Ending the politicisation of Islam :Killing UMNO softly in name of Islam



I want to be patriotic. I want to say the pledge of allegiance in a strong voice. I want to pledge my allegiance knowing that I can not lose this country, these values, this brotherhood, this opportunity. I want to see an Malaysian  flag and see the people supported by a system, not the people supporting a system.

But I don’t believe we have that.

I’ve watched to many Malaysian suffer suffer. I’ve watched the poors trying to hangon because they need the money, and then be abandoned. I’ve seen the economic system chew up the people in the gears of business, leaving only the remains of the person breathing without any more life in their heart. I’ve watched profit trump people for all my days. I’ve watched mansions built instead of hospitals. Today’s Malaysia makes me feel like I need to pay rent to walk outside of where I need to pay rent to be inside.

I am not naive. I understand how money can create a natural influence. But I am not going to accept that I am supposed to keep my country this way. It must exist as an equal share for all of us.

Kuala Lumpur City Council (DBKL) has rejected BERSIH’s plans to hold their sit-in on April 28 at Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur.

According to the coalition for clean and fair elections BERSIH steering committee member Maria Chin Abdullah, they received a letter from DBKL around 11 this morning.  According to the letter that was read out during BERSIH’s press conference, DBKL said the event is not suitable to be held at the Dataran.

The council said the venue is to be used only for events of “national level” such as celebrations.”We regret to inform that your application cannot be approved as the activity intended is unsuitable to be used in Dataran Merdeka as stipulated by the DBKL. Only national-level events are allowed at the Dataran, like the National Day celebration and Federal Territories Day,” says the letter signed by DBKL Deputy Director of Operations Normah Malik.

BERSIH co-chairpersonAmbiga Sreenevasan said the coalition sent letters to DBKL and the police on Monday evening in relation to the rally. However, DBKL denied receiving any application from the coalition on the planned sit-in.

The letter by Normah referred to BERSIH’s letter dated April 16. Responding to the rejection, Ambiga said she was “not surprised” and that the sit-in would proceed as “Dataran Merdeka belongs to the rakyat”.

“There are many events held there, and a company recently held its celebrations at the Dataran, too,” she said, referring to the Nestle 100th anniversary celebrations held last month.

She added that the coalition would not appeal the decision, and that it would continue with preparations, including dealing with Police who have asked the NGO to come in to fill in some forms. “If there are any obstructions (by DBKL) on the day, we will negotiate with them,” she said.

Home minister okayed sit-in

Yesterday Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said in a statement that the sit-in is not a “security threat, as it has little traction with the people”.

Bersih, the coalition for clean and fair elections, is organising the event in the capital city following the failure of the Election Commission to implement its eight demands after the massive rally last July 9.

Supporters in at least 33 cities worldwide plan to organise solidarity sit-ins on the same day to call for clean and fair elections in  Malaysia.Joining the KL rally is anti-Lynas group Himpunan Hijau, which successfully held a rally attended by thousands in Kuantan earlier this year.

Meanwhile, the solidarity sit-in in Sabah is also facing some problems as Police yesterday announced that they will hold their practice exercise at the sit-in venue, Padang Merdeka, on April 28.

Sabah sit-in organiser Andrew Ambrose, who was also present at the press conference today, said BERSIH hopes to share the field with the Police.

“We hope we can have our sit-in and watch the police practice. It will be a good civil exercise for Sabahans who have been intimidated by the Police,” Ambrose said.

The Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) campus was turned into a bashing ground for minority sexual preferences when some 1,000 people flooded  its sports complex this afternoon to stage a anti-lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transexual (LGBT) rally.heir anger is actually not with LGBT. These rascals agenda is actually DSAI and people like Ambiga who are true to their commitment for the better of this nation. The originater of sodomy in this country is the mamak bastard and now these students know only that gay people ‘main bontot’ Do you all know how many of the women folks ‘kena main bontot’ by their husbands and boy friends. Ask Najib what he did to Altantuya as according to P I Bala’s affidavit.We all know the hole is tighter down there. Faham saja sudah lah. Bodoh punya students.

First things first: this is not an attempt to reconcile the Qur’an, Prophetic tradition, or classical Islamic thought with the cause of LGBTQ rights. Others more qualified than myself are doing that work. In fact, my argument depends somewhat on such a project being impossible. Let’s take for granted that Islam has no room for the accommodation of homosexuality – ignoring not only the efforts of reformist scholars, but also the numerous queer Muslims who are at peace with their bodies, hearts, and Creator. For a moment, let’s pretend that these intersections do not exist.

If the question of Islamic doctrine has already been answered, then our next question is how the Muslim community should treat a community with which it shares nothing. Prop 8’s overturning interrupted the latest anti-Islamic hysteria, the proposals to ban niqab in Europe and uproar over New York’s so-called “Ground Zero Mosque.” I oppose niqab bans and support the Cordoba House, because I believe in the rights of Muslims to live among non-Muslims and be recognized as full citizens. I believe that Muslims should support same-sex marriage because this respect is not only something we take; we must also give. American Muslims do not have an argument against same-sex marriage that is morally superior to objections against the Cordoba House. It’s the same issue: America is debating itself as to whether minority communities can live openly and proudly by their own values.

