The Prime Minister’s Office have denied claims that it had funded the engagement reception for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s daugther.

Even if the PM paid the bill eventually – it is still morally wrong to book a private function under PMO. For example can we use the name of our company to book and be invoiced for a private party? We would be sacked for sure.e must now add up all the other items paid from their pocket example handbags , diamond ring , engagement cost and wedding cost. See if anyone can save in their lifetime this amount. If yes we have to accept it if no definately money is coming from another source


The ShangriLa Banquet Event Order which clearly states Account: Pejabat Perdana Menteri is there for all to see. And there is this PMO denial. Najib should show proof that he paid from his own funds. As Deputy Prime Minister Muhyudin once put it, “mere denial is not enough” Where is the evidence that Najis family even paid back the people. If the bill was sent to PMO, it is likely that the government picked the bill. Now it’s Najib’s responsibility to show evidence that he has paid the people back, and make a public apology for the abuse of this position on using teh PMO to handle his personal event. Where is the evidence that Najis family even paid back the people. If the bill was sent to PMO, it is likely that the government picked the bill. Now it’s Najib’s responsibility to show evidence that he has paid the people back, and make a public apology for the abuse of this position on using teh PMO to handle his personal event.RD should reveal how much the PM and DPM pays for his annual taxes, from that the rakyat can see whether he can afford to pay for the Dinner without external income.Don’t just deny. Please explain the bill from Shangrila and why PM’s office was used to place an order for the banquet. Auditor General please investigate. it seems everyone from the one particular party always answer an allegation with mere denials. Come on, show us proof that you are innocent. Other people have already given evidence you are guilty so where did this guy get RM400 K from to host this dinner party? His salary is RM22K per month This country is so sick. There is no doubt that we need a new government.


The news on Daniyar was ‘exaggerated’? What does that mean? That he pocketed only US$2 million, not US$20 million?’This is not the other side of the family, unless you consider your son-in-law not part of your family. I don’t care much for the US$20 million law suit against Daniyar Nazarbayev because that is subjected to evidence and argument in court.Anyway let us see whether Daniyar would come out in the open and refute the allegations about faking his way into Columbia University. I seriously doubt the New York Post would cook up a story like this because in the US, sources need to back their claims with evidence, quite unlike here in Malaysia where the media is allowed the liberty of writing free and interpretive narratives and called them news. Do you think that New York Post is as low as Utusan Malaysia and exaggerate stories like it too?
Anyway it is the habit of our leaders to deny foreign news which are not favourable to them. “Exaggerated”? What does this mean? That the boy is only a little swindler, not a big swindler?That he pocketed only US$2 million, not US$20 million? A fabulous defence!
Even when documents alleging that the submarine secrets had been compromised are revealed, our leaders can still deny the facts.If so, he must take the New York Post to the court and sue them for defamation and clear his name.Unfortunately, silence in this instant is not golden but an admission of guilt. The family dispute is to be settled in court and the juicy details are for all to see and judge during the trial.I am concerned with the credentials used to gain him admission to Columbia University. He either denies and sues, or asks the university to clarify.If this not settled, you are having a fraudulent person as your son-in-law – unless you consider cheating his way into university is acceptable and tolerable according to your moral and ethical standards.
This lady will set up home in Malaysia, since they are married to the most powerful family in Malaysia, they would soon be involved in making policies for malaysia. this woman could soon decide the future of malaysia. Both the mothers-in-law are made for each other. Both are absolute bitches and lie through their botoxed faces. God is really great…..but I feel sad for Najib’s daughter. Poor girl just got royally fcuked by a cheap bitches!
PM and FLOM joining you guys for the Europe vacation, using our money? Well the news was carried on New York Post, a serious newspaper unlike some of our shoot-from-the-hip crap, so who do you believe ? Show you university degree. Who else would you ask for verification of this man’s innocence? Perhaps his step father might tell a different story. But it does seem that the ladies have definitely been taken in by this smooth-talking-good-looking young con man Show up in NY to clarify. have never heard a conman/woman who has readily admitted to conning people. On the contrary all of them will vehemently deny everything and claim that the charges are absurd. Just like the lady in the above reportIf they were not true, sue those who falsely accused you to clear your name. That way, everybody would got to know who was right and who was wrong because this has become an international issue. If it is absurd, why is he in hiding, and without evidence, I doubt the case will be taken to the Supreme Court. Rosmah and NAjib should understand that the US courts are not Malaysian courts when some idiot can simply make a false claim against someone else without evidence. Stop lying to the people.

Welcome to the latest reality show in Malaysia. The race is on for the top job and there are any number of contestants fighting tooth and nail to win the jackpot. And what a jackpot it is!  Nooryana Najwan No exaggeration, Good Show. Now we have son in-law, father in law, mother in law – all … Read more


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