sentiments when he suggested on Twitter yesterday that a state based on Islam would ban all other religions.


“As Christians, we should fear Islamic theocracy nation more than anything. Why is DAP helping PAS to achieve it?” questioned Lee in a response to DAP supporters on the micro-blogging site.
Saying religions other than Islam would not be tolerated under what he coined “Islamic Theocracy State” and that Islamic laws would be imposed on non-Muslims, Lee even went on to claim that it was “God’s command” to fight an “Islamic Theocracy State”
Hwa Beng 

I should have stuck your photo above. You get the idea.
How stupid can you get? Or do you expect us be even more stupider than you, expecting us to buy your theology ? From who’s behind did you pull out this explanation – that God commands Christian to fight an Islam theocratic state?
Chua Soi Lek’s Labis flower behind?
Who is sending Muslim chaps to the Orang Asli, Sabah, Sarawak native women folk, charming them, marrying them, converting them to Islam, and then dumping them after that? The women folk, having converted, cannot return to their original religion?

But let’s be clear: A broad admiration for certain facets of Chinese culture ought not conceal the fact that bad racial attitudes there may be at least as pervasive as they are in Malaysia.

There are those who would have us assess individuals not as being human types, but as being examples of what we’re told to genetically expect from a given ethnic group.

That is an impulse that all of us—across skin tones, ethnic cultures and political systems—must continually expose and fight.

This is a another way of telling that chinese schools do not want malay and indian teachers.How to practise in teaching unity in the minds of the youngs?

The Chinese are generally natural born racists. I wonder would the millions of Chinese in Australia, America, Canada, Britain would dare to ask the same in terms of education in those so called beacons of democracy or any other nations around the World where they reside. Bare in mind the Chinese are in almost all the countries in the World. Why don’t this so called Big Dongers(dong Zong) think?
It is only in Malaysia that the Chinese tend to behave overly arrogant. with Dong Zong demand, how could the demand get into the nerve and patience of the Malay?

if the Malay teacher can speak mandarin, he is most welcome to the chinese school or he is just there to teach Malay subject, there is nothing wrong.why to need a

Dong Zong didsay Malay teachers could not teach in chinese schools, they said those teachers who could not speak mandarin should not be in chinese schools, chinese schools do not welcome those chinese who could not speak mandarin not in chinese schools be so racalist is the problem here?

please do not twist it into a racial issue, looking at Dong Zong , one can know is very racist I dont understand why there are people voted down on Plato’s comment. What he commented is very true If looking at the demand of Dong Zong. I mean why must be one race in chineese school..i just cant comprehend.
This kind of chineese make the malays vote in whats next..race riot ?
India is always a mystery, a country which is so huge that practices from Kashmir to Kanyakumari are as different from each other as Scotland is from Greece or Russia. Each state is like a different country with diverse languages, cuisines, clothes, customs, climate. Punjabis are closer in terms of their food and language to Pakistanis than to Tamils.

All these differences made people fairly suspicious of those who were not like them. And ‘people like us’ closed ranks and bonded. These closed communities are naturally full of prejudices towards the other, the outsider. Every state considers itself superior. This phenomenon is global, like Polish, Italian jokes in America. Or English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish jokes in the UK. We stereotype each other mercilessly and there are jokes galore about food, clothes and accents (how residents of each state speak English, actually!).

There’s a huge North-South divide too. Yet, in pre-colonial times, India was a haven for persecuted people. We gave refuge to Jewish people, Parsis from Persia, Armenians and later Chinese who ran away from the Revolution, and Tibetans who fled the Chinese. These people kept their distinct, separate identities but they prospered and loved India.

There’s another side to us though. As migration takes place, across state borders within India, a kind of xenophobia begins. In Mumbai in the 1960s, Maharashtrians were incited by Enoch Powell- like politicians to drive out south Indians, Madrasis, they called them, (somewhat similar to calling people Pakis in the UK), who were stealing their jobs, claimed the rabble rousers.

Sounds familiar? Recently, the same paranoid party called for North Indians to be thrown out. Many poor, migrant Biharis were beaten up, attacked and threatened as they went about their daily grind, often working for a pittance. In Bangalore there are rumblings of resentment over north Indian techies who have flooded the city with their loud, noisy, in-your-face manners. South Indians are relatively quiet, stand in queues and can’t understand the chaos of a northern railway station, a bit like Sicilians versus North Italians.

In the 1970s, when I used to visit Rome often, I found Italians warm and friendly. In the last decade that has changed. The racism towards Africans shocked me. I also discovered hordes of Bangladeshi flower sellers being rudely shooed away by Italians waiting for the traffic lights to turn green. I wondered how could things change so quickly, from warm, friendly to hostile ‘they’re swamping us with their alien culture.’

In Bangalore a bunch of Nigerians were picked up for drug peddling. The hostility is because of this perhaps. But there’s no getting away from Indian racism. In the heart of Mumbai, there’s a Nigerian ghetto. Ghettos are born because a minority feels it can find safety in numbers. The environment outside the ghetto is not warm or welcoming to Africans by and large. Students from North East India are mostly dubbed ‘chinky’. People ask them if they are Japanese, Chinese or Korean. There is total ignorance in most parts of India about the culture, indeed about anything North Eastern.

Men all over India drool over porn at their home computers and in internet cafes around the country. So it could be dangerous for a white, blonde woman to walk alone at night, too many men have been fantasizing about her. They stereotype white women as easy.

Indians rarely perceive beauty in black or far-eastern women. In fact, most Indians look for pale-skinned brides for their sons. Bridal ads ask for ‘fair skinned’ girls. So skin colour is important and you can’t be beautiful if you are not fair. Prospective bride seekers swarm into the girl’s house to ‘see the bride’. They have no compunction about saying, in front of the bride and her family, ‘she’s too black, we don’t want black grandchildren.’ Sensitivity, tact or even basic good manners are not common among average Indian families. They’d be genuinely astonished if you called them gross or uncouth.


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