The political party UMNO  longest on power in world continues to be run like a family firm – intellectually dwarfed and morally adrift – it diminishes malaysia. It also diminishes itself, leading to inevitable electoral defeat and the loss of power it fears most.The acolytes miss the point. Ours is an evolving democracy. Voters deserve a wider choice than merely between hereditary politicians .Ironically, Najib will find the most resistance to that from the corrupt sycophants who surround him and often speak for him. They know that the Razak family is the glue that binds the umno together. Every umno – from MPs to ordinary party workers – has a stake in ensuring that the party’s formidable money-making machine keeps ticking over. It can only do that when in power. Hence the party’s manic attacks on those political organisations and movements that threaten its hold on power has mahathir’s charisma and his son determination to over premership. But he too must resist the hishamuddin who from razak clan dynasty. UMNO can serve malaysia better if it works to end the regressive feudalism at every level in our society by setting a personal example.
head-to-head fight between Umno.

A couple of days after the March 8 general elections, a calm Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sat down with some supporters and his inner circle in Sri Perdana to survey the new political landscape and weigh the prime minister’s options going forward.
how to regain the initiative from the Anwar Ibrahim-led opposition and to hold off Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and other critics within Umno baying for Abdullah’s blood.
One idea got some traction – the notion that Abdullah had to throw caution to the wind and reform the various institutions in the country.
He had to care less of what his party thought and focus solely on what Malaysians wanted. If he followed this strategy, he would be so popular with Malaysians that his party will not dare to move against him.
Even the downside was attractive – the idea that he would be remembered as a Malaysian Mikhail Gorbachev who lost his power and position doing the right thing.
That seems like sound advice which Abdullah should have followed.
mahyuddin and najib who are mahathir’s proxy  sweet talk him into not  to go ahead with

It isn’t certain who is behind the attacks, but they are clearly tied to national elections expected either late this year or early in 2012. The opposition and the dominant United Malays National Organization are blaming each other and both saying they aren’t involved. But the 60-year-old Rosmah has become a lightning rod for criticism of the administration, most of it centering on her alleged profligacy and her reported dominance of her husband’s political and social agenda. The attacks compare her to both Shakespeare’s Lady MacBeth, who drove her husband to murder and tragedy, and to former Filipino First Lady Imelda Marcos, who gained fame for her extravagance including owning hundreds of pairs of shoes.I refer to the newly published book ‘Kesilapan-kesilapan Najib’ ( ‘The mistakes of Najib’ ) by a former UMNO division leader Shahbudin Husin which lists out Prime Minister Najib’s numerous failures and calls for his withdrawal as President of UMNO and Prime Minister before the 13th general election.
It is obvious from the publication of this book that the ‘knives are out’ for Najib inside UMNO and that the movement to topple Najib from power has gained strength and become bolder. As it becomes increasingly obvious that UMNO/BN is headed for a historic defeat in the coming polls, UMNO leaders and factions are beginning to seek a scapegoat to blame for their failures and to wrest power for themselves.

Every decision seemed to hang on this outcome – how would Umno react? If there was a remote chance that the party would object to a policy or decision, he postponed making it.that is .
both mahayuddin who are mahathir’s proxy stab him from behind
Ironically, today he is paying the price for being subservient to his party. They have their knives out for him, wanting him to step down as party president much earlier that the deadline.they took advantagehis delay to call election, the likes of Dr Mahathir and Tan Sri Muhyddin Yassin to whip up hatred for him among the party rank and file

Since we know that Najib so highly incompetent and being in fear of losing G13 that he has no choice, but forced to hand over the premiership to Tan Sri Muhyddin AS STOP GAP BEFORE PASSING ON TO MAHATHIR’S SON who had the support of Mahathir. !Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has proposed to the cabinet to continue the 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) programme. Of course, Dr M isn’t with Ghani Patail as his body guard If that D-day ever comes, he’ll just disappear back to his motherland  Kerala, Noor to Valoor Chittarkottai post India. Talk about the Chinese being … Read more
president Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his deputy for the top party post

“Under these circumstances, there will be even greater resistance to
economic reforms, undermining the credibility of the prime minister, Najib
Razak, and even placing his position as president of Umno (and thus his
premiership) at risk.”

