The taxidriver’s reply to wanita MCA chairman our police cannot defend the criminal sinner of Islam and the Malays.

Why is the MCA chief lending his voice to this cacophony? Which gallery is a desperate  wanita MCA chairman  playing to?

The police, whether state or central, cannot defend the  criminal   sinners of Islam and the Malays.

That there is a big responsibility that Malays on their shoulders, in order to become a paragon of social excellence as well. It cannot at any cost allow a repeat of May13.  Malaysia that has witnessed the devil’s share of communal riots ,Soiled Lek’s self-preservation in  default mode of the self-destruction.Soiled Lek is trapped in an existential dilemma. He cannot blame himself for the wreck he has wrought. To do so would severely damage, if not abort, a political career born in sex genetic entitlement and wafted into that exhilarating but oxygen-thin ozone layer of celebrity The point I am trying to make is that Malay-UNMO-bashing and anti Muslim is a propaganda that is carefully and articulately planned by MCA  Soile Lek being a shrewd politician  surely knows how to play the game. been fuelled by extremist Chinese chavanstic mentality political manipulations. The growing ire for umno has catapulted ever since many have wished to see him as a potential winnable candidate. on it’s stand of the april 29 issue readmore  Stay away from Dataran, urges FT MCA leader

A deep-rooted sense of complexity surfaces every time a self-proclaiming chavanstic mentality is asked the all-important question “ Why do you hate all things the Malays a UMNO’”? Most replies border only on UMNO so called ‘communal intent’ alone and their own ‘secular complexities’ is open for all to see. No words of praise about HOW umno giveaway malay seat for the chinese leader to win development under UMNO leadership or about the fact that Chinese’s per capita being almost twice the national average or why every other Chinese are industrialist or how UMNO has pushed the pedal on tourism quite remarkably or even a remote attempt to appreciate the fact that there has been no repeat of May13 .as if utterly ‘ashamed’ of their own identities as one and will go on to support anything and everything which has a anti- Malay-UMNO in a desperate attempt to cleanse their affiliations. Of course, there is the other end of the spectrum as well, the overtly boisterous self-proclaiming . He cannot blame Muslims either, the favoured recourse of MCA caught in a crisis, for he is a child of UMNO in more senses than one. He owes his job to the masters of the Capital, UMNO and more specifically Najib. He tried blaming the local opposition, particularly Ulama Nik Aziz  but that is a futile dead end. It could not take him out of the maze. Nik Aziz is not in control of neither the street nor the secretariat. Blaming PAS is too obvious to raise anything more substantial than a yawn. It is therefore in the interest of anti  Malay their mentors  to create discord between the Muslims and the non  Muslims This crisis did not begin 90 days ago or a hundred days ago. It began in the minds of people who had an agenda and whose intricate planning was propelled This slings-and-stones model was crafted to elicit world sympathy, and create a David versus Goliath confrontation. (David is a prophet of Islam as well, and lauded as a supreme instance of a jihadi in the holy Quran.)Intelligence officers should have picked up what any well-informed journalist in Bukit Aman knew. Prevention is the true cure in governance. The administration compounded intelligence failure by behaving like a bumbling, stumbling Goliath once demonstrations began. MCA knows what it means: to weaken the Malay in UMNO  is to weaken Negara  Tanah Melayu.The MCA chief throws the first punch ahead of this evening’s debate beating the same old drum over hudud and PAS’ Islamic state. MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek kicked off the much anticipated ‘Malaysian Chinese At the Political Crossroads’ conference today with an all out verbal assault against Pakatan Rakyat, ahead of his debate … Read more … Read more

WHEN MALAYS FIGHT AGAINST THE MALAYS FOR POWER THEY FORGET THAT THEY ARE LOSING THE TANAH MELAYU TO THE PENDATANGST  this news reports reminds me of my days of doctoral research on.I use wade through heaps of files to read exactly the similar stories to instigate Malay to go against the Malays When I read … Read more


The Malays are not Racialist the Star-MCA ,MIC, Gerakan and Utusan are the worst recialist MUSLIMMALAYSIA786 Do we want fear or hope in these eyes! MALAY-MUSLIMS VOTERS ARE NOT STUPID TO VOTE ANTI ISLAMIST MCA, GET OUT OF MUSLIM MAJORITY SEATS  MCA AND MIC  beg the Malays to vote for them after winning they shit on their … Read more

Suara Keadilan Malaysia · Living on One Dollar: The Promise of Good Stories The big shift for me occurred when I started volunteering on the things I cared about after my day job was over. With 24 hours in each day, even an extra hour a day on something that wasn’t a financial motivator, but made … Read more

No tribunal for AG, says Najib
“This is an allegation which has to be substantiated,” he said

What Najib gives out today is going to be collected back after the election by Pemandu CEO Idris Jala.’

Can an election ever throw up the right candidate? Or to put it more moderately, is an election the mechanism best suited to throw up representatives that will strive to work for their constituents and attempt to better their life? Are there in-built into the electoral process, a set of imperatives that help pre-determine one kind of outcome, irrespective of the quality of the candidates? related article


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