There is a strong temptation—I myself had felt it at one time—for Muslims to seek acceptance by insisting that in America’s culture war, we hold much in common with the Christian Right. Some Muslims would contend that Islam is not anti-American at all, precisely because their values align with the Latter-Day Saints who organized and funded for Prop 8. On some level, this seems natural, and it’s not totally off the mark. However, it also imitates an ugly precedent in American history: European immigrants who, when treated with scorn and suspicion by Anglo-Saxons, sought acceptance as fully “white” by joining in the lynching of black people.

Muslims who think that a shared Abrahamic morality makes them more American are missing something big: the defining “culture war” of this moment is not Queer vs. Straight, Islam vs. the West, or Christians vs. Non-Christians: it is Tolerance vs. Intolerance, Equality vs. Inequality. In this war, as Intolerance pulls out its hair with panic and issues the same irrational screams about Muslims and Queers (They’re imposing their ways on us! They’re taking over! They’re destroying America!), the overturning of Prop 8 and the apparent triumph of the Cordoba House are victories for the same side.

For Muslims who oppose same-sex marriage on religious and moral grounds: stay true to yourselves. Teach your values to your children. Pour your opinions into books and hand them out on street corners. Establish mosques in which homosexuality is denounced every Friday afternoon; but do so with the knowledge that in our real culture war, there are all kinds of people who will defend your place in American life. This includes not only a wide spectrum of Muslims, but also non-Muslims: Christians, Jews, Hindus, atheists, secular humanists, feminists, and homosexuals.

Yes, the American Muslim community has gay friends. There are homosexuals who will stand with Muslims and support a religion that, at least in popular interpretations, condemns them to the point of capital punishment and otherworldly hellfire. In the name of upholding one aspect of Islamic tradition, however, some of us will refuse to return the favor. We will ask to be treated as equals by those who are different from us, but turn our backs when they ask the same.

That’s a bad way to do business, and I can’t believe that it would be a Sunna.

It was really my hope to avoid getting into religion, because I’ve said that this is not a religious issue; but I’m stuck on the narratives of our first hijra, our flight from persecution at the hands of the Meccans. Unable to achieve safety and dignity for the Muslims in Mecca, the Prophet sent them to Ethiopia, to live under the protection of a kind Christian king. As Islam opposes the idea that God could beget a son, the Meccans used this theological divide to argue that the king should not grant asylum to Muslims; but intolerance lost out, and the Muslims lived in peaceful cooperation with their new Christian friends.

From what I understand, the sin of regarding a man as God is a far worse offense against classical Islam than butt sex; but the Prophet placed his community in the care of a man who worshiped Jesus Christ. For me, the lesson is that Muslims can in fact be good neighbors. While we’re talking Sunna, let’s remember this hadith: “Not one of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.” If all Americans are our brothers and sisters, let us care for them and accept care from them.


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Malaysians… remember their faces… these are women who will be using dildos, cucumbers, ladies fingers to mastubate…the men in these pictures will be frequenting prostitutes in thaniland and batam! Have a good look at the pictures showing the crowd.they are want who create babies and dump
On the one hand we all abhor the abandoning of babies left to die in some drain or dump. At the same time we cane Malay stuents for illicit sex who actually don’t leave their babies to die. All of this while also offering  free sex for financial help. What are we to make of all this?
It seems that we as a nation are full of contradictions. It sometimes feels as though many of our leaders, their cohorts and organisations are suffering from a weak form of schizophrenia. They appear to be holding two conflicting views simultaneously.

On the one hand we all abhor the abandoning of babies left to die in some drain or dump. At the same time we cane Malay women for illicit sex who actually don’t leave their babies to die. All of this while also offering single Malay mothers financial help. What are we to make of all this?

Bear in mind that on average, there is an illegitimate Malay child being born every half an hour in Malaysia last year. This statistic is according to a Berita Harian report dated March 21, 2010 which said 17,303 Malay children were born out of wedlock in 2009 and given birth certificates.

By that number we would have to cane a Malay woman every half an hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Surely that can’t be right.

What we should do is encourage the legitimisation of the child. The punishments should not be so severe as to actually encourage the abandonment of the innocent baby or the concealment of the identity of the father. Perhaps a token fine for the father will do so that he will own up to his responsibility. Scaring him with canings, prison and the like would be counterproductive. The mother and child, of course, deserve our utmost sympathy and support.

What of the 10 or 11 year olds getting married in Malaysia? This is absolutely wrong and no contrary argument, regardless of religious doctrine, is acceptable in the 21st century. We should actually punish the parents if they allow their children to marry so young. It is child abuse, pure and simple.

No child should be allowed to marry below the age of 16 as this is the minimum legal age for consenting sex. Personally, I think the minimum legal age for marriage should be 18.




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