Who is stronger, who is weaker

Indeed it has been obvious that Muhyiddin has never really been supportive
of Najib’s policies from the day one even though they had both campaigned as
a team in 2009 Umno election.
Tan Sri Abd Aziz Shamsuddin
a former minister, said today that he belief that there is a strong mutiny brewing within Umno.
“There is such thing. This is is not a misconception. Umno’s knife is out for Najib I will not be surprised if Mahathir is hands-in-glove with these reactionary UMNO forces to undermine najib

After all, it looks like 2012 might not be the year of GE-13 and based on several indications the Barisan Nasional (BN) government might opt to complete its full term and hold the general election between January and April next year.

Even (Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad who has become the front-line campaigner for BN and UMNO has publicly advised that BN is still weak and that it is not appropriate to hold the general election now.

In his usual blunt style, Mahathir squarely blamed former Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s leadership debacles for the weak position of BN.

One of the key reasons why BN would opt to postpone the general election to next year is the fear that Pakatan Rakyat might not dissolve their respective state assemblies simultaneously with the dissolution of Parliament, thereby completing their full term in office until April 2013.

If the BN government chooses to dissolve Parliament anytime now, there is a strong possibility that the Pakatan parties would save their political energy and financial resources by not holding elections simultaneously for their respective state assemblies and this would involve the states of Kedah, Penang, Kelantan and Selangor.

As of now Pakatan parties are favoured to retain these states in the event a general election is held. By not dissolving their respective state assemblies simultaneously, Pakatan would be able to concentrate only on the parliament seats and state assembly elections in other states where they are not in power.

This would create a dangerous situation for BN because instead of attacking the opposition in their respective states, BN would be pushed to defend the states currently controlled by them.

Vulnerable states such as Negeri Sembilan, Terengganu, Perak and Sabah might become the battlegrounds pushing BN to defend these states. Having finished the general election, win or lose, Pakatan parties would then pull BN for another fight in the states currently controlled by Pakatan.

Possibly it is for this reason that BN is reluctant to hold the general election in 2012 because it would put them in a political jeopardy.  But if they drag the general election until next year, then Pakatan would have no choice but to have their state elections simultaneously as well.

BN’s advantages

BN would also have other advantages by holding the election in 2013. Since they are already in power, they would be able to correct several public perceptions and would be able to initiate and introduce several people-oriented programmes to attract votes.

The parliamentary session for the budget presentation would take place in September and this would give the PM as the Finance Minister another platform to announce many proposals and programmes with which they would be able to further attract some of the voting segments.

The BN government also needs time to enable them to cool down the impact created by the BERSIH 3.0 rally and they might want to finish the hearings of the commission which has been formed under the chairmanship of Hanif Omar to investigate the complaints against the police in respect of the rally.

Since the electoral reforms introduced by the BN government have been withdrawn, possibly there would be another set of reforms that the BN might want to introduce in the next parliamentary session, before the general election is called. Such electoral reforms if introduced might also show BN’s sincerity in holding free and fair elections and thereby there would not be any more calls for BERSIH 4.0.

Hari Raya Puasa falls on Aug 19 and 20 and the “Buka Puasa” sessions usually organised by government agencies and ministries during the month of Ramadan (July to August) would be another opportunity for the BN government to reach out to the public and civil servants and to mingle with them thereby carrying out subtle campaigning for BN.

Possible dates for GE 13…

Since the fasting month of Ramadan would commence around July 19 it is unlikely that the general election would be called before that, given the fact that the BN government needs time to correct certain public perceptions particularly relating to BERSIH 3.0.

Once Hari Raya Puasa is over, the next possible month for general election would be September but the UPSR examination is commencing on September 11. Again it is unlikely that the general election would be called before September 11 as it would definitely disrupt the schools’ preparations for the examination.

The budget parliamentary session would also take place during the month of September and the BN government might not want to miss this golden opportunity of dishing out some goodies for the rakyat in the name of Budget 2013.

Hari Raya Haji falls on Oct 26 and if the election is held during this month, BN would have to face the wrath of PAS leaders who would criticise UMNO and BN for holding elections while many Muslims are away in Mecca performing their Haj pilgrimage.

To make matters worse, the PMR examination is also scheduled to take place during the month of October. During November, the SPM and STPM examinations would be held in a long stretch and again holding the general election during this month is also out of the question.

In Malaysia, general elections are not held during the month of December because of the monsoon season in the East Coast states of Peninsular Malaysia. During December, some east coast states including Johor are prone to floods . Therefore, all the factors put together indicate that the GE-13 would only take place in 2013!After all, it looks like 2012 might not be the year of GE-13 and based on several indications the Barisan Nasional (BN) government might opt to complete its full term and hold the general election between January and April next year. Even (Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad who has become the front-line campaigner for BN and … Read more